Sina micro-blog do social electricity supplier can make money


the day before yesterday in Beijing, the friend said: don’t lose Sina micro-blog, and micro-blog seems to pick up. However, the day before yesterday, Sina micro-blog and poured a pot of cold water: Sina and micro-blog began to try to do social electricity supplier!

I admit, when I knocked off the two lines is with a kind of mood, so the “and” and “pot of cold water poured down the words” such assumptions. In fact, from an ideal point of view, I have the following concerns:

a, model of doubt

from a logical point of view, micro-blog push electricity supplier and logical, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in the case of Instagram. However, sina CEO micro-blog disclosure of information worrying:

micro-blog micro electricity supplier is to rely on the credit system, based on a weak relationship, the user interest oriented approach to do electricity supplier.”

‘s concern stems from the rationale: logic, method,


we come to an in-depth analysis of sina micro-blog electricity supplier mechanism.

1, suitable for Sina micro-blog electricity supplier is the so-called self media electricity supplier

is based on the relationship between the value of the dissemination of electricity generated. The first attempt is done the most imposing the old banyan tree, is the logical thinking. Fundamentally, such a social electricity supplier is selling a sense of trust.

2, social networking trust from the two aspects: interaction, experience

The role of

interaction is from the point of view, quickly enhance the sense of trust, to eliminate brand barriers. For example, a rookie on micro-blog, saw a man in the street is called the old banyan Wenwan, originally he will not buy, because “who is he, what reliable?” then the old banyan with him to comment, he will check, originally this man is a commercial website founder, and are likely to be single flicker. In fact, it is not likely to buy things but feelings.

experience is more valuable, because the experience is spread among ordinary users of the most useful things, do not say anything else, there are many examples of food sharing.

3, social electricity supplier is the most headache conversion

social, media properties. The electricity supplier is most in need of accurate data, in addition to booking, so that the media is very difficult to accurately. The retail electricity supplier, it is impossible to use the book model.

combination of the 1, 2, 3, the problem is not clear, but more confused, because, 1, 2, social electricity supplier 3, seems to close V things, not the platform thing, Cao accounting money where? Reference Tencent QQ, WeChat public number, wide stop playing method, we realize that the greatest value lies in big data platform, which is based on the content of the user, precise push streaming media advertising


so we

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