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two, refining content audit mechanism.

… I didn’t say why I stopped my account, and there was no letter in the junk mail folder of the mailbox. It was like a dumb person eating Coptis chinensis – – it’s hard to say,

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C, live news first trial, other live classification management. "The Internet broadcast service provider should establish broadcast content audit platform, classification management based on Internet streaming content categories, user scale, live content filling to text, video and audio broadcast platform or identification information, the management of Internet news information broadcast and interactive content to implement after the first trial."

originally my account is still good, 24 can landing, because busy preparing to go to school, the evening of 25 on the line, and found not landing, and that page has been refreshed, I think, the bad. I quickly went to check the placement of advertising website, looked at, oh my God, the content page ads do not show. I went to shlf1314 Adsense account login mailbox looked, and there is no GG to mail, I’m still lucky mentality, that is GG, there is a temporary problem. At this point I log in again. This time I can log in, but the quote account is disabled.

three, live users will be included in the real name credit system, the establishment of black >

according to the China network of letters and telecommunications, the state Internet Information Office issued the regulations on the management of Internet direct broadcasting service in November 4th hereinafter referred to as the regulations. The relevant responsible person said that the introduction of the "Regulations" to promote the internet live healthy and orderly development of the industry, promote the socialist core values, safeguarding national interests and public interests, for the majority of Internet users especially the growth of young people to create a delicate gas is the network space.

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a, equipped with the appropriate review personnel, including reviews of the contents of the barrage. "The Internet broadcast service providers should implement the main responsibility, compatible with the scale and service professionals, improve the information audit, information security management, duty inspections, emergency disposal and technical guarantee system." The internet live service provider shall strengthen the real-time management of live interactive links such as commentaries and barrage, and provide corresponding management personnel."

live new regulations finally landed.

visible, the new regulations, the main tone is still clear up the atmosphere. As for the specific provisions, the following points should be paid special attention to:

1, establish quality threshold: platform certification, to provide news and information services, but also access to the Internet news information service qualification, platform users need real name. "Internet news and information services to carry out live broadcast of the Internet, should be in accordance with the law to obtain Internet news information service qualification, and within the scope of the permit to provide services. Through the network performance, network audio-visual programs, such as the provision of internet live service, but also in accordance with the law and regulations required by the relevant qualifications."

Internet service providers should be in accordance with the "live" background real name, foreground voluntary "principle, live on the Internet for the true identity of the user authentication information of mobile phone number based on the mode of Internet broadcast publishers based on identity documents, business license, organization code certificate of the registration certification."

B, the news broadcast needs to set up editor in chief, and need to indicate the source prominently. In the event of providing internet news or live news services, a general editor shall be established." The news release of the Internet broadcast publisher shall be truthful, accurate, objective and fair. Reprint news and information shall be complete and accurate, shall not distort the content of news information, and indicate the source in a prominent position, to ensure that news sources can be traced back."


/ Tencent technology, Li Ruchao,

I also submitted an online consultation to GG yesterday, but it was just an automatic reply letter.

shlf1314 Adsense is now in a blocked account, really chilling!

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