To grasp the edge advantage and differentiate competition is a shortcut to website operation

why is efficiency and speed the first step in the success of a webmaster? In website optimization, every moment someone tries to get ahead of you. Everyone is chasing his dream. Behind is inevitable, it is cruel to natural law. What is the essential difference between success and failure? Success is a more rapid grasp of market opportunities, and failure is a stepping stone to success. Website optimization, ranking is the same reason, emphasizing the execution of the cross can win in the fight edge.

for webmasters, the success of the rankings does not directly affect their economic benefits". So, whether it is SEOer, or the webmaster, every day to open the computer first thing is to see the site ranking, and then began to update the website, promotion website, so go round and round, has become the most accustomed to the past. But the same is to do optimization, do update, do promotion, why do people succeed, and fail? Or after all in the optimization of the web site emphasizes "time to grasp, the speed of execution efficiency". If you have done more than others at the same time, you seem to make a little progress every day, and in fact it will be a terrible step forward. Do not belittle this little, search engines are also related to this little bit of transcendence. Such as: every day of the original, and the difference between every two or three days of the original. The former in the optimization process, perseverance to do the original, no doubt more likely to win the favor of search engines, over time accumulation, the spider also habitually do to pay attention to. The latter, as the update time is unstable, even if the time to do a long time, but it can not win the continuous attention of spiders, the intermittent snapshot of the inevitable development. Of course, this is only an example, but no doubt the success of the former is at the edge of execution.

1: why is success simply a matter of repeating


how many people more than once stressed, do optimization, do rankings have to rely on that insistence, but perseverance seems to become familiar with the name of the station and numb. Although we know the importance of it, there are many reasons for applying it to the actual operation, and we are making excuses to shirk. Such a kind of people often fail in the end. On the other hand, those who know how to seize opportunities can do the same thing over and over again in silence, even if the opportunity comes. Website optimization is also such a truth, please believe in a word, "God is always looking for those who seem silly but hard to pay"

The efficiency of

execution is not only manifested in the aspect of persistence, but also in the implementation speed. The webmaster’s day’s job is to win the rankings, win the traffic, and then get benefits. To improve the filling work. Whether or not you on this day? When you refer to its traffic level at the same time, whether the analysis of the key which is to bring traffic, and the traffic channel is come from? If you do not give yourself minus 10 points; how long is your one working days? According to the normal working time is defined as the small > 8

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