Forum construction, user experience comes from a little detail


hot day holiday at home, nothing on the forum, I think each forum design, templates, as well as post restrictions, points, etc., are very similar. This is good, do not have to pay special attention to how to operate, you can look at the post, irrigation irrigation. However, there are a lot of problems, such as registration 28tui, go is the signature, click several times back to the original signature page; a webmaster forum, see things landing seven or eight times; the most controversial Wangzhuan forum, my day, each page has two or three screen advertising, green flower is very loud, and each post has such advertising, do not know how people will not be tired ah. There are also friends around the forum, I believe that as long as it is a bit of experience, the webmaster has more or less contact with the forum construction and forum procedures. Today I will discuss some views about the user experience of forum construction.

forum built early, so that they stand at a user’s point of view repeated testing. To improve the user experience is the most effective way is to their own use, the function of each forum are used again, some frequent concern, I am from a user’s point of view about some places do not pay attention to the webmaster.

1, the authenticity of the forum data

many forums in order to create a virtual forum popularity, with post replies machine to create content for their own forum. Arbitrary adjustment forums, online number and so on. This method is the same as group buying virtual group buying. Think, really popular forum, the content is not collected and made by shoddy, and if the reply is pure, a few words, who see it, this is a zombie forum. On the contrary, the more true data, the more reliable content, more favorable to users. Users who can retain it are long-term forum users.

pays close attention to popularity, also reflect a lot of forum stationmaster, do not understand forum construction very much. In the webmaster circle, you may know SemThinking English SEO forum and light year forum, although the two forums are not popular, but many of the articles are very original, very chewing. Register once, can let me become lifelong user, from time to time will see, looking forward to there are better articles. Forum building is not just popular, and the same site, is to attract common interests of people to communicate with each other.

2. forum do not have too many mandatory operation

forces users to do something. This situation has many forums, the most prominent way is that the daily attendance of the forum, new reports only post authority, and some promotional work, forum tasks in exchange for points, and so on. Of course, some work is possible, such as BBS avatar, increase the atmosphere of the forum, let a person set head does not matter.

compulsory operation is very easy to let users first impression greatly reduced. Want to score, you want the head, you can set up in subsequent operations. Someone into your forum, it is to get something to come is a good thing. Give first impressions to others

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