Analysis of one year to achieve monthly income of 3000 yuan of information portal

is the first time I did not do the information website, at the end of 2007 when I made your first website —- Zhengzhou automobile forum, engage in a period of time, basically did not earn what money is mom, the promotion of Google Advertising, and later due to reasons for working off.

at the beginning of 2009, ANN could not live in the mood, or did a web site, Henan city network,

then work every day to night, crazy add information, tired but happy, less than a month’s time, my site was Baidu included more than 1400 pieces of information, even so, I still did not give up add information, and recruitment area agency within the province, soon Xinxiang city network Zhengzhou city network……

in April, one of Hubei’s oil selling customers found me and wanted to advertise on the Henan metropolitan network, which was the first income of my website, 1200 yuan, three months. Since then, the site has slowly entered the normal track of development.

When the

in August, through the summary analysis, after discussion, we decided to Henan city network you renamed the Henan information network, although this name, our visit rate and brand benefit will be a little loss, but for the long-term interests, we think it is worth it.

want to build information portal friends can go to Henan information network to see. I will be willing to help you do the webmaster wish! And let you earn that money belongs to you! Please add my QQ245036042 consultation and communication, thank you! Wish all the webmaster efforts! Wish you all can realize network dream! I will at a later time often publish and share their experiences and methods of self in A5, for each visitor, please leave your thoughts and your website, if necessary, Henan information network will be unconditional


current webmaster 23178 site navigation just on the line, I hope everyone will support, thank you

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