To be a station is to be human

on the other to the atmosphere, and does not rigidly adhere to section is small and others very preoccupied with their own practical action to help others do some facts to help others to realize his dream of their own; to the atmosphere, treat their own kind of people. Do a good job, it is not difficult to do things, in any case, in fact, is the communication of people and people, do blog is even more so.

in August 31, 2005, our team, less than 10 people, was ambitious to push China’s blog network to the world. Our positioning has always been grassroots blog, we are from beginning to end, adhere to their own success and failure to share the experience of more webmaster friends, so that more people to cheer us.

remember in 06 years, we still use the oblog system, then the user templates are easier, but then I will not write code and HTML, one day I wandered around in a blog is also using oblog, see the user template they are very beautiful, I just find the person in charge they, perhaps they will not appear, directly explained purpose: put the user template source files you give me, I saw your pretty good template. The man stopped me directly, when poured cold water, to the sentence: brother, you didn’t have a fever! You end my life as can be imagined, gas a week code, do their own set of templates, also a pack on my blog for more people to download, I want all my template people know my name, know China blog.

finally our team also talked about, China will be the blog page template also share out, of course, we cannot use the template website violated our copyright statement, either to retain our copyright, or in our basis to modify or replace the picture style can be. It is the atmosphere of our style, more IP users and gave us a number of users, soon we reached more than 40 thousand, IP day will be around 18000, sometimes 20000, so do the blog is like a person, do not be stingy, treat others is to treat yourself. At present, China Blog has successfully replaced the system, and our principle is to share everything for everyone.

our new home effect map has been finished now and will be on the line in half a month. Thank you for your attention.

please remember that our goal is to continue to do grass-roots blog, public service, sustainable development and follow a steadfast grassroots Road, I believe we will go farther and farther, because there is a very large team in support of our development, give us the infinite power of


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