Talking about the operation of nternet website profit is Guan Jian

this afternoon the total yanmeng Ma WA, together with her exchange about Internet operation and profit mode problem.

originally long ago, Ma always said that the Internet has been coming to share the operating model. But as they move, so also dragged.

for the operation of the website, this afternoon I also talked about a lot of "Nu Wa network" development ideas.

actually, I am willing to exchange website and friends of the operation, and every time the exchange, is I speak more, and every time for different people, in the process of speaking, I always have some inspiration.

so I like to share my ideas with my friends.

always talked to me about some developments in Nu Wa networks, as well as traffic.

we build websites, popularity and traffic is fundamental to survival, but I always feel that now a website operation, popularity and traffic is not a fundamental. Before, also have a lot of colleague stationmaster to say, as long as the website has enough flow and popularity, be afraid of the opportunity that does not have money. But really have the flow and popularity, profit opportunities really come? Not necessarily, there are many stations on the Internet traffic flow, but the real money can not stand a lot. Websites that really make money must have good profit models.

said Shenzhen nostalgia network, I have built the main purpose of Shenzhen nostalgia network is playing, is because the city of Shenzhen are from all corners of the country, so I set up Shenzhen nostalgia network, so that we can on this platform, looking for nostalgia, friendship and love.

so, the site of the positioning is good, so since the opening of our offline activities and more, so every day there are hundreds of registered members, posting daily volume in thousands more, the website ranking, reached ten thousand, even in eight thousand or nine thousand (ranking), but at that time, I run to the website do not know, do not know the website advertisement alliance, they would never take the initiative to contact the advertising, just do some favors and advertising will flow so good, did not earn a penny.

later, because of this website, I started the Internet business, the website attention is not very high, offline activities organizations are relatively small, so popularity is not very good. But because we have to contact the business, in this time, there are some websites advertising revenue, and then later, I in Baoan after no more time to organize the activities of the network, the website popularity also is not good, but because I know the website operation, anyway, every month there is a few thousand dollars in advertising income, followed by some other value-added services, the website also can maintain basically spending.

and Shenzhen, with nostalgia network in Shenzhen influence, enhance the visibility, gives me a lot of help in other aspects of the development of Shenzhen. So, in the direction of the website profit, I also found a lot of cut entrance. >

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