Personal Adsense, network business is not the most lack of funds and technology

In the Q group a group of factors most important in successful webmaster friends to discuss personal webmaster network business of what is

the day before, a friend said is creative, a friend said is money, a friend said, a friend said to be a good team, a friend said to mind. Xiao Bian personally feel that the current personal webmaster network most entrepreneurs do not lack creativity, not money, not technology, is not a team, and the important factor should be the mentality, this mentality should be reflected in the stick force and executive force.

was ready out of 16 Olympic team in the world cup when the coach Milutinovic said that attitude is everything. At that time I did not quite agree with his point of view, but I think now this sentence is used in personal webmaster, network business is very appropriate.

ask, starting from your station, you think of the most is how to brush the rankings, how to buy foreign space, do yellow website to make money. If you are successful, you may persist for some time, but if you meet any setback in the process, you may give up. It’s hard to make money in the Admin5 webmaster, but it’s true that money is really hard to make. We are difficult to make, because most hard to earn the money, long time no breakthrough is diverted, naturally can not become a successful webmaster, and a few stationmaster in others it seems nothing to hold on, the so-called There is a way out. Maybe, in the process of the adhere to, perhaps in the almost forgotten when he was a webmaster, suddenly the Internet is full of news of his success.

used to read when I was in University, a graduate years senior to tell us, the University for four years, if you do not have the "bench work", not for a long time to sit down to do something, your college life must not be very successful. See friends here, I do not know how many people have just graduated from college, may wish to combine their own and around the actual friends, to see if this senior student’s statement is correct. For individual webmaster, not a good attitude, some unexpected difficulties cannot be in a normal heart to treat the network business encountered in the process, the harvest is doomed painful experience and silent bitterness.

let’s take a look at some successful personal webmaster, first talk about punk, punk had done when the station, the site once was malicious attacks for more than a month, he also wanted to give up, but he insisted, when he is most in need of funds, technology is not merely? The need to adhere to it, because he insisted that he was successful. Let’s look at the station behind the fish boss, I just said a lot of details, make friends in the forum think to change the number of times the forum template of their one month, in the forum not popular time always doubts about whether the forum does not look good, I think, not outdated, not many people will like "out of style". Look at the Admin5, interested friends may wish to look for Admin5 in the 2005 article, starting from the first article, for several months, the above published articles, but No one shows any interest in graph king, Han three and a son of the East "

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