What are the criteria for a good clothing store

Although each entrepreneur

shop when they want to find a better source, however, in the end what kind of good supply, for countless entrepreneurs who do not know. What kind of standard is a good source of supply? Next, let Xiaobian for the majority of the clothing store owner who introduced the so-called clothing store good source of goods need to meet the standards.

opened a clothing store, what is the most difficult problem, everybody has his own view, some people will think that is the capital, people may think that the problem is the choice of shops, some people will think that is the supply problem, some people will think that is the marketing problems. Xiao Bian believes that the most difficult thing is to choose the two varieties of business and supply problems.

operating varieties determine the style of your shop: is to do men’s or women’s clothing? Children’s clothing or shoes? Is it formal or casual? Is to take the high-end route or civilian route? Do brand or brand? Is mainly woven or knitted based? Is there a pure clothing or clothing accessories? These problems have not been determined or not clear, that is congenitally deficient! Failure is inevitable!

is the second supply problem: supply more or less determine success or failure, there is an old saying: China one can’t make bricks without straw. This "rice" has great stress! No rice, of course not, but not all meters can make a good meal to satisfy customers. Brown rice is also rice, but it can’t be a good meal. Only the good rice, in line with the public taste of rice in order to allow customer satisfaction, the store has a profit. A good clothing store, in addition to the conditions should have, with a good source of success on the half.

so, what are the standards of good clothing stores?

1, is novel, in line with the current trend;

2, the price is right, the customer needs;

3, as far as possible no one I have, unique. At least for the time being;

4, with reasonable, into a series of customers can meet a variety of needs, there are bright spots, arouse the desire to buy customers.

said that although the products of different clothing store will have a big difference, the choice of supply and, due to the customer age differences, regional differences, cultural differences, differences in pay, appreciation of different choice of some goods are not the same, but the principle is the same or similar.

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