Talking about how to make your station stand in the garbage station

thank you for a friend, he is a step by step to take me to do stand, for me to solve procedural problems, the web server is also provided by him (as he shared a desk, different from the flat-share, I am not a penny). Here for his station led spider (my 1 station with his template, and then transferred away, afraid similar stations put the same server, easy to be K)

contact the computer for almost 1 years (really to understand him, rather than playing games and the like), start station began more than a month ago, what all don’t understand at that time, after teach my friend, slowly know, the original do stand to make money. Originally webmaster is also a good job. Later learned to go to the source code to download the source code, the first download a joke station, with the acquisition, and then opened the statistics, cnzz, all day to go backstage to see if anyone came. It seems to have only 10 IP less than that time, don’t know what PV is, my friend told me later, can go to the Baidu space drainage, lead spider, then heard the excitement, it is time to act now, Baidu TOP looking for popular articles, reproduced to Baidu space, then leave backlinks to the site, do a few days, think Baidu can included in Baidu, did not expect after the update, nothing. At that time very disappointed, and later learned that, Baidu is more MJJ. After my friend’s explanation, I finally understand that the station still depends on content to have a future. Then go to the Baidu space is relatively small, then he taught me to brush the Baidu know with Baidu Post Bar, then brush Baidu know enough, the day to close to 2000 IP from Post Bar, then the excited me laugh, looking at the statistics straight in a daze, just know later, short-term traffic is useless. But perhaps the high traffic IP, second day more than 3000, this week, Baidu more when I received the station. Take home, when exciting, every day looking at from search engine traffic, this period has continued to do a few stations, but unfortunately 0. later learned that the station is a popular joke station… So I changed the station in early June, when the change is a new cloud image acquisition station, do a keyword, just after a few days ago, Baidu update, I received 14 pages, at that time not to pay attention to. It’s not good to plan to give up that station and register for the first time. Unexpectedly, every few days to go to the background to see statistics, surprised mouth, Zhang can not close. For 3 consecutive days, every day from Baidu to IP at least 3000, when it was an exciting Na, and began to use the new cloud collection, update site. Unexpectedly, only third days, Baidu put my other 13 pages all K, leaving only never updated home page.. This is my first stop, it’s longer..

at the beginning of June, I have made 2 garbage station + a blog. Let’s talk about, this meter, and, too

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