Work or start your own decision

recently called a secret APP is being more and more attention of users, I do not know if you have used. The secret lets us see the dark side of the real world around us. Of course, there are a number of love information, I will selectively shield a variety of negative energy, only those warm little secret.

pen this text source to see some complaints, such as the anonymous startup office complained: boss to let us have an entrepreneurial spirit, we have no record of the stock option, what kind of industry.

On the way back from the desert on foot

in venture capital circles, every day for playing chicken in an environment, not like the traditional industries of the muffled money, the Internet industry is the wonderful weirdo gathered, everyone seemed full of spring, this wave of the next wave of passion retreat immediately seamless connection.

Chat with

if you go directly to ask these entrepreneurs, they might tell you: this business experience, it is too stimulating. He is the elixir of life that keeps your heart young.

2011 to 2013, nearly three years of entrepreneurial experience gave me the biggest harvest is not the so-called profit, growing up is not looking at a company’s sense of achievement; this experience I bring is completely subvert a state of mind, so let yourself subversion now benefited.

since then no matter in what kind of work, what kind of role play, need for the ultimate BOSS, only you.

decided to travel, can easily play, do not consider how to be after the end of the trip; decided to love, just love, don’t dwell on it or who decided to go to work, pay more; it seriously, do not focus on work or business. And the most important part of it is that you decide.

years longer is that, how can life in your mind, don’t hope in the body of others. What you want to go

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