Yao Guanghua mining wealth from the outdated magazine

we have more or less entrepreneurial ideas, but always think of what is not good, in fact, opportunities are everywhere to see if you can hold, there is such a young man in his old newspapers and found a business opportunity, entrepreneurship is a result of the high income, let’s walk him!

wholesale volumes, dig into the pot of gold

1999, a factory in Wenzhou for a few years. Yao Guanghua ended up not to make money from relatives working life, the villagers borrowed money to open a small bookstall. Wenzhou migrant workers in particular, after work there is little entertainment, reading is one of the most cost-effective ways of leisure, there are many bookstalls near the factory, Yao Guanghua certainly thinks it can make money.

2000 in April, Yao Guanghua took the borrowed money, came to Hangzhou for a magazine, in each of the 0.5 yuan price once bought 25 thousand magazines "The Classic of the Great Wilderness". Based on experience, he knew that this is the main story of the small story is the most popular working.

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