Sichuan issued policy envelopes to attract farmers to return home Entrepreneurship

the majority of migrant workers in our country is a very large social groups, at the same time, now the country for rural areas and farmers is also very attention, now everywhere on the increase measures in order to promote rural entrepreneurship.

"migrant workers weak business risk resistance ability is relatively weak, the government has corresponding policy support, we more at the end of the heart." Chen Xiaohui is the leader of the Chengdu business city Jintang County town of official positions of migrant workers returning home, when he was informed that the Sichuan provincial government from the media decided to introduce a package of incentives to support policy envelopes of migrant workers return home, happy and look forward to.

related statistics, as of 2014, China’s total migrant workers has reached 274 million, Sichuan as a labor exporting province, migrant workers accounted for the proportion of more than 10% migrant workers, a total of more than 2400 million people. According to the Sichuan provincial agricultural work to do the work of migrant workers researcher Song Zhizhong, a few years ago migrant workers entrepreneurs are rare, since 2012, Sichuan province transfer employment of migrant workers for the first time higher than the foreign output "Lewis turning point". "In developed coastal areas some labor-intensive industries and gradually shift to the central and western regions based on the gap between income and employment and migrant workers in coastal areas is shrinking, more and more migrant workers are more willing to stay in the ‘home’ development." Song Zhizhong told the workers daily reporter.

7 22, the Sichuan provincial government passed the opinions on the support of migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs return home entrepreneurship. The reporter learned that, as of this year for migrant workers entrepreneurship heavy policy envelopes, the specific implementation details clearly stated: firstly, intends to relax the conditions for registration of the registered capital, allowing the farmers’ professional cooperatives members to the contractual operation right of land usufruct, currency, commodity and intellectual property investment; second, government led, finance support rural public welfare projects and projects, guide the creation of migrant workers entrepreneurship personnel of enterprises and social organizations to participate in the construction, management and operation; third, to conform with the policy conditions of migrant workers entrepreneurs, can be exempted from some administrative charges. Where conditions for migrant workers entrepreneurship personnel engaged in moderate scale management of land transfer award given up; fourth, to encourage financial institutions to meet the conditions of migrant workers return home entrepreneurship personnel to provide business loans, the financial sector in accordance with the provisions of interest; fifth, arrangements for funds to support the development of the integration of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship Park financial guidance accordingly, appropriate to relax the return park water and electricity with recommended

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