How to become the richest man in Taiwan Wang Xuehong

yidaitianjiao Wang Xuehong won the award of Taiwan’s richest man, we should also know her name, but you know she detailed how to start now become the richest man? May not be very understanding of it, today Xiaobian for you carefully prepared this article on how she became the richest man in Taiwan.

"Forbes" published in 2011 global billionaires list, HTC chairman Wang Xuehong and her husband Chen Wenqi with a net worth of $6 billion 800 million last year to beat Taiwan’s richest man Terry Gou, become a new generation of "Taiwan’s richest man,".

since then, Taiwan has long been the business community, when the birth of female, such as Wang Xuehong, once again become the focus of speech. When the richest man is not easy, a woman depends on their real struggle into the richest man in Taiwan, it is rare. People may have been accustomed to her as a "rich woman" and "chairman" title, sex is just icing on the cake for successful people. However, in the rapid development of IT in the field of a thousand li a day, Wang Xuehong simply as a woman has worked hard in the business in the ups and downs more like a mystery legend.

pianist’s dream shattered

Wang Xuehong’s first dream was to become a pianist

Wang Xuehong’s father, Formosa chairman Wang Yongqing, is a person known to every family in Taiwan. He pushed the Taiwan Plastics Group to the top 50 of the world’s chemical industry. Wang Yongqing has always been in line with the world economy, the concept of education for their children, one of the most important thing is to cultivate their independent spirit.

so, Wang Xuehong’s brother, sister were sent to the United Kingdom since childhood reading experience. The difference is that when Wang Xuehong was 15, she was sent to the United states. Because Wang Yongqing found that the world’s economic and cultural center has been transferred from the United Kingdom to the United states. So, Wang Xuehong in the United States after finishing high school, entered the University of California berkeley. Wang Xuehong said: "every brother and sister are" throw "to study abroad alone." So, to conform to the trend of the times, she was so "thrown" to a Jewish family in San Francisco.

19 century in the United States in 70s, the tide is not so hot. So Wang Xuehong became the only Chinese students at that time, and the age is very small. The experience of studying abroad did not imagine the romantic, the basic necessities of life are testing the Chinese girl, behind the hardships can be imagined.

is in this environment, Wang Xuehong wants to be a pianist’s dream, take root

has always liked classical music, Wang Xuehong did not hesitate to choose the music department, is a professional composer. She spends a lot of time and energy practicing the piano. But love is a good thing to do

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