Don’t make the wise remark of an experienced person upfront error

we are not easy to start a business, want to be more efforts to be successful. In the early days, everything is not stable, entrepreneurs need more attention. Do not make these mistakes in the early stages of entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurship will be difficult, you want to start a successful business to look at it.

1.  suspicion and employee

real confidence from the team and their trust. Entrepreneurs should ensure that the recruitment process is long enough to find and retain the right talent, because talent is related to the success or failure of the company. Many employers now offer pre – employment leave, or hire employees based on the first project, and then provide a full – time job after determining that they are really suitable for the company.

provide interesting and secure work environment and generous welfare, profit sharing and new technology, let the staff know that you appreciate them, but also can help the staff to create the future of the company to more full of emotion.

if you find that you begin to produce suspicion on their own or employees, immediately correct this wrong attitude, so as not to shake your confidence.

2.  compromise on so-called priorities

in the entrepreneurial process, excellent staff is the key, but many entrepreneurs are too busy for the operation of the company, so as to neglect other things is very important to their lives. Create Company is their most concerned about things, but if you do not take the attitude of attention, and a special time to discharge, their relationship with friends and family will become weak in imperceptible.

3.  refuse to learn new skills

4.  pay too much attention to external evaluation


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