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2016 Wang Jianlin can be described as a fierce fire on the , the 2016 new words in the there is always the king of the sentence: first set a small goal, for example, to earn his first one hundred million. Wang Jianlin is known to most of us because of his Wanda shopping center in our side opened one after another, each one is very hot. Of course, to find a place in the shopping center shops, but also to make money. Dessert shop in recent years the development of shopping centers is very good. So what is the future development trend of dessert shopping center?

What is the development trend of

shopping center dessert?

many dessert shops are not open in the street or district, in many large shopping centers around the country, the proportion of dessert shops can not be ignored. After the investigation found that the relevant agencies, dessert formats in shopping centers have the following trends:

trend 1: from the auxiliary business to the necessary business, shopping center dessert accounted for more than 1/3 of the proportion of food

in recent years, the proportion of dessert shopping center is not only increasing year by year, which accounted for the proportion of food and beverage also increased significantly, to 2016 has exceeded the dining format of 1/3. Increase in the proportion of desserts, mainly based on two reasons:

on the one hand, high-end food and beverage market, both in the doldrums, shopping centers gradually increase the proportion of experiential formats and rental contribution rate of fast selling formats. As a hands-on format of high-end dining dessert can either fill vacant luxury after reduction, but also to meet the leisure needs of fast fashion consumer groups, therefore falls opportunities and a massive presence in the shopping center, to expand market share.

on the other hand, more and more people advocating healthy leisure lifestyle, not only provides the dessert delicacy, more consumers to create a cozy and comfortable environment to meet the needs of people seeking romantic; in leisure and shopping debris, dessert has become a good place to fill vacancies. In recent years, the dessert shop has become an indispensable form of shopping mall.

trend 2: dessert shop on the next floor, settled in the main shopping mall floor


mall dessert is mostly based outside the bakery and Patisserie, often concentrated in the ground floor of the delicacy square, as the shopping center opened restaurant layer on the high floor, the various types of food are concentrated in the same floor, promote competitive differentiation. The dessert and ordinary restaurants in the busy hours and the positioning of the customer groups are significantly different, so each restaurant will set a certain proportion of the dessert shop, and the rent is usually slightly lower than the average restaurant.

in recent years, a number of shopping centers to optimize image display, usually in

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