Care for migrant workers dispatched workers to send health activities start ceremony

In July 23rd 2013, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, labor dispatch workers caring for migrant workers to send health activity launching ceremony was held in Qinghai jinzuo Concrete Co. ltd.. The provincial Party committee, chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, Su Ning, deputy secretary general, provincial Party committee vice chairman Lang Guoqing, Datong County, Xining City Federation of trade unions responsible person attended the ceremony, and to the migrant workers representative issued medical card. Fu Dongming, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions presided over the launching ceremony.

to carry out care for migrant workers, dispatched workers send health activities, is the Provincial Federation of trade unions in accordance with the provisions of the provincial action in place, freestyle unique "requirements, carry out a hundred cadres into the enterprise operations, service employees to do practical action," Chinese dream · one of the important contents of labor beauty "theme education, action foundation strong grassroots action to stimulate the vitality of the" four action ", this year will invest 1 million 500 thousand yuan, 5000 migrant workers, dispatched workers health examination. (author: Liu Zhiqiang)


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