Eat crab spirit to stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of the city

It is understood that for entrepreneurship Diyitongjin for more entrepreneurs, I, in the introduction of the policy of small loans, and a bold innovation, jointly boost the joint enterprise of love Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs loan guarantees. Have the ability and love of large enterprises, to provide cash or assets secured by Small and micro businesses, help entrepreneurs to apply for small loans, Small and micro businesses to get bank loans, thus breaking the previous entrepreneurs to apply for small loans without the ability to provide anti bottleneck guarantee, so that more has just started, economic ability is weak entrepreneurs no longer because of the lack of funds and missed business opportunities, at the same time loving enterprises will also Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs to provide strong intellectual support and experience.

the innovative initiatives, in late March this year, has made Qinghai Environmental Energy Industry Co. Ltd., Jieshen Green Food Group Co. Ltd., Haining Datong Jiaxing modern agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Qinghai Hefeng agricultural economic and Technical Cooperation Co., 4 enterprises of love, provide a counter guarantee for 25 Small and micro businesses, let they successfully get bank loans. Now this activity, not only get more and more love business support, join, let the city be able to stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality, for Xining city to build entrepreneurial city to optimize the business environment, to create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship.  

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