The national population and Family Planning Commission Director Zhang Yi for our education in Qingha

July plateau, cauliflower fragrance, brilliant flowers

plateau in July, cauliflower fragrance, brilliant flowers. By the Qinghai provincial population and Family Planning Commission sponsored by Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission, Huangzhong County Family Planning Bureau and other 7 departments in the development of the population culture, promoting social civilization and progress "as the theme of the 2011 Population Culture Art Festival flowers concert held in Huangzhong county. National population and Family Planning Commission, education secretary Zhang Jian, deputy director of Shi Chunjing, the Population Culture Promotion Association Secretary General Song Yan, deputy director of the center in the development of Wen, director of the office of Li Jingwei, director of the Department of education Zhang Hongping, "" adolescent magazine director Cao Xianmin, deputy director of the provincial population and Family Planning Commission Director Zhang Jinjing, Zhang Xiuping, Li Qing, the Xining Municipal People’s Government vice mayor Wang Xuan attended the population culture festival concert flowers.

director Zhang Jian line accompanied by director Zhang Jinjing, vice mayor Wang Xuan and other leaders, first visited the Huangzhong county population culture exhibition, on display in the Renkoujisheng theme of peasant paintings, Duitou, inlaid silk, calligraphy and painting works of population culture gave a high evaluation. The company in Qinghai province "flowers" Research Association Teng Xiaotian briefed the guests: "flowers", sung by family planning, especially in urban and rural areas of Qinghai, is the concept of marriage and childbearing propaganda to carry out "Kangfu home action" propaganda of civilization and progress has become the most "flowers" content outside of the traditional theme of love. Secretary Zhang Jian said with deep feeling: "so popular with the masses, promote multi-ethnic and multi-cultural fusion" flowers ", it is indispensable to our wonderful family in the garden? Not the" flower ", how can the United States and Qinghai outline". From Huangzhong, Datong, Huangyuan and other districts and counties of the 23 famous flowers and more than 60 singers, dancers participated in the performance. The famous singer Ma Zhanlong flowers "as good boy or girl" aroused the audience’s enthusiasm, there have been "flowers" for the singer fans came to love a red flowers, the scene of thousands of people enjoy the distinctive regional characteristics of the Qinghai population cultural feast.

left Huangzhong County, Zhang Jian, a line into the west area of Xining City Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Xi Bei yuan Cun, the work of Kangfu home action ". See the west district published "Kangfu home action" series of books, leaflets, "Kang Fu home", "happy moments" family portrait photo albums, postcards, posters and aprons, umbrellas, paper towels and other promotional materials, on the west area of "Kangfu home action" progress and population culture construction work highly. Zhang Jian said: "Qinghai Province Kang Fu Jia action" is the provinces most regional cultural features, the most close to the actual life of the masses of the brand, find the combination point and the starting point for the population culture construction of many nationalities and diversification, it is a bridge of family planning departments to contact the family and to serve the society, but also the party and the government with family ties. Zhang Jian, director of the west area of "Kang Fu Jia" action: give guidance to achieve standardization and new mechanism of emphasizing the quality of service, including the service personnel comprehensive quality training, service concept should be people-oriented, to continue efforts to build the harmonious environment and service environment, continue to advocate civilized marriage, harmonious family";

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