This year, more than 30 thousand people in Xining to participate in voluntary blood donation

this year, the province’s blood safety management work steadily, voluntary blood donation, blood safety and blood quality management work has made positive progress. The province’s voluntary blood donation for ten consecutive years to achieve voluntary blood donation from voluntary blood donation, voluntary donation of 400 ml of blood donors accounted for the total number of blood donation in the year of 100% of the total number of people by the end of the year of 81.58%. This year, 31595 people in Xining to participate in voluntary blood donation.

this year, the province’s blood safety management efforts to promote publicity, re recruitment, explore the long-term mechanism of voluntary blood donation. At the same time increase the network layout, to explore the scientific blood donation network in Xining. In light of the actual blood donation in Xining, in addition to the donation of blood donation points in the main street, the establishment of a total of 4801 people to participate in voluntary blood donation activities, accounting for about 21.5% of the total annual collection. Strict implementation of quality standards for blood collection and supply. The province’s blood station information joint point into a piece of information to promote the standardization of remote backup, to achieve the province’s blood collection and management of network resources sharing and the province’s information management data backup. According to the law and supervision of the standard, the annual completion of the province’s 8 basic blood stations and clinical units in the area of quality and safety supervision. At the same time, the formation of expert training group, the province completed nearly a hundred hospitals with 8 blood transfusion and blood transfusion of more than 700 people special training in blood safety, the province’s blood quality and safety are effectively protected.


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