Xining financial Clean Culture Week activities will start

the city’s financial system, the golden money guards Qin Lian Lian Cultural Week activities will be launched in September 19th in the south of the cool tiger Taiwan ruins park.

according to reports, this series of activities are divided into the launching ceremony, the ICAC lecture, discussion forum, the achievements of the exhibition 4 plates. 19 held ceremony will be held in order to reflect the "small finance, livelihood, Excel, and special literary politics" as the theme of the show, making the billboard and the scene; lecture held 20, will employ staff discipline or procuratorial organs of professional cadres and workers to finance the education department; 21 days to 23 days, will carry out the theme of the speech contest, the selection and other activities, and hold the "finance for my life, I built for the Tim glory" summed up in recognition of activities.

in recent years, the financial system continues to strengthen the construction of anti-corruption, in February this year held a special city’s financial system honest government work conference, the municipal finance bureau Party Secretary Chen Zhaochao said that the city’s financial system clean government and anti-corruption system construction, included in the annual assessment, throughout all aspects of the financial work, and actively carry out the culture of "six" activities, and promote the construction of punishment and prevention system, increase the intensity of governance rot source, to further standardize the management of public power operation, the city’s financial system years without major discipline violations, no occurrence of major corruption cases. In the future, the city’s financial system will vigorously promote the construction of clean government culture, strengthen staff awareness of the rule of law, administration according to law, financial law; establish and improve the system and control mechanism, broaden the channels of supervision, highlighting the focus of supervision, make corruption loopholes, to provide strong financial support for economic and social development of the whole city.


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