County civil rights decentralization to promote public Entrepreneurship

simplified business procedures is a good thing for many entrepreneurs, because in the future to represent entrepreneurship among government departments to work will become very simple, recently, the civil rights county government promoted the pace of decentralization.

"registered capital no verification, do not charge a penny, industry and commerce, quality supervision, tax related trial of the group of a single handle," A / C No. three ", according to the efficiency too much faster than before!" Xu Ping, general manager of civil liberties margin coconut palm products Co., Ltd. in receiving the first civil rights county, a card number three business license issued heartfelt sigh.

to strengthen policy advocacy. The bureau uses the network, media, answer questions, issuing leaflets, telephone counseling and other forms of publicity, state support "relevant preferential policies for public entrepreneurship, innovation", to help the entrepreneurial intention of entrepreneurs is familiar with the commercial system reform measures and brings convenience, to understand and grasp the founder of the enterprise, professional cooperatives, individual industrial and commercial households, family farm procedures and conditions, and constantly improve the public awareness of the new system and public awareness, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

multi measure of decentralization. The Bureau conscientiously implement the commercial system reform, and actively implement the "wide into the strict control of the registration mode. From the implementation of the registered capital subscribed registration system, vigorously carry out after the first photo card, the relaxation of residence (place of business) registration, registration, relaxed business scope to relax the conditions for registration of the name, promote the 16 aspects of the registration reform, promote the reform of the inspection system, put forward a series of specific measures to accelerate and facilitate market access. The students face, small and micro entrepreneurs set up a company "high cost, entrepreneurial difficult two problems, in the implementation of the registered capital of the paid" to "subscription" reform at the same time, the need to submit the relevant departments for approval of the approval documents or documents shall not require the applicant to provide, and a timely reminder, then carry out supervise the production and operating activities of applicant in business registration to the relevant department for licensing licensing procedures, can effectively stimulate the vitality of market players, and the difficulty group clear "stumbling block on the road of entrepreneurship".

deepening service optimization. According to the registration reform after the Bureau, and advocate "teshiteban, Jishijiban, do good, immediately do" work style, "the development of the service market zero distance". According to the Secretary of the county civil rights Industrial and Commercial Bureau Wang Hongzhi introduced this year, deepening the service through decentralization, and currently has 298 enterprises, the development of new farmer cooperatives 53, 2360 individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 24%, 22%, 26%, red recommended reform

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