Shaanxi introduced policies to boost employment and Entrepreneurship

is now the country for college students’ employment support and not just shouting slogans and don’t do any action, in order to allow the local college students employment work and better development, the promulgation of relevant policies around the time. The Shaanxi Province recently issued the relevant opinions, and strive to give greater support to the development of local college students employment and entrepreneurship.

8 month 6 days, province issued "opinions on Industrial and Commercial Bureau play a functional role to further improve the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), and actively boost the province the majority of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship.

from the "opinions" to attract college graduates employment capacity, optimize employment entrepreneurial environment, providing comprehensive services for the employment of university graduates, six in the province at all levels of business and market supervision departments to further improve the work of university employment guidance and norms.

according to the "opinions", the Council will comprehensively promote the industrial and commercial registration facilitation, support and encourage the public record space, creating workshops, the Secretary of commerce company and "Internet plus" and other new industries, new format development; to attract college graduates in many enterprises, Chi, famous trademarks, "Shou contract re credit" enterprise publicity and other aspects to be the focus of tilt; carry out business activities on campus, to help students develop business plan".

of college graduates invested enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, due to funding constraints, due to rising production costs as a result of 12 consecutive months did not carry out business activities, according to the application, not the business licence shall be revoked; the establishment of college graduates’ employment support system, the professional training + industry + real (see) Xi + employment (government support) "the whole chain of" helping.


is now a large number of students, either employment or business are facing great pressure, but I believe that under the local government support, the country’s college students will find a really suitable for their career, so as to have a better future, more to make a contribution to the local economic development.

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