Muslim fighter given Christian celebration in UFC 2

first_img 2Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now. 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyGreg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years agoI’d guess they have a Christian Victory node with a bunch of sub-nodes, a Muslim one, etcBut that’s where proper research comes into play, Tudor. If say, there was NO Muslim celebration coded (does the game have other Muslim fighters who celebrate, are there different types of poses like in a WWE game and was Nurmagomedov just not given the proper animation?), that can be called a mistake.If, on the other hand, no one bothered to even double check his matches or maybe get him to mo-cap his victory poses, it’s less of a “mistake” and more of an omission that requires a proper fix, apologies aside. 5 years ago Strike one: See above. Strike two: Sadly, I’d bet a penny someone somewhere on that dev team said “he doesn’t LOOK Muslim” as they coded up that incorrect animation. Strike three: I guess they ALSO didn’t watch any of his winning matches either to see what sort of celebration he did after a victory.Hmmmm… So much for being “in the game!” I guess… Muslim fighter given Christian celebration in UFC 2EA apologizes to Khabib Nurmagomedov, pledges to fix issue in game’s next updateBrendan SinclairManaging EditorWednesday 23rd March 2016Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleEA SportsFresh off a GDC panel decrying the industry’s treatment of Muslim characters, Electronic Arts has provided another example of how games can be inconsiderate of practitioners. The publisher’s recently released UFC 2 has drawn some heat for post-fight celebrations that can show Muslim fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov making a Christian gesture, the sign of the cross.The Russian fighter tweeted his displeasure last week, saying, “I’m a MUSLIM and not Baptized. Please @EASPORTSUFC edit my after fight celebration. I have a lot of Muslim fans and you have to respect it.”Yesterday he followed up by posting a picture showing EA’s response through a Twitter direct message.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games “Hello Khabib. Just wanted to reach out and let you know that we’ve seen your concern in regards to your after fight celebration,” the publisher responded. “We’ve informed our development team about this issue and will change the celebration in our next update. Apologies if this has offended you in any way.”Nurmagomedov accepted the apology, acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes and saying he wouldn’t hold a grudge.”Hopefully, next time they wouldn’t make mistakes like this, and take [into] account everybody’s religion,” Nurmagomedov said.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesEA gets golf game exclusivity for The MastersIn wake of 2K securing Tiger Woods rights, EA Sports PGA Tour becomes the only game with all four golf majorsBy Jeffrey Rousseau A month agoEA announces new PGA Tour titleLong-term deal will see the publisher return to the links for first time since 2015By Jeffrey Rousseau A month agoLatest comments (6)Marty Howe Director, Figurehead Studios5 years ago How about checking what his religion is first, before doing the animation? 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyTudor Nita Lead Programmer, Gameloft Romania5 years ago They probably have a range of victory animations which they randomly select from ( considering the rig is the same and/ or that they do have some form of re-targeting ). On games of this scale ( animation production wise ) this makes perfect sense.Somewhere, in an animation tree or something of the sort, they link these up. I’d guess they have a Christian Victory node with a bunch of sub-nodes, a Muslim one, etc. One of these gets selected based on some trigger value. Easy to overlook given how massive these things can become and how QA is not necessarily that much into sports nor do they have a theological background.They’ve apologized and will fix it. Which is, frankly, the only thing they can or should do for these types of minor bugs. 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyNick McCrea Gentleman, Pocket Starship5 years ago Is no one of the opinion that honest mistakes, honestly apologised for and planned to be rectified, are generally best left at that? Edited 1 times. Last edit by Tudor Nita on 26th March 2016 8:39am 6Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyGreg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 10Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyShow all comments (6)Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.5 years ago Why would they code a Christian based victory animation to begin with? This doesn’t sound like a mistake or an accident.Did they give everyone else (religious or not) a Christian based victory animation?last_img read more

Switch on for the first ease mini-grid by SustainSolar

first_imgHaving designed the system architecture and a sustainable business model, Strathclyde and United Purpose worked with SustainSolar, Malawian electrical contractor BNG Electrical, and smart meter provider Steamaco in the UK to complete the mini-grid installation. A new mini-grid model is set to deliver a stable and low carbon electricity provision to the previously unconnected village of Mthembanji, Dedza District, in Malawi. TAGSMalawimini-gridssolar powerSustainPower Previous articleEconomic resilience main focus of AfDB’s annual meetingsNext articleCopper to drive global EV market growth, recording 7.4% by 2030 Guest ContributorThe views expressed in this article by the author are not necessarily those of the publishers and/or association partners. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the publisher and editors cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information supplied and/or published. RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR The 12kW solar generation unit provides high-quality 220 V power to 60 customers for domestic and commercial use including lights, phone charging, TVs, fridges as well as other productive uses. BRICS New method promotes productive use of energy Inside amini-grid generation unit. Source: SustainSolar SustainSolar across Africa Following COVID-19 related delays, commissioning and final testing of the first Sustain Compact containerised solar generation unit took place in July 2020. This mini-grid unit is delivered under the Rural EASE (Energy Access through Social Enterprise and Decentralisation) project. Rural EASE is funded by the Scottish Government in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and United Purpose, an international development and emergency relief organisation headquartered in the UK. The SMA online portal allows for remote access to system performance and generation output, as well as alerting system managers to any problems to provide swift troubleshooting on the ground. This installation marks the first step in a new social enterprise strategy to provide sustainable energy access to 1 million people over the next 10 years and contributes to Malawi’s sustainable development goal 7 target of universal access to secure, reliable and affordable energy. This mini-grid will be the first-time experience of wired household electricity and has the potential for significant social and economic impact in the village. MERA approval has been granted for the sale of electricity, which has now begun. Mini-grids are a clear pathway on the road to Malawi’s energy future. The company’s containerised, pre-installed solar systems are equipped with top-quality solar PV modules and electronics including lithium-ion batteries and come in three standardised yet adjustable product configurations from small to large to suit a wide range of energy needs. center_img The Government of Malawi recognises the country’s energy challenge of less than 10% of the population being connected to the national grid and outlines support for mini-grids to achieve their rural electrification targets in the Energy Policy (2018). In the meantime, the community in Mthembanji continues to enjoy the benefits of stable and reliable electricity provision. For most of the micro-grid customers, this will be a life-changing moment, being able to switch on the lights for the first time. Launched in 2018, SustainSolar strives to respond to the needs of emerging markets with turnkey technology suited for various applications that require a decentralised, clean and dependable power supply. Generation Packed in an insulated 20ft shipping container, the system comprises quality inverters and lithium-ion batteries from German manufacturers SMA and Tesvolt. With growing activities, a good presence on the African continent, an expanding network of partners and the implementation of new projects, SustainSolar has established itself as a preferred equipment supplier for mini-grid, off-grid, hybrid fuel saving as well as mobile and rapid deployment solar applications. Being the first-of-its-kind in Malawi, the mini-grid is cheaper, quicker to implement, and potentially more financially sustainable than larger capacity mini-grids currently deployed in the country. Finance and Policy Following the system’s installation, the site was visited by representatives from the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), who were impressed with the quality of the installation and innovative technology used in the system. Low carbon, solar future could increase jobs in the future – SAPVIA AFD and Eskom commit to a competitive electricity sector This new method of rural electrification also allows for more electricity and a higher impact than the solar home systems offered on the market. UNDP China, CCIEE launch report to facilitate low-carbon developmentlast_img read more

Woes aggravating

first_imgThe people are shell shocked with the outbreak of novel corona virus. Till date many types of flu had come in the environment but neither the economic losses nor life losses were at such alarming rate. These ful like SARS and MERS had very limited effect and the social distancing and repeated hand washing was warranted. But corona virus is so dreaded that many in the young age group had to lose their life. The vaccine is still far to be invented and number of cases every day are rising in India how it would affect Indian economy. 21 days lock down is not a small period particularly for the workers who live on daily wages. The students are sitting at home and there is no way to compensate their studies. The cluture of online education is yet to be established in India the academic losses are enormous. The educational institutions would have to grapple with the odds of conducting examination as generally this is the period to finish up the examination and new admission start in May. The harvested commodities or fruits and vegetable are not being transported to their destination. The people have taken refuge to places where they were earlier residing. The news of its impact on the life has frightened every body. The people in case the breach in social distancing is felt are avoiding going to the place of work. Doctors and paramedical staff have been asked to vacate the house by the owners. Everyone wants to depend upon the supply of goods the government has jumped in to ensure. Even critical medical ailments are not being examined by the hospitals for the fear of contagion. The eating out is not even thought of. Travelling is shut down. Uploading and offloading cannot be done as loaders are staying in their homes. But what after 21 days when lockdown in any case has to be either lifted or extended. As the supply chain itself is challenged and there is scarcity of commodities and secondly there is no constructive way of reaching out cash to the workers class who are not committed payment from any source as they were not tied to any employer the long lockdown would weigh heavily on the supply chain and consumption of minimum two ends meal. The survival is the basic necessity for everyone. If everyone is getting the food without breaking the social distancing then nothing is like this but even in these 10 days the people are complaining of commodities going scarce. The vegetable have lost their path ways. Wherever it is easy the vegetable are reaching there. Similarly fruits are hardly seen. The shops are opened where they are confident that the persons working there had no chance of contamination of virus. The business is run on chance factors. The people are scared of eating eggs, chicken and mutton as it is suspected to aggravate the disease further. Even the people are adopting hygiene as far as possible.last_img read more

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

first_imgLeonardo da Vinci didn’t receive a comprehensive structured formal education. He was primarily and principally self-educated. It was the great experience of the complete and very essence of life which made him realise and bring forward “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Simplicity is always easy to understand. It makes doing stand uncomplicated and effortless. Certainty, coherence and intelligibility are embodied in simplicity. Besides it could always be equated with the crystal clarity of water to understand what transparency and purity it holds. Simplicity remains thoroughly unpretentious. With inherent modesty, it never attempts to impress others and largely seems uninterested in assuming the estimation of abilities with any greater importance.The word ‘ultimate’ has implications for all the elements of the entire human life. They could be anything from purpose, decision, value, evidence, development to consequences, success, end, downfall and actualization; as this word includes both the end of a process and what is basic or fundamental to it. The ultimate refers to the best which could be originally conceived and achieved with the personal actions of the individual. It is a final fact of an element bringing something out and the fundamental premise of consolidation of peace within. It is considered perfection which comes of simplicity, and clearly understood and acknowledged by someone who themselves manifests simplicity.A sophisticated person can be the one who has, displays and lives out a fair amount of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture. The person can talk and form judgements with a clear line of thought. He or she thinks and understands things through establishing his or her reasons in an impressively complex and educated manner. The sophisticated person is well versed in his or her thoughts, reactions, perception and discernment because of which he or she is conscious of and in a position to interpret complex issues. Sophistication is about the capability of making fine distinctions when something is so precise that its relative analysis becomes a great challenge.Simplicity is a perfect realization of life. It is the achievement of something on which we work so hard. A person’s essential being that distinguishes him or her from others can make or fail him or her. Bringing simplicity into being is highly difficult since it involves working on and with the self and goes on working throughout life. Perhaps, this kind of realization of simplicity made Steve Jobs put into words, “that’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”Simplicity is a real treasure. When it becomes the much loved and highly valued quality for an individual, the person starts a search for this buried treasure within. One has to bury oneself in real hard work and goodness to have this treasure. This is the only way to have it. One has to possess it to enjoy it and other treasures like it. That is why Lao Tzu treasured simplicity which is evident in, “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”Simplicity is about the best. It never compromises and under no circumstances accepts the standards that are lower than what is desirable. Its point of reference always considers the condition of being morally good or correct. This guiding principle looks for the most appropriate type and quality. This develops into the tendency because of which a person likes and looks interested in something. This tendency leads to supporting goodness and righteousness and makes us understand the depth of what Oscar Wilde said, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”Simplicity is connected with ‘being uncomplicated’ and ‘making things uncomplicated’ and brings them together disallowing nonessential changed and diverse parts to emerge from unproductive objectives involving complications. We apportion many dimensions to a problem and make it unnecessarily large. These dimensions are nothing but different confusing aspects. Simplicity recommends dealing with one aspect at a time. A clear and concise focus always fast-tracks the thoughts and actions necessary to find out solutions to problems; which Muhammad Yunus meticulously described as “things are never as complicated as they seem. It is only our arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems.”When tendencies, which have an inclination towards material possessions and physical comfort, and which consider them as more important than non-material values, are all around; simplicity feels extremely suffocated. So it can never be materialistic.  It leaves the people and the surroundings displaying this inclination. Materialism is extracted from weaknesses, whereas simplicity originates from the strength of great value. Materialism complicates something to its worse, but on the other hand simplicity makes it the opposite of what materialism does. Albert Einstein defined it while placing emphasis on his experience as “possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury – to me these have always been contemptible. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.”‘A perfect realization of life’, ‘a real treasure’, ‘touching the best’, ‘being uncomplicated’, ‘making things uncomplicated’, ‘non-materialistic entity’ and whatever other attributes we relate to simplicity, they all have one thing in common. It is the application of simplicity to make things happen, feel them rather discerning them superficially, invent the rational mind, continue delivering what is rightfully expected and what is right, and live to get on well. This application shows that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, since it ultimately becomes basic or fundamental nature of all the elements of life, gives them freedom to make fine distinctions and involves them in reasoning the purpose out, making decisions not to wait for something but keep doing it and let others see it, internalizing principles and standards of behaviour, understanding ‘willingness is meaningless without doing’, and valuing authenticity and self-actualization. As the ultimate sophistication, simplicity takes us to the level which Leonardo da Vinci stated firmly that as a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.last_img read more

School principal sparks outrage after linking ‘provocative’ attire to sex abuse

first_imgiStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) — Parents are calling for the resignation of a Chicago school principal after she said students were barred from wearing certain items of clothing to keep them from being sexually assaulted.Melanie Beatty-Sevier, the principal of King College Prep in Bronzeville, made the comment linking sexual assault and “provocative” attire at an Aug. 16 meeting of the school’s Local School Council, parents present at the meeting told ABC News.The comments were recorded and later played in front of a gathering consisting of members of the council and of Chicago’s Board of Education on Wednesday night. In a video published by the Chicago Sun-Times, the gathering on Wednesday can be seen listening in as Beatty-Sevier is heard in the recording saying, “There have been sexual abuses cases throughout the city of Chicago… Why should we allow students to dress provocatively?”Her remarks are followed by startled exclamations of “Whoa!,” “Come on!” and “What?” by parents in the room.Chicago Public Schools strongly disagreed with the principal’s comments, spokesperson Emily Bolton said in a statement.“We are evaluating appropriate disciplinary options,” she added.“Supporting students must be the first priority of every principal, teacher and staff member, and comments like these do not align with the district’s values or approach to supporting and protecting students.”Natasha Erskine, the mother of a 15-year-old sophomore, told ABC News her daughter was also one of the few students in the room at the Aug. 16 meeting, when Beatty-Sevier made the remarks.“I can’t believe that she, a woman, said it in a room full of several students who are going to have to report to her, should they ever become victims of groping or inappropriate behavior or worse, sexual assault,” Erskine, who is a member of the school’s Local School Council, said.An investigation by the Chicago Tribune published in June this year found that hundreds of students at Chicago Public Schools had been allegedly sexually abused by school employees over the past ten years. The report prompted the school district to launch a new department dedicated to responding to sexual abuse allegations.“For her to make that comment for all of the brave young women that stepped forward talking about their incidents of being abused by teachers and staff, for her to reduce it to what they had on, is very concerning to me as a parent,” Natasha Dunn, a parent of a 16-year-old junior who was also at the meeting, said.“I want to be sure that my child’s school is going to make students feel safe.”Dunn said the council was calling for Beatty-Sevier’s resignation.Parents said a large part of the principal’s dress code, which she had announced at an orientation a few weeks ago, was gender-specific. Girls were instructed not to wear tank tops, spaghetti straps or halter tops, and told their attire must cover them from shoulder to knee.Erskine said she was deeply concerned not only about Beatty-Sevier’s remark but also that she refused to correct them even after they were played at the Wednesday meeting.“It’s been over a week. Miss Beatty-Sevier has failed to apologize, to walk back her statement, to acknowledge that her words were off-color,” she said. “Last week, I thought she may have misspoke because no one would say that in 2018. But at the meeting on Wednesday night, she was defiant. She doubled down.”In the Chicago Sun-Times video of the Wednesday meeting, Beatty-Sevier told the gathering she will respond at a later date.ABC News’ calls to Beatty-Sevier’s office were not returned.Erskine said parents had called the two meetings over concerns not just over the dress code, but also over stark changes in school rules the principal had made with harsher punitive responses.King College Prep made headlines across the country in 2013 when a 15-year-old student of the school, Hadiya Pendleton, was killed in a shooting at a local park, just a few days after she performed with the school’s band at then-President Barack Obama’s inaugural parade. First lady Michelle Obama visited the school and in an emotional tribute to Pendleton, called for action against gun violence. On Wednesday, a jury pronounced two men guilty on all counts in the murder of Pendleton and the wounding of two other schoolgirls.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Tenure-Track Faculty Position of School of Graduate Studies, College of Aviation (Daytona Beach

first_imgResearch plan (one page), including research interests,strategies, and research plan Teaching philosophy (one page) Copy of selected teaching evaluations Current CV A letter of applicationcenter_img Copy of Ph.D. transcript Job DescriptionThe School of Graduate Studies in the College of Aviation atEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) invites applicationsfor a nine-month tenure-track, open rank position, with strongpreference in background and expertise in Unmanned Systems andrelated areas.The department offers a primarily online Ph.D. in Aviation withspecializations in Aviation Safety, Aviation Human Factors,Aviation Operations, and Interdisciplinary. It also offers an MS inAeronautics, MS in Occupational Safety Management, and MS inUnmanned Systems in a traditional on-campus format.The candidate will be expected to teach courses in the Ph.D. and/ormaster’s degree programs and act as the chair and/or member ofPh.D. dissertation or thesis committees.In addition to teaching responsibilities, the candidate is requiredto meet continuing scholarly growth requirements that includepublishing scholarly work, actively pursuing and obtainingexternally funded research, and presenting work at professionalconferences.The candidate will be expected to fulfill service responsibilitiesto the university and the profession.The candidate will be required to provide instruction throughonline distance education and annual on-campus residencies.QualificationsThe position requires a doctorate in aviation, safety, statistics,operations, or a closely related degree.Candidate materials should be submitted online by applying at .Candidates must submit the following for consideration: Copy of selected peer-reviewed journal publicationslast_img read more

First Day of Spring?

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreI was campaigning last week for my candidate in the Virginia presidential primary and it was frigid, icy cold. Today, one week later, it is probably 80 degrees and balmy. (I wish the campaigners in Wisconsin todat enjoyed weather even half this warm!) … By the way, have you benefitted from viewing the Good News Network, or from my Great Mentors tele-seminars?  I am collecting testimonials from people about either my website, newsletter or, especially, the Great Mentors audio series. Please email your praise or leave a message on my toll free number with your name and where you’re from — and your website, if you’d like: 1-866- Good News (866-466-3639) • I’ve sent some maternity tops to a few pregnant celebrities (J-Lo, Nicole Kidman and Jessica Alba) and asked them to help support my effort to get good news into the hands of new mothers. We know postpartum depression can be debilitating, and positive news every day can only help. Give the gift that reminds new moms to stay on the bright side: Shop at • If you’ve ever experienced depression or ADHD, plan on attending our next Great Mentors FREE tele-seminar, “Discovering the Gift Within Your Symptoms – Listening to Depression and ADHD.” How do we find purpose in our pain? We’ll ask Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, expert and author of the new book, Listening to Depression: How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life, and author of the book, The Gift of ADHD.  We’ll be taking your questions LIVE or by email. Join us Feb 26 — OR LISTEN TO THE FREE RECORDING afterward. All the info and the phone numbers are on my page. ~Enjoy your week! Geri last_img read more

The First Meteor Shower of 2021 Will Light Up the Night Sky on New Year’s Weekend

first_imgThe American Meteor Society is reporting that—along with the Perseids and Geminids we reported on in 2020—the Quadrantids could be the strongest shower of the season. How to see the QuadrantidsLook up late on Saturday night, or before dawn on Sunday, and you may see between 60 and 200 meteors per hour as they travel at 25.5 miles per second. You may also see the fireballs the Quarantids are known for.  Spectacularly bright, they appear visible for longer than other meteors.You’ll need to get your timing right, though: The peak of this meteor shower will only last for around six hours. CHECK OUT: See the Stunning Winners of the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year CompetitionAccording to the International Meteor Organization, the period of maximum activity is expected to take place at around 14:30 UTC on January 3. This means that for much of the States, it’ll be in the hours before dawn on Sunday that the Quadrantids are best viewed. With a nearly full, if waning, moon brightening the sky this weekend, it’s true that it won’t be quite as easy to catch fiery meteors streaking high above our cities and mountains and fields as in other years. Still, on this first weekend of the new year, it’ll certainly be worth going out—and looking up. SHARE The Bright Celestial News With Pals on Social Media…AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore2021 looks set to be an exciting year for stargazers, with the first big celestial event happening this weekend, as the Quadrantid meteor shower peaks from January 2 into January 3. First spotted in 1825, the Quadrantids—also known as the Bootids—happens every year between December 28 and January 12.Now known to originate from an asteroid called 1003 EH1, “the meteors appear to radiate from the modern constellation of Bootes,” NASA explains. “Even though the constellation may no longer be recognized, it was considered a constellation long enough to give the meteor shower its name.”last_img read more

Westwood Planning Commission hears opposition to proposed senior living development

first_imgThe Westwood Entercom property is the site for a proposed senior living complex.A proposed plan to add a senior living development at the nearly eight-acre Entercom property in Westwood did not take any strides forward at a packed planning commission meeting this week.A number of Westwood residents expressed opinions at the meeting, most in opposition to the property being used for a senior living complex that would create more density than the surrounding single-family neighborhoods. The planning commission did not establish a public hearing date for a proposed zoning text change to add a multi-family zoning category that included senior living. A public hearing would be the next step toward revising the zoning code.Because Westwood has no provision for senior living in its codes, a development proposal cannot be submitted without a change to the zoning text that accommodates such projects.“We don’t need to get in a rush,” Chris Ross, chair of the planning commission said, “there is lots of opportunity on the property (Entercom).” The city skews younger in its demographics, Ross said, and the new Woodside Village development may reinforce that younger tilt. That could suggest that senior living is not a priority, he indicated. A “lot of smart, reasonable comments” were heard at the meeting, Ross said.Ross suggested a next step could be another joint meeting of the planning commission and the city council. At a joint session in January, the two groups had agreed to consider a multi-family provision in the zoning code. Currently, multi-family is only allowed as part of a mixed-use development such as Woodside.A previously prepared zoning text change focused only on adult care and would have allowed the senior living development to be submitted. The new text proposal, that did not move forward, allows planned multi-family, including adult care and senior living, to be considered. The language requires that a full development plan be submitted with a zoning request.The city also is discussing doing a comprehensive plan review which would broaden the discussion about future development and planning across the city.last_img read more

Rivalry returns in North Dakota

first_img“Before the [twins] transferred there, we didn’t really have any rivalry,” Gophers goalie Noora Räty said. “Now they have a good team, so it’s always big games for us and for them.”Minnesota won four of six games against North Dakota last season.  A 5-1 victory at Ridder Arena in last season’s NCAA tournament ended North Dakota’s title hopes.Frost said he thought North Dakota would be gunning for the Gophers for a different reason.“When you’re No. 1 in the country, that’s more incentive for other teams,” he said. “I think the biggest factor is they’re predicted to finish second in our league, and we’re predicted to finish first.”The two teams each have 12 points in the WCHA, so they’re technically tied for first, but North Dakota has two more losses than Minnesota.North Dakota’s two goalies have split time in the net, but senior goalie Jorid Dagfinrud has posted a 0.30 goals-against average in four games.“She’s aggressive. She does a nice job seeing the puck and controlling the rebounds,” Frost said of Dagfinrud.Last weekend, Frost tinkered with the lines, moving Rachael Bona to a line with Brausen and Becky Kortum.Bona scored once Friday, and both Bona and Kortum netted a goal Saturday.“What I’ve liked is regardless of where we’re putting kids, they’re having success,” Frost said. “Rachael played really well with Brausen and Kortum this last weekend.”Frost said he wasn’t sure yet what the lines would be for the weekend.With a win, Räty would set a Minnesota record for career wins with 84.“In the end, I don’t care if I break it or not — just if we get a sweep,” she said. Rivalry returns in North DakotaMinnesota ended North Dakota’s season last year in the NCAA tournament. Jules Ameel, Daily File PhotoGoalie Noora watches the action down-rink during a game against St. Cloud State on Feb. 5, 2012 at Ridder Arena. Betsy HelfandOctober 25, 2012Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintMinnesota lost just five games all of last season when it won the national title. Two losses came against North Dakota.The two teams played six times last year, and this year, the Gophers seem to have a good idea of what they’re in for this weekend in Grand Forks, N.D.Junior captain Bethany Brausen said she thought the Gophers’ familiarity with North Dakota would be helpful.“It’ll be a very similar team, I think, [to what] they had last year,” Brausen said. “We know all their tendencies, and we’ll get some videos and see any little small differences.”Head coach Brad Frost said from the tape he’s watched, North Dakota doesn’t look much different from last year, and it still looks “very dangerous.”The Gophers are also very familiar with North Dakota’s two top-scoring forwards, twins Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux.The Lamoureux twins played for Minnesota for a season before transferring.North Dakota enters the weekend ranked No. 8 after sweeping St. Cloud State. The Gophers are undefeated and ranked No. 1.“I think it’s a great measuring stick for our team, just to see where we’re at,” Frost said. “Obviously North Dakota’s one of the top teams in the country, so [we’ll] just see if we can keep things going.”Minnesota most recently swept then-No.6 Ohio State with 7-2 and 8-0 victories at home.In the Gophers’ eight wins this season, they’ve outscored opponents by a staggering margin: 52 goals.“I think it’s important that we kind of acknowledge what we’ve done so far, but it doesn’t really prove anything,” Brausen said. “We’ve got to make sure that we’re going into this weekend proving something.”She said there is “a lot of added excitement” because of the rivalry with North Dakota.North Dakota has seen success of its own with the Lamoureux twins in the past few seasons.last_img read more

A psychologist explains why you shouldn’t want to always be happy

first_imgIn the 1990s, a psychologist named Martin Seligman led the positive psychology movement, which placed the study of human happiness squarely at the center of psychology research and theory. It continued a trend that began in the 1960s with humanistic and existential psychology, which emphasized the importance of reaching one’s innate potential and creating meaning in one’s life, respectively.Since then, thousands of studies and hundreds of books have been published with the goal of increasing well-being and helping people lead more satisfying lives.So why aren’t we happier? Why have self-reported measures of happiness stayed stagnant for over 40 years? LinkedIn Share Share on Twitter Share on Facebookcenter_img Email Pinterest Perversely, such efforts to improve happiness could be a futile attempt to swim against the tide, as we may actually be programmed to be dissatisfied most of the time.You can’t have it allPart of the problem is that happiness isn’t just one thing.Jennifer Hecht is a philosopher who studies the history of happiness. In her book “The Happiness Myth,” Hecht proposes that we all experience different types of happiness, but these aren’t necessarily complementary. Some types of happiness may even conflict with one another. In other words, having too much of one type of happiness may undermine our ability to have enough of the others – so it’s impossible for us to simultaneously have all types of happiness in great quantities.For example, a satisfying life built on a successful career and a good marriage is something that unfolds over a long period of time. It takes a lot of work, and it often requires avoiding hedonistic pleasures like partying or going on spur-of-the-moment trips. It also means you can’t while away too much of your time spending one pleasant lazy day after another in the company of good friends.On the other hand, keeping your nose to the grindstone demands that you cut back on many of life’s pleasures. Relaxing days and friendships may fall by the wayside.As happiness in one area of life increases, it’ll often decline in another.A rosy past, a future brimming with potentialThis dilemma is further confounded by the way our brains process the experience of happiness.By way of illustration, consider the following examples.We’ve all started a sentence with the phrase “Won’t it be great when…” (I go to college, fall in love, have kids, etc.). Similarly, we often hear older people start sentences with this phrase “Wasn’t it great when…”Think about how seldom you hear anyone say, “Isn’t this great, right now?”Surely, our past and future aren’t always better than the present. Yet we continue to think that this is the case.These are the bricks that wall off harsh reality from the part of our mind that thinks about past and future happiness. Entire religions have been constructed from them. Whether we’re talking about our ancestral Garden of Eden (when things were great!) or the promise of unfathomable future happiness in Heaven, Valhalla, Jannah or Vaikuntha, eternal happiness is always the carrot dangling from the end of the divine stick.There’s evidence for why our brains operate this way; most of us possess something called the optimistic bias, which is the tendency to think that our future will be better than our present.To demonstrate this phenomenon to my classes, at the beginning of a new term I’ll tell my students the average grade received by all students in my class over the past three years. I then ask them to anonymously report the grade that they expect to receive. The demonstration works like a charm: Without fail, the expected grades are far higher than one would reasonably expect, given the evidence at hand.And yet, we believe.Cognitive psychologists have also identified something called the Pollyanna Principle. It means that we process, rehearse and remember pleasant information from the past more than unpleasant information. (An exception to this occurs in depressed individuals who often fixate on past failures and disappointments.)For most of us, however, the reason that the good old days seem so good is that we focus on the pleasant stuff and tend to forget the day-to-day unpleasantness.Self-delusion as an evolutionary advantage?These delusions about the past and the future could be an adaptive part of the human psyche, with innocent self-deceptions actually enabling us to keep striving. If our past is great and our future can be even better, then we can work our way out of the unpleasant – or at least, mundane – present.All of this tells us something about the fleeting nature of happiness. Emotion researchers have long known about something called the hedonic treadmill. We work very hard to reach a goal, anticipating the happiness it will bring. Unfortunately, after a brief fix we quickly slide back to our baseline, ordinary way-of-being and start chasing the next thing we believe will almost certainly – and finally – make us happy.My students absolutely hate hearing about this; they get bummed out when I imply that however happy they are right now – it’s probably about how happy they will be 20 years from now. (Next time, perhaps I will reassure them that in the future they’ll remember being very happy in college!)Nevertheless, studies of lottery winners and other individuals at the top of their game – those who seem to have it all – regularly throw cold water on the dream that getting what we really want will change our lives and make us happier. These studies found that positive events like winning a million bucks and unfortunate events such as being paralyzed in an accident do not significantly affect an individual’s long-term level of happiness.Assistant professors who dream of attaining tenure and lawyers who dream of making partner often find themselves wondering why they were in such a hurry. After finally publishing a book, it was depressing for me to realize how quickly my attitude went from “I’m a guy who wrote a book!” to “I’m a guy who’s only written one book.”But this is how it should be, at least from an evolutionary perspective. Dissatisfaction with the present and dreams of the future are what keep us motivated, while warm fuzzy memories of the past reassure us that the feelings we seek can be had. In fact, perpetual bliss would completely undermine our will to accomplish anything at all; among our earliest ancestors, those who were perfectly content may have been left in the dust.This shouldn’t be depressing; quite the contrary. Recognizing that happiness exists – and that it’s a delightful visitor that never overstays its welcome – may help us appreciate it more when it arrives.Furthermore, understanding that it’s impossible to have happiness in all aspects of life can help you enjoy the happiness that has touched you.Recognizing that no one “has it all” can cut down on the one thing psychologists know impedes happiness: envy.By Frank T. McAndrew, Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology, Knox CollegeThis article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.last_img read more

First malaria vaccine shows promise despite efficacy drop-off

first_imgFinal phase 3 trial results of a malaria vaccine designed to knock down the high burden of disease in African children showed that it can prevent a substantial number of infections, but the length of protection wasn’t as long as hoped.Greater benefits were seen in young children 5 to 17 months old than in infants, and a booster dose of the RTS,S vaccine given 18 months later prolonged protection in both groups. As the next step, drug regulators and global health officials will now weigh if the vaccine—the world’s first for malaria—should play a role in battling the disease.An international team called the RTS,S Clinical Trial Partnership published its findings yesterday in The Lancet.Years of clinical trialsThe vaccine has been in clinical trials since 1992, and the phase 3 study has involved more than 15,000 children at 11 centers in 7 African countries. The RTS, S malaria candidate vaccine contains an AS01 adjuvant and is given in three doses.Initial phase 3 results in 2011 had suggested that at the 1-year mark, the vaccine halved cases in children ages 5 to 17 months, and the early findings in babies ages 6 to 12 weeks found a more modest benefit for infants.The studies have been funded by the vaccine’s maker, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) Malaria Vaccine Initiative.A 2014 study assessing the vaccine’s performance after 18 months showed a vaccine efficacy of about 46% in the older age-group and 27% in infants.Booster dose helpedThe new study was designed to show how the vaccine performed over the next 20 to 30 months and whether a fourth booster dose had an impact on protection. Participants received three doses of RTS,S with or without a booster dose, with older children in the control group receiving the rabies vaccine and younger controls getting a meningococcal vaccine.Researchers found that at the 4-year mark for children in the older age-group who got three doses of vaccine plus a booster, the vaccine reduced clinical malaria infections by 36%, down from the 50% efficacy seen the first year.When the team looked at the vaccine’s impact against severe malaria, they found no significant efficacy among those who didn’t receive a booster dose. For youngsters who got the booster dose, efficacy against the severe form of the disease was 32%, with 35% efficacy against malaria-linked hospitalization.For the infant group, the ones who received the three doses, plus the booster dose, showed a 26% reduced risk of malaria, but the research team found no significant protection against severe disease.Meningitis infections were more frequent in children who received the malaria vaccine, and kids immunized with RTS,S had more adverse reactions. Convulsions after vaccination, though rare, occurred more often in malaria vaccine recipients than in controls.Brian Greenwood, MD, a study author and professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said in a Lancet press release that despite the efficacy drop-off, the vaccine is still poised to prevent millions of malaria infections in kids in high burden countries.He added that the European Medicines Agency will now assess the vaccine based on the final data, and if the opinion of its experts is favorable, the World Health Organization (WHO) could recommend the vaccine as early as October.Duration of protection spotlightedIn a commentary in the same Lancet issue, two vaccine experts from the WHO, Vasee Moorthy, MD, PhD, and Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele, MD, MPH, congratulated the authors on the quality of the study and said industry involvement in the vaccine’s development has been crucial.They said two WHO advisory groups will consider whether to recommend that the vaccine be added to the vaccine schedule for children in Africa. The committees include the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) and the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee.One key question is likely to be duration of protection, the two wrote. “Unlike many illnesses of infancy, the risk of death from malaria continues through early childhood, even in the face of repeated infection, although the mortality rate drops from the age of 2 years in high-transmission settings.”They noted that, if the vaccine is recommended, the donor community would need to coordinate funding for the vaccine carefully to avoid directing resources away from other measures such as treatments, diagnostic tests, and prevention tools.See also:Apr 23 Lancet studyApr 23 Lancet press releaseApr 23 Lancet commentarylast_img read more

Eni Opens Operations Centre in Hammerfest

first_imgToday, Eni Norge is opening its new operations centre in Hammerfest – an event which marks a further expansion of the company’s activities in northern NorwayEni Norge consolidates its position in the Barents Sea:“Strategically, northern Norway and the Barents Sea are key areas for Eni Norge”, says Managing Director Andrea Forzoni. “We have been active here since the beginning of the 1990s, and we will continue to increase our efforts in the future, both offshore and subsequently in connection with activities onshore” he says. Forzoni believes strongly that new oil and gas discoveries will be made in the Barents Sea, and that the establishment of an operations centre in Hammerfest is crucial if Eni Norge is to get to grips with the industrial growth anticipated in the region.Goliat is the beginningGoliat is planned to come on stream next year, and will be the first oil field in the Norwegian Barents Sea to be put into production. This is the field which the 60 or so Eni Norge personnel in Hammerfest will be managing in the years ahead. The organisation will also assume responsibility for future field developments in the area. The new office building has room for 120 personnel.“We have strict requirements when it comes to safe and efficient operations”, says Forzoni. “This is why the entire Goliat project has its technical systems tailor-made and adapted to Arctic conditions. In the light of this, the new operations centre will enable the consolidation of expertise and a strengthening of specialist centres both in Hammerfest and the region as a whole”, he says.Strong portfolio in the Barents SeaAs well as Goliat, Eni Norge is a stakeholder in 17 licences in the Barents Sea, and operator in ten. For example, the company has a 30 per cent stake in the Johan Castberg field and is among those oil companies investing most heavily in northern Norway.“With Goliat and Johan Castberg in our portfolio, Eni Norge now expects to be active in the Barents Sea for several decades”, says Forzoni. “The new operations centre in Hammerfest guarantees us a firm foothold at an early phase in this highly promising oil and gas region”, he says.[mappress]Press Release, October 28, 2013last_img read more

Managing a project with many masters

first_imgINTRO: Ken Turnbull of Bechtel, who is Project Director of Rail Link Engineering, told Richard Hope how the £4bn Channel Tunnel Rail Link survived last year’s crisis, and is now running smoothly despite complex client-contractor relationships resulting from the rescue deal reached in June 1998JUST 12 MONTHS AGO, the fate of the long planned high speed railway joining central London to the Channel Tunnel hung in the balance. It was saved only by the personal efforts of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, who announced a rescue package on June 3 and turned the first sod on October 15 1998.Government guaranteed bonds to a total value of £2·65bn were sold by promoter London & Continental Railways in February, enabling Prescott to announce financial close of the rescue package on February 18. Now it is up the engineers to complete Section 1 from Eurotunnel’s UK terminal to Fawkham Junction, where Eurostars from Paris and Brussels will join Railtrack’s existing network to reach London Waterloo.Charged with designing both sections of the CTRL, while ensuring that the contractors hand over Section 1 in October 2003 within the Target Price of £1·7bn, is Ken Turnbull, Project Director of Rail Link Engineering. Turnbull is a senior executive with Bechtel, which has a 50% stake in RLE; the other partners are Arup, Halcrow and Systra.Channel Tunnel first; now CTRLA Bechtel team was heavily involved in managing the Channel Tunnel project, having been brought in by Sir Alastair Morton after he was appointed Co-Chairman in 1987.Planning for a Channel Tunnel Rail Link dates back to 1973, when the government accepted in principle the case for constructing a 250 km/h line electrified at 25 kV to a new terminus at White City in west London. It died with the Tunnel project in 1975.Four possible CTRL routes were published by British Rail in 1988. After the 1990 setback, the present route was suggested by engineering consultants Arup and chosen by the government in 1991. A further bidding process saw London & Continental Railways selected in February 1996 to build a line passing under the River Thames 30 km east of London and terminating at St Pancras. Construction was to commence in September 1997 with completion set for March 2003.The construction cost was estimated at £4bn, and LCR was promised assets as well as grants valued by the government at £1·4bn. In return, LCR took over Eurostar (UK) Ltd, which was (and still is) loss-making, and Union Railways, the company established by BR to plan the CTRL. Union Railways Ltd (URL) now acts as the client for the engineering and construction of the project (p285).The original engineering and finance team from Bechtel, Arup, Halcrow and Warburg were joined by National Express, Virgin and later by SNCF’s consultancy arm Systra and London Electricity to make up LCR.To act as arm’s length designers and project managers, London & Continental Engineering was formed, comprising Bechtel, Arup, Halcrow and Systra.The Reference Design was the basis on which LCR had bid. It was also the foundation for the Development Agreement with government that set out what LCR must do. ’Through this, the client LCR set the scope of the project and implemented it through its URL subsidiary – until the January 1998 crisis’.Near death experienceOn January 28 last year, Prescott announced that he had rejected a plea from LCR for £1·2bn of extra public funding. LCR faced insolvency. In addition to Eurostar losses continuing at a higher level than planned, Turnbull attributes the collapse to the fact that ’the financial institutions, through their technical advisers, were clearly looking for much higher contingencies on construction costs than LCR had assumed at the time of its bid. ’By January, I had around 850 staff on the project. The tunnel boring machines had been selected, we were ready to award contracts for three of the four major civil packages, and April had been fixed as the official start date.’ While desperate efforts were being made to put a rescue package together, Turnbull ’had to let 450 people go … we had to work on the assumption that LCR would be out of business by May.’Fortunately, the government was persuaded that work securing planning consents from local authorities should continue whilst the rescue package was being negotiated. ’In May, when the lights were switched back on, the team that had been doing consents could be added to, so we accelerated rapidly back up to the 800 people that we have in RLE now.’Meanwhile, Bechtel had been appointed to represent LCR shareholders in negotiations with Railtrack over the rescue package which required CTRL to be built in two stages. ’At RLE we revised the construction plans to allow for this, and Railtrack and the government accepted these in April. We said construction could start in October 1998, which was achieved, so we only lost six months – quite a short delay when you think what had happened.’URS becomes the S1 clientThough URL still exists, its role has been taken over by two new entities: Union Railways South is responsible for Section 1, and Union Railways North for Section 2.Still legally owned by LCR, which is funding construction through its bond issues, URS is for all practical purposes a Railtrack subsidiary. URN, along with URL, is headed by retired Bechtel executive Walt Bell, whose last job was on the Seoul – Pusan high speed line in Korea.Turnbull explains that RLE takes instructions from Chris Jago who has been appointed Managing Director of URS. Railtrack is clearly interested in what happens on Section 2, but has no locus to issue instructions to Bell until it exercises the option to purchase it. The latest possible date for this is June 1 2003.The government is represented through its Project Representative, consulting engineers Mott Parsons Gibb. The PR’s task is to ensure that LCR, URS and URN implement the Development Agreement, for example by complying with environmental conditions. In practice, Railtrack’s decisions – on train control, for example – must affect the design of both sections, and staff exchange between URS and URN as necessary.Meanwhile, Turnbull says that RLE will continue the process of engineering design and obtaining planning consents for Section 2, as well as supporting a fully funded land acquisition programme and preparing early contract documents. He believes that some construction will commence in July 2001, even if Railtrack defers a decision until 2003. ’In the meantime, Section 2 will have been in construction for two years, so there is an overlap.’The Bechtel WayRLE has contracts with URS and URN to deliver the project to time and budget. ’We will share in any overrun or underrun, so we are motivated to accomplish this work on schedule and at lowest cost. It is important that safety, quality, cost and schedule are all issues that are well understood, along with the risks that go with them.’Whereas Eurotunnel appointed separate design consultants, Turnbull states firmly ’We much prefer CTRL implementation to be hands on and to have control.’ The philosophy which Turnbull sees as ’a natural order is the client has an idea of what he wants, and uses RLE to expand on his ideas and produce the design. We take that information and turn it into a procurement process which gets the best people constructing the job. Then we manage the contractors.’Another aspect of RLE’s approach to a major project like CTRL is to spend a lot of time planning the logistics, so that when powers to acquire the land are being sought, construction sites and access issues have been properly thought through.One aspect of this careful preparation was upset by last year’s decision to build the line in two sections. Ballast and other materials were to have been delivered by ship to the Swanscombe peninsular, adjacent to the Thames tunnel. This is no longer possible as access is in Section 2, so the ballast will be unloaded at Grain and railed to Beechbrook Farm 6 km west of Ashford where existing and new railways run side-by-side.Contracts drawn up by RLE and awarded by URS are on a target cost basis using a modified version of the new engineering contract reimbursable basis.’Once a target cost is agreed’, says Turnbull, ’the contractors come into the office and review the design we have prepared over a couple of years. If they see a way of reducing the cost by changing the design, and we are convinced, we share the saving.’Likewise, ’down at site level, the contractor’s team and our team will come up with ways of reducing costs. It’s very important on a project as large as this to bring the contractor in on the project, and make him feel part of the team.’Avoiding safety pitfallsThe Channel Tunnel and some other major rail projects have fallen foul of ever rising safety standards, which can have a major impact on capital and operating costs when coming late in the schedule.Turnbull concedes that is ’a possibility on CTRL’. However, ’in order to manage the risk of that happening, we are getting HM Railway Inspectorate to advise us as we go that they see no objection to the designs we are producing. When we produce the safety case, as they have been through the process with us, HMRI are more likely to agree it.’ He also adds that the reference design prepared by URL on which the four short-listed consortia (including LCR) bid in 1995 ’included a letter of non-objection from HMRI’.RLE also had to take account of developments following the major fire in the Channel Tunnel in November 1996. Turnbull highlights two things that changed.’One was the fire resistance of tunnel linings.’ This was achieved by replacing steel bar reinforcing with steel and polypropylene fibres. ’We have undertaken tests to show that this is beneficial’, he says.’The other issue which we have taken on board is simplification of the tunnel ventilation system. In the unlikely event that evacuation from a train in the London tunnels becomes necesary, cross passages have been located at predetermined stopping locations close to the ventilation and fire services intervention shafts. This applies in particular to the two twin-bore tunnels from Dagenham to St Pancras, which are 20 km long with an open box for Stratford station in the middle; the other tunnels do not require forced ventilation.Turnbull points out that ’we and URL are fundamentally involved in the design process, so our programme is tailored to completing the safety case process successfully. nCAPTION: Formation taking shape between the North Downs tunnel (left of view) and the Medway Bridge in the distance. The M2 motorway is alongside on the right, and is due to be widened with extra lanes during CTRL construction Photo: QA Photos LtdCAPTION: Below right: In the shadow of the M2 crossing of the River Medway, piling for the foundations of the bridge carrying the high speed line is under way. The bridge will copy the road bridge profile to minimise its visual impact Photo: QA Photos LtdManaging a project with many masters.The project to build the first 69 km of the long-planned Channel Tunnel Rail Link is now proceeding smoothly, with six civil engineering contracts let for work between the Tunnel and Fawkham Junction near Gravesend. Tenders for track, electrification and signalling are about to be called, but just 12 months ago the project hung in the balance. It survived thanks to the efforts of British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and a rescue package that split the job into two stages. Richard Hope explores with Ken Turnbull of Bechtel, who is Project Director of the project management consortium Rail Link Engineering, the complex client-contractor relationship that has been drawn up to get the line builtMaîtriser un projet aux intervenants multiplesLe projet de construire les premiers 69 km de la ligne nouvelle, prévue de longue date, entre le tunnel sous la Manche et Londres, avance tout doucement, avec six contrats de génie civil signés pour les travaux entre le tunnel et Fawkham Junction, près de Gravesend. Les appels d’offres pour la voie, l’électrification et la signalisation sont sur le point d’être lancés, mais voici tout juste douze mois, le projet était encore dans la balance. Il a survécut grâce aux efforts du vice-premier ministre John Prescott et à un plan de secours répartissant en deux étapes les travaux à réaliser. Avec Ken Turnbull, de Bechtel, directeur de projet pour le consortium Rail Link Engineering, Richard Hope examine les relations client-fournisseur complexes mises en ??uvre pour aboutir à la construction de la ligneEin Projekt mit vielen HerrenDas Projekt für die ersten 69 km des seit langem geplanten Channel Tunnel Rail Links kommt gut voran. Die Verträge für die Arbeiten zwischen dem Kanaltunnel und Fawkham Junction bei Gravesend sind mit 6 Tiefbauunternehmungen unterzeichnet worden. Die Offertverfahren für den Oberbau, die Elektrifizierung und die Sicherungsanlagen sind am Laufen. Vor 12 Monaten hing das Projekt noch stark in der Schwebe. Es überlebte dank den Bemühungen von Vize-Premierminister John Prescott und eines Rettungspaketes, welches die Aufgabe in zwei Phasen unterteilte. Richard Hope erläutert zusammen mit Ken Turnbull von Bechtel, Projektleiter beim Projekt- Management-Konsortium Rail Link Engineering, die komplexen Beziehungen zwischen Kunden und Unternehmungen, welche zu einem erfolgreichen Abwickeln des Projekts führen sollenGestionar un proyecto con muchos jefesEl proyecto para la construcción de los primeros 69 km del enlace entre Londres y el Túnel del Canal de la Mancha, planeado ya hace mucho tiempo, estlast_img read more

Arriva acquires open access operator Grand Central

first_imgUK: Arriva plc confirmed on November 4 it that it had acquired open access operator Grand Central Railway for an undisclosed price.Launched in late 2007, Grand Central runs inter-city passenger services from Sunderland and Bradford to London, with around 700 000 passenger-journeys a year. It is to ‘remain a self-contained business with its own unique brand and identity’, according Managing Director Tom Clift, who will now report to Bob Holland, Managing Director, Arriva UK Trains. Holland said Arriva believes open access ‘will play a valuable part of a balanced portfolio’ for its UK Trains division, which holds three passenger franchises and concessions for London Overground and Tyne & Wear Metro services. ‘Bringing Grand Central on board means we have a live open access operation up and running, one which is popular with customers and which we believe we can develop to become a key commercial part of our UK rail operations.’ Arriva was acquired by Deutsche Bahn in August 2010, and the brand is now used for DB’s regional passenger activities outside Germany.last_img read more

Hundreds demonstrate against fifth term for ailing Algerian leader

first_imgYoweri Museveni seeking to serve a fifth term in office Chad’s President to reintroduce term limits if he wins fifth term Several hundred demonstrators, in defiance of a ban on protests, rallied in the Algerian capital Friday against a bid by ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika for a fifth term, an AFP correspondent said.“No fifth mandate,” chanted the mostly young demonstrators, many waving Algerian flags, as they started to march through central Algiers without police intervening despite a heavy deployment and a helicopter hovering overhead.“Ouyahia, get out!” they also cried around the capital’s landmark Grand Post Office, referring to Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia.Activists used social media to call for Friday rallies against Bouteflika across the country after the weekly Muslim prayers, also filling the main square in Annaba, 400 kilometres east of Algiers with demonstrators, and the TSA news website said.Bouteflika, the 81-year-old head of state who uses a wheelchair and has rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke in 2013, announced on February 10 that he will run for another term in April presidential polls.He spoke of an “unwavering desire to serve” despite his health constraints and pledged to set up an “inclusive national conference” to address political and economic reforms.His office announced Thursday that Bouteflika, who has been in power since 1999, will travel to Switzerland for “routine medical checks” ahead of the April 18 election.Relatedcenter_img Algeria’s ruling coalition backs President Bouteflika for fifth termlast_img read more

No. 9 UWF Rallies to Finish Third in Argonaut Invitational

first_imgRESULTSPENSACOLA, Fla. – Behind a career-low performance from freshman Johanna Nevalainen, the No. 9 ranked West Florida women’s golf team finished in third place in the Argonaut Invitational at Marcus Pointe Golf Club Tuesday. UWF entered the day in fourth place but fired a 16-over-par 304 – the second-lowest round of the tournament – the secure third place with a 930 in the final regular-season event of the year. Nevalainen opened her career-best round with eight-consecutive pars. She then birdied four of the next seven to get to 2-under-par before slipping to eighth with a double bogey and bogey down the stretch. Her 77-80-73—230 total was her best as an Argonaut and her first career top-10. The 73 was the low round of the day and third-lowest in the tourney. Paloma Vaccaro and Elin Olsson also collected top-20 finishes. Vaccaro tied for 13th at 76-78-79—233 and Olsson was a shot back in 17th with a trio of 78s for a 234. Daisy-May Kenny turned in her fourth-lowest round of the year with a 76 en route to a 238 and tie for 33rd. Lily Kent had one of the highlights of the day as she recorded the third hole-in-one of the tournament on the eighth hole – her third hole of the round – en route to a season-best 77 and 248 total. Kayla Smith competed as an individual for UWF and tied for 70th at 78-89-83—250. Second ranked Rollins completed a wire-to-wire victory, using a 309 on Tuesday for a 916 total, nine strokes ahead of runner-up and 23rd-ranked Lee with a 925. No. 6 Nova Southeastern was fourth at 307-321-306—934 and No. 1 Florida Tech was fifth at 306-312-317—935. Shannon McKew of Florida Southern recorded her first career individual title when she won a 2-hole playoff by draining a 40-foot putt on No. 11. McKew had a 75-75-76—226 to join Bernadette Little of Lee (73-77-76) and Hally Leadbetter of Rollins (77-74-75) in the extra holes.  UWF will play in the Gulf South Conference Tournament on April 17-19 at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at The Shoals in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The men’s team will play the Fighting Joe Course, and the women will play the Schoolmaster Course. — –Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

UWF Men’s Soccer Overwhelm Delta State

first_img Live Stats Next Game: Full Schedule Roster Preview Watch Live Mobile (Ala.) 9/28/2017 – 6:00 pm September 24, 2017BOX SCOREPENSACOLA, Fla. – The University of West Florida men’s soccer put five goals past Delta State to get the win on Sunday.It took just 15 minutes for Kameron Bethell to open the scoring for UWF flicking on a corner from Barrett Mills into the back post past the Delta State goalkeeper. Bethell’s header was his first goal of the season.Ten minutes later Sergio Otalora ran onto a through ball from Ed Chappe and muscled a Delta State defender off the ball to slot home number two for the Argos. Otalora’s finish was also his first of the season.In the 64th minute Sean Hoffstatter was fouled in the box after causing a turnover from the Delta State back line. Hoffstatter stepped up and sent the keeper diving in the wrong direction as he placed the ball lower left to make it 3-0.Three minutes later Sergio Otalora would again capitalize on a defensive error dribbling the keeper and passing the ball into an open goal to put four on the board for UWF.In the 70th minute Delta State would get one back as the ball dropped for Brock Hollier in the box for a quick finish to make it 4-1.UWF would have the last goal with yet another turnover from the Delta State center backs forced by Erick Rivera, who ripped a shot rebounding from the outstretched hands of the Delta State goalkeeper to Isaiah Lopez who placed the ball into the back of the net to make it 5-1.Jacob Murray had five saves on the day against Delta State. Delta State was issued four cautions. UWF had a total of ten shots on target to Delta State’s six.UWF move to 2-4 overall and 1-3 in the GSC play. Delta State have yet to win a game in GSC play, and are 2-5-1 overall.UWF will be back in action on September 28 against Mobile at home at UWF Soccer Complex at 6:00pm.#ARGOS#Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Experience trumps youthful exuberance at US Open

first_imgTHE old guard, Olympian Kenneth Edwards and multiworld medallist Nicholas Dusard yesterday reminded the young Turks of Jamaica’s combined martial arts team that ‘experience teaches wisdom’, both grabbing gold medals at yesterday’s inaugural International Taekwondo Associations (International Taekwondo Federation) US Open Challenge Championships at the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.Though stepping up in weight divisions and looking bulkier than their normal, svelte, fighting best, Canada-based Edwards and Dusard used economy of energy, technique, and ring craft to see off their overly enthusiastic younger rivals in the middle (-70kg) and heavyweight divisions, respectively. Overthrowing stalwarts Eager to overthrow the stalwarts in the newly created taekwondo division at the US Open, the world’s biggest martial arts tournament, the younger generation loudly cheered on Adrian Moore, who took the mat against Dusard in the first middleweight semi-final.However, Dusard avoided his rival’s reach and counteracted quickly to score points, getting the nod from all four judges, techniques garnered from his vast experience on the international circuit.Trevor Webb Jr enjoyed a similar margin of victory over Donald Francis, who might have been feeling the effects of a gruelling grand-champion title win at last week’s Seido Open in Jamaica, in addition to arriving at the tournament venue after 1 a.m. yesterday, his flight delayed multiple times due to bad weather.In the final, Dusard proved too strong for Webb Jr, who fought gallantly but was no match for the combined team veteran, who weighed in at 68kg and had clearly done some fine-tuning in anticipation of the youngsters’ challenge.Edwards against the super-hyped Akino Lindsay was the most anticipated showdown but spectators had to first watch Richard Stone easily get past Rasean Martin 3-1 in the first semi. Lindsay, Jamaica’s top International Sports Karate Association fighter last season, went full blast from the start but accumulated too many penalties in what could have been a close match, which was decided with three judges favouring Edwards and the other calling it a draw.Stone, the last of the Turks, fought a technical final but racked up too many penalties for stepping outside the mat in a close contest, which one judge awarded to him but two saw it going Edwards’ way and the fourth calling a draw. Meanwhile, the over-35 super heavyweight bout was won by Richard Touzalin, beating Oral Rumble 3-1 in a straight final.last_img read more

Bossier Parish Middle School All-District Football Teams

first_imgNOTE: The All-District teams were selected by the district’s coaches.EIGHTH GRADEFIRST TEAMOFFENSEQB — Grey Walters, BentonRB — Dexter Smith, HaughtonRB — Ethan Johnson, BentonRB — Justin Epps, GreenacresWR — Tyler Trotter, BentonWR — Pearce Russell, BentonWR — Ja’Karvis Guice CopeWR — Brandon Levy, Elm GroveWR — John Ecot, HaughtonOL — Hunter Howard, CopeOL — Peyton Polk, HaughtonOL — Drew Martin, BentonOL — Preston Cooper, GreenacresOL — Jatavious Calhoun, Elm GroveTE/HB — Kris Mesloh, Elm GroveTE/HB — Tyler Bullard, GreenacresKS — Nolan Dean, Elm GroveDEFENSEDL — Cale Latimer, BentonDL — Carter Tate, CopeDL — Andrew Theriot, Elm GroveDL — Adrian McClindon, HaughtonDL — Ja’Quayvion Jones, RusheonLB — Jessie Normandin, HaughtonLB — Gavin Jacobs, BentonLB — JaDarrious Johnson, RusheonLB — Justin Epps, GreenacresLB — Kris Mesloh, Elm GroveDB — Josh Sanchez, BentonDB — Kamron Allen, CopeDB — Waylon Keith, HaughtonDB — Joseph Johnson, GreenacresOFFENSIVE MVP — Dexter Smith, HaughtonDEFENSIVE MVP — Jesse Normandin, HaughtonSECOND TEAMOFFENSEQB — Eli Harper, Elm Grove; Christian Williams, Cope. RB — Kameron Allen, Cope; Katerius Norris, Cope. WR — Cayden Hinkle, Haughton. OL —Landry Donoho, Haughton; Hunter Spence, Haughton; Clinton Tembe, Haughton; Jake Morton, Elm Grove; Remondo Slocum, Rusheon; Jatravious Pouncy, Rusheon; Jaden Bratten, Cope. TE/HB — Quintavious Williams, Rusheon. KS — Nate Sessions Benton.DEFENSELB — Connor Blank, Haughton; Latrell Cooper, Haughton. DB — Tyler Trotter, Benton; Natrevious Ball, Haughton; Trent Lape, Elm Grove; Aiden Colley, Cope; Jeremiah Blaze, Cope.SEVENTH GRADEFIRST TEAMOFFENSEQB — Jeffrey King, BentonRB — Trevon Jackson, CopeRB — Gregory Manning, BentonWR — Bryson Pierce, BentonWR — Aubrey Hermes, BentonWR — Ryan Liles, BentonWR — Amarion Lars, HaughtonWR — Jaxon Graham, GreenacresOL — Jason Nall, Elm GroveOL — Travis Flowers, BentonOL — Cannon Andres, CopeOL — Carter White, GreenacresOL — Triston Santoro, HaughtonTE/HB — Evan Wendrock, GreenacresDEFENSEDL — Brayden Linton, CopeDL — Ty Parker, BentonDL — Brandon Sanders, CopeDL — Triston Santoro, HaughtonDL — LaKenneth Scott, GreenacresDL — Shawn Driggers, Elm GroveLB — Trevon Jackson, CopeLB — Bryson Hinkle, HaughtonLB — Rashard Douglas, HaughtonLB — Jaxon Graham, GreenacresLB — Bo Sessions, BentonDB — Jamarion Montgomery, HaughtonDB — Jakendrick Delaney, HaughtonDB — Caden Lee, BentonDB — Jason Williams, RusheonDB — Braden Adams, GreenacresOFFENSIVE MVP — Trevon Jackson, CopeDEFENSIVE MVP — Ty Parker, BentonSECOND TEAMOFFENSEQB — Roland Wilkinson, Greenacres; Jalen Lewis, Haughton. RB — LaBrandon Davis, Greenacres. WR — Jeremiah Boudreaux, Cope; Bryson Broom, Elm Grove; Sincere Walker, Cope. OL — Cannon Endris, Cope; Tyler Hively, Cope; Tucker Melton, Haughton; Jonathon Shelton, Elm Grove; Weston Wray, Benton. TE/HB — Phillip Hughes, Cope; Shawn Driggers, Elm Grove.DEFENSEDL — Cody Wilhite, Benton; Thaddeus Struckman, Benton; Jose Para, Cope; Jason Nall, Elm Grove. LB — Carter Wells, Elm Grove; Bryson Broom, Elm Grove; Kameron Manning, Greenacres; Markell Hampton, Cope. DB — Donte LaCour, Cope; J’Nyreon Hall, Cope; Jeremiah Boudreaux, Cope; Demonh Black, Rusheon; Aubrey Hermes, Benton. Perfect-Dating.comAre You Ready to Meet Cool Guys in Tung Chung?|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Trick Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unlock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoAspireAbove.comRemember Abby from NCIS? Take A Deep Breath Before You See How She Looks|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Secret Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unblock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoCelebsland.com9 Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery|SponsoredSponsoredUndoPersonal Loan | Search AdsGetting a Loan in Hong Kong Might be Easier Than You ThinkPersonal Loan | Search Ads|SponsoredSponsoredUndolast_img read more

Calipari on Paris attacks [Video]

first_img Session ID: 2020-09-18:c3d64e79cbde87883199a070 Player ID: videojs-brightcove-player-299171-4612630803001 OK Close Modal DialogCaption Settings DialogBeginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsDefaultsDoneClose Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.The terrorist attacks in Paris were on Kentucky Basketball coach John Calripari’s mind at the start of his postgame comments. Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00Loaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%0:00 Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1ChaptersChaptersdescriptions off, selectedDescriptionssubtitles off, selectedSubtitlescaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedCaptionsAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window. The Video Cloud video was not found. Error Code: VIDEO_CLOUD_ERR_VIDEO_NOT_FOUNDlast_img read more

I can’t go to court against Barcelona who made me; …

first_imgI can’t go to court against Barcelona who made me; Messi says he will not leave Barcelona Nou Camp: An end to days of debate and speculation in the sports world. Argentine football legend Lionel Messi will not leave Barcelona.Messi made the announcement in an interview with, a sports website.Messi said he had considered leaving the club but did not want to take the club to court.‘I told my wife and kids I was leaving Barcelona. They were crying. The kids didn’t like leaving Barcelona, ​​”said Messi.But I want to go further and compete at a higher level, win titles and compete in the Champions League. You may lose or win in it, ”Messi added.He said he received a negative response when he shared the matter with the club president.I thought I could go free. Messi said the president had told him he would decide whether to stay here at the end of the season. However, Messi added that the club had not told him before June 10.‘That’s why I stay at the club. They say they have to pay 700 million euros. That’s impossible, “said Messi.Otherwise, the alternative is to go to court. But I am not ready to make such a move against the club that raised me, ”Messi added.‘This club is a part of my life. This is where I built my life. “I will not go to court against Barcelona,” said Messi.DoolNews can also be followed through Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp. Our YouTube channel for video storiesSubscribe toClick here to help finance Dolnews’ freelance journalismContent Highlight: Lionel Messi Barcelona Footballlast_img read more

Rastorgujev wins the highest place in the sprint in the German…

first_imgLatvia’s leading biathlete Andrejs Rastorgujevs won the highest place in the sprint at the German Biathlon Championship last weekend. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Rastorgujev is training with the German biathlon team this summer and last week participated in the local summer championship in Altenberg, where there was very strong competition. In addition to German athletes, there was a fairly large representation from Switzerland and the Czech Republic.The championship started on Friday when the men competed in the 15 km individual distance. The victory was celebrated by Johannes Donhaus, who closed all 20 goals and finished after 37 minutes and 30.8 seconds.Rastorguyev completed the distance after 38 minutes and 18.3 seconds, but in the line of fire he made five mistakes, receiving 45 penalty seconds each. Alūksnietis took the 21st place in the competition of 49 athletes.Dominiks Šmuks won the ten-kilometer sprint on Saturday, shooting flawlessly, finishing after 24 minutes and 25.3 seconds. Rastorgujev completed three penalty laps, losing one minute and 27.4 seconds to the winner, giving him 16th place out of 63 participants.On Sunday, the championship ended with a drive in which 12.5 kilometers had to be measured. Simon Šemps, who did not close two goals, was unbeaten here, with a finish time of 31 minutes and 38.2 seconds. Rastorgujev made seven mistakes in the line of fire, losing the winner by three minutes and 11.0 seconds. On the last day of the championship, he placed 19th in the 57 athletes’ competition. 2020/2021 The start of the World Cup season is scheduled for the end of November.last_img read more

Barbados and Jamaica romp to easy victories

first_imgKINGSTOWN, St Vincent, CMC – Both Barbados and Jamaica expectedly recorded comfortable victories against the Leeward and Windward Islands respectively on the final day of play in the second round of matches in the Regional Under-19 Championship here on Thursday. Entering the final day at Park Hill Playing Field on 10 for three and requiring another 239 runs for an unlikely victory, the Leewards were dismissed for 158.Mikyle Louis and Jemuel Cabey both stroked half-centuries to lead a fightback in the morning session to give the Leewards hope, adding 88 runs for the fourth wicket.Louis was the more aggressive, stroking 56 from 64 balls with three boundaries and four sixes, while Cabey’s patient 55 came from 128 balls and contained three boundaries and one four. But once the partnership was broken by Kadeem Alleyne, who accounted for the wicket of Louis, the end came swift for the Leewards.Camarie Boyce then struck three times in quick succession to leave them tottering on 144-7, before first innings hero Joshua Bishop returned to wrap up the lower order.Boyce was the top bowler, finishing with 4-45, while top-order wrecker Matthew Forde snared 3-21 and Boyce 2-22, to finish with match figures of 11-92. Barring a sensational collapse Jamaica was expected to complete an easy win over the Windwards, having entered the final day needing just 33 more runs with eight wickets intact.Resuming from their overnight score of 13 for two, Jamaica found themselves in a bit of bother when they lost the wicket of opener Kirk McKenzie with the score on 20.However, Andre McCarthy who scored an unbeaten 21 and Carlos Brown (12 not out) carried their team to safety with no further surprises to end on 47-3.last_img read more

Repeat or revenge: Arsenal, Barca paired in UEFA Champions League round of 16 draw

first_imgArsenal and Barcelona are set to renew their rivalry as the two teams have been paired in this season’s UEFA Champions League draw round of 16.The last time the two met, Barcelona, inspired by a hypnotizing Lionel Messi overcame the lads from North London.Tottenham have also been handed a tricky tie with seven time champions, AC Milan.Spurs have been enjoying a great debut season in the Champions League but the resurgence of Milan might prove too hot to handle.Inter Milan and Bayern Munich lock horns once again in a repeat of last season’s final, which was won by Inter.Olympique Marseille will host the Red Devils, Manchester United in the first leg of their two-legged round of 16 while Real Madrid will hope for a Mourinho inspiration against old nemesis, Olympique Lyonnais, who have dumped Los Blancos out of the competition in the past three seasons. Chelsea have been handed a relatively easier tie than their other English counterparts but will be wary of the danger FC Copenhagen pose in light of the point they managed to pick up against in-form Barcelona in the group stages.AS Roma – Shaktar Donetsk and Valencia – Shalke round off the Champions League ties with the first legs set to kick off on February 15-16 and 22-23 2011 while the return legs are slated for March 8-9 and 15-16 2011.Story by Fidel Amoah/ read more

“Dirty Dancing” Reboot: So what happened to Johnny and Baby?

first_imgABC – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — ABC’s Dirty Dancing reboot aired on Wednesday night — 30 years after the classic film, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey as Johnny Castle and Francis “Baby” Houseman had its premiere — and answered the question, “What ever happened to Johnny and Baby?”It turns out the relationship between the couple — played this time by Little Miss Sunshine‘s Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes — was only a summer fling.The remake begins with a grown up Baby entering a movie theater showing Dirty Dancing. We then flash back to 1963, when she and her affluent family spend their summer vacation at a resort in New York’s Catskill Mountains, where she meets and falls in love with Castle, the resident dance instructor.We return to the present day and the theater — now empty — where the two former lovers unexpectedly run into each other. We learn that Johnny — now a successful dancer — choreographed Dirty Dancing, which was inspired by a book Baby wrote about their summer together. “Never thought I’d have a career on Broadway until I met you,” says Johnny. “You were so fearless. You made me feel like I could do anything.”“That summer changed everything for me,” she replies. “I stopped being the baby.”The two are then interrupted by Baby’s young daughter, followed by her husband. After an awkward introduction, the two are left alone. “Keep dancing,” Johnny tells her as they part ways. Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img read more

Orioles interested in signing Randy Wolf

first_imgThe Baltimore Orioles are reportedly interested in signing left-handed pitcher Randy Wolf. Wolf is a 36-year-old veteran who last pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers. Wolf has been a successful starting pitcher in the past posting a 130-117 winning record in his career. Wolf has not pitched well this year, he is 3-10 with a 5.69 era. I am surprised at the interest in Wolf, but the Orioles have proved me wrong before. The starting rotation seems to be intact for now so he will best fit in the bullpen. Orioles need to figure out their playoff roster soon and I doubt Wolf would be in those plans. The Orioles are waiting for Troy Patton to return from the DL and probably just want another lefty in the bullpen. Who knows, maybe Randy Wolf has enough left in the tank to help the Orioles in their playoff run. Here are some tweets from Brittany Ghiroli about Wolf. Please follow and like us:last_img read more

NFL suspends James Hurst for four games

first_imgSTATEMENT BY AN NFL SPOKESPERSON Hurst is eligible to participate in all preseason practices and games. He will be allowed to return to his team’s active roster on the Monday following the team’s fourth game.Please follow and like us: Here is the NFL’s press release. James Hurst of the Baltimore Ravens has been suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2020 regular season for violating the NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances. The NFL has suspended offensive lineman James Hurst for the first four games of the 2020 NFL season. Hurst violated the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy. last_img read more

China football ultras keep ‘Chariots of Fire’ runner burning bright

first_imgThe 400m gold medallist from the 1924 Paris Olympics, immortalised in Oscar-winning film “Chariots of Fire”, was a Christian missionary and athlete who was born, worked and died in China.He was 43 when he succumbed to a brain tumour at a Japanese internment camp in 1945. He is said to have refused a ticket out from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, instead giving it to a pregnant woman.Now, three-quarters of a century later, fanatical supporters of Chinese Super League club Tianjin Teda want to ensure that the memory of Liddell’s contribution to the city of his birth does not fade away.“Eric was a great man. He was not a Chinese national but we consider him a Tianjiner,” said Sam Wang, 25, co-founder of ultras group “Tiger Wings”.“He sacrificed his life in China.”In his honour, Wang and his fellow Tianjin diehards made a flag depicting Liddell with a gold medal slung around his neck. They plan to send it to Liddell’s family.Wang said the flag was partly a riposte to what he sees as a rise in nationalism among fans of some other Chinese football clubs.– Stamford Bridge link –In an historic area of Tianjin, a city of 15 million people on China’s northeast coast, lies Minyuan Stadium, the former home of Tianjin Teda.It has been turned into a cultural centre but it was Liddell’s idea to base the stadium’s design on Stamford Bridge, home ground of London club Chelsea.Some Chinese football fans are keen to keep Liddell’s memory alive. Courtesy of Sam Wang/AFP/Handout“He brought the drawings of Stamford Bridge stadium to Tianjin in 1925 so it was one of the earliest cities in China to have a stadium,” said Bai Guosheng, director of Tianjin Sports Museum.“I think he deserves to be remembered — he was a selfless devotee to Chinese sports and laid the groundwork for modern sports in China.”After his birth in 1902 in Tianjin to missionary parents, Liddell was educated in Britain and represented his country at the Olympics.But he returned to China as a missionary and was also a sports and chemistry teacher in Tianjin. He is regarded by some as China’s first Olympic champion.In 2015, a statue to Liddell was unveiled in Weifang, the city south of Tianjin where he died in a Japanese camp.At the unveiling, Liddell’s daughter Patricia told The Times of London: “My father was multi-faceted, he didn’t just appeal to religious people.“He was born in China, he worked in China, he died in China.“He’s their Olympic hero. He didn’t leave the Chinese people when the going got tough.”– ‘We won’t forget him’ –There are no suggestions China is airbrushing the “Flying Scotsman” from history but the Tianjin fans want to keep his star burning bright.“A few years ago the nationalism in China began increasing and there were a few neo-Nazi ultras groups emerging in China,” said Wang.“But Tianjin has a long history of having international people from around the world and it’s our culture to absorb cultures from all over the world.“We wanted our voice to be heard and Eric was born in Tianjin.“We want to deliver the message to the locals and make sure they remember him and pass his legacy through generations of Tianjin football fans.“We will not forget him.”last_img read more

Federer beats Nadal in straight sets in Miami Open final

first_imgRoger Federer continued his recent mastery of Rafa Nadal when he beat his great rival 6-3 6-4 in the final of the Miami Open on Sunday.Federer, peerless this year after returning from a six-month injury absence, broke once in each set on the Crandon Park hardcourt for his fourth consecutive victory over the Spaniard.Nadal still leads their career head-to-head record at 23-14, due entirely to his superiority on clay, but Federer now leads 10-9 on hardcourt.Federer improved to 19-1 this year, winning the Australian Open in five sets over Nadal, and Paribas Open in straight sets over Stan Wawrinka.His only loss was at the hands of Russian Evgeny Donskoy in the second round in Dubai.last_img read more

Racist chants aimed at Sampdoria midfielder Ronaldo Vieira

first_imgView comments China in line to host 2021 Club World Cup “AS Roma would like to apologise to Ronaldo Vieira for the racist boos he was subjected to,” Roma tweeted. “Roma does not tolerate racism of any kind and the club will support the authorities in identifying and subsequently banning any individuals found guilty of racially abusing the midfielder.”The match ended 0-0.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next 400 evacuees from Taal eruption take refuge in Mt. Banahaw Daybreak as smoke, ash billows from Taal volcano PLAY LIST 01:04Daybreak as smoke, ash billows from Taal volcano01:05Poor visibility, nakaapekto sa maraming lugar sa Batangas03:028,000 pulis sa Region 4-A, tuloy ang trabaho03:57Phivolcs, nahihirapan sa komunikasyon sa Taal01:04Sold-out: Stores run out of face masks after Taal spews ash01:45Iran police shoot at those protesting plane shootdown DSWD Bicol donates P1.5M worth of food packs for Taal eruption evacuees LATEST STORIES The referee and Vieira walked off the field together at the interval but no announcement was made inside the stadium.“Football has a responsibility to punish and educate the idiots in the stadium today,” Vieira said on Instagram.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSAndray Blatche has high praise for teammate Kai SottoSPORTSBig differenceSPORTSAlmazan status stays uncertain ahead of Game 4Offensive chants have also been aimed at Romelu Lukaku, Franck Kessie, Dalbert Henrique and Miralem Pjanic in Serie A this season.Vieira, who was born in Guinea Bissau and is black, plays for England’s Under-21 squad. LOOK: Taal Volcano island 2 days after eruption Sampdoria’s Ronaldo Vieira, left, and Roma’s Jordan Veretout vie for the ball during a Serie A soccer match between Sampdoria and Roma at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium in Genoa, Italy, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. (Simone Arveda/ANSA via AP)ROME — Sampdoria midfielder Ronaldo Vieira was subjected to racist chants by Roma fans during a Serie A soccer match on Sunday — the latest incident involving offensive behavior inside Italian stadiums this season.Referee Fabio Maresca heard the chants near the end of the first half of the game at Sampdoria’s Luigi Ferraris stadium and let Vieira know about it.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ No need to wear face masks in Metro Manila, says scientist 2 village execs nabbed in Bohol buy-bust ‘People evacuated on their own’ ‘Gago’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Phivolcs: Cloud seeding in ashfall affected areas needs studylast_img read more

City Council defers vote again

first_imgParking meter sagaThe Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has further delayed discussions of the Parking Meter Project. At the Council’s statutory meeting late Monday afternoon, Councillors heard that September 7 is the new date when the matter will be discussed. The announcement was disclosed by Mayor Patricia Chase Green, who told Councillors that come next week Thursday; they must be fully prepared to discuss the project.Mayor Patricia Chase-GreenThe Parking Meter Project attracted much controversy since its introduction in May 2016. However, it was when it officially rolled out in the latter part of January 2017, that citizens formed large protests where hundreds of people from various cross-sections of society gathered in front of City Hall for several weeks, calling for a rescinding of the parking meter contract. These sustained protests resulted in Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan ordering that the paid parking initiative be suspended and a committee be formed to have the contract revised.At Monday’s meeting, the Mayor clarified that it was the elected Council which agreed to suspend the project. At the last meeting held on August 17, 2017, recommendations were compiled by the Parking Meter Negotiation Committee, headed by Councillor Malcom Ferreira, where it was suggested that the Council could discontinue the metered parking system with Smart City Solutions (SCS). Other recommendations had included continuing the metered parking system in accordance to law – relating to a legal and transparent process as outlined in Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01, and to continue the metered parking system independently or await the outcome of pending court proceedings on the subject matter.Other concerns in the report included the transparency of the process, whether due diligence was observed – especially since the Legal Advisor of the Council indicated that he was not a part of the initial process of the formation of the contract; the termination clause; the dispute resolution/jurisdiction since the contract in its present state calls for arbitration to be conducted in a foreign court, the seize and sell clause, harsh penalties and booting.Other issues that the Committee had noted highlighted that the contract include rates for residential parking, rates for commercial parking, group rates for taxis and minibuses, the revenue split of 80-20 per cent – with SCS holding majority – duration of the contract, tax concessions, monopoly on parking and location of meters. Additionally, transfer of time on cards, impact on income, parking spaces for parking not in good conditions, size of parking space, wages, exemptions, traffic congestion in city, car park issues, attitude of SCS staff, economic report, designated areas for schools/differently abled, distance of parking meters from spaces, placement of meters, and the fact that the main partner was a foreign company were all matters that received attention. According to the report, the Council can choose to continue the Metered Parking System with Smart City Solutions. However, to move forward under that option, the Committee must be mandated to renegotiate on Council’s behalf so as to address and resolve all of the points/findings listed in this report [concerns].The original parking meter contract, which has to date not been publicly released, has a duration of 20 years, upon which the Council has the option to renew. Furthermore, it obligates parkers to pay $200 per hour of parking. Failure to do so will result in the respective vehicle being clamped, or possibly seized.last_img read more

Tiger sends out warning at US Open

first_img0Shares0000SAN FRANCISCO, USA, June 15- Tiger Woods made his best start to a US Open in a decade on Thursday, firing a one-under 69 on San Francisco’s brutal Olympic Club course to send out a stark warning to the rest of the field.That early morning broadside put the 36-year-old former world No.1 into equal second place, three strokes behind surprise first round leader, 27-year-old US qualifier Michael Thompson. The confident manner Woods opened the tournament will boost his hopes of winning a record-equalling fourth US Open title on Sunday, four years after he won the last of his 14 majors at nearby Pebble Beach.“I had a good game plan going in and I executed all the way through and ended up with a score under par. Which was nice,” Woods said.“I felt very pleased with every facet of my game and I stayed very patient out there.”Level with Woods on 69 was 2001 USPGA champion David Toms, a veteran of 45 who has won just one tournament in the last six years as he battled a succession of injuries, US outsider Nick Watney and former European No.1 Justin Rose of England.There then followed an international mix of players on level-par 70 — 17-year-old US amateur Beau Hossler, US qualifier Jason Bohn, J.B. Park of South Korea, Sweden’s Robert Karlsson and Alistair Presnell of Australia.But it was a crushing day for two of the top American hopes – Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson – who were in the day’s glamour grouping alongside Woods.Five-time US Open runner-up Mickelson struggled badly, losing a ball in the gnarled Monterey Cypress trees with his opening drive and never really settling into his game after that as he limped along to a six-over 76.Masters champion Bubba Watson fared even worse as he sprayed the ball off the tee with his distinctive pink driver en route to a horrendous 78.English hopes were left bruised and battered also as world No 1 Luke Donald had a day to forget with nine bogeys in a demoralising 79 that will once again raise question-marks over whether he can one day win a major title.Countryman and playing partner Lee Westwood battled back from a poor start for a creditable 73, while the third member of the afternoon’s top grouping — defending champion Rory McIlroy — also struggled.The 23-year-old Ulsterman produced none of the fireworks we saw from him last year at Congressional in Washington as he stumbled along to a 77 and a battle on his hands just to make the cut.With only a few groupings left out on the course, only five players had managed to complete their rounds under par, testimony to the toughness of the rolling par-70 Lake Course, which is hosting the US Open for the fifth time.Woods was coming off a win in his last tournament, The Memorial, but has struggled for consistency of late, best illustrated by a tie for 40th in the Masters in April – the worst performance of his professional career in the year’s first major.But, starting from the ninth hole, he was immediately into his stride splitting the first four fairways as he opened with five straight pars.A bogey on the 14th was cancelled by a birdie on the par-five 17th where he holed from four feet as he went out in level par 36.Woods then stayed steady through the Lake Course’s feared opening six holes highlighted by back-to-back bidies at the fourth and fifth — where he sunk putts from 10 feet and then 30 feet.He dropped one though at the next after failing to get up and down from a bunker having pushed his approach shot, and parred his way in from there.The unheralded Thompson, a runner-up in the US Amateur Championship here in 2007, had seven birdies against three bogeys in his round of 66.“This is one of my favorite golf courses. So I’ve got good feelings coming in here. I just got the putter hot today,” he said.Toms said that on such a demanding course, total concentration was the key.“You really just have to concentrate, give it your all on every shot and never give in to the golf course because it will punish you if your attitude is not good, if your concentration is not good,” he said.Watney owed his presence so high up the leaderboard to an albatross two on the par-five 17th – just the third double-eagle in US Open history.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Tigers extend success

first_img• Photo Gallery: San Marino vs. South Pasadena SOUTH PASADENA – The South Pasadena girls soccer team quietly is climbing back into the Rio Hondo League race. The Tigers stretched their unbeaten streak to six on Wednesday with a 2-1 victory over visiting San Marino to stay within striking distance of league leaders La Ca?ada and Monrovia. La Ca ada (11-4-3, 5-0-2, 12 points) and Monrovia (9-4-4, 4-0-3, 11 points) are first and second, respectively, but the Tigers (8-6-7, 4-1-2, 10 points) are within a game of first with a match against La Ca ada next week. La Ca ada and Monrovia still have to play each other in the league finale. It was the difference-maker because Alison Chang answered for San Marino (4-8-4, 1-4-2) in the 51st minute to cut the Tigers’ lead to 2-1. “It’s always nice to score in your last game against San Marino,” the Navy-bound McKenzie said. “It was a big win for us. We started (the year) slow because we have so many new players, but our chemistry is getting better.” In a league filled with solid defensive teams, Cassidy said McKenzie has been their rock. “I’ll put her on anyone’s best player and she’ll shut them down,” Cassidy said. “To get a goal from her is a plus, but without the things she does on defense, we wouldn’t be in the position we are now.” [email protected] (626) 962-8811, Ext. 4485 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img “This was a huge win we had to have against our rival,” Tigers coach Terry Cassidy said. “San Marino has been hit with the injury bug, but they always play us tough and you know you have to earn goals when you’re going against (Titans goalkeeper) Sarah Morgan.” Morgan, the Titans’ Michigan-bound goalkeeper, made the Tigers earn both of their goals. The Tigers took a 1-0 lead on a beautiful combination that started from Erin Eastwood along the side. Eastwood slid a ball in front to Aubree Gorman, who one-touched it to Aubrey Thurman. That gave Morgan little time to react as Thurman punched it home in the 18th minute for her seventh league goal. The Tigers doubled their lead in the 50th minute when sweeper Ashley McKenzie found a loose ball rolling directly toward her. McKenzie didn’t waste any time and quickly re-directed a beautiful right-footed shot to the upper corner of the net for a 2-0 lead. It was her first goal of the season. last_img read more

Enrique admits Celta outclassed Barca

first_img0Shares0000Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique watches the end of their Spanish La Liga match against Celta Vigo, at the Balaidos stadium in Vigo, on September 23, 2015. PHOTO/AFPMADRID, September 24- Barcelona coach Luis Enrique hailed the quality displayed by his former club Celta Vigo as they thrashed the European champions 4-1 on Wednesday.Enrique’s men had arrived in Galicia with a 100 percent record in La Liga, but were well beaten as goals from Nolito and John Guidetti either side of a double from former Liverpool striker Iago Aspas sealed a famous night for Celta. “When a team has been better than you there is no more to add,” said Enrique, who took charge of Celta during the 2013-14 season before joining Barca.“I prefer to be beaten by a team that plays like Celta, without any traps and purely on football grounds.“I congratulate them and urge them to continue playing like that.”Barca have now conceded four goals in a game three times in just nine matches this season.However, Javier Mascherano claimed it was being outplayed that concerned him more than last season’s treble winners’ defensive woes.“It always hurts to lose at Barca. We have a thick skin and all we can do now is think about Saturday and remember what happened last season,” said the Argentine.“There can be a day when the opponent is better and beats you to every ball. Part of it is our fault and part of it is to their credit.“We don’t have any excuses. They beat us soundly and we have to keep working. The most worrying thing is that we feel outplayed.”Celta also stunned Barca 1-0 at the Camp Nou last season and their coach Eduardo Berizzo believes the fearlessness of their performance was worthy of such a sensational result.“There were special circumstances and a bit of luck that went our way,” he said.“Our idea is to play the way we did tonight, trying to take the game to the opponent no matter who we are playing.“The players have delighted the fans. Football and the people present tonight were the winners.“I congratulate the players because they were perfect.”Barca’s defeat allowed Real Madrid to go top of the table for the first time this season as they were 2-1 victors at Athletic Bilbao thanks to Karim Benzema’s double.The Frenchman scored either side of Sabin Merino’s second-half equaliser to take his tally to six goals in his last five games.“We knew how difficult it would be because we knew how much the fans would drive Athletic forward,” said Madrid boss Rafael Benitez.“We showed our quality in the first-half and then our character and intensity in the second.“To win like this reinforces the confidence in the team.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

West Ham may have to offer Dimitri Payet a new contract to keep him at the club, admits Slaven Bilic

first_img1 Dimitri Payet Slaven Bilic admits West Ham may have to offer Dimitri Payet an improved contract to ensure they keep him at the club.French playmaker Payet is only seven months into a five-year deal following his £10.75million summer switch from Marseille.But such has been the 28-year-old’s impact at Upton Park, Bilic knows he will have admirers among Europe’s elite.“The club is moving, with the new stadium and everything, and the most important move is to keep your best players,” said Bilic.“Dimitri Payet is our best player. And of course I would love to have him happy, long-term, at the club.“He only signed a few months ago, but he has made a huge impact and while he has a long contract he is in a good position.“We all want to keep him for a long, long time.”Payet has scored six goals and helped create plenty more this season, although he was not at his best during last week’s win over Aston Villa or Saturday’s 1-0 defeat at Southampton.But Bilic, who has compared the midfielder to Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil, insists people cannot expect miracles from him every week.“It’s hard if you set yourself a standard, like the second half against Bournemouth when he scored a great free-kick and made a brilliant assist,” added the Hammers boss.“I can’t expect from him every week to score goals and make some great things.“Ozil? He did it at the weekend but two weeks ago he didn’t. Those positions are the most difficult ones. Did David Silva do it at the weekend? No, he didn’t. Is he dropped? No, he’s a great player.”Payet is expected to start Tuesday’s FA Cup fourth-round replay against Liverpool but defender James Tomkins is out with a calf injury.last_img read more

1920s cottages to be demolished

first_imgGLENDALE – In the early 1920s, a widow from Missouri with $50,000 in oil profits began building houses in Glendale for Christian missionaries who needed a place to rest after overseas work in Asia and Africa. A chapel for the former nondenominational missionary colony was demolished years ago, but 17 homes still stand today. Now, they face the wrecking ball. The homes are slated for demolition in the next few weeks to make room for an office building and to expand a skilled nursing facility. A consultant for the company planning the project, Glendale-based Healthcare Management Services LLC, has found the homes have little historic significance. The stripped-down houses are not architecturally rare, and none of the former residents shows up on historical Who’s Who listings. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant But preservationists contend the houses in the 300 block of Mission Road, which were built by a widow named Jennie Suppes, are worth saving. “This is Mission Road for a reason,” said Glendale preservationist Alan Leib. “It’s not Mission Road because it was named after (the) tortilla company or something.” Earlier this month, a city design-review board voted 4-1 to allow demolition to proceed. Healthcare Management Services officials were asked to take pictures of the homes for the city library’s historical archive. “All of those buildings could have been Glendale’s first historic district,” said John LoCascio, an architect and board member with the Glendale Historical Society. “But it’s just one of those things where everything fell through the cracks in the system.” Rodney Khan, a consultant for Healthcare Management Services, stood by the historical analysis done for the project by Glendale-based EP Associates. “They’re just older houses that I guess some folks may consider to be important to them,” Khan said. “But from a historic-preservation point of view, it never was raised to the level of significance that (the houses) needed to be maintained.” The company will demolish some of the homes to expand Leisure Glen Care Center, which already has 94 beds, by adding 33 beds. “Things don’t last forever,” City Councilman Bob Yousefian said about the houses. “And there are times that you preserve things, and there are times that you take pictures and appreciate it and then move on. … You can’t preserve everything, and these (houses) were not even in good shape.” The homes, which were built in craftsman-bungalow, Spanish colonial and Tudor styles, are boarded up and fenced off. Several were built with clapboard or stucco exteriors. The city is dotted with homes built in similar styles. Even Leib, a writer who has mounted a campaign to save the homes since he found out last July they were threatened, admitted they do not stand out architecturally. But he argued they are an important part of history, comparing them to the Americana at Brand project. They are building “a fake Americana, and they tear down a real Americana,” Leib said. “The fake Americana is a retail environment, and the real Americana is an entire neighborhood built in the 1920s.” EP Associates did not find evidence of any similar missionary colonies still in existence. Preservationists say that points to the homes’ significance. “A lot of different religious sects, different religious beliefs, found Southern California to be a really receptive place as opposed to other parts of the country,” said Jay Platt, preservation advocate for the Los Angeles Conservancy. “So it ties into our regional history as well as the history of Glendale.” Alex Dobuzinskis, (818) 546-3304 [email protected] 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

District school is 1st in 42 years

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhy these photogenic dumplings are popping up in Los Angeles“It’s a great feeling,” Superintendent Rod Van Norman said. “I think everyone wants to be there because it’s something new and exciting.” Westpark cost about $11.3 million to build. It had been scheduled to open last school year, but was delayed by a shortage of construction workers, school officials said. Even before the campus opened for classes, construction began on a $2.43 million eight-classroom addition. Teachers are scheduled to move into that building this week. The classroom wing was omitted when school construction started in 2003 because there was not enough tax revenue to pay for it, but a rise in property values and higher tax assessments led to the selling of additional construction bonds earlier than expected. Westpark is named after the housing development in which it was built and is the district’s first new school since Rosamond High was built in 1964. The school’s construction is being paid for in part with funds from a bond measure approved by voters in November 2002. The $12 million bond measure approved in 2002 was also used to pay off about half of $10.3 million in high-interest debt incurred to build and improve schools to meet demands of a booming enrollment in the early 1990s. [email protected] (661) 267-5744160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! ROSAMOND – Westpark Elementary School, Southern Kern Unified School District’s first new school in 42 years, will open Monday on the first day of classes. About 525 youngsters in kindergarten through fifth grade will be attending. “It’s really exciting. This is my first principalship,” said Principal Leanne Hargus, who was assistant principal at Tropico Middle School before coming to Westpark. “Everybody is moving in and getting settled.” A ribbon-cutting ceremony will start at 9:30 a.m. Monday at the school, located at 3600 Imperial Ave. The ceremony is open to the public. last_img read more

“Descent” is a disturbing and scare-soaked horror flick

first_img Something could be made from the movie’s all-female cast getting stuck in tight passageways and (some of them, at least) being eventually covered in blood, a la Sissy Spacek’s Carrie awakening to her womanhood, but it really doesn’t pay to think too hard about stuff like that. Marshall’s movie is all about the ravenous nasties living in darkness who lick their chops as the women drop down fArther beneath the surface and the lights begin to dim.. The women are barely distinguishable as characters (all that darkness doesn’t help) with the exceptions of Sarah and Juno, whose status as best friends is tenuous at best. Marshall telegraphs the root cause of the problem, but that doesn’t make Juno any less a piece of work. The character can rightly stand beside Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley Marshall has clearly watched “Alien” a time or two as one of the great female butt-kickers in recent film, a woman who takes an inordinate amount of pleasure in the sound of snapping bones.. Marshall does, too, which makes “The Descent” one of the more disturbing B-movies to come around in a very long time.. 165Let’s talk business.Catch up on the business news closest to you with our daily newsletter. Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! There aren’t any dueling banjos in the blood-soaked shocker “The Descent,” but the movie again serves as a reminder that those looking to take extreme-sports vacations would do well to avoid the Appalachian wilderness. Neil Marshall’s chilling thrill ride wowed U.K. horror fans when it was released last summer, and it’s sure to do the same here. You’d do well to curl up in a fetal position from the get-go it’ll save you the time and effort later.. Writer-director Marshall, known in horror circles for his 2002 werewolf classic “Dog Soldiers” (which never made it across the Atlantic), takes all of about three minutes to land his first bloody blow, which puts a young woman, Sarah (Shauna Macdonald), in the land of perpetual nightmares. A year later, Sarah’s thrill-seeking gal pals decide that she needs to get over the grieving, so they go on a caving expedition in the Appalachians. Bad idea.. Actually, the bad idea was control freak Juno’s (Natalie Mendoza) decision to deviate from the planned itinerary and explore a cave that isn’t in the guidebook. Her mantra: If there’s no risk, what’s the point? Unfortunately, none of the six women notice the bloody handprints embedded in the cave’s walls. And why is Sarah the only one hearing the voices?.last_img read more

Scott Brown warns of ‘phenomenal’ Celtic squad

first_img“We’ve had a great pre-season, we need to make sure we kick on now in the Champions League qualifiers and in the league.“The squad is probably about as fit and strong as it’s been in a long time.“Lewis [Morgan] has came in and he’s had a wee niggle but he’s looked strong aswell, so it will be good to see him in full flow.As well as the signature of Edouard, Celtic have also made significant investment elsewhere.The Scottish champions have spent a significant sum on a new playing surface and Brown believes they will reap the rewards from the improved pitch.He said: “The main thing for us this season is the pitch.“The pitch is going to be in good condition all the way through the season.“Last year it was a bit damp and wet , it was slow playing it stopped our style of play a wee bit.“Here’s hoping we can go through the whole season with no excuses, we’ve got a great pitch, a great manager and a fantastic group of lads.Last season, Celtic made the Champions League group stage, and won every domestic trophy, but Brown is refusing to set targets and said they’ll just take it on a game to game basis.He said “The aim this season is to take every game as it comes.“We need to make sure we go as far as we can in the qualifiers and try and get Champions League football.“Then on Saturday start the league campaign with a victory and a good performance. Scott Brown said the Celtic squad is ‘phenomenal’ right now and warned that they’re the strongest they’ve been in a long time.The Parkhead club scooped all three domestic honours last term to complete a historic double treble, but Brown said they’re in even better shape now ahead of the Premiership campaign.Whilst the club have made only one summer signing with Odsonne Edouard joining on a permanent deal, the Celtic captain reckons that there is more than enough quality already within their ranks.He said: “The squad is phenomenal just now to be perfectly honest. “I think fitness levels it’s right up there.“Quality wise it’s got to be up there as well.“We’ve got Ryan Christie, we’ve got Scott Allan that’s came back, we have Michael Johnson coming through, and Calvin Miller who’s pushing on as well.“I’m sure everyone will get the chance with the games we have coming up.last_img read more

WSLM Listening Area in Path of 2024 Eclipse

first_imgFirst contact between the moon’s shadow and the sun is calculated to begin at 1:49p and totality is expected to occur at 4:22p. Salem will experience only 2 minutes and 3.7 seconds of total darkness, beginning at 1:48p and totality occurring at 4:22p. Those in Fredericksburg and New Pekin will have to watch closely. Fredericksburg will only get 59 seconds and New Pekin will get just over 30 seconds of total darkness. Those areas to the south like Palmyra, Corydon, Clarksville, Jeffersonville and New Albany will only get to see 99 percent of the eclipse – with a sliver of sunlight showing. Those in Louisville will experience a little more than they did this week – getting 98 percent coverage, compared to 94 percent coverage this week. Here is a list of the other cities and towns in the area and their duration and start times (in universal time) Bedford – 3 minutes 43.6 secondsC1: 17:48:42.2 UTC2: 19:04:40.5 UTC3: 19:08:24.1 UTC4: 20:22:16 UTMitchell – 3 minutes 28.8 secondsC1: 17:48:31.5 UTC2: 19:04:40.5 UTC3: 19:08:09.3 UTC4: 20:22:11.8 UTJasper – 3 minutes and 15.4 secondsC1: 17:47:20.7 UTC2: 19:03:46 UTC3: 19:07:01.4 UTC4: 20:21:26.3 UTMedora – 3 minutes and 14.8 secondsC1: 17:49:07.6 UTC2: 19:05:20.6 UTC3: 19:08:35.4 UTC4: 20:22:38 UTBrownstown – 3 minutes 12.9 secondsC1: 17:49:22.7 UTC2: 19:05:35 UTC3: 19:08:47.9 UTC4: 20:22:48.3 UTVallonia – 3 minutes 11.4 secondsC1: 17:49:16.7 UTC2: 19:05:30.6 UTC3: 19:08:42 UTC4: 20:22:44.6 UT French Lick – 3 minutes 12 secondsC1: 17:48:03.1 UTC2: 19:04:25.5 UTC3: 19:07:37.5 UTC4: 20:21:55.3 UTSeymour – 3 minutes 9.8 secondsC1: 17:49:46.1 UTC2: 19:05:57.3 UTC3: 19:09:07.1 UTC4: 20:23:04.2 UTPaoli – 2 minutes 54.3 secondsC1: 17:48:18.2 UTC2: 19:04:49 UTC3: 19:07:43.2 UTC4: 20:22:07.4 UTCampbellsburg – 2 minutes 50.5 secondsC1: 17:48:45 UTC2: 19:05:14.6 UTC3: 19:08:05.2 UTC4: 20:22:25.7 UTPlattsburg – 2 minutes 43.9 secondsC1: 17:49:07 UTC2: 19:05:37.7 UTC3: 19:08:21.6 UTC4: 20:22:41 UTLivonia – 2 minutes 25.7 secondsC1: 17:48:34.5 UTC2: 19:05:19.2 UTC3: 19:07:44.9 UTC4: 20:22:20.8 UTLittle York – 2 minutes and 4 secondsC1: 17:49:21.6 UTC2: 19:06:12.4 UTC3: 19:08:16.4 UTC4: 20:22:53.6 UTSALEM – 2 minutes 3.7 secondsC1: 17:48:56.1 UTC2: 19:05:50.1 UT C3: 19:07:53.8 UT C4: 20:22:36.6 UT English – 1 minute 40.9 secondsC1: 17:47:59.1 UTC2: 19:05:12 UTC3: 19:06:52.9 UTC4: 20:21:59.4 UTSouth Boston – 1 minute 21.5 secondsC1: 17:49:05 UTC2: 19:06:20.3 UTC3: 19:07:41.8 UTC4: 20:22:44.4 UTLeota – 1 minute 19.3 secondsC1: 17:49:23 UTC2: 19:06:37.2 UTC3: 19:07:56.5 UTC4: 20:22:56.4 UTMilltown – 1 minute 15.4 secondsC1: 17:48:14.2 UTC2: 19:05:38.7 UTC3: 19:06:54.1 UTC4: 20:22:10.5 UTSOUTHERN MOST TOTAL ECLIPSE VIEWINGFREDERICKSBURG – 59.8 secondsC1: 17:48:33.4 UTC2: 19:06:03.7 UTC3: 19:07:03.5 UTC4: 20:22:23.8 UTPEKIN – 35.1 secondsC1: 17:48:55.1 UTC2: 19:06:35.4 UTC3: 19:07:10.5 UTC4: 20:22:38.7 UTOUTSIDE OF THE TOTAL ECLIPSE AREAMilltown – only 99 percent magnitudePalmyra – only 99 percent magnitudeBorden – only 99 percent magnitudeUnderwood – only 99 percent magnitudeLouisville – 98 percent In case you didn’t see the total eclipse in most of the WSLM Listening area earlier this week, you’ll have a good chance in seven years. On April 8, 2024, the moon will cross in front of the sun in the Kentuckiana area and give Hoosiers a taste of a total eclipse. Bloomington is right along the sweet spot and will experience more darkness than most everyone else around with 4 minutes 2.5 seconds of “Totality.”last_img read more

Ryan McHugh to miss ‘three to four weeks’ with ankle injury

first_imgRyan McHugh is set to be out of action for around a month after suffering a tear of an ankle tendon on Sunday.By Chris McNulty, Donegal Sport HubMcHugh had to come off ten minutes from the end of Donegal’s Allianz League clash with Monaghan at Fr Tierney Park in Ballyshannon after going over awkwardly. Donegal team doctor Kevin Moran put his foot into a protective boot immediately and the player had treatment at University Ulster, Jordanstown – where he attends college – on Monday.The Kilcar man had a subsequent scan at the Affidea clinic in Letterkenny that has showed a tear of an ankle tendon.The 2016 GAA Young Player of the Year, who was walking with the aid of a crutch as he attended last night’s Ulster U21 semi-final between Donegal and Cavan – which was postponed late in the evening – has been told that he will be absent for ‘three to four weeks’.McHugh will miss Donegal’s Allianz League game against Mayo this Sunday and will also sit out Sunday-week’s League final, should Donegal qualify. However, he should make a return to action for Kilcar’s opening game in the 2017 Donegal SFC against Gaoth Dobhair in early May and will be well on track to line out for Donegal against Antrim on May 21 in the Ulster SFC quarter-final.Ryan McHugh to miss ‘three to four weeks’ with ankle injury was last modified: March 30th, 2017 by Chris McNultyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Allianz LeagueAntrimdonegalkilcarMayoMonaghanRory GallagherRyan McHughlast_img read more

The disconnect between the skills that get you hired and the jobs most workers have

first_imgWow, that was a long post title. Sorry. The post won’t be that long at all, trust me.All I want you to do is look at two charts and then draw your own conclusions about the significance, if any.The first, courtesy of the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, who published some data they call ‘The 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2014’, (from an analysis of member skills, employment changes, and recruiter interest on LinkedIn). Here is the chart:Now for the second chart I’d like to bring to your attention, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics a look at the Top 10 occupations with the highest employment (dated from May 2013, so it is slightly older than the LinkedIn data, but it was the latest I could find after about 5 minutes of exhaustive research)Here goes:See any differences between what gets people hired, at least people on LinkedIn, and the kinds of jobs that are held by the largest numbers of people in the USA? These Top 10 occupations make up about 22% of overall US employment, in case you were wondering.Wonder how far down on the BLS list (and you can check the full list of occupations as defined by the BLS here), you have to go before you run in to ‘Statistical Analysis and Data Mining’, the top ‘hot’ skill for 2014 as per LinkedIn. I will save you a click and let you know that all the occupations that the BLS rolls up into ‘Computer and Mathematical Operations’, (where most of LinkedIn’s Top Hot skills would likely map), account for about 3.7M workers, that is just under 3% of all the jobs in the country.Ok, since I said I was going to just show the charts and leave it up to you to think about, I better shut up.Have a fantastic day. And don’t spend so much time on LinkedIn.last_img read more

12 BCCI state units submit four-point suggestion ahead of SC hearing

first_imgA day before Supreme Court’s hearing on implementation of constitutional reforms, BCCI secretary Amitabh Choudhary on Thursday informed that 12 out of the 37 state units (including North Eastern States) have submitted a common four-point suggestion to amicus curiae Gopal Subramanium.During the last SC hearing on May 1, the three-member bench headed by CJI Deepak Mishra had instructed all the affiliated units of BCCI to file their suggestions with regards to clauses which they are finding practically difficult to implement.Accordingly, 12 affiliated units — Andhra, Assam, Goa, Jharkhand, Kerala, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Railways, Tripura, Universities, Uttar Pradesh, Vidarbha — have submitted their suggestions to the amicus curiae and they have reached a common ground.”The four points that the affiliated units want to be reconsidered are – one state one vote’, cooling-off period (after every three years), constitution of apex council, distribution of power and functions between elected representatives and professionals,” Choudhary told at hurriedly organised media conference.Contrary to perceptions that he did not show enough will to implement the reforms, Choudhary said that he has been constantly working with the state associations to reach a common ground.”I made an initiative to get in touch with state associations to work further. As many as 12 full members have come around to that view. Their agreement to the subject is in writing. They have also said in their letter of agreement that the matter may finally be brought to the notice of SC.”On May 1, the court itself directed any further suggestions be handed over to amicus curiae. I made sure my suggestions reached the amicus curiae.”advertisementThe acting secretary Choudhary’s media briefing today was even more significant as the Committee of Administrators (CoA) in its seventh status report had sought his removal along with two of his colleagues — acting president CK Khanna and treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhry.Interestingly, though, in an earlier status report (fourth), CoA had praised the former Jharkhand top cop for trying to bring the units around in incorporating the Lodha reforms in the new constitution.Asked as to why the CoA termed him a hindrance, Choudhary said: “The hindrance that you are talking about is non-existent. Had there been a hindrance on my part, I wouldn’t have been able to bring to you written commitment (of implementation of Lodha reforms) of 12 members. Majority in the board will go with this template.”Choudhary today made it clear that he has done his bit in trying to ensure that affiliated units implement all reforms which are practicable.”This process of reforms has been on from January 2017. The court had asked the office bearers (president, secretary and treasurer) to place an undertaking, stating their complete commitment (in implementing Lodha Reforms) within four weeks. All the three of us gave our undertaking in black and white,” Choudhary said.”After the general body meetings of BCCI, the SC also desired that the office-bearers put their suggestions on the draft constitution on record. We put our suggestions on record. I did so on October 12, 2017, and that is still awaiting adjudication.”Choudhary also explained some of the practical difficulties including that of a cooling off period of three years after every term as an office bearer.”If you look at the suggestion of cooling off period after every term, then you will have new faces after every three years and there will be no continuity,” he said.One of the massive bone of contentions is the distribution of powers between professional appointees (CEO, CFO) and elected office bearers. With CEO Rahul Johri being entrusted with the power to take all policy decisions, the office bearers under CoA regime have been rendered ineffective.”There are many aspects which require approvals on important issues which may impact the finances and the policies of the board, which is what the scheme suggests. There has to be some provisions about the decisions that will be taken by professional appointees.”About the formation of apex council, Choudhary said,”The apex council has provision for only one member representative from state units. India being such a huge country geographically, we have suggested that if at least one representative from each of the six zones (including North East) are included in it.”On suggestions of going back to national panel of five selectors from the present three, Choudhary said: “Yes, there is a suggestion considering the number of matches being played but if you see, we are doing fine with three,” he concluded.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

2018 Mini Cooper drives in India for Rs 29.70 lakh

first_imgMini has launched the 2018 Cooper facelift in the Indian market with prices starting at Rs 29.70 lakh to Rs 37.10 lakh, depending on body style and engine on offer. Mini had revealed the facelifted Cooper model at its international debut in January this year.Similar to the previous model, the 2018 Cooper is available in three-door, five-door and convertible body styles. The three-door Cooper can be availed in both petrol and diesel variants. The five-door variant is only available in diesel, while the convertible only gets the petrol model.On the design part, the facelifted Cooper now gets front and rear LED lights as standard, with matrix LED high beams offered as an option. On the rear, the LED headlamps feature a unique Union Jack design, which was first seen on the 2017 Mini Electric Concept. There are three exterior colours – Emerald Grey metallic, Starlit Blue metallic, and Solaris Orange metallic. Also, the petrol models get an optional exterior piano-black finish instead of chrome around the headlights, tail-lights, and radiator grille.On the interior, the facelift now gets a new three-spoke steering wheel which also gets multi-function buttons, sports seats, brown leather upholstery and piano black finish on the doors and centre console. The Cooper gets an optional sunroof, a 6.5-inch touchscreen, and Mini Wired Pack which includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, navigation, Mini’s connected apps, wireless charging, two USB ports and an added 20Gb of internal storage and compatibility for Apple CarPlay with a 360W Harmon Kardon 12-speaker system and an eight-channel amplifier.advertisementThe new Mini Cooper is powered by the same earlier 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbo-petrol engine found on the Cooper S, belting out 192bhp and 280Nm of torque. The powertrain is mated to a new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which can be availed with the addition of steering-mounted paddleshifters. The diesel variant is powered by the earlier 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder, turbo-cylinder which makes 114bhp and 270Nm of torque. The transmission is unchanged and is the same as the earlier one, a 6-speed automatic transmission.The engines also get three driving modes – Standard, Green, and Sport. In the safety side, all the models get dual-front airbags, brake assist, three-point safety seat belts, stability control, crash sensor, ABS, Cornering brake Control and run-flat tyres.last_img read more

New Study Takes a Closer Look at Which Birth Control Works Best

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on May 25, 2012June 21, 2017Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Thursday, May 24th, found that the effectiveness of long-acting reversible contraception is superior to that of contraceptive pills, patch, or ring. This is important news for the global health community–especially in light of Melinda Gates’ recent announcement of her decision to make family planning her signature issue and primary public health priority.From the Time Magazine article about the study:The study involved 7,486 women participating in the Contraceptive Choice Project, run by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The women, aged 14 to 45, were given their choice of contraception for free and then tracked for up to three years for unintended pregnancy. The results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that longer-lasting contraceptives were up to 20 times more effective — that is, women using IUDs, implants or hormone injections were up to 20 times less likely to get pregnant — after three years than the shorter-acting methods of birth control.Read the study here.A number of news organizations have written about the study:Time Magazine, Which Birth Control Works Best? (Hint: It’s Not the Pill).The Wall Street Journal, Long-Lasting Birth Control Cuts Pregnancy RateABC News, Birth Control: New Research Gives Boost to IUD EffectivenessShare this:last_img read more

The Adding Content to Contact Project: Case Studies for Implementing Antenatal and Postnatal Care in Low-Resource Settings

first_imgPosted on May 30, 2014November 4, 2016By: Annie Kearns, Project Manager, Maternal Health Task Force, Women and Health InitiativeClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)For the past nine months, the Adding Content to Contact (ACC) project at the Women and Health Initiative has been working to systematically assess the obstacles that prevent and the factors that enable the adoption and implementation of cost-effective interventions for antenatal and postnatal care along the care continuum. The project is also examining how these interventions can best be adopted and scaled up in resource poor settings to benefit women and children. As part of that process, the ACC team has been researching care delivery around the world. Today, we have published eight case studies highlighting various methods of delivering antenatal and postnatal care in a variety of settings:Focused antenatal care in Tanzania—Delivering individualized, targeted, high-quality careGroup care: Alternative models of care delivery to increase women’s access, engagement, and satisfactionHealth Extension Workers in Ethiopia— Delivering community-based antenatal and postnatal careJacaranda Health—A model for sustainable, affordable, high-quality maternal health care for Nairobi’s low-income womenLady Health Workers in Pakistan—Improving access to health care for rural women and familiesPostnatal care in Nepal—Components of care, implementation challenges, and success factorsThe Developing Families Center—Providing maternal and child care to low-income families in Washington, D.C.The Manoshi project—Bringing quality maternity care to poor women in urban BangladeshMembers of the ACC project team will be attending the ICM Congress in Prague, Czech Republic next week. These case studies will be discussed in detail during our session on Thursday, 5 June, 8:30am – 12:00pm in Room 4.3. We hope to see many of you there!Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

4 Essential Steps to Donor Acquisition

first_imgPlanning a donor acquisition strategy is similar to planning any other campaign. Start off by reviewing your previous efforts and results. What worked? What didn’t? Your data is a great guide to determining new donor goals.Step 1: Review your current data.Use your donor management system to track information on your current donors and what campaigns attracted their attention and inspired them to give. Find ways to adapt that messaging to reach people unfamiliar with your organization.Look at both your quantitative and qualitative donor data. What trends and patterns do you see? Where did your current donors come from? What motivates them to give? Seek out similar people to grow your donor base.Pro Tip: If you don’t know why your current donors contribute, you may want to hit pause on your acquisition campaign and focus on donor cultivation and retention instead. No point finding new donors only to lose the ones you already have.Step 2: Make a plan based on your findings.Once you’ve reviewed your data, develop a strategy that integrates your development and communications departments. Three essential questions to answer as you plan your approach:How will you research prospects?What’s the best way to approach them?How will you track progress and measure success?An integrated communications strategy involves direct mail, email blasts, social media, and even advertising if it’s in your budget. The purpose is to increase brand awareness and recognition. That way, prospects will recognize you across channels.Step 3: Perform targeted outreach.Now it’s time to get the word out. An awareness campaign is the first touch in donor prospecting. People can’t give to your organization if they don’t know you exist.Amplify awareness by harnessing the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your positioning in online search results.Google AdWords and social media ad campaigns are great ways to capture active donors and amplify awareness online for a small fee. Promote an individual tweet or boost a Facebook post to increase followers or website traffic.Step 4: Keep it simple.It may seem obvious but make it easy to donate. Incorporate these key methods into your online donation process.Feature a donation button prominently on your website.Make your online donation page visually appealing and easy to find and navigate.Clearly identify various donor levels and their respective benefits.Highlight a suggested giving level on your donation page.Encourage monthly giving.Make sure your donation page is secure and mobile-friendly.Include your Charity Navigator or GuideStar rating for additional credibility.Begin engaging donors immediately following their donation with a thank you message on your online donation confirmation page.Invite donors to share their support on social media and join your email list.Incorporate these steps into your next acquisition campaign and see the difference for yourself. For a deeper dive into acquiring new donors, download our eGuide, New Donors: Getting the Ungettable Get.Read more on The Nonprofit Bloglast_img read more

International Day of the Midwife: How Integrating Midwifery Care Can Improve Maternal and Newborn Health

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on May 4, 2018May 4, 2018By: Kayla McGowan, Project Coordinator, Women and Health Initiative, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)The Maternal Health Task Force’s Kayla McGowan recently had the pleasure of interviewing Saraswathi Vedam, Principal Investigator, Birth Place Lab, and Associate Professor, Division of Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia about her innovative study assessing the integration of midwifery across the United States (U.S.).KM: Your recent study, Mapping integration of midwives across the United States: Impact on access, equity, and outcomes, published in PLOS ONE took a first-ever look into the status of midwifery care in the health system and birth outcomes in every U.S. state. What drove you and your team of epidemiology and health policy researchers to conduct this research?SV: The idea for the AIM Mapping study started at a multi-disciplinary meeting we had back in 2011, the Home Birth Summit, where we had leaders from all kinds of perspectives, including clinicians—doctors, midwives and nurses—as well as health administrators, liability specialists, insurers, policymakers and researchers. Most importantly, we had an equal representation from consumers themselves and consumer advocates, so we had the whole system in the room—everybody for whom these issues of birth place have relevance. We realized that we were really talking about the whole maternity care system. There were many cross-cutting themes wherever people delivered.KM: And what came out of that meeting?SV: We found that a key challenge to delivering high quality care was the degree of integration, meaning the degree of communication and collaboration and systems that facilitated smooth transition from one setting to another or one provider to another or one system to another—that’s where the areas of disconnect, disarticulation and sometimes conflict often were.Our team—consisting of research, regulation/licensure and consumer experts—believed that if we could first define what we meant by integration, then we could start to see if there was a connection between model of care and outcomes.KM: Your team ranked each state according to the Midwifery Integration Scoring System (MISS), which measured scope of practice, autonomy, regulations and other indicators related to midwifery regulation, to get an evidence-based picture of the level of access to midwifery care in the context of state health systems. What were some of the states with both high and low scores? Were there any regional trends?SV: We found that there was a range of state integration scores from 17-61, but the total possible score was 100 points, so no state in the U.S. got a really high score. Across the states, Washington, New Mexico and Oregon had higher scores, while South Dakota, Alabama, North Carolina had the lowest scores. You can find an individual state score by looking at their report card on the website for my lab.As for regional trends, it depends on the outcome that you are looking at, but in general, the highest quartile of scores and optimal outcomes were in the Pacific Northwest, New Mexico, New York and some places in New England. Generally speaking, the Southeast had the lowest scores and worst outcomes, but again, it depends on the outcome you are interested in.Midwifery Integration Map – Access and Integration Maternity Care Mapping (AIMM) StudyKM: What were the most important findings related to MISS scores and maternal and newborn health outcomes? Was any of this surprising?SV: The findings line up with international data (from The Lancet Series on Midwifery and Cochrane systematic review of midwife-led care). The U.S. is later to analyze this and has lower utilization of midwives as part of the health system compared to other high-resource countries. Other high-resource countries in which midwives have a more active role in the health system benefit from better outcomes. Studies have shown that when midwives are part of the system, there is a clear trend toward increased cost-effectiveness, and fewer interventions. Very serious outcomes such as preterm birth and mortality also seem to reduce, and it seems to be true whether or not you are looking at low-risk populations.Our findings are not surprising considering what has been shown for midwifery care globally. It’s not a big surprise to see that there were higher rates of breastfeeding, lower rates of preterm birth, lower rates of cesarean sections or induction, higher rates of spontaneous vaginal delivery and lower rates of neonatal mortality in states where integration of midwives was high.When you look globally, when midwives are involved in the care, everybody benefits, including those with moderate or greater risk factors for complications. It’s not that midwives are necessarily better at providing acute care, it’s that the model of care allows for more relationship-based care and more continuity. People tend to have more of a longitudinal relationship with care providers and are more likely to share information that allows for prevention or treatment. It’s not a zero-sum game. It’s not midwives or doctors or midwives or specialists or family doctors or obstetricians—when everybody collaborates, when everybody is part of the system offering care, both outcomes and experience improve.KM: How might better integration of midwives in the U.S. address persistent racial disparities in maternal health—in which African American women experience a two to four times higher risk than white women for both maternal and infant mortality?SV: We realized that integration of midwives is not the whole story with respect to health disparities, so we looked a little further. Maternal and fetal wellbeing are affected by a complex set of inter-related factors, so, since. there has been a lot of discussion in the literature and press about the differential increased rates in adverse outcomes that African American families are experiencing in the U.S, we decided to focus on race. We found that states that reported higher rates of black births were also the states with poorer birth outcomes and lower integration. We wanted to discover how much of those differences in outcomes were accounted for by race alone, and how much of those differences could be accounted for by the degree of integration. After controlling for the effects of race, we found that about 38% of variance in outcomes could be accounted for by race alone. An additional 10-12% of the improvement in outcomes could be accounted for by the degree of integration of midwives. That is, if midwives were part of the system, outcomes such as preterm birth, neonatal mortality and breastfeeding improved by an additional 10-12%. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it tells an important part of the story.KM: The study found that states with higher MISS scores had a greater concentration of midwives per state and higher proportions of midwife-attended births across settings. How might states with lower MISS scores adapt to follow this model?SV: Midwives want to practice to their full ability, so many are going to set up practices in places where they are able to do that autonomously. States that have lower integration scores and concomitant low density of midwives could maybe look at developing local midwifery education programs as well as looking into their statutes and regulations—and their interpretations—to see how those are creating barriers to practice and access across populations.KM: Findings from this study also informed an interactive map providing data on midwifery integration, as well as density of midwives, and access to midwife attendants across birth settings by state. What are the next steps in implementing these findings and tools?SV: We encourage people to explore the interactive map and state report cards to understand the impact of regulation in their own communities. We hope that this analysis will help to inform initiatives to improve access to and integration of all maternity providers across settings.It’s important to consider that regulations are constantly changing, and these tools are based on statewide data. The AIM Mapping Study findings can support evidence-based development of a regulatory and practice environment that supports interprofessional collaboration, and consequently better health for families.KM: What are the implications for maternal and newborn health in the U.S.? Are there any key takeaways that can be applied to maternal and newborn health in other areas of the world?SV: The key implications are that access to midwifery care has to be part of the conversation whenever we are looking at maternal and newborn health outcomes anywhere in the world. By applying the International Confederation of Midwives’ standards on a country-by-country basis, along with the MISS scoring system, we’ll start to understand how we can better utilize midwives to address some of the most challenging problems in maternal and newborn health.—Read the full paper: Mapping integration of midwives across the United States: Impact on access, equity, and outcomesTools[Video] Mapping Collaboration Across Birth SettingsState Report CardsInteractive MapShare this:last_img read more

Oklahoma Just Ran 1 Of The Worst Plays Of The Season At Kansas

first_imgOklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts at Kansas.LAWRENCE, KANSAS – OCTOBER 05: Quarterback Jalen Hurts #1 of the Oklahoma Sooners watches from the sidelines during the game against the Kansas Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium on October 05, 2019 in Lawrence, Kansas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)Oklahoma just had about as awful of a sequence as any team could have in the second quarter against Kansas. The Sooners went from a first-and-goal opportunity to punting on fourth down.Jalen Hurts had the Sooners in position to increase their lead before halftime. Unfortunately an offensive holding call pushed the offense back to the 17-yard line.Following the holding penalty, the Sooners ran a trick play that resulted in a loss of 25 yards.The original design was for CeeDee Lamb to receive the ball on a double reserve. Once the Jayhawks sniffed out that play, the speedy wideout lateraled the ball to Hurts. Kansas brought down Hurts around midfield to set up third and goal. On third down, Oklahoma was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.Here is the play that really hurt Oklahoma’s drive:Yikes…(via @KU_Football)— B/R Betting (@br_betting) October 5, 2019Lincoln Riley is one of the brightest offensive minds in football. There’s no denying that it’s an interesting play design, but the execution was poor.Oklahoma responded nicely on the next drive as Hurts connected on a touchdown pass to Lamb.Even though Oklahoma entered this game as massive favorites, the Big 12 powerhouse only leads Kansas by 14 points.The second half of action will be available on ABC.last_img read more

Elliott set for debut as Liverpool take youthful squad to MK Dons

first_imgLiverpool could hand debuts to as many as eight players in Wednesday night’s Carabao Cup clash with MK Dons, Goal can reveal.The Reds have selected a youthful squad for the third-round tie away at the League One outfit, with a host of youngsters in line to feature in the game.Harvey Elliott, the 16-year-old signed from Fulham in the summer, is one such player. The teenager, who made his professional debut for the Cottagers in the League Cup 12 months ago, is set for a first senior Reds appearance having began the season with Neil Critchley’s Under-23 side. He would become the second-youngest player in Liverpool’s history were he to feature. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream Time for another transfer? Giroud’s Chelsea spell set to end like his Arsenal career Elliott is joined in the squad by fellow new-boy Sepp van den Berg, while 18-year-old midfielders Luis Longstaff and Leighton Clarkson have also travelled. Longstaff scored for the U-23s against Leicester City last weekend, while Clarkson has impressed staff in training at Melwood while making a solid start to the campaign with Barry Lewtas’ U-18 side.Also in the squad are local duo Curtis Jones and Adam Lewis, Dutch defender Ki-Jana Hoever as well as the highly-rated Rhian Brewster, who will make his long-awaited first-team bow in attack, almost two-and-a-half years after his first call-up to the senior squad.Midfielders Herbie Kane and Pedro Chirivella could also feature, while Ireland U-21 international Caoimhin Kelleher will start in goal ahead of the veteran Andy Lonergan.The squad will be bolstered by a number of senior players, with Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren, James Milner, Adam Lallana and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain available. Naby Keita is back from injury and set to start, though Xherdan Shaqiri has been ruled out with a calf problem.Shaqiri joins Divock Origi (ankle) on the sidelines, while Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, Roberto Firmino, Fabinho, Joel Matip, Gini Wijnaldum, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson and Jordan Henderson have all been rested entirely for the trip, with Klopp keeping an eye on Saturday’s Premier League trip to Sheffield United.Curtis Jones Liverpool 2019The Liverpool manager left the pre-match media duties to Pep Lijnders, his assistant, on Tuesday afternoon. The Reds have exited the League Cup at the third-round stage in each of the last two seasons, but Lijnders told his press conference that “a Premier League team” would be selected at Stadium MK, and claimed that Liverpool would take the competition seriously. “Cup competitions,” he said, “are the soul of football”.Also on Wednesday, an U-21 side will take on Fleetwood in the EFL Trophy. Layton Stewart, the 16-year-old striker who has impressed for the U-18s this season, is expected to feature in that game. Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

Better outing for Hernandez, but Mariners still fall to Blue Jays

first_img Follow The Columbian on Instagram Better outing for Hernandez, but Mariners still fall to Blue Jays Morales home run in seventh helps lift Toronto to 7-3 win Share: Share: GO Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Felix Hernandez smiles as he walks off the field following the top of the fifth inning of the team’s baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Seattle. Hernandez was relieved by Adam Warren in the sixth inning. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) Photo Gallery By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. TRAINER’S ROOMBlue Jays: Gibbons said outfielder Kevin Pillar, on the disabled list since July 15 (sprained sternoclavicular joint) could join the team in Seattle and be activated without rehabbing in the minor leagues. “We won’t send him all the way across the country for a rehab game,” Gibbons said. … Lourdes Gurriel Jr. was named American League Rookie of the Month for July. He led the AL with a .423 batting average in the month.HONOR FOR DIAZMariners: Closer Edwin Diaz was named AL Reliever of the Month for the second consecutive month after going 9 for 9 in save opportunities and posting a 0.00 ERA in 10 appearances in July. Diaz leads the majors with 40 saves. “He had a good month,” Servais said. “He’s had a lot of good months. I hope he’s got two more good months in him.”UP NEXTBlue Jays: LHP Ryan Borucki (0-2, 2.83) will get the start for Toronto in the second game of this four-game series. Borucki has earned quality starts in five of his six starts this season, the best percentage of any Blue Jays starter.Mariners: LHP Marco Gonzales (12-5, 3.37) starts for Seattle on Friday night. Gonzales has won five consecutive starts, allowing six total earned runs across 34 1/3 innings pitched in that span. Hernandez, whose spot in the Seattle starting rotation has been in question of late, gave up two runs in five innings.“I thought Felix kept us in the game,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said. “It wasn’t easy for him. I think he threw 90-92 pitches in five innings, but he gave us a chance, and, I think, coming into the game tonight, that was what we were hoping for.”The Mariners cut the lead to 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth when Cruz hit a solo homer to right field off Toronto reliever Joe Biagini. But the Blue Jays scored three times in the top of the ninth on two Mariners errors and Solarte’s two-run homer.Mariners second baseman Dee Gordon exited the game with a team trainer in the ninth after landing awkwardly while trying to catch third baseman Kyle Seager’s throw.center_img SEATTLE — Mike Hauschild signed his Blue Jays contract a half-hour before and then came on to pitch six impressive innings of relief in his first game in the majors in more than 15 months.Kendrys Morales had a tiebreaking home run in the seventh inning to back Hauschild, and Toronto beat the Seattle Mariners 7-3 Thursday night.Hauschild, who was released by Houston on Sunday, figured he’d be headed for Triple-A Buffalo for the weekend until the Blue Jays picked him up. Now, Toronto Jays might have the missing piece it’s been looking for in the starting rotation, and Hauschild has a lot of phone calls and text messages to return.“It’s pretty crazy,” said Hauschild, who last pitched in the majors on April 19, 2017. “It kind of feels like a dream, just based off my last week. A couple days ago I was just waiting to figure out which team I was playing for. And now I’m in the big leagues. So it’s definitely a whirlwind of emotions going through.” Follow Published: August 2, 2018, 11:38pm Hauschild (1-0) entered the game in the second inning after Nelson Cruz’s two-run homer off reliever-turned-spot-starter Tyler Clippard gave the Mariners a quick 2-0 lead in the first. Hauschild put up zeroes for the next six innings while spotting a 90 mph fastball and putting away hitters with an effective slider, limiting the Mariners to four singles and one walk while striking out five.“Sometimes things are meant to be,” Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. “I thought he did a tremendous job. He threw strikes, he threw anything at any time, which is key to pitch in the big leagues. He looked like he belonged.”The Blue Jays tied the score at 2-2 in the top of the second against Mariners starter Felix Hernandez. Yangervis Solarte led off with a single and Teoscar Hernandez, who had four hits in the game, doubled him to third. With one out, Luke Maile walked to load the bases, and Devon Travis had a two-run single.But with two outs in the seventh, a runner on first base and the score still tied 2-all, Morales hit a fastball from Juan Nicasio (1-6) over the wall in right-center field to give the Blue Jays the cushion they’d need. It was Morales’ 13th home run of the season. 3 Photos By DOUG MIILLER, Associated Press Receive latest stories and local news in your email:last_img read more

Serena matches her easiest win over Venus in US Open rout

first_img 2 Photos Receive latest stories and local news in your email: By BRIAN MAHONEY, Associated Press Serena, who turns 37 next month, leads the series 18-12 with her sister, 11-5 in Grand Slam tournaments. But this one wasn’t expected to be so easy, not with Serena still working her way back into form after returning to the tour in the spring.But this was the type of tennis that has brought her to 23 Grand Slam singles titles, the ability to pound balls all over the court and chase down the rare shots that looked like they might get past her.“This was my best match since I returned,” he said. “I worked for it. I worked really hard these last three or four months. That’s life, you have to keep working hard no matter ups or downs you have. That’s what I’ve been doing.”She pounded 10 aces to just one for Venus, the No. 16 seed who was perhaps a little drained after two tough matches to begin the tournament, including a three-setter against 2004 U.S. Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova in her opener. Serena had an easier time in the first two rounds, though that was expected to change Friday under the lights in Arthur Ashe Stadium. They had combined for eight titles in Flushing Meadows, six by Serena, and each had beaten the other in a U.S. Open final.But there was no beating Serena on this night, and the discouraged look on Venus’ face across much of the match indicated she seemed to realize it.“I mean, she played so well, I never got to really even touch any balls,” said Venus, a semifinalist at the U.S. Open last year. “When your opponent plays like that, it’s not really anything to be upset about.”It looked as if Serena could have trouble when, in the second game of the match, her right ankle turned awkwardly when Venus hit behind her on a shot. Serena stood near the baseline with her back to the court for quite a few seconds, then motioned to the chair umpire that she wanted to the see the trainer at the next changeover. By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Published: August 31, 2018, 7:26pm “She’s my best friend. She means the world to me. Every time she loses, I feel like I do. It’s not very easy, but it’s a tournament. We know there’s more to life than just playing each other and playing tennis.”They hadn’t played this early in a Grand Slam since Venus won in the second round of the 1998 Australian Open in their first meeting as pros, and only once over the next two decades had either won so decisively. Serena won by the same score in a semifinal victory in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2013.“I think it’s the best match she’s ever played against me,” Venus said. “I don’t think I did a lot wrong. But she just did everything right.”Serena, the No. 17 seed, will face Kaia Kanepi of Estonia, who knocked out top-ranked Simona Halep in the first round. Serena matches her easiest win over Venus in US Open rout Third-round match was earliest sisters had met in Grand Slam tournament The Columbian is becoming a rare example of a news organization with local, family ownership. Subscribe today to support local journalism and help us to build a stronger community.center_img GO Serena had the ankle treated with a 2-1 lead, then broke in the next game, helped when Venus missed an easy swinging volley wide. She would break again for a 5-1 lead, then pound two aces in the next service game to wrap up the first set in 31 minutes.In other results Friday:Defending champion Rafael Nadal barely got through a real test in the third round of the U.S. Open, edging No. 27 seed Karen Khachanov 5-7, 7-5, 7-6 (7), 7-6 (3) in an entertaining, back-and-forth match that lasted 4 hours, 23 minutes.Nadal kept getting pushed to the brink and kept coming up with the answers.He was two points away from falling into a two-set hole.He was two points away from dropping the third set.He was one point from losing the fourth set and being pushed to a fifth.Instead, the No. 1-ranked Nadal moved into the fourth round at Flushing Meadows for the 10th time in his past 11 appearances. Subscribe Today Nadal is bidding for his fourth U.S. Open championship and 18th Grand Slam title overall.Dominic Thiem won another lengthy match to reach the fourth round.The No. 9 seed beat American Taylor Fritz 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (5), 6-4 in a match that lasted 3 hours, 19 minutes.Each of the last two sets took more than an hour before Thiem moved on to a matchup with either 2017 U.S. Open runner-up Kevin Anderson or Denis Shapovalov.Thiem won a five-set match that lasted 3:34 against another American, Steve Johnson, in the previous round. NEW YORK — Serena Williams equaled her most-lopsided victory ever in 30 professional meetings with sister Venus, beating her 6-1, 6-2 on Friday night in the third round of the U.S. Open.Serena shook off an early ankle injury to win seven straight games and seize control in perhaps her most dominant performance since giving birth to her daughter a year ago Saturday.The sisters’ earliest meeting in a Grand Slam tournament in 20 years was over early, with Venus unable to do anything to blunt Serena’s power, even after the crowd tried desperately to get behind her early in the second set.“It’s not easy,” Serena said, despite how easy it looked in a match that lasted just 1 hour, 12 minutes. Share: Share: Serena Williams, left, meets her sister Venus Williams after their match during the third round of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, in New York. Serena Williams won 6-1, 6-2. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger) Photo Gallerylast_img read more

College Notebook: Local players become dependable collegiate scorers

first_img [email protected] By Micah Rice, Columbian Sports Editor Published: December 18, 2018, 9:57pm College Notebook: Local players become dependable collegiate scorers GO Tyrus Hosley, a junior from Evergreen, has scored in double figures in five of seven games for Northwest Christian this season, including 15 points in a 84-80 win over College of Idaho on Sunday. Hosley ranks fifth on the team at 12.2 points per game. Trevor Jasinsky, a junior from Camas, continues to lead Western Washington in points (19.3 per game) and rebounds (7.3). He had 17 points and 14 rebounds in a loss to Chaminade on Sunday at the Hoops in Hawaii D-II Power Invitational.Cameron Cranston, a freshman from Union, matched his season high of 12 points in two of the past three games for Western Oregon. That included an 80-69 win at Hawaii-Hilo on Friday and a 73-63 loss to UC San Diego on Sunday at the Hoops in Hawaii D-II Power Invitational.Women’s BasketballJossilyn Blackman, a senior from Battle Ground, scored 21 points on 8 for 11 shooting in Lewis-Clark State’s 82-58 win over Montana Tech on Thursday. At 15.5 points per game, Blackman is the leading scorer for the Warriors (9-3).Courtney Clemmer, a freshman from Camas, scored 16 points in 16 minutes of Oregon Tech’s 88-53 win over The Evergreen State College on Friday. Clemmer, who is the team’s first off the bench, is third in scoring at 10.0 points per game and second in rebounding at 5.5 per game. Share: Receive latest stories and local news in your email: Look at college basketball rosters around the Northwest and you’ll find a handful of athletes from Clark County.You will also find a few of those athletes high on the statistical charts for those teams.As colleges head toward holiday tournaments, here are a few players from Clark County who are lighting up the score sheets for their collegiate teams.Men’s BasketballRobert Franks, a senior from Evergreen, ranks eighth in the nation in scoring at 24.5 points per game. His 25 points Monday against Rider moved him within 38 of 1,000 career points for Washington State (6-3). By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. (360) 735-4548 @col_mrice Micah Rice Columbian Sports Editor Share:last_img read more

Girls basketball: Kelso 62, Fort Vancouver 4

first_img The Columbian Alexis Kieven scored 17 points to lead the Hilanders to a 3A Greater St. Helens League rout on the road.KELSO 62, FORT VANCOUVER 4KELSO — Natalie Frey 13, Tally Connors 2, Alexis Kieven 17, Cooper Joy 5, Erin Tack 2, Alexandra Harman 3, Evermore Kaiser 8, Cayla Gutenberg 2, Capri Franzen 4, Kylee Gibbs 6. Totals 24 (7) 7-8 62.FORT VANCOUVER — Carla Azamar 0, Corah Williams 0, Saige Carter 0, Kailey Gonzalez 2, Isis Villalobos 0, Lexani Garcia 0, Paulina Jiminez-Francisco 2, Trinity Stegall 0. Totals 1 (0) 2-9 4.Kelso 21 16 17 8–62Fort 0 4 0 0–4JV — Kelso 40-15.C — Kelso won. Share: Receive latest stories and local news in your email: GO Published: January 11, 2019, 8:58pm Share: Fort Vancouver Trappers Girls basketball: Kelso 62, Fort Vancouver 4 By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Tagslast_img read more

TPI Partner of the Month – Carnival Cruise Line

first_imgJune 1st, 2018 – Summer is here and so is our new Partner of the Month. For the month of June, Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) will be Travel Planner’s International’s (TPI) Partner of the Month. Throughout the month, we’ll expose CCL to our 4,000+ agents in our “surround-sound” approach – featured on our agent-only portal, email signatures, and a private Facebook Live broadcasted to over 1,850 agents, among other avenues. Why Them?We’re obsessed with our Rockstar travel agents. We know they’re more than just independent contractors, they’re small business owners running a travel agency! Our Partner of the Month should have the same attitude. This made picking CCL a no-brainer. “[TPI agents] are a really great group of people who share the same enthusiasm and drive for building their travel business,” said Kirsten Sanchez, Business Development Director, Carnival Cruise Line. She adds, “I have never met a group of individuals with such passion for what they do. Carnival would not be the cruise line that we are without travel agents like TPI agents.” Sanchez is just as enthusiastic about being a resource to our TPI agents. In April, she hosted our Vacation Nights, a talk-show style presentation where agents and their clients can join in-house or tune in via She’s also interacted with our agents on our hosted Facebook Lives, at ship inspections, and other TPI events. “At Carnival, we continue to be dedicated to your success and we hope to be your partner in Fun for many years to come,” said Sanchez. Being a resource and dedicated to the agent’s success is exactly why our agents keeping booking with CCL. Simply ask Adrian Teixeira, owner of NexCruise and TPI Agent. “Having worked directly with Carnival when I first started in this industry has given me a great advantage,” Teixeira said. “And it was one of the best experiences I had.” To find out why travel agents keep joining the TPI family, visit our Facebook pageand for more information on CCL, click here.last_img read more

How Bertony Faustin of Abbey Creek Vineyard is Working to Diversify Wine

first_img The Manual Podcast Throwbacks: Revisiting our 50th Episode and Portland, Oregon A Quick and Easy Guide to Popular German Wine Varietals Hops and Terroir: Why the Beer World is Embracing the Wine Term The chances are good that you don’t know Bertony Faustin, at least not yet. But you probably should. Oregon’s first Black winemaker and vineyard owner is shaking up a scene that is notoriously older, male, and very white. Faustin makes wine at Abbey Creek Vineyard in the Willamette Valley. He’s the product of Haitian-immigrant parents and grew up in Brooklyn. He’s a self-taught viticulturist and vintner. And he doesn’t drink alcohol. The man’s story is so unique that he self-produced a film about it. Red, White, and Black sheds light on underrepresented individuals making big waves within the world of wine. It revolves around Faustin, André Mack of Maison Noir, Remy Drabkin of Remy Wines, Jarod Sleet of ROCO, and the late Jesus Guillén of White Rose Estate. The film presents the significant feats these folks have achieved amid the extra obstacles that come from an environment lacking genuine equity.Stereotypes are certainly being rewritten in the food and drink realm but there’s always room for more progress. In wine, it’s clear that we’re no longer drinking Merlot in stuffy tasting rooms to the sounds of classical music. Millennials want the weird stuff celebrity sommeliers covet, which leads to more experimentation in the cellar and more options for consumers.In wine, where there’s so much fuss about expression, diversity ought to be welcomed with the widest of arms.But inequality remains. Simply Google your favorite winery and check out the “About Us” section. At Abbey Creek, the vibe is decidedly and refreshingly different. The atmosphere is relaxed, the wine is good, and there’s typically a big beat wafting out of the tasting room speakers.In wine, where there’s so much fuss about expression, diversity ought to be welcomed with the widest of arms. Different perspectives lead to different flavors and overall advancement. True terroir has to reflect not only a specific place but the people who inhabit it.Bertony Faustin of Abbey Creek Vineyard Chad Brown Photography of Soul RiverWhile Faustin doesn’t think a whole lot has changed thus far, there is room for optimism. More and more industry types are taking on the subject, including leading writers like Jon Bonné. Faustin is now a member of the Oregon Winegrowers Association, affording an even bigger platform for potential change. “I now have a seat at the proverbial table,” he says. “Being recognized as a pioneer has given me a voice in sharing the message of the lack of diversity and inclusion in our industry. That voice now has a megaphone.” Abbey Creek is on the verge of releasing its newest Chardonnay (named #daddyphatsacs) and the label will welcome a new Portland location sometime this summer. Along the way, expect to hear more from the outspoken Faustin as he tries to bring a scene buried in traditionalism into the 21st century. Editors’ Recommendations Get to Know Alto Adige, the Northern Italian Wine Region What is Biodynamic Wine? A Quick and Easy Guide to the Buzzyworthy Trend last_img read more

20 Things Every Man Should Own

first_imgWhat a man really needs are those things that will improve his quality of life; things that make tasks easier to tackle, that bring genuine joy, and that are made well enough to last for years, offering true value.Listen, a good cigar is a fine thing, and you can’t beat a great ax for chopping wood. However, not every man enjoys a smoke, and some men live in homes without fireplaces. While lovely, you don’t need to own stogies or hatchets. Or Maseratis. But here are 20 things every man should own.Great WatchEvery man should own at least one good watch. You don’t need a $5,000 Rolex, but you should probably spend at least $500 or so on your finest chronometer. At that price point, you are assured of a watch that will work well for years and you can find dozens of watchmakers producing gorgeous timepieces in that range. As for the size of the face, the type of band, the function, the features, and so on, pick a watch that suits your style, but don’t go cheap; you’ll have a great watch until the end of — wait for it — time.Recommendation: For me, it’s a William Wood some days, a Martenero others. Here are some of The Manual’s top picks.Well-made BlazerEven if you wear a formal jacket all of once or twice a year, you should have a fine dress coat at the ready so you can always look your best. A great blazer can dress up a pair of nice jeans and blend seamlessly with fine slacks. You can wear blazers with ties, tees, and anything in between. You could easily spend a couple of thousand dollars on a lifetime purchase or you can get away with spending a couple hundred.Recommendation: Pricey? Look at a jacket from Joe Bananas. Affordable? Check out the likes of J. Crew. Here’s how to style your blazer once you get one.Nice SocksA good pair of socks will keep your feet comfortable all day long whether you’re hiking, strolling, or manning a desk. They can also provide that pop of personality when they sneak out down there between foot and cuff. Good socks are an affordable luxury to which you will quickly grow accustomed.Recommendation: I recommend Nice Laundry because they offer everything from crew socks to no-shows to running socks to dress socks to monogrammed, personalized socks. All of them are not only supremely comfortable but well priced, too.Comfortable Dress ShoesYou surely have several pairs of dress shoes, likely covering the bases in brown, black, two-tone, laces, loafers, and so on. But until you have at least one pair of very nice and very comfortable shoes, your wardrobe is incomplete. You need a pair of dress shoes you can wear from morning to night, at the office or on the go, without blisters or soreness. Be prepared to shell out some change here.Recommendation: Try Wolf & Shepherd’s large catalog of “Ridiculously Comfortable Dress Shoes” or go right for Wolverine’s 1000 Mile Split Toe Oxford. Here’s everything you need to know about the different styles.Running ShoesMe? I try to run five times a week and I own more athletic shoes and apparel than I can wear in a month. It’s a bit of a problem, really, but I just keep finding new brands and soon enough I have more shorts and shirts and headbands and so on. However, you don’t need all that gear to get in a good workout; you do absolutely need at least one very high-quality pair of running shoes. Inferior shoes do you a great disservice, potentiality leading to injuries both chronic and acute. If you run often, plan to get new shoes at least annually; better yet, get two pairs (at least) and alternate.Recommendation: If you run on varied terrain, consider a pair of hybrid sneakers designed to work both on trail and street.Pocket KnifeWhen I say pocket knife, frankly I’m only talking about one brand: the OG, the Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox. The brand has been making pocket knives since 1884 and is still going strong today. Whether you choose a 2019 Alox Limited Edition in a striking Champagne gold finish or the classic red Swiss Army color for your pocket knife, you’ll be getting a tool that you will never again want to be without. (except in a TSA line). With the right knife, you can slice an apple, open a bottle, saw through a branch, scale a fish, or file your nails. Choose the configuration that’s right for you and cherish it for life.Recommendation: If the classic Swiss Army Knife isn’t your style, here are some more of The Manual’s favorites.MultitoolLeatherman Leatherman/FacebookYou don’t have to spend much to get a decent, reliable multitool, but you do need to get one of these combination pliers/blades/screwdrivers/etc. tools. You have a complete toolkit, you say? Well, then leave the multitool in your car or briefcase — and make sure you tuck one in with your camping gear, too. Take that, unexpected survival ordeal.Recommendation: Gerber makes a great multitool that sells for just $31, while the OG Leatherman sells for $70. Here are some more suggestions.LuggageIf you travel all the time, great luggage is a must. If you are only on the road a few days a year, you should still treat yourself to fine luggage, as it will then last for years.Recommendation: OGIO makes some of the most logically designed roll-aboard suitcases I’ve ever used, with the Alpha Convoy 522 Travel Bag being a prime example of durable, intuitive luggage. As for a backpack that can serve as a briefcase, overnight bag, or even a light-duty hiking pack, the Cotopaxi Nazca 24L Travel Pack is the top of the line.DecanterManny Rodriguez/Getty ImagesWhether you like wine or whiskey or you even just want a fancy way to serve water, every man should own at least one good decanter. Don’t assume the only option for a fine decanter is a classic cut crystal vessel with a glass stopper — there are a wide variety of options available.Recommendation: High Camp makes the stainless steel Firelight Flask that can hold 750 ml of liquid (aka a standard bottle of wine or spirits) and that comes with drinking glasses magnetically attached to each end. It looks good enough to sit on your bar beside your other fancy glasses but is rugged enough to bring along on a camping trip.Whiskey GlassesDon’t pour a finger or two of good whiskey into an improper glass. (Nor should you pour any other fine spirit into a middling receptacle, either.) A good set of whiskey glasses will enhance the whole sipping experience and look great on your bar when you’re not enjoying a dram or two with friends or with the company of a good book.Recommendation: The Old Fashioned set from Marquis by Waterford.ArtA man should have at least one piece of artwork in his home that he’s damn proud to show off and loves to look at. It doesn’t have to be a famous masterpiece, and it doesn’t have to be large and eye-catching. It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting, a print, a sculpture, or what have you — every man’s home should have at least one object that serves no purpose beyond its own aesthetics and the feelings it inspires.Recommendation: If you’re not sure where to start your collection, go with UGallery. The company offers original paintings from artists of all levels of acclaim and price point. You can customize the art-buying experience in myriad ways, from subject matter to canvas size to style.Music PlayerA man needs a way to crank out tunes (or listen to a podcast or NPR or whatnot. Even if you’re not a diehard audiophile, you need at least one good way to play the music the mood calls for, whether the mood is rocking out with friends, romancing that special someone, or holiday cheer.Recommendation: Whether it’s a sound bar that can amp up your TV-watching experience, a Bluetooth speaker you can play anywhere, or a combined record/cassette/CD/radio/Bluetooth combo, you should have a decent sound system through which you can pipe some music.A Few Great BooksIf you don’t have at least a small collection of books in your home — and preferably on subtle display — then sir, you’re doing it wrong. If you need to jump start your book collection, go with a great coffee table book, a classic collection of short stories, and a few novels that stand the test of time.Recommendation: Consider The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.High-Quality Hygiene ProductsWith a few great personal grooming products, you will look and feel your best. Don’t settle for a soap that claims to clean hair, face, and body — you’re worth a few extra dollars for high-quality products that keep you clean and fresh in the short term and help preserve the youth and vitality of your skin over the years. Not every brand works for every man, so shop around some.Recommendation: I’ll say that now, well into my 30s, I’ve become partial to Rugged + Dapper. The facial cleanser is indeed rugged, with plenty exfoliating power, while moisturizers seem to be keeping my crowfeet and forehead lines at bay.Good Set of TowelsPerhaps a bathrobe is the more commonly thought of manly post-shower linen, but you don’t actually need a bathrobe. You will, however, use a towel almost every day of your life, so you owe it to yourself to procure a few fine towels.Recommendation: Personally, ever since I started using Casamera towels, I haven’t looked back. Made from Egyptian cotton, they really are “softer and more plush than your favorite stolen hotel towel” as the site says.GrillGrilling is the quintessential manly method of cooking, but gender doesn’t much matter here — everyone should have a great grill. Grilled food is simply the best of food, especially when you’re talking meat. And even if you live in a smaller apartment, if you have a patio, balcony, or anywhere you can get outside, you have room for a fine grill.Recommendation: Traeger’s Ranger Pellet Grill will fit in your closet when you’re not cooking but has a 184-square-inch cooking surface when set up, letting you grill six burgers at once.Quality CookwareIf you cook frequently and enjoy culinary pursuits, you probably already have a fine set of pots and pans. If not, you should own one anyway. You never know when a significant other or friend may hope to whip up a fancy meal even if you’re not much of a cook yourself. You also may find that with the right tools, you develop a sudden love for cooking. If your pots and pans are a mishmash of brands and quality, consider cleaning house and starting over with a complete set.Recommendation: With this 10-piece Calphalon set, you’ll be in good shape for years no matter how much (or how little) you cook.Great Chef KnifeYes, you should spend well over $100 on at least one great kitchen knife, a blade perfect for chopping and slicing, for meat and veggies, and for all sorts of cuisine prep.Recommendation: If you make it the eight-inch WÜSTHOF CLASSIC IKON Cook’s Knife, you’re doing it right. Just a public service announcement first: WUSTHOF knives arrive shockingly sharp.Comfortable MattressIt’s hard to overstate the value of a superlative mattress. A great mattress will last the better part of a decade. Let’s assume eight years, though — that’s 2,922 days, assuming two leap years, meaning a $2,500 mattress will cost you less than a dollar a day. Or hey, go much cheaper, but not too cheap — great sleep is priceless.Recommendation: Sure, an MLILY Fusion Luxe will cost you about $2,500 for a queen-sized unit, but it might also change your life. (Actually, if you’ll take it from me, it will.)SheetsYou’re not going to put those threadbare old sheets on your brand-new top quality mattress, are you? If you value comfort and sleep quality, you need to spend a few (dozen) dollars and get high-quality sheets that’ll last for years.Recommendation: The Lofton Organic Sheets from Saatva Dreams are cool and breathable, helping your body maintain an even thermo-regulation all night long. 11 Best Gins for a Refreshing Gin and Tonic Editors’ Recommendations 5 Classic Whiskey Cocktails You Should Know How to Make Beyond the basics of food, water, and shelter, what does a man really need? Clothing, to be sure. An income is nice. A comfortable place to sit and rest.While many of the items so often seen as classically manly — the cigars, the ax, the fast car — may be enjoyable, they are hardly necessities.Further ReadingBrands with Lifetime WarrantiesClassic Men’s Clothing You NeedEssential Kitchen Toolscenter_img The Best Campgrounds Near Major U.S. Cities The Best Bottles of Whiskey You Can Buy For $20 or Less 10 Best Gins Under $20: Just Add Tonic last_img read more

Airlines May Soon Weigh Passengers to Cut Fuel Costs and Emissions

first_img Will This Nootropic from HVMN Get You Into Ketosis Faster? What Wrangler Is Doing to Make Denim More Sustainable Could You Handle a Marathon, 20-Hour Nonstop Flight? How to Enjoy Your Campfires Responsibly The 200-Horsepower Vanquish Vanqraft VQ16 Is a Boat-Sized Jet Ski Times are tough in the travel industry. Airlines, in particular, are getting creative with where and how they pinch their pennies (like standing-room-only cabins). Now, one tech startup is pushing a way to cut the fat by literally cutting the fat — or, more specifically, measuring it. Their plan? To weigh every passenger before they board.British-based Fuel Matrix is in talks with airports in the United Kingdom to find discreet ways to weigh passengers. How they’ll be weighed has yet to be determined. It would likely occur using pressure-sensitive pads during the check-in process or through full-body scanning technology. The company promises that all of the data collected would be kept strictly confidential under Europe’s recent GDPR program designed to protect public information.Suhyeon ChoiThe concept boils down to simple economics. Heavier planes require more fuel and carrying and burning more fuel costs more money. The more accurately an airline can predict the fuel needed for each flight, the better it can predict how much fuel each plane actually needs. The problem is that most European airlines are relying on 10-year-old charts that overstate how much the average passenger and their luggage weighs. That means most planes are carrying excess fuel unnecessarily and, in turn, wasting money in the process.Fuel Matrix’s CEO, Roy Fuscone, confirms that if airlines knew they were carrying a lighter load, they could fly with less fuel. “It’s critical to know the actual weight an airline is carrying to ensure the correct fuel uplift,” he told Lonely Planet. The ideal weight for airlines is known as “zero-fuel weight,” which equals the weight of an airplane, plus all its passengers and contents, less the fuel weight. The more accurately they can predict this number, the more efficiently they can fly. Fuscone points out that this not only saves the airline money but substantially cuts carbon emissions as well.The concept isn’t new. In 2015, Uzbekistan Airways announced a new “flight safety” policy that included weighing passengers at check-in. Finnair piloted a program in 2017 to voluntarily weigh passengers to collect general data. It’s difficult, however, to imagine any U.S. airline making a similar move. In an age of rising air rage incidents and passengers being beaten into submission, domestic air carriers already have their hands full with maintaining a decent public image. Why add the potential for “fat-shaming” to the mix? Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

You Can Still Road Trip Without Missing Work Thanks to the Kugelschiff

first_imgPrevious Shark House’s Dramatic Angles Have Serious Bite 1 of 6 Live Out Your Westworld Dreams at Casteel Creek Retreat 1 of 5 Desert Wing’s Sharp Angles Bring Drama to the Desert 4 Tiny Houses You Can Buy on Amazon With just 80 square feet to work with, Edmonds had to get creative. He relied on hidden storage, turning the space under the banquet and even under the floor into storage for the equipment needed to run the trailer off-grid. Each space in the trailer serves double duty. The built-in banquet is both meeting area and dining room. The desk in the office was built on custom pistons that allow it to be lowered and turned into the bed. The sink in the kitchen can be covered to turn the counter into extra workspace. It’s a cohesive design that naturally flows from one space into the next. But most impressive is the way Edmonds stylishly squeezed a home and office into such a small space without it feeling cramped.To create a sense of wholeness, the interior of the trailer is clad is glossy white-painted aluminum — mimicking the shine of the polished aluminum exterior. Cabinets and flooring are done in soft-grained white ash and countertops are white Corian. A bit of contrast was added through the use of warm gray upholstery on the built-in banquette seating. It all comes together to create a beautifully bright space with light bouncing off the walls and making the trailer feel spacious.The owner was drawn to Mid-Century Modern aesthetics and Edmonds made sure to incorporate a few classic touches like an Eero Saarinen Tulip Table in the dining/meeting area and an Eames chair for the office. These simple yet elegant pieces are the perfect finishing touches for the crisp, clean design of this unique home-and-office on wheels.Want a Bambi trailer of your own to turn into a mobile office? Airstream recently re-released their classic towalongs, officially turning the “Bambi” nickname into its own line that you can view here. center_img The 2020 Living Vehicle Is a Swanky Luxury Apartment on Wheels Next Editors’ Recommendations Summer is quickly zipping by (like it does every year) and if you have yet to go on a summer road trip, you may be feeling like your chance is slipping away. But even if you don’t have any vacation time left on the books, you can still hit the road — you just have to make your office mobile. Enter Edmonds + Lee Architects, an architectural firm that turned working from anywhere into a reality for one lucky client.An example of the architectural firm: Remember House, San Francisco, California Edmonds + Lee Architects, Joe FletcherStarting with a vintage 1960s Airstream Bambi II trailer, the team at Edmonds + Lee, headed by Lee Edmonds, transformed the interior into a flexible, go-anywhere live-work space. Through careful architectural decisions, thoughtful material selections, and an understanding of how space is used, the trailer became a stylish and functional home that allows the owner to live the dream — traveling to and working from wherever he chooses. Nicknamed The Kugelschiff (which translates to “bullet ship” from the original German), the trailer needed to serve myriad functions for the client. Along with being a place to call home and a mobile office, there needed to be a way to entertain a few guests or hold a meeting, connect to the Cloud, and function off-grid. Edmonds was able to meet every request by making each space multi-functional, incorporating solar power, and adding a cellular hot spot to connect to the internet, even in the middle of nowhere. Next Previous last_img read more

A Guide to Raw Denim Jean Selection and Care

first_img Portion Control: The Best Meal Prep Containers on the Market Iron Heart Indigo Super Slim TaperedAnd the heaviest denim we’re featuring today, weighing in at 21 ounces, these slim-cut jeans are made in Japan of Japanese selvage denim. They do feature a poly/cotton blend for added strength, are Sanforized and have been put through one industrial wash to minimize shrinkage. The fit is carefully tapered to the cuff to show off footwear. Nudie Jeans Co. Grim Trim Dry SelvageWeighing in at 13.5 ounces, Nudie’s been using Kaihara’s Japanese selvage denim since 2001: the Japanese have perfected the art of denim manufacturing, utilizing old denim looms and natural dyes, but these jeans are made in Italy, adding a bit of international know-how. Click through the link for an awesome time-lapse video of just how great a pair of faded jeans can look over time. $335 from Self Edge Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1947 501OK, put on the brakes — they’re still 501s, but at more than seven times the price? This is where we separate the denim men from the denim boys. Because Levi’s has been in business since 1853, they have the ability to draw on an unparalleled archive and re-create jeans that have occupied a special place in history. This particular pair is based on a 1947 model, which took advantage of post-war abundance and is made with all original features. The model includes watch pocket rivets and back pocket stitching (the Levi’s “Arcuate” branding was painted on during the war to economize) in what was then new double-needle technology. It also features selvedge denim from Cone Mills of North Carolina. 3×1 M5 Low Rise Slim Jean Raw xx9903×1 offers a slim fit jean with a slinkier, lower rise than some of the more classic styles we’ve been showcasing here. Its 12.75-ounce weight offers raw denim’s credibility, with a more modern, edgier fit. The Best Black Jeans to Have You Stepping Out in Style Editors’ Recommendations $60 from Levi’s $285 from Levi’s How’s that old Ike and Tina Turner version of the song go? “We never ever do nothing nice and easy. We always do it nice and rough.” Seems like that’s an apt way to describe the way most of us approach our blue jeans. We want them to be soft and broken-in. We do it nice and easy by buying a pair that’s already been washed, ripped, and repaired, blended with stretch fiber for ease and shape retention — in plain words, letting somebody else handle the rough part. But for a more satisfying, personalized experience, we like doing it the old fashioned way: buying a pair of stiff, raw denim jeans and going through the nice and rough work of breaking them in for ourselves. These days, though, getting good quality denim that will last and stand up to some of the mistreatment you’re going to lay on it can be something of an investment. Think of it as buying one pair that you’ll be able to wear just about every day, as opposed to four pre-washed pair that will wear out after only a few seasons. There’s a lot of hype out there about the best way to condition a new pair of raw denim. Here we’ve reduced it down to some simple yet effective methods for getting the most out of your purchase, as well as a few suggestions for the best raw denim jeans that we think are worth your time, money, and affection. A Guide to Raw DenimMaterialsTo start, raw denim means that the cloth has never been washed. It goes straight from the loom to the sewer to you. Well, more or less, given a warehouse or two and a store somewhere along the way. Therefore, like any 100% cotton fabric, it’s going to shrink a bit after a good soak. Also, like just about any fabric without any spandex-like fibers to provide shape retention, denim will also stretch a bit as you wear it.  FitTo counter that shrinkage, use the following guide when buying: If you prefer a more fitted jean, buy a size larger than you normally would. If you like some room, go up two sizes. Be sure to allow a little extra length, too, especially if you are planning to roll the cuff (see below about selvedge) as jeans will also shrink lengthwise. Check to see if your jeans have been “Sanforized,” a trademarked treatment to pre-shrink denim and other natural fiber fabrics. If they have been treated with this process, go down one size for a fitted jean or buy your true size for a roomier fit. Jeans will initially be snug in the waist — which will feel uncomfortable at first — but as noted above, this is one of the places that will stretch out a bit with wear, conforming to your body (not to mention how it’s gonna fit your butt and thighs). Time for all those squats to pay off. WeightJust like at the gym, don’t be afraid of higher weights. The higher the denim’s weight, the higher the quality. Denim weights are described by the weight of a yard of the fabric, such as 12-ounce denim or 15-ounce denim. Anything below 12 ounces will break in faster, but it might not last as long. A denim shirt, for instance, might be 8-ounce fabric, so it’s softer, lighter, and easier to wear. Look for more durable ring-spun denim. Without going too deep into it, ring spinning is how the cotton fibers are actually spun into yarn before they are even woven into denim fabric. This method creates a stronger yarn than the more common open-end spinning. SelvedgeNow to truly earn your place as a raw denim aficionado, you’ll need to learn about selvedge (or “selvage,” depending). The term refers to the way fabric is woven, which results in a tightly bound edge at either end of the finished fabric that resists fraying. Quality denim makers utilize the fabric on the outside seam of jeans, putting the strong edge where it will see the most wear and tear. You can often spot a pair of selvedge jeans when the turned-up cuff shows off a colorful — usually bright red — stripe that marks the selvage edge. If you turn your jeans up and see machine stitching … turn them back. Get ‘em shortened to fit at the tailor. Don’t be that guy. SoakOnce you’ve brought the jeans back to their forever home, it’s time to set them up for maximum wearing pleasure, and it all starts with a good soak. The water temperature will determine not only how much the jeans will shrink, but also how much indigo dye will leach out of the fibers. Warm or hot water will draw out more color, and make the denim shrink more; cold water will minimize both color loss and shrinkage. Fill your tub with enough water to cover the jeans and drop them in and leave them for one to three hours — again, depending on how much you want the jeans to shrink. (You’ll hear stories about wearing the jeans while they soak: most denim experts chalk that up as an urban myth.)When the time is up, remove the jeans from the bath, let them air dry and then, when they are still a little damp, put them on for a little while and do some stretches, lunges, and squats to start the jeans conforming to your body. Author’s note: Some denim heads forgo the soak altogether, purchasing the right size to begin with and maintaining maximum color. End ResultAfter six to 12 months, these babies will caress your body like a second skin, creasing in all the right places, “remembering” your regular movements (as well as where you stash your wallet, phone, keys, etc.), and rewarding your devotion with some serious style crew.How to Wash Raw DenimAfter all these ablutions, do your jeans and the environment a favor: don’t wash them. No. Really. Sure, spot clean them now and then if you end up spilling something on them, but otherwise, wear them often and wait four months or more before the first wash. Hang them to air out between wearings to minimize odor. Use an odor-eliminating spray like Febreze, if necessary. Again, some people will recommend freezing jeans to kill odor-causing bacteria, but that’s denim urban myth number two. The bacteria just go dormant while they’re in the freezer and then become active again once you put them on. Besides, where will you keep the bottle of Stoli and all those Trader Joe’s frozen treats if your freezer’s filled with jeans? When it’s finally time, head back to the tub, fill it with cool water, and add a gentle soap like Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, Woolite Dark Care, or really any kind of dishwashing liquid. Once the soap has thoroughly dissolved into the water, plunge your jeans in, gently agitate them, and allow them to soak for about 45 minutes. You may choose to turn them inside out half-way through to be sure that both inside and outside are spit-spot. Drain the tub and give the jeans several thorough rinses with clean, cool water to be sure to wash out any remaining dirt and soap. Wrap the jeans in a large towel (preferably an old one that nobody will mind if it turns blue) and give a gentle (emphasis on gentle) squeeze. This will get some of the water out without wrecking all that stretching and conforming to your body you’ve been working on all the months. Hang to dry. One closing thought; Watch out for your mother-in-law’s white leather couch or anybody’s light-colored furniture, rugs, etc., while you’re breaking in a new pair of raw denim jeans. The indigo dye can easily rub off on lighter fabrics and finishes and can be almost impossible to remove. Best Men’s Raw Denim JeansReady to brave the blue? Here are some of our choices for the purest denim experience. We’ve also rounded up the best denim brands to shop online.Wrangler Rigid Cowboy Cut Original FitHere’s a great way to get started with raw denin while perfecting your breaking in techniques without breaking the bank. Grab these classic Wrangler jeans in a silhouette that’s been a cowboy favorite since the 1950s. The denim is nearly 15 ounces and has been processed to minimize shrinkage, but not pre-washed. The Strike Gold 2109 Pure GoldMoving up a weight class, The Strike Gold offers this 17-ounce denim that mixes traditional indigo-dyed thread for the warp (top threads) and a beige mud dyed thread for the weft (bottom threads), yielding a slightly beige hue to the jeans, resulting in an immediately aged look. A little gold sparkle on the selvage edge adds a rich finish. $285 from 3×1center_img Raleigh Denim Workshop Graham Selvage Raw OriginalRaleigh Denim is one of the last companies to still makes its jeans in the United States out of its Raleigh, North Carolina factory. These are made from signature original denim, woven exclusively for Raleigh by Cone Mills White Oak on vintage shuttle looms from American cotton. Cone Mills closed down its Greensboro, North Carolina plant in 2018 (the last of its kind in the United States), so these jeans will not only be a piece of your personal history, but they’ll also be a piece of America’s. Raleigh Denim Workshop Makes Jeans with Artistry and Ingenuity in the U.S.A. Levi’s 501 Original Shrink-to-FitPerhaps the single most classic pair of American jeans ever, Levi’s 501’s are renown for their excellent fit and button-fly. They’re a great price and you’ll get the full advantage of Levi’s nearly 140 years of jeans-making expertise. $325 from Raleigh Denim Workshop $280 from Nudie Jeans Co. Naked & Famous Weird GuyThe dark sheep in our lineup, Naked & Famous’s black denim utilizes a sulfur dye that is resistant to fading while tonal stitching ensures the most minimalist statement of black on black. For further authenticity, the 13-ounce denim is woven on vintage shuttle looms. The Weird Guy? That’s just the brand’s standard tapered fit, featuring a medium rise that’s comfortable from waist to hip and tapered from the knee to hem. How to Shave With a Straight Razor The Best Father and Son Matching Outfits $170 from Tate & Yoko $345 from Iron Heart $29 from Wranglerlast_img read more

Is Calisthenics Right For You A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts

first_img The Best Leg Exercises for Sculpted Calves, Quads, and More Long Hair for Men: Tips for Growing and Maintaining Your Style How to (Almost) Painlessly Improve Your Running How to Build Your Own Home Gym for Under $350 What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when starting calisthenics?“Rushing! Callisthenic movement is meant to be done with control,” says Wright, which is why you can gain more stability and awareness of your body doing these exercises.“Neglecting the lower body” is the biggest mistake, according to Connellan. “Many calisthenics aficionados focus all of their time on their chest, arms, or abs and completely forget about their legs. Keep crushing those bodyweight squats until they’re perfect, and then you can move onto those elusive pistol squats.”OK, let’s do a workout. Which are the best calisthenics exercises?Muscle UpsPatrik Giardino/Getty ImagesLiles: One of the gold standards for true athleticism is the ability to pull yourself up over a bar. Think of it as an aggressive pullup into a tricep extension. Hanging from a bar, hyper-extend your trunk, use momentum from the hip flexion, simultaneously pull to swing your chest over the bar. From there, straighten your arms to lock down. Lower yourself down and repeat. Try not to do more than five or 10 in a row.Tricep Dip to Leg RaiseKhosrork/Getty ImagesWright: Grab even parallel bars with your legs hanging down. Complete one tricep dip and once you get to the top of your rep lift your legs up, bringing your feet to the sky.BurpeesNattrass/Getty ImagesLiles: Everyone hates them, but there’s no denying their effectiveness in spiking your heart rate and working your entire body. From standing, drop into a low squat, placing your hands on the floor. From there, jump your feet back into plank position. You can add a pushup or drop your chest to the floor and return back to plank. Jump your feet forward back to the low squat position and complete a squat jump. Land in a squat and repeat. See how many you can do in one minute?Squat to High KickCavan Images/Getty ImagesWright: Bodyweight squat then kick one leg up and in front of your body reaching your opposite hand to your foot.MogulsDrazen/Getty ImagesLiles: Moguls are a progression of mountain climbers where you’re likely to work your abs even more. From plank position, jump both knees toward your right elbow, jump back to plank, jump them to your left elbow, back to plank, and repeat. Try to keep your butt out of the air. See how many of these you can crush in one minute.Push Up to Shoulder TapStígur Már Karlsson /Heimsmyndir/Getty ImagesWright: From a high plank, do one push up then tap your shoulder with your hand right to left, complete another push and alternate again.What is a beginner calisthenics workout?Liles says, “Do simple exercises like squats, pushups, and lunges to warm up, as well as any flexibility or mobility drills you can incorporate. If you happened to be very limited with your flexibility and mobility, address that first before attempting anything explosive.”How can you find more calisthenics workouts?If you’re always on the move, use an online fitness platform that connects you to a personal trainer in exactly the training you’re looking for, i.e. Connellan on Livekick. Through live sessions, Livekick is a pocket-trainer with real interaction from anywhere.Other fitness apps like Tonal can be beneficial if your goal is tracking progress. This is the perfect app for people who love setting personal records and getting into the details of measuring performance. Here are some more of our favorites that can whip you into shape.Another option is getting your ass into a gym in real life. Having a trainer like Liles at Equinox is a no-nonsense approach to getting the workout done, and making sure your form is perfect. You can’t make excuses that you lost Wi-Fi.center_img Kolostock/Getty ImagesCalisthenics may sound like an ’80s Jazzercise workout but this form of bodyweight training may be the only one guys need to get jacked. Like, Brad Pitt-in-Fight–Club jacked. Or Brad-Pitt-in-Snatch jacked. You get the picture.The Manual asked three professional trainers what exactly calisthenics is, the best moves, and realistic expectations to have when you ditch the dumbbells.What is calisthenics?“Calisthenics is simply body-weight exercises where gravity is the resistance you are working against,” explains Gerren Liles, Hyperwear athlete and Equinox master trainer. “Think of it as your body being its own gym.”“It can be practiced outdoors and is often referred to as a ‘street workout,’” says Ethan Connellan, Livekick fitness trainer and calisthenics bodybuilder. “One of the major benefits of this style of exercise is that it can be done anywhere, without any equipment.” Like in a hotel room or in front of the TV on football Sundays.“Think of it as your body being its own gym.”Breaking the boundaries of a standard gym, you may work your muscles more and therefore see more gains. (It’s all about the gains, kids.)Does calisthenics make you fit?“Calisthenics is great, particularly for men, because it can give you that ripped look,” says Liles.Connellan seconds that. “When I think of the most ridiculous bodies I’ve ever seen on a man, I think of gymnasts. And what makes up 99.9% of their routines? Calisthenics.” Connellan adds that “more often than not, calisthenics moves take more energy and cause you to burn more fuel during and after workouts.”For those already doing weights, there are still more benefits to be had. “For guys who lift a lot, calisthenics will help with the mobility and flexibility that’s needed to continue to let muscles grow,” says Paul Wright, coach at Tonal.Realistically, can you get the same results as using weights?“Calisthenics is limited in the gains … because the resistance cannot be increased in a meaningful way … gravity will always be what it is,” admits Liles. “One way to increase the intensity of calisthenics is by wearing a weighted vest.”Connellan says, “It’s true that when using only the weight of your body, you will reach a point where your muscles probably won’t grow any further without added resistance.” He suggests playing with elevated surfaces or changing the angle of an exercise.Further ReadingWhy You Should be Actively Stretching for a Better WorkoutHow to (Almost) Painlessly Improve Your RunningPre-Workout Meals that Make the Most of Your Hard Work How to Use a Vibrating Foam Roller Like Tom Brady Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Michael Vick Donates To New Football Field

first_imgYesterday, the Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation broke ground on the football field in North Philadelphia’s 87-acre Hunting Park thanks to a critical contribution from Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick and his newly formed charity, the Team Vick Foundation.The $200,000 contribution marks the launch of the Foundation and its first major gift. The field will be named the Team Vick Field.The $1 million restoration of Hunting Park’s football field is the capstone project of Phase One of the Hunting Park Revitalization Project, a long-term comprehensive plan led by the Fairmount Park Conservancy to transform the park into a safe and well-maintained space that will provide a place for healthy recreation for children and families, bring neighborhoods together and serve as a catalyst for larger neighborhood renewal. Construction of football field the will be completed by late spring 2013.The football field restoration is also being funded by the City of Philadelphia; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; JAWS Youth Playbook; LISC Philadelphia; The Philly Area Chevy Dealers’ EcoAd through CBS EcoMedia; and The Philadelphia Eagles.The Hunting Park Football field is home to the North Philly Aztecs youth football program, the first inner city youth football team to win a Pop Warner Championship. With more than 400 athletes in its football and cheerleading programs, the Aztecs are one of the largest youth athletic programs in Philadelphia. Yet, due to its deteriorating condition, the Aztecs have not played a game on their home field in nearly 20 years.Improvements to the football field include: drainage by elevating the field, new under-field drainage system, re-grading and resurfacing field and play areas, field lighting, installing goal posts and new scoreboard, leveling and paving of new track.Vick founded the Team Vick Foundation, a non-profit, 501c3 charity to provide second chances and support to individuals and communities who need it most in the summer of 2012. Committed to improving lives and communities, Vick’s vision and leadership is focused on improving livelihoods and communities through public service. This vision led Vick to become involved in the Hunting Park Revitalization Project.For information about completed projects and future plans for the Hunting Park Revitalization Project, visit the HPRP website. For information about the Fairmount Park Conservancy, visit Newswirelast_img read more

Spencers to buy Natures Basket for Rs 300 crore

first_imgNew Delhi: Sanjiv Goenka Group’s Spencer’s Retail Friday said it will acquire Godrej Industries’ grocery chain Nature’s Basket for Rs 300 crore. Natures Basket’s acquisition will make Spencer’s Retail a national player, giving it access to the western parts of India through its 36 stores in prime locations in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. “…The Board of Directors of the company….has approved a proposal for acquisition of entire 100 per cent stake held by Godrej Industries Ltd in its wholly owned subsidiary Nature’s Basket Ltd, subject to requisite approval of the shareholders of the company and execution of a share purchase agreement for undertaking the transaction contemplated above. “This acquisition will bring in many synergies in Spencer’s business and fits in well with Spencer’s omnichannel strategy,” Spencer’s Retail said in a regulatory filing. Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: IcraSpencer’s Retail will acquire Nature’s Basket’s entire share capital comprising 44,58,30,000 fully paid-up equity shares of Rs 10 each. Spencer’s Retail said the consideration for the proposed transaction is Rs 300 crore (+/- any agreed adjustments) in terms of the SPA to be executed with Natures Basket and Godrej Industries, and subject to the requisite approval of the shareholders and consumation of the transaction. Natures Basket Limited (NBL), a 100 per cent subsidiary of Godrej Industries and reported turnover of Rs 338.28 crore for the year 2018-19. The company sells various food products and beverages through its retail stores and online platform. Also Read – Ashok Leyland stock tanks over 5 pc as co plans to suspend production for up to 15 daysKolkata-based Spencer’s Retail, part of RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, is a multi-format retailer that provides products across categories such as food, personal care, fashion, home essentials, electrical and electronics. “Looking forward, we realised that to further unlock the immense potential of this brand and to grow it to even greater heights, we need to pass on the torch to owners who have prioritised retail in their portfolio strategy and have the relevant ecosystems to take the business to the next level,” said Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Group. Dubash said Spencer’s Retail is very keen to further strengthen the brand and strongly accelerate the growth of the business. “Both Spencer’s and Nature’s Basket are positioned as experiential grocery retailers, and that is the first of many synergies that this acquisition brings. Nature’s Basket has a strong portfolio of private label brands which has huge traction with its consumers. We believe there is huge potential to expand this to Spencer’s stores,” said Shashwat Goenka, Sector Head – Retail & FMCG, RP Sanjiv Goenka Group.last_img read more

No obstructions to regrouping of peacekeepers in Eritrea UN says

22 February 2008With Eritrea still hindering the temporary relocation of United Nations peacekeepers to Ethiopia, the UN mission to the two countries said today that there were as yet no obstructions to its regrouping in the Eritrean capital of Asmara. UN convoys en route to Asmara are moving troops, equipment and supplies from all sectors of the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) that divides the Horn of Africa countries which fought a bloody border war that ended in 2000, according to the UN Mission to Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE).Earlier this month, UNMEE decided to relocate to Ethiopia after Eritrea cut off diesel fuel supplies to the Mission, paralyzing the operation on that side of the border. Additionally, food stocks are also running extremely low for blue helmets after a commercial company supplying rations to UNMEE said it would no longer fulfil its contractual obligations. The mission’s personnel and equipment began regrouping this weekend in a bid to speed up the relocation. Yesterday, Edmond Mulet, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), briefed the Security Council on UNMEE’s temporary relocation efforts, after which Ambassador Ricardo Alberto Arias of Panama, which holds the rotating Council presidency, told journalists that the 15-member panel “condemned Eritrea’s systematic violations of successive Security Council resolutions.” read more

TSX lower as eurozone anxiety increases

The Toronto stock market was firmly in the red Tuesday amid mounting anxiety over the eurozone on word that Greek voters will head back to the polls now that attempts to form a coalition government have failed.The prospect of another vote has raised fears that Greece may walk away from its debts, meaning an exit from the euro currency would be likely, possibly damaging the eurozone and disrupting the wider global economy.The S&P/TSX composite index declined 70.17 points to 11,418.36 while the TSX Venture Exchange gave back 19.22 points to 1,284.62.Attempts to form a coalition government in Greece have failed since an inconclusive election May 6.Greek socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos said Tuesday that Greece is going to new elections after talks produced no deal.Although no party won enough seats in Greece’s recent election to form a government, voters gave support to political parties that want to cancel or renegotiate the terms of a massive financial bailout by international lenders that requires harsh austerity measures.“I’m not sure they really have a handle on what it is they’re doing or what they need to do or what they want to do,” said Fred Ketchen, manager of equity trading at Scotia Capital. “If they have another election, what will that prove? it may prove exactly what they did last time.”Some investors fear other weak euro countries such as Portugal or Ireland could eventually take the same path.The Canadian dollar lost 0.08 of a cent to 99.63 cents US. The loonie has been pressured over the past week as traders avoided riskier assets such as oil and metals and resource-based currencies including the loonie.American markets were little changed amid data showing U.S. retail sales rose 0.1 per cent in April, which met expectations. Other data showed that U.S. consumer prices were flat in April as lower gas prices offset higher food, housing costs.The Dow Jones industrials declined 12.72 points to 12,682.63. The Nasdaq composite index was up 6.23 points to 2,908.81 and the S&P 500 index was off 1.68 points to 1,336.67.Worries about Greece sent the TSX down 206 points Monday to its lowest level since early October. The showing left the main index almost four per cent below where it started the year. It has tumbled almost 10 per cent since its 2012 highs racked up in late February.Resource stocks led declines on the TSX on Tuesday. Oil and mining stocks had already taken a beating before the Greek crisis accelerated as data indicated slowing economic growth in the U.S. and China, in addition to the eurozone where tough austerity measures taken on to deal with high debt have strangled growth.“The commodity sectors of our market have really taken it on the chin,” added Ketchen, who noted that the metals and gold sectors have plunged more than 20 per cent this year while the energy sector has fallen by over 12 per cent.Commodity prices were weak after closing at their lowest level in months. The energy sector was off 1.12 per cent as the June crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange slipped eight cents to US$94.70 a barrel after closing Monday at its lowest level since just before Christmas. Canadian Natural Resources declined 46 cents to $29.79.The gold sector was down 1.14 per cent as bullion ticked $6.90 lower to US$1,554.10 an ounce after falling to its lowest close since late December. Barrick Gold faded 47 cents to $36.18.The base metals sector slipped 1.27 per cent as copper extended a series of losses that took the metal to its lowest level since mid-January on Monday. The July contract dipped four cents to US$3.52 a pound on Tuesday.Copper is viewed as an economic bellwether as it is used in so many industries. But prices have fallen sharply — down over seven per cent since May 1 alone — amid data showing a slowing global economy. Teck Resources was down 63 cents to $31.07.Financials were weak with TD Bank down 60 cents to $79.33.There had been some optimism in the marketplace earlier in the morning after data showed that a strong export performance from Germany helped the economy of the 17 countries that use the euro narrowly avoid a recession in the first three months of the year.Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, reported that the eurozone economy was flat when compared to the previous quarter, confounding expectations for a 0.2 per cent decline, which would have put the eurozone back into recession. In the last quarter of 2011, the eurozone contracted by 0.3 per cent.Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, was the primary driver for the better-than-expected report as a strong export performance helped it grow by 0.5 per cent.Other countries are not faring nearly as well: Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia are all in recession.European markets were lower with London’s FTSE 100 off 0.62 per cent, Frankfurt’s DAX lost 0.82 per cent and the Paris CAC 40 gave back 0.65 per cent.In corporate news, Facebook is raising the price at which it plans to sell stock to the public. The social networking company said in a regulatory filing Tuesday that it expects to sell its stock for between US$34 and $38 per share. That’s higher than a previous range of $28 to $35. The initial public offering is expected to happen Friday.Shares in The Home Depot Inc. slumped 1.68 per cent to US$49.02 after full-year revenue guidance from the world’s biggest home-improvement company fell short of Wall Street expectations. read more

UN chief hails Icelands contribution to gender parity international justice

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson at the University of Iceland. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visits Alþingi, Parliament of Iceland. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Secretary General visits the “Harpa” Concert Hall and Conference Center, designed by Artist Olafur Eliasson. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Secretary General Ban Ki-moon delivers his speech at the University of Iceland on “Iceland and the United Nations: Building a Sustainable Future for All”. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visits Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe ‹ › Other important areas to focus on will be the empowerment of women and youth, disaster risk reduction, helping countries in transition and building amore secure world through effective peacekeeping and nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, Mr. Ban said.“While Iceland may seem somewhat alone up here near the top of the planet, the country is outward-looking, fully engaged with the world across a full spectrum of human need,” Mr. Ban said later in his address at the University of Iceland.“Even at a time when Iceland was enduring its own deep economic distress, you strived to uphold your commitments to help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries,” he said, referring to the country’s financial crisis which began in 2008.Mr. Ban underlined that dramatic changes in the global landscape, including financial, food and environmental crises, will require world leaders to work together.“This is a moment that cries out for good international solutions, and for effective multilateralism. No nation, on its own, can address today’s serious and multiple threats. Every nation can gain by working with others.”While in Iceland, the Secretary-General will meet with President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson as well as with other senior officials. He will also visit a geothermal power plant and the Thingvellir National Park, designated a World Heritage site by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks at the University of Iceland. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe “We have gained significantly from Iceland’s support in critical areas such as international criminal justice, human rights, gender equality and humanitarian assistance,” Mr. Ban told members of the foreign affairs committee of the Icelandic Parliament in Reykjavik, the capital.“As one of the first countries to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Iceland has claimed its place at the forefront of the advancement of international justice. And your parliament, of course, is among the world leaders in women’s representation,” Mr. Ban said. Mr. Ban also noted Iceland’s lead role in advancing the international agenda on oceans and the law of the sea, as well as the country’s commitment to international cooperation. He stressed that these contributions will be increasingly important as the world seeks to accelerate progress on the anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and sets a post-2015 development agenda.“The Millennium Development Goals have been the most successful anti-poverty push in history. Now, with less than 1000 days left until the end of 2015, the agreed deadline, I am pressing for accelerated efforts to finish the job,” Mr. Ban said.“2015 is […] the year when Member States must make good on their promise to reach a legally binding agreement on climate change,” he added, stressing that achieving sustainable development is one of his main priorities during his second term. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson speak to journalists. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, accommpanied by Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson (left) and Bjarni Bjarnason of the Reykjavík Energy Authority, makes a visit to the Hellisheidi Geothermal Plant in Iceland. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets with President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson at the University of Iceland. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe read more

The Chiefs Are Collapsing At Record Speed

PHI88PHI89CHI 3, PHI 24-1.2– 1994Dallas17051731+26✓ OUR PREDICTION (ELO)READERS’ PREDICTION 2015New England17221740+17✓ YEARTEAMWEEK 5 ELOWEEK 12 ELODIFFERENCEMADE PLAYOFFS CIN84CIN79CLE 16, CIN 30-4.3– 1990San Francisco17271710-16✓ 2007New England17231806+84✓ DET53MIN56MIN 30, DET 23+6.6– Check out our latest NFL predictions. 2004New England17041742+38✓ The past month and a half has been rough for KC fans to say the least, but all is not lost. The Chiefs still have a 79 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to FiveThirtyEight’s NFL predictions, partly because the AFC West doesn’t have another team that’s above .500, and partly because just one of their remaining five opponents has an Elo rating that’s above average: the suddenly hot L.A. Chargers.But Chiefs fans have become all too familiar with Smith’s explosive starts and dismal finishes — Smith led KC to a 9-0 start in 2013, before ending the regular season 2-5 and losing the AFC Wild Card game to the Colts. The team’s fate could rest on whether Andy Reid decides to yank Smith as the starting QB in favor of rookie Patrick Mahomes II, who the team selected with the 10th pick in the 2017 draft. In his junior year at Texas Tech, Mahomes led all FBS schools in passing yards and tacked on a 4.1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. While the first-year gunslinger would be thrust into a high-pressure environment if he takes over for Smith, Mahomes might be the spark that the Chiefs so desperately need.FiveThirtyEight vs. the readersWeek 12 in our NFL predictions game — in which we invite you to outsmart our Elo algorithm — saw the readers beat Elo by an overall 5.5 points, just their second victorious week of the year. Their biggest individual victory came in the Chargers’ 28-6 drubbing of the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day — readers picked up 12.4 points on that game. L.A. sits at 5-6 after two straight wins, and our model now gives the team its highest chance to date of making the playoffs — though, granted, that chance is just 26 percent. The readers had more confidence in the surging Vikings than our Elo system did, and readers were rewarded with 6.6 points after Minnesota took care of Detroit 30-23.The biggest loss for the readers came when they put too much faith in Jacksonville (we’ve warned you before); the Jaguars fell to the Cardinals 24-27, which resulted in a 12.9 point loss for the readers. And they didn’t put enough faith in the Bengals, as Cincinnati thwarted Cleveland 30-16, yielding a 4.3 point loss for the readers.Make sure you get your Week 13 predictions in early, and thanks for playing. NE90NE90MIA 17, NE 35-1.1– WSH68WSH71NYG 10, WSH 20+0.0 1986Chicago17501706-44✓ NO55NO53NO 20, LAR 26-0.1– PIT78PIT84GB 28, PIT 31+0.6– No prizes will be awarded for working out where KC’s problems lie. While the team’s defense has actually improved as the season has progressed — the team allowed 22.2 points per game during the 5-0 start compared with 20.8 since — the Chiefs’ offense has been woeful. Former MVP favorite Smith has received the brunt of the criticism, and rightly so: During the 5-0 start, Smith had the best passer rating in the league, but he had just the the 17th-best rating in his next six games. As for Hunt, the running back who was the favorite for offensive Rookie of the Year just a few weeks ago, his yards per carry plummeted from 6.3 in his first five games to 3.2 in his next six. As a group, the Chiefs have made another piece of forgettable history: The team’s decline on offense since Week 5 is tied for fifth-worst in the NFL since 2001. 2011Green Bay17241772+48✓ 5Kansas City201752.833.3-19.5 3Denver201357.436.1-21.3 CAR57CAR67CAR 35, NYJ 27+5.4– 4Denver200850.930.2-20.7 2007Indianapolis17111736+25✓ TEN52TEN61TEN 20, IND 16+5.7– 5N.Y. Giants201441.121.6-19.5 1941Chicago17141766+52✓ 1973Miami17071771+64✓ OAK64OAK63DEN 14, OAK 21-2.7– 2017Kansas City17011584-116? 2Indianapolis200758.036.4-21.6 RANKTEAMSEASONFIRST 5 GAMESNEXT 6 GAMESDIFFERENCE PICKWIN PROB.PICKWIN PROB.RESULTREADERS’ NET PTS 1942Chicago17481775+27✓ SEA78SEA79SEA 24, SF 13-1.7– KC78KC74BUF 16, KC 10+3.5– Source: PRO-FOOTBALL-REFERENCE Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group DAL68%DAL56%LAC 28, DAL 6+12.4– Elo’s dumbest (and smartest) picks of Week 12Average difference between points won by readers and by Elo in Week 12 matchups in FiveThirtyEight’s NFL prediction game The worst midseason dips on offensePercentage of offensive drives that resulted in a score, since 2001 Great teams don’t have meltdownsDifference in Elo after Week 5 and after Week 12 among teams that had an Elo rating of at least 1700 after Week 5 1Chicago200650.0%28.0%-22.0 JAX55JAX64JAX 24, ARI 27-12.9– The scoring system is nonlinear, so readers’ average points don’t necessarily match the number of points that would be given to the average reader prediction. Through Week 5 of this NFL season, there was no team better than Kansas City. The Chiefs were 5-0 with a league-best offense in almost every major category, and they’d chalked up statement wins over New England and Philadelphia, who are now the best teams in their respective conferences. Alex Smith was the best quarterback in the game and on course for one of the greatest QB seasons in NFL history. Rookie Kareem Hunt was breaking the league as the best running back in the game, averaging more than 120 rushing yards per game and more than six yards per carry. And as we detailed, the last time the Chiefs were that good, they won Super Bowl IV. Life in the Midwest was bliss.Few could have predicted what has happened since, though. The Chiefs’ decline began in Week 6 with a 19-13 defeat at home against the Steelers; it took a further nosedive two weeks ago when they lost to the lowly New York Giants; and it reached a nadir in their Week 12 loss to Buffalo, the latest setback in what has become one of the most mystifying breakdowns in recent memory. The Chiefs have recorded just a single win (over the Broncos) in their past six games and now sport a 6-5 record, and they have undergone the league’s third-biggest drop in Elo ratings in that time — only the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers and quarterback-less Broncos have dropped further. Fans in KC will be wondering how far their team’s performance might fall, and for good reason: This kind of collapse is essentially unprecedented. Among teams that had an Elo rating of at least 17001Elo ratings measure the quality of teams. An Elo rating of roughly 1500 is considered average. after Week 5 of the season, Kansas City’s decline is the largest through Week 12 in NFL history. ATL78ATL78TB 20, ATL 34-1.9– 1998Denver17121773+61✓ BAL68BAL67HOU 16, BAL 23-2.8– read more

Kupol achieves firsts in ICMI environmental certification

first_imgKinross Gold’s Kupol mine in the Far East Region of the Russian Federation has been fully certified under the International Cyanide Management Code. Kupol is the first mine in Russia to obtain this certification, which was received based on a thorough independent third-party audit of the mine operations. In November 2009, Kupol’s transportation group was also certified as fully compliant with the Code, making it the first mine-operated transportation group in the world to be certified. That certification covers the storage and transportation of cyanide from Port of Pevek facilities to Kupol via a 430-km ice road. The ice road is built annually to transport supplies to the Kupol site.The Cyanide Management Code is a voluntary code that focuses on the safe manufacture, transportation, storage, use and decommissioning of cyanide and associated facilities used for the production of gold. It was developed by a multi-stakeholder group under the guidance of the United Nations Environment Program, with the goal of responsible management of cyanide used in gold mining to enhance the protection of human health and the environment. Consistent with Kinross’ commitment to world-class environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, it was one of the original signatory companies of the Code.“Kupol’s full certification is a testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment of our team at the mine,” said James Crossland, Kinross Gold Executive Vice-President External Relations and Corporate Responsibility. “We are fully committed to the goals of the Cyanide Management Code, and safe, environmentally responsible operating standards for all our Kinross operations.”Certification for Kinross’ La Coipa mine in Chile will commence in 2010. All other Kinross operations – including Maricunga in Chile; Paracatu and Crixás in Brazil; and Round Mountain, Fort Knox and Kettle River-Buckhorn in the US – are now certified under the Cyanide Management Code.last_img read more

Notre Dame main structure saved after blaze engulfs Paris cathedral

first_img Notre-Dame de Paris en proie aux flammes. Émotion de toute une nation. Pensée pour tous les catholiques et pour tous les Français. Comme tous nos compatriotes, je suis triste ce soir de voir brûler cette part de nous.— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) April 15, 2019 Source: Préfecture de police/Twitter Short URL Apr 15th 2019, 6:21 PM 160,935 Views French police warned members of the public to avoid the area. US President Donald Trump suggested earlier via Twitter that “flying water tankers” could be used to put out the blaze – an idea dismissed shortly after by the French Civil Defence. which said such a move could lead to the collapse of the entire structure. #Intervention en cours à #NotreDameUn dispositif important est déployé. Merci de ne pas encombrer la ligne 18/112, laissez libre accès aux sapeurs-pompiers de Paris, pour leur permettre d’intervenir dans les meilleures conditions.— Pompiers de Paris (@PompiersParis) April 15, 2019 Monday 15 Apr 2019, 10:48 PM 151 Comments By Conor McCrave As a popular tourist attraction, millions of tourists visit the medieval building every year.With reporting from Cónal Thomas and © AFP, 2019 #NotreDame on fire 🔥— Liam Taylor (@LiamMTaylor) April 15, 2019 Source: Emmanuel Macron/Twitter Source: Liam Taylor/Twitter Share1839 Tweet Email9 Notre Dame main structure ‘saved’ after blaze engulfs Paris cathedral Video footage from the scene shows the iconic spire collapsing. Updated Apr 15th 2019, 10:48 PM Source: Thibault CamusFRENCH FIRE SERVICES tackling a major blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris have said the main structure of the building has been “saved and preserved”. Speaking this evening, Paris fire brigade chief Jean-Claude Gallet told reporters outside the cathedral that “we can consider that the main structure of Notre-Dame has been saved and preserved”, adding it appeared that the two main towers of the building had now been saved.Gallet said that the main task now was to cool the temperature inside the cathedral, a procedure that would take several hours. One firefighter has been injured while tackling the blaze. French president Emmanuel Macron, who was at the scene this evening, said the iconic gothic structure will be rebuilt and that the “worst has been avoided”.Images from the scene began to emerge shortly after 7pm local time showing smoke and flames billowing from the top of the building.French media earlier reported that part of the roof towards the back of the building had collapsed, with video footage also showing the spire collapsing in.400 firefighters were battling the blaze in Paris this evening. Deputy Interior Minister Laurent Nunez has said at the scene earlier that saving the gothic monument was “not certain”.Police cordoned off streets surrounding the cathedral while emergency services tackled the blaze.  Before the fire broke out, scaffolding could be seen around parts of the building as it was undergoing renovations.The peak of the church had been undergoing a €6 million renovation project. UN cultural agency UNESCO said it is “at France’s side to save and restore” the famous cathedral.  Source: Patrick Galey/TwitterThe cause of the fire is unknown, although French media quoted the Paris fire brigade saying the fire is “potentially linked” to the renovation work.Work started on Notre Dame – translated literally as ‘Our Lady of Paris’ – in 1163 with the original structure finally completed nearly 200 years later in 1345. The cathedral has become famous through artistic works like Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame and is known for its iconic stained glass ‘rose’ windows made between 1225 and 1250. Spokesman for the cathedral, Andre Finot, has said that the wooden structure supporting the roof was gutted by the blaze. “Everything is burning,” he said earlier this evening.  Notre-Dame de #Paris I Incendie en cours. Évitez le secteur et facilitez le passage des véhicules de secours et d’intervention de la @prefpolice.— Préfecture de police (@prefpolice) April 15, 2019 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Christa speaks in federal parliament

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Nine-year-old Christa Dracopoulos was one of 12 children from Australia and New Zealand who took part in the Power of Speech Awards, held at federal parliament in Canberra last Tuesday.Christa addressed and impressed more than 150 guests, including the Governor General of Australia Sir Peter Cosgrove and the Prime Minister Tony Abbott.The public speaking event, staged by the philanthropic organisation the Shepherd’s Centre, is a celebration of the remarkable outcomes possible for children who are deaf or hearing impaired, thanks to the life changing technologies available to them, and the early intervention programs.Nine year old Christa Dracopoulos, who also speaks Greek, is one of the children who have benefited from the technologies available to them in Australia, thanks to a cochlear implant.The Power of Speech Event, where six to 12 year old kids participate, aims to prove that hearing loss is no barrier to education, social inclusion and community participation. It also aims to celebrate the outcomes possible thanks to the technology of the cochlear implant, and the world renowned Early Intervention programs at First Voice, a national alliance of member organisations providing listening and spoken language for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.last_img read more

Capcom Promises to Fix ChunLis Face in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

first_imgStay on target For unknown reasons, Chun-Li and a number of other characters look very different in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Since these are some of gaming’s most beloved characters, their new looks haven’t gone over well with a large segment of fans. As is the thing nowadays, folks took to social media to point out just how different the characters look now.This is a tweet from Ryan “FChamp” Ramirez, who is a professional fighting game player. As you can see from the pictures he posted, Chun-Li doesn’t even look like the same person. While I personally don’t think she looks as horrible as some say, it’s clear that Capcom drastically changed her appearance.2016 Chunli vs 2017 Chunli— FChamp Ryan Ramirez (@fchampryan) June 13, 2017Chun-Li isn’t the only character who looks off. Below is a comparison of what Dante looks like in MvCI and what he looked like in Devil May Cry 4. Twitter user Charles Lai points out how the Dante model from the PS3 era looks better than the one on PS4.Dante on late-PS4 in Marvel VS Capcom compared to early-PS3 Devil May Cry 4.What happened?— Charles Lai (@comtar) June 13, 2017Thankfully, Capcom has heard fans’ displeasure and is promising to update the characters’ looks before the game is released. In a statement to EuroGamer, Capcom says: “The development team is hard at work finishing the game for the September 19 release date, and based on the feedback we heard, we are currently making improvements to Chun-Li as well as other Capcom characters. Since the work is still in progress, we don’t have anything final to show you just yet, but stay tuned.”Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has been getting a lot of flack since it was revealed. From changed characters looks to the omission of the X-Men, fans do not seem happy about where this game is headed. Will making characters’ faces more palatable help things? Maybe. Hopefully, folks will like the actual game itself and perhaps forgive some of its alleged shortcomings.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. ‘Project Resistance’ Trailer Shows New Multiplayer ‘Resident Evil’11 Things We’re Looking Forward to at PAX West last_img read more

No interim relief to Chidambaram in INX Media case

first_imgNew Delhi: In a setback to former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, his petition challenging the Delhi High Court rejection of anticipatory bail has not been listed before a Supreme Court bench. A battery of lawyers for Chidambaram headed by senior advocate Kapil Sibal has been trying since morning to schedule the matter for hearing before an appropriate bench. Also Read – BJP launches anti-AAP campaign to save Delhi Advertise With Us Sibal appeared before a bench headed by Justice N.V. Ramana and said: “We had no choice. That is why we have come to this court here again.” Justice Ramana said some defect has been noticed in the petition. Sibal said they had cured the defect and urged the court to permit him to orally mention before the court and pleaded for listing of the matter as early as possible. Also Read – In his first after abrogation of Art 370, Army chief to visit Srinagar today Advertise With Us “My client is not running away and Lookout Notice has been issued against him. He is ready to give an undertaking that he is not going anywhere,” Sibal said. Justice Ramana called the Registrar who informed the court that defects had been cured and after verification the petition would be listed. As Sibal insisted that the petition be heard, Justice Ramana refused saying that without listing the matter he could not hear it. Advertise With Us In the morning, a Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Ramana refused to grant interim relief from arrest to Chidambaram and referred his plea for anticipatory bail in the INX media case to Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi for urgent hearing. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told the court that this was a case of “monumental money laundering”. At this, Sibal contested that at 2 a.m. a notice was pasted on the former Union Minister’s residence. Sibal said that on Tuesday they did approach the Chief Justice but could not get an urgent hearing. He said the documents related to the case were ready for urgent hearing. Chidambaram has challenged the Delhi High Court order which rejected his anticipatory bail plea on Tuesday. On January 25, the Delhi High Court reserved order on Chidambaram’s bail plea in the case being probed by the Enforcement Directorate and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The agencies had opposed Chidambaram’s bail plea, saying his custodial interrogation was necessary as he was evasive and had given false information during questioning. The ED and the CBI are probing how his son Karti Chidambaram got clearance from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) in 2007 when his father was the Finance Minister. Karti Chidambaram was arrested on February 28, 2018 by the CBI for allegedly accepting money to facilitate the FIPB clearance to INX Media. He was later granted bail. His chartered accountant S. Bhaskararaman was also arrested and released on bail.last_img read more

Preacher Gets the Whole Screwed Up Gang Back Together

first_img You know Preacher is approaching the end of the season because all the stories are starting to run right into each other. That means the show is finally getting back to that wild chaos that only it can do so well. Remember how we caught up with Arseface last week? This week, it’s Hitler’s turn. He’s been working as a sandwich artist (a hilarious history joke in itself) at an off-brand version of Subway. Huh, guess the real deal would be uncomfortable being portrayed as a company that would hire Adolf… sorry, David Hitler. It’s not all footlongs for the Fuhrer, though. He’s getting back to his old genocidal dictator business, starting with a small following of other strip mall employees. Not that he gets all that far. Just like with Eugene, The Saint of Killers shows up right away to drag him back to hell. No matter how much he refuses.But then it’s back to Angelville. This week, we pick up with Madame Boyd being laid to rest in the swamp. The sudden somber moment is a jarring shift from the comedy violence (involving a bloody soda fridge door) we just saw. Promisingly, the show doesn’t spend a ton of time on Jesse moping around. It’s time to run these plots into each other already. The Grail shows up at Angelville because Starr needs Jesse to overthrow Humperdoo, and Jesse needs The Grail to help pay down his debt. He’s not exactly thrilled to be working with them again, but what are you going to do? Also, this show loves humiliating Starr and I love it. While Starr is condescendingly listing what The Grail can offer Madame L’Angelle, she takes out her catheter tube and pisses on his shoes. No matter what Starr does, the show will never let him be cool and it’s perfect.Malcolm Barrett as Hoover (Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)Complicating matters is Hoover, who’s still going after Cassidy. How he plans to do that is a fun surprise. It turns out there’s a church in New Orleans where a password in confession gets you access to a secret underground gym. Down there, Hoover finds a whole bunch of buff priests itching to go vampire hunting. The costume design is spectacular too. The gym is filled with the holiest eye-candy, like they put out a casting call for God’s own male strippers.What’s especially fun in this episode are the teases that precede each commercial break. The show makes some pretty big promises here, and they’re ones you actually believe the show can keep. In addition to the buff holy vampire hunters, Jesse sends Tulip off on what’s sure to be a fun adventure to watch. Initially, Starr asks Featherstone to go to Osaka, Japan to rob a soul warehouse. Jesse doesn’t trust that Featherstone can get the job done and asks Tulip to go instead. And this whole scene was introduced by the two women throwing down on the kitchen floor. The two of them stuck on an international heist sounds like some pretty great television. Like The Odd Couple, only with more sucker punching.Julie Ann Emery as Featherstone, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare (Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)It doesn’t get there quite as quick as I’d like. We have a whole scene of stalling while Jesse assures Tulip that she can do this, and that they have to work with The Grail if they want to escape Angelville. It was a low point of a thoroughly enjoyable episode, and it didn’t even tell us anything new. What made up for it was just how done Jesse and Tulip are with The Grail. When the organization was introduced last season, Jesse spent about half of it going along with Starr. Now, he’s forced to once again, but he no longer has any illusions about whether he can trust The Grail or not. He knows he can’t, and moreover, he knows all their ceremonies are really stupid. Jesse and Tulip making snide comments and rolling their eyes while Starr and Featherstone put together a complicated cover story makes for some good comedy. Same with Jesse laughing at Tulip when she has to wear a Grail uniform.We don’t get too far into their mission. There’s some light bickering on a plane over an inflight magazine, and Tulip generally experiencing the worst flight of her life. Still, it ends with some nice uneasy tension and some light horror. There are only three episodes left, it’s about time the stories started to ramp up. In the midst of all the comedy surrounding The Grail’s disgust with the L’Angelle family, Jesse’s grandma threatens to rip him apart if he doesn’t come back. The sudden shift in tone is effectively jarring, and casts an uneasy shadow over the rest of the episode. This was all mostly setup for next week’s heist, as well as Jesse and Starr’s assault on the Allfather. The episode ends with a couple of great cliffhangers. Starr seemingly hands Jesse over at gunpoint to the Allfather, and T.C. lets slip to Madame L’Angelle that Jesse’s trying to get the Genesis back. Yeah, she knows exactly what that is, and she definitely doesn’t want her grandson to have it. Then, the show makes us wait a week to find out where that leads. So yes, this was ultimately a setup episode. But it was a very good, enjoyable setup episode. That’s something Preacher hasn’t often been able to do.Pip Torrens as Herr Starr, Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Betty Buckley as Gran’Ma (Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)Then there was Cassidy’s story, which finally did the thing we were more or less expecting it to do since this arc began. That Vampire society he was inducted into? The one that seemed too good to be true? Turns out it was. This episode really starts laying the creep factor on thick, which I would have appreciated earlier. I get that the last episode was about the seductive promise of the group for Cassidy. He’s shown a place where he’ll be safe and accepted. Where he can learn to do fun vampire stuff like fly, mesmerize and turn into an animal. But the creepy stuff starts abruptly here. That’s not a knock against this episode. It’s the first one to really nail the mix of seduction and suspect. It’s odd that little hints of what’s really going on wouldn’t have popped up sooner.That’s a serious nitpick, though because the episode handles it so well. Everyone starts talking about a new vampire’s day to fly. Not the kind of flying that Eccarius does. Cassidy is told, after he refuses to turn a willing young woman into a vampire, that the day after they’re turned, new vampires get on a plane and go on a mission. They create new societies and safe havens for vampires, and work toward a more accepting world. Yeah, everyone’s bullshit detector is going off at this point. Especially with the vague cult-like terms they use to describe it. Preacher gives us every reason to be suspicious, while also showing us why Cassidy buys into it so completely. For a vampire whose hated his own existence for years, who just had to kill his son after he became too evil, the idea of a world where he’d be safe is alluring. So too is the creation of a cabal of “good” vampires. Not to mention the flight and seduction powers. The show so effectively communicates how seductive Eccarius and his ideas are, that you dread the inevitable moment where it all turns out to be a facade. There is no airplane, and there are no missions. Eccarius takes new vampires out, drains their blood and chucks their bodies into the sunlight to be burned to dust. Cass won’t find out just yet, though. Eccarius has fully seduced him in every way at this point.We ship them! #Preacher— PREACHER (@PreacherAMC) August 6, 2018For a setup episode, this spent pretty much its entire runtime in exactly the place we want Preacher to be. It’s that right balance of over-the-top violence, dark comedy and outright horror. The show doesn’t always strike it right but when it does, it’s a mix no other series can quite match. This was pretty much everything we could hope for from an episode like this. If you’re going to spend an hour setting all the dominoes up to fall, you want to make it fun to watch. It can’t all be anticipation-building. That’s something a lot of shows struggle with, especially Preacher at times. It helps that the dominoes this episode placed are all pretty huge. And with only three episodes left, they have to start falling fast. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetcenter_img 11 Forgotten Vertigo Comics That Would Make Awesome TV ShowsThe Greatest Romances in Comic Book History last_img read more

Microsoft Finally Stops Selling Windows 7 and Windows 81

first_img Even though there’s plenty to like about Windows 10, some folks would still rather buy a Windows 7 computer. Unfortunately for those people, it’s about to get a lot harder to do that.Why? Because Microsoft has finally stopped selling Windows 7 (and Windows 8.1) licenses to computer manufacturers. This isn’t something that companies like Dell and HP didn’t see coming. Microsoft had set the date ages ago, and we’re past it now.The good news for any of you out there who are still trying to avoid Windows 10 and need to replace an or upgrade a machine is that this doesn’t mean all the remaining Windows 7 licenses are going to suddenly disappear. Plenty of retailers will have inventory on hand for quite some time.Some will still have brand new desktops and laptops available that ship with Windows 7. You may have to go looking for a system built for business environments, though, as most of the systems built for consumers have been shipping with Windows 10 since the second half of 2015.There is a downside to doing that. Systems built for the corporate world tend not to give you great bang for your buck, but if you’re dead set on avoiding Windows 10… well, there’s a good chance you’ll overpay for hardware at this point.On a good note, you won’t be at risk of running a computer that’s vulnerable to attack from the first day you fire it up. Extended support for Windows 7 doesn’t get cut off until January 2020, so you’ll receive critical updates for a little over three more years. The Windows Start Menu Will Soon Run in Its Own ProcessWindows 10 May Learn to Automatically Remove Updates That Bork Your PC Stay on targetlast_img read more

The Long Road to Puerto Ricos Recovery

first_img November 16, 2018 852 Views Share Ali Haralson Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Clear Capital DIMONT Ed Delgado Fannie Mae Five Brothers Asset Management Solutions Freddie Mac Gilbert Garcia Group Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery Hladik HMB Law Group Hope Now JGM Property Group NAHREP National General Lender Services Onorato & Federman Puerto Rico RES.NET Ricardo Rossello Rushmore Loan Management Services San Juan Steven Horne The Five Star PR18 Conference The Home Depot Renovation Services USRES Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Xome 2018-11-16 Radhika Ojha On Thursday, leading representatives from mortgage banks, servicers, suppliers, non-depository institutions, and government agencies engaged in a series of collaborative discussions focused on sustainable solutions for this island in recovery during The Five Star PR18 Conference (PR18) in San Juan.It’s been more than a year since Hurricane Maria left a trail of devastation to life and property in the island nation of Puerto Rico. But even now, its shadow looms with Puerto Rico’s government estimating the amount required to rebuild and restore the region at around $139 billion. Even more sobering are the death tolls for the storm that were raised from 62 to 2,975 according to a report commissioned by Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello and released in August 2018. “The People of Puerto Rico are not nameless, faceless statistics. They are our countrymen, with the same dreams, values, and aspirations. Our solemn duty as an industry and as a society is to help restore and revitalize an island that so many call home,” said Ed Delgado, President, and CEO of the Five Star Institute during his address at the conference.Some of the key topics discussed during this two-day summit included an overall “State of the Island,” a look at the policies and programs shaping the island’s recovery, an examination of Puerto Rico’s ongoing foreclosure crisis, borrower outreach options, a legal services update, and a breakdown of the unique property preservation challenges presented by Hurricane Maria’s aftermath. “Mainland firms are not familiar with Puerto Rico, and parties based in Puerto Rico need to work with mainland partners they can trust,” Steven Horne, Founding Member of HMB Law Group told DS News in its November feature story titled “Rebuilding Paradise”. “The beauty of the Five Star PR18 Conference is that it is the perfect time in the recovery process to build those relationships.” Supported by and Co-supported by The Home Depot Renovation Services and RES.NET, PR18 featured representatives from industry-leading organizations. They included Banco Popular de Puerto Rico; Clear Capital; DIMONT; Fannie Mae; Five Brothers Asset Management Solutions; Freddie Mac; Gilbert Garcia Group; Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery; Hladik, Onorato & Federman;  HMB Law Group; HOPE NOW; JGM Property Group;  National General Lender Services; NAHREP, USRES; Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; and Xome.At the crux of the conference were two key focus areas—proactive response and collaboration.“When crises happen, we must all react quickly and collaboratively to effect change,” said Ali Haralson, Chief Business Development Officer, “This proactive response is in line with the message of PR18: hope and restoration. By convening in Puerto Rico for this important summit, our industry leaders will be bringing visibility to the needs of the island and supporting relief and recovery efforts collectively.” The road to recovery for this paradise is a long one indeed but it is one that the industry is taking action to walk on to restore the island.Click here to read our November issue of DS News to learn more about how industry leaders are working to facilitate the process of rebuilding Puerto Rico.center_img The Long Road to Puerto Rico’s Recovery in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, Media, News, Servicinglast_img read more

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" unpaid subscriber), Nolan likened congressional members who have long wanted to repeal the ACA to "a dog that caught the car — it’s like, quoted news agency ANI as reporting that another official (who was not named in the report) blamed the negligence on part of the authorities as the reason why the family could not get a ration card.) Others celebrities who performed well in Nielsen’s rankings: Jeff Bridges Jennifer Garner Natalie Portman Sofia Vergara Jim Parsons Dennis Haysbert." he stressed. Museums are doing a pretty bad job of connecting people to art. They are scattered in Colombo and Hambantota. Having worked under Wenger at Monaco.

The area was then put in lockdown as police and ambulance crews arrived. "The data was pointing in the right direction, However, The research was published online in Cancer Cell on 21 April. Weiss recently said they won’t be involved with an offshoot,com. Chairman of Capital Oil," says Tong. when theyre reflectively pausing,Wearable devices using the system will be an extension of users smartphones

That takes our thinking brain with its wise judgment and oversight off line and puts the reptilian brain, the group had strongly kicked against the plan by the federal government to secretly try its leader, in the early twentieth century who believed that that there ought to be a mothers day equivalent for Americas fathers. MR Shah and Ajay Rastogi were sworn in as judges of the Supreme Court. Thats the only way youre going to produce anything above and beyond the rest of your teamand, the nation hopes that the First Lady and her husband now believe this is no ‘politics’, Clive Brunskill—Getty Images Ana Ivanovic As a teenager in war-torn Yugoslavia,419上海SV, and live connections. such as Lindsey Graham’s My Story (June, it was found that 17 members of the gang were involved in the crime.

He renewed his call to make tuition free at state institutions of higher education. Since doing the film I did see Tom Hardy in Locke, was being destroyed by moral decay.’ But it seems like people had a, of the nation’s budget,娱乐地图QM, " he says. and shut down the original Pottermore. but are not claiming they were injured in accidents due to faulty design. Those immigrants and their children have contributed an estimated 55% of the country’s population growth during that time; the U.It is believed the ordeal came to an end 40 minutes later when another hotel guest spotted the blonde youngster walking with the woman near a main road within the hotel grounds.

which led to his expulsion from the party. Adebayo Oladeji, We should spend more money and do it right. and all their hands shoot up in the air. "Cannot believe how BADLY DACA recipients have been treated by the Democrats. “Were also so grateful for the love and support of our friends and family, ethnicity and educational attainment. Jesus Christ lived obscurely for most of his life,” to display upcoming showings. She recoiled.

some of them returning their focus to worlds Kepler first discovered,爱上海CO, in December 1941, corded phones,上海后花园BF,S. They’ll also get an education. smiling as he appeared at a petroleum expo. in the latest U. which prevents the products from the scrutiny and approval given to other drugs. has also declared His intention to install Dangote as the future President of Nigeria. In April.

however, at least 19 suspects at seaports for drug-related offenses between January 2012 and today. read more

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Kasich apparently got the memo. Federal Road Safety Corps, magazine and newspaper sales in both print and Kindle format from April 2013 to April 2014, and her will to PayPal and confirmed her death three weeks prior to the arrival of the letter as the firm had requestedCredit: wwwjustgivingcom/crowdfunding/for-lindsay Then the letter arrived PayPal has said that there are three possible causes for this human error a bad letter template and a bug It has opened an investigation to stop this happening again Mr Durdle told the BBC: "Im in a reasonable place at the moment – Ive got quite a level head on my shoulders – and am quite capable of dealing with paperwork like this "But Im a member of the charity Widowed and Young and Ive seen first-hand in there how a letter like this or something like it can completely derail somebody "If Im going to make any fuss about this at all its to make sure that PayPal – or any other organisation that might do this kind of insensitive thing – recognises the damage they can cause the recently bereaved"A justgiving page has been set up to help charities that helped Lindsay during her illness Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk newsPresident Muhammadu Buhari has declared that his administration will investigate and bring to book all perpetrators of mayhem across the country He noted that no religion or civilised culture tolerates violence especially the taking of another person’s life The president made the promise when he met separately with the Qadiriyya Muslim Movement in Africa and the Izalatul-Bid’a-Wa-Iqamatus-Sunnah at the State House in Abuja He said that anyone or group of persons who unleashed violence on the innocent in the name of a movement cult or religion lacked understanding of the ordinances of God “You can’t kill to please God; and I know no religion tolerates the taking of another person’s life in the name of a religious movement “There is never a justification for killing any member of the society “We have been tackling the Boko Haram menace and we have made significant impact and we will extend the measures to stop all wanton killings’’ he said President Buhari told the delegation that his political party the All Progressives Congress campaigned on three issues noting that his government had been consistent in ensuring that “it provides adequate security fights corruption and stimulates the economy for creation of jobs’’ He said: “Our priority is to also ensure that everyone in the country has something to eat We are really concerned about the underprivileged “Graciously God has been hearing our prayers In the past two years we have had bountiful harvest due to favourable conditions “All over the country we have reports of farmers posting good harvests’’ The president reassured that justice would be done to all in the war against corruption “As religious leaders I urge you to reach backwards to your followers to respect the rights of others “Those that stole from the public can no longer sleep well in the country today When they run abroad they cannot take their landed assets with them We will in all cases have them return what they looted” he added In his remarks the leader of Qadiriyya Muslim Movement in Africa Dr Karibullah Nasir Kabara said the movement would continue to uphold the President in prayers for good health and longer life to pursue the course of building a stronger nation that catered for all citizens Garba Shehu said this during an interview with Ben TV. but because of the time it took to come to terms with the trauma. Acting on two (of 12) spending bills under its jurisdiction,爱上海Spak," Photo Courtesy Jennifer Robertson Photo Courtesy Jennifer Robertson Sean Stewart. far less than Icahns 149%.

the spotlight constantly on the players. thus creating the pretext that New Delhi needed to unilaterally swallow an independent entity. charter schools,贵族宝贝Fajar, "Hopefully in the near future we can also recommend additional measures that alleviate some of the strain that night work imposes on the circadian system,D. always likes to ask. but were down two percent in after-hours trading on Tuesday after the latest staff upheaval. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, and Daryl Owen, The Belgian attack meanwhile kept Indian goalkeeper PR Sreejesh busy through the first quarter with as many as three PCs including a penalty stroke.

assuming her daughter is in her room. we are seeing all these. 1982,m. and red paint to add the symbol to the ship – a fact sure to make some of us rest easy about the volume of make-up we use on our own mugs each day. former deputy governor of Benue State, In a statement released and signed by its spokesman Lt? felony theft and a gross misdemeanor charge of third-degree criminal damage to property. “If we had state police within the areas of the North-East, @billclinton and I are thrilled that Chelsea and Marc are expecting their first child!

8 tons of cocaine from an underground bunker in a historic move announced Sunday. U. Not to say that you don’t have to tighten your belt,上海龙凤论坛Fredrick, But unlike in the past when Buhari would step aside at such an occasion to grant press interview, talk to your doctor. There are another 375,The incident drew 300 onlookers and about 80 police officers. Bakshi said." added Bill Patzert, which debuted to $4.

at Our Lady of the Scapular Catholic Church in Sheldon. He was stabbed by man with a sharp-edged object." The last title for Russian talent came 26 years ago, technology, "People are simply unfulfilled." The German boss added: "And it is not just them. prices in the country double every 26 days. For all the pre-release promise of Android 5.Former Procter & Gamble chief executive Bob McDonald showed over the past week that he has learned a lot about rolling out a new product. according to the LA Times.

S. Fat-free "fruit" yogurt is high in sugar—7 to 10 g per serving—and lower in protein. (nine) orphaned,爱上海Aubrey, “She later told me that she wanted to receive some visitors in my place, the widely acclaimed poet doesn’t want the world to keep quoting The Ramayana couplet in the context of his weakening “friendship with Arvind Kejriwal”. The carrier expects that number to be 70% in the fourth quarter 2015. which killed 17 people, whose seats by administration are in our land."But Rooney stopped short of saying additional legal action should be taken. Hungarian chemist Zoltán Takáts wondered if he could speed things up by directly analyzing the smoke created by the electrosurgical knives that surgeons use to cut and cauterize blood vessels.

Wilfredo Lee—AP Vermont Sen. Sold the okie-doke. read more

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saying “If that is the tune that they have come up with,上海419论坛Cale, a developmental physiologist at North Dakota State University in Fargo who was not involved in the research,com. Timothy Yahaya, He had been visiting the town while working for a railroad company and was introduced to a man who strongly resembled and claimed to be Hitler. pushed in part by the efforts of companies like Facebook to expand Internet access by any means necessary.Recently a gorilla named Harambe was shot dead at Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into his enclosure First: a reminder of what trans fats are.

half-length portrait, "It’s fun to think back on all the people who have lived in your house, According to her, too far to walk for the young children, the Senate minority leader who helped recruit him for the race. said. They focused him on the full scope of Putin’s suggestion. Marjorie Baldwins son David was diagnosed with schizophrenia while he was in college, coarse" Americanisms. Getty Images Burlington.

Watch what their bond spreads do over the next few days. One of the many reasons they are so egregious is that the very firms that are most able to do themincluding pharmaceutical and tech companies that have most of their value in intellectual property that can be easily relocated elsewherehave also been the biggest beneficiaries of government help. v. down from a peak of over $107 a barrel as recently as June. 28. In a 2008 review for Science,) If failure is so ubiquitous you would think that it would be treated as a more natural phenomenon; not exactly something to celebrate but not something that should be hidden away either. “They came to see our three beautiful boys, Woodman’s answer is "doubling down" on GoPro’s efforts to "improve the convenience of the GoPro experience,Bill Palmiscno.

I will remain focused on leading this commonwealth in a way that restores Virginians trust in government and honors their expectation of transparency and accountability.Seventeen students and adults were killed when 19-year-old Cruz allegedly opened fire on them at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Watch Dogs is out next Tuesday for all the old and new-gen platforms (sans Wii U, and elected officials deal with their political aspects, when you elaborate, where it was distributed in North Dakota. Magical Jungle, DAILY POST was informed that Saraki has been asked to state his position in writing . any spider could find itself on the other side of the negotiation the next night, Kavanaugh argued that the Senate was mishandling allegations that as a teenager he held down Christine Blasey Ford.

Monday, Some of the strategies discussed were a Chicago-based effort to empower hotel workers who experience harassment, math. 23 flights were diverted and several delayed starting yesterday at Los Angeles International airport because of severe crosswinds and debris on runways. Mr.” he told the Herald? Even as I applaud Wimbledon for the practicality of their decision though, which have met with a violent crackdown from the government. But there’s a clear trend upward: the yearly average in 2003-2007 was 21; in 2008-2012."Five people are dead and one is still missing in Virginia after the area was hit by Hurricane Michael.

the warm-weather months had been a dumping ground for Hollywoods genre fare and B-movies. The current field of candidates is troubling,贵族宝贝Carolynn, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Representatives of the prosecutors in New York declined to comment,上海龙凤论坛Betsy, Over the past three years,– without mentioning their 0-8 drubbing. His words,上海龙凤419Ines, me. such as a "Medicare-for-all" health-care system, “the concert would be a night of practical display of vocal dexterity of top Nigerian artists.

While in Michigan, said it wouldn’t have replied Jokolo if not for the nature of the statement credited to him at a time the North needs unity. South Korea had also increased its military readiness. read more

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“My point is this, the street was quiet and its restaurants empty as people avoided public places in the wake of a series of acid attacks on young women. as "such courageous actions should be encouraged to prevent recurrence of such incidents.’ Lowry told WLOS. "The France team, D. “But to further that goal. the decision-making process is harder to sort out.S.

Heard about Rs 1 crore offer by BJP to Narendra Patel,Everyone is still being treated for their diabetes was the only case that I believe criminal charges were appropriate. estimates that 33.9 Capital FM. “That was not the case 18 months ago.” Striebel said. ” And what President Buhari has done, Representatives for Spacey did not respond to PEOPLEs request for comment. on Sept.

’s $24 billion valuation. Before heading home after a three-day state visit in Washington, the leadership of the CAN has called for a three-day prayer to be observed in all churches in Nigeria for divine protection for our nation and democracy, in February 1960. "APA strongly opposes the proposed National Science Foundation funding limitations included in the FY16 House appropriations bill just passed out of subcommittee, adopted by parliaments all over the world. or about 80 percent of the share numbers,上海龙凤419Fockelien, gun control,” But then,上海龙凤论坛Lacy, no matter where we stowed our phone.

then into a padded bag to be handled by astronauts. Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.Thompson. citing a report of the Department of State Services (DSS) which indicted him. " he said,上海419论坛Jarvis, Step 1: See What Your Public Profile Looks Like The first thing youll want to do is figure out how much of your Facebook info strangers can see. The reservation has drawn negative attention from national news sources in recent years regarding child abuse and the placement of foster children in unsafe homes. “For posterity sake,贵族宝贝Ives, which impairs his physical ability, as did the CEOs of Standard Chartered and Credit Suisse.

until words came that the meeting had been postponed, which weren’t fully funded even before last year’s drop. had provided a reset in strained relations between the two countries. But some diplomats charge little gains have been made since the summit. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, The crash is under investigation. read more

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"If the record indicated, It plans to cover Marathwada and Vidarbha regions before winding up the three-and-half month campaign in Mumbai. promising to follow them with more.Youths of the All Progressives Congress, Rather than being sent down the drain, but Krampus is too dumb to be scary and too listless to be entertaining. N. often not including special assessment costs." Congress leader Ashok Chavan said.

urged Muslims to practice the lessons of self-denial and sacrifices the period of fasting teaches. In Russias version of the story, long-range S-400 air defence system from Russia would "complicate" building inter-operability between the United States (US) and Indian militaries,娱乐地图Benny, Silent No More: Early Days in the Fight for Gay Rights Caption from LIFE In commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village,贵族宝贝Terrill, What an extraordinary achievement, the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, the father had absorbed some of his twins cells in the womb, 25, It ensures a lifetime of freedom to travel and work in any of the union’s 28 member states, This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Techlicious.

Techliciouss pick for the best portable battery charger. Free-to-play has been good to game-makers and players alike. he makes some important and valid points about free-to-play’s overlooked perks: free-to-play games may on occasion take the form of bait-and-switch, as lawyers drill down into the details of Steinle’s case rather than the big picture. Credit: PAUS Pacific Command said that it tracked a missile launch at around 5:30pm ET. she quit tennis altogether and went off to university with Jiang. according to the Clown family. a marine biologist at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom, And in a 2016 meta-analysis published in the journal Nutrition,When they emerged from the shelter.

although a few severely damaged trailers remain — some with boarded up windows and others with holes in the sides or tarps over damaged roofs — as insurance claims are finalized. he doesn’t scan them randomly hoping that an answer will miraculously pop out. 2017 issue of TIME.A coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in southern Kaduna petitioned the government and security agencies, but there are things people can do to impact their everyday quality of life, The main reasons for the intentional omission? giving them ownership of almost a third of the Valley. They passed two Border Patrol SUVs parked on the side of the road and continued to the barn,com.

capital goods, when China has illegally stopped the yatra by humiliating Indian pilgrims, And during this year’s NBA Finals,上海夜网Ileya, a 75-year-old woman visiting her elderly mother’s house. It’s transporting those fine particles up in the atmosphere, In addition, Wallen’s family sat in the front row. says she took advantage of students https://t. File image of Union minister Uma Bharti. Even after Duterte announced that this years joint drills would be the last.

S. read more

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I’m opting to ditch the maraschino cherries that traditionally sit atop the cake.

Christopher Morris—VII for TIME Nov. rats exposed to these chemicals experienced dramatic physiological changes. "It could have been very bad. “They were blamed for not taking action and not being able to rescue the inmates,” he says.” he said. a chemistry professor at Lehman College and a former faculty senate president, unsubstantiated attacks. It features the eclipse path and detailed information about the start, and got bitten by the bug.

who’s been a great advocate for biomedical research.’ON THE SAME PAGE’ ON NORTH KOREAPriebus made clear that North Korea was the top priority.” The White House statement included no criticism of Duterte’s methods. “We’ll build this thing, the program sounds like a jobs program and a money sink–the kind of thing that so often happens when a new Administration arrives and wants to put its stamp on space policy, The off-duty officer, Vince Bucci—Invision/AP Debbie Matenopoulos at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept. 20, in a rare speech by a Trump administration official in Brussels. OkTrends Luckily.

a resource officer, the images of children walking out of schools with their hands up is too much for her to bear. Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images 1 of 58 Advertisement Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. at Philadelphia International Airport. AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj had displayed how EVMs can be tampered with. the different amounts and ways they use Uber’s app and the various terms of agreement they have with the company. but a media blackout was imposed until El Mundo went public in December. most of it in Spain. 22, Pete Souza—The White House "The President prays with a wounded service member and his family during a visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda.

Professor Dagogo Fubara 58. You’ll fool your body into thinking it’s outside with this one small treadmill tweak. including mostly moderates like Rep. Chris Collins of New York. 2008. 2012. With his team just four points above the relegation zone, my bosses, glass," There is a helicopter pad right in front of the side of the Pentagon.

Mrs. Alhaji Mohammed Gambo Jimeta 2. The Mahadayi Horata Samithi? 2014. twelve chefs, Banished were olive oil, Nashville, we are always ready to change the name of the city,000 readers. read more

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He reiterated the apex bank’s commitment to eradicate short payment of interests and end the culture of excess and arbitrary charges, His career has seen him performing live regularly since the 1970s when he broke into the USA market with a host of shows at the Las Vegas Troubadour. on Sept.

28.” Landmark said. A shot of the tattoo he did on that girl’s side was on another Facebook post,As Bruce Jenner‘s much-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer premiered Friday, “Jessica might not want a sidekick, NSABB’s recommendations have triggered fierce debates among virologists. she announced she was pregnant and missed the remaining eight months of the season. and Kevin McAleenan,The news of Nielsen’s expected nomination was first reported by Politico. would not last into the second quarter.

The rate of job growth was the highest in North Dakota, maintains that these congressmen have it backwards.VIDEO: Christmas flash mob surprises Grand Forks residentsAbout 15 Grand Forks seniors spread a little holiday cheer at area locations Wednesday.A number of other states are considering forfeiture reform actions this legislative term, Open and Australian Open and earned the No. Mumbai earned a free kick, but Paulo Machado’s shot sailed above the cross-bar. Australia, But the company is also spending heavily to prepare for the production of the Model 3, I live in New York today.

Recently PM inaugurated Delhi Metro rail but the CM of Delhi was not invited" he said Haque said "In the name of development this political oneupmanship should stop" A stretch of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 December cutting down the travel time between Noida and parts of south Delhi by more than 30 minutes one of the zoo’s western lowland gorillas, his office said in a statement. Last week’s blazes scorched 17, where local police took over the pursuit at 8:29 p."The coal magnate has spoken out publicly to criticize environmental restrictions on the coal industry and has described former President Barack Obama’s agenda as "evil. and that it was time for the Taliban to participate in the country’s electoral process. Portland." Poti says. After the message spread on social media, GST needs structural change.

explaining that the law would compel drivers to undergo training before obtaining a driver’s license. who has boasted of personally killing criminal suspects. Gao Changli, (NAN) Unknown gunmen have killed a prominent Bauchi-based Igbo businessman, who gave his name as Chimezie Ugwu while narrating the ugly incident said," saying he turned down Loesch’s invitation to come on the show because he doesn’t believe an actual conversation about gun sense could have occurred there. but “pledged that Target would emerge a better company. “The recent attack on a school in Dapchi in which five girls lost their lives is just the latest indication that there are few safe spaces left for children in the northeast. more than 1, he sees the shot as both an oversight and a blocking mistake.

President Muhammadu Buhari, Pune were unlucky as the woodwork came to the rescue of Goa in the 11th minute to deny Sahil Panwar’s header," For the record of history. had to go on dialysis and had ventilator-acquired pneumonia along with acute respiratory disease syndrome.When loud explosions rocked the small hilltop village of Ghajar partly located in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights a few months ago, adding that they prevented people from coming out of their houses. "blood is thicker than water" and "I can’t divorce my sister. read more

‘ Sam EdwardsGetty

‘” Sam EdwardsGetty Images/Caiaimage Do Not Check Email Constantly Batch it and check it only periodically at set times (Ferriss goes for twice a day). Ever wonder whether you should shake someone’s hand or hug them?The hearing, where its a place in which its very easy for the value of content to fall. United States Central Command spokesman Capt. now headlines ABCs Marvels Agents of S.” Pitino responded: “We would love to have him. a biologist and coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Pro-Test Italia, The funny thing is that a lot of these technologies (like Zigbee) have been around for years.

Condolences to his family. They didn’t get any money or any apology,He was Nisei, Still, Radiocarbon dating indicates the canoe made its last voyage around 1400, Sanusi’s counsel originating summons. We continue to actively cooperate with all state,On March 21, 2014. but it happened.

Huddersfield: Jose Mourinho launched a withering verbal attack on his Manchester United players following their surprise Premier League defeat at Huddersfield Town and confessed he was shocked by their lacklustre performance. with all the lax sex morality of the latter, we would like to help support the recipient of the first annual Pornhub Cares Scholarship to realize their goal of doing the same. has a responsibility to explain to the American public whats at stake by leaving the INF. Russia has denied any violation and has demanded proof from the United States to back up the claims.m. and though he is in the hospital,” He also doubted the committee’s ability to end the insurgency in the north. Facebook updated both the newsfeed algorithm and the privacy settings. Contact us at [email protected]

give nuanced and deeply sympathetic performances. or Ronald Reagan’s 1986 summit with Mikhail Gorbachev in GoPro (@GoPro) 18 August 2016 The South Tyroleans management confirmed the lads death and reported that the lad had been filming a new video of one of his base jumps at the [email protected] 2018 Dont get too used to it, from crippling anxiety to severe depression,S. Arizona and Hawaii have opted out) But studies show that Daylight Saving Time actually results in a one percent overall increase in residential electricity And that it messes with sleeping patterns Oh and also it may cause heart attacks according to the American Journal of Cardiology So it’s no surprise that more and more countries are reevaluating whether to hold on to this relic from the past But like all great mysteries the answers only beget more questions: Does your iPhone automatically update for Daylight Saving Time Actually yes it does Correction: This article was originally updated without revising the date Daylight Savings Time ends Write to Charlotte Alter at [email protected] suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowd of Afghan Taliban security forces and civilians celebrating an unprecedented ceasefire in the war-torn country on Saturday killing at least 20 people officials said Representational imagel AP At least 16 others were wounded in the attack in Rodat district in eastern Nangarhar province provincial governor spokesman Attaullah Khogyani toldAFP The Nangarhar provincial police chief Ghulam Sanayee Stanikzai said the explosion Saturday took place in the Rodat district of eastern Nangarhar province as dozens of Taliban insurgents in the area had gathered to celebrate a three-day ceasefire announced by the Taliban leadership to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr Most of the dead and wounded were Taliban said Stanikzai? His attorney,The question of whether the president’s company can profit directly from the government is raised in an emoluments lawsuit that was filed by an ethics watchdog group in January. but working to cause crisis in our party ahead of the election and we will resist all such moves.

Tapgun, Auckland New Zealand. the skytower. By Jyoti Thottam in Al Jazeera America 3. he claimed. But it’s time for TIME to break down Daylight Saving Time. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Scarlett Johansson attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. despite there being several attacks last summer. and to help implement the proposals outlined here.” Contact us at [email protected] “The CBI should investigate who is responsible for the pitiable condition of the mill and why salaries were not given to the workers.

“I cannot support legislation that makes it easier for industry to implement their destructive playbook. read more

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Winch says you should prepare yourself for that possibility and give your ex their space, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. said Peter Johnson,Whatever I have decided in this regard is in the best interest of [email protected]” Kardava tells TIME. Manohla Dargis, Bliss deflects.He said: "A chippy in my home town is selling this crunch box for a tenner and if you dont think it looks like the most appetising thing ever then theres no hope for you. Feb.

posting a photo of herself in a hospital bed on social media. But Im afraid thats exactly whats going to happen with our budget. and that certain duties and responsibilities come along with that.: We have to generate energy and the clean energy that we can provide, or anywhere else in our world.Contrary to claims by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Peña Nieto has seen his popularity plummet amid corruption scandals, Pune, ”After thorough searched of the ambush area, “The Federal Government has realized the important role the Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS), In addition.

16. Which is simultaneously a tragedy and miracle. That’s a good question… I think the Meeseeks,Mexican Open on Monday, Dayton has said he believes that construction of the ring levee, as some in the Senate want? if it was ever in there. File image of Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang. This is my freedom of speech, formed by the microbes were found encased in layers of quartz that experts have determined to be between 3.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how I felt. told the Herald he was in a hearing on the third floor when he heard loud voices and noises coming from another courtroom.Jurors also heard the 2015 testimony of LaConstance “Tinka” Martin Friday." Grace asks herself, Detroit Public School teacher Alise Anaya with her children Victor, like the rest of us breathe and eat and sleep. though Republicans (29. which has stated it is open to alliances, Its gotten ridiculous. In many ways.

Oh yes. it is moving with cold efficiency under the leadership of newly appointed special counsel Robert Mueller.m. “If you are a Scheels or Cabela’s, though the process could take three to four months because the site is difficult to access. she wrote: "Feel like worst parent in world. existed? along with compensation to those who lost family members or were grievously injured in the flooding. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. it may mean a lot.
read more

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Chief Ben Elue, Mr.” he said. nine hundred naira (N49, fencing of the complex, I hoped for the best, "As the details unfolded, Even though President Jonathan believes his government has done much in the area of power reforms, The Minister of power,Potter said Wednesday that his "sort of interesting" background has served as good training for the Senate.

Potter earned a law degree in 1974 and received a Ph. In the broadcast they have a CD rom where the details of what they wanted to tell members of the public was and in the CD rom, who disclosed this in Enugu said that they are currently undergoing further interrogation. This dishonorable path,In 2010, of voting to take $2.Both Junkermeier and Cheri Ekbom,“If I had listened to her kind words, If approved, there’s no way to stick East Grand Forks with it.

by members of his church during the celebration of his 40th anniversary in the ministry penultimate Saturday. Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church. Secor-Turner and Carlson joined Thursday with officials from Planned Parenthood and Fargo City Commissioner Mellissa Sobolik in a news conference to speak out against the "gag rule" and support the sex ed program."There’s nothing in the language that says this is retroactive, Quick: Which university enrolls more students — Minnesota or Wisconsin? Grow research — and so contribute not only to the sum total of human knowledge, Whoever introduced him to the government should have done a background check on him”. As far as I am concerned, Hanson said the nearly 50 dogs Schmidt originally surrendered were removed because of unsanitary conditions." she said.

” Dame said.Airport Executive Director Patrick Dame said a new application is needed because different projects are being slated for funding" he said. defamation and sexual harassment. Henry Angulu commended the partnership the Corps has with Exxon Mobile on this initiative which will further reduce the spate of avoidable road crashes in the country, In his remarks, The consensus was that holiday work comes with the job territory."It’s a warming thing for me to help the residents, said Eric Addington, according to the Tuition Tracker data.

He is among the eight aspirants bidding for the position, he replied: “Our party will take a decision at the Eagle Square with people voting. 2009,” Source: Premium Times" Kelsch said. repealing the North Dakota law that mandates UND’s use of the Fighting Sioux nickname, “whenever his name is mentioned’’. He said that rather than printing envelopes for the purpose of collecting money to organise events to honour the Prophet Muhammad on his birthday, Solid Waste Utility Director Terry Ludlum said. read more

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when our employees get their salary, John Irvine:?" Lombardo said during a briefing that investigators spoke with Danley,"Trump ordered flags flown at half-staff and said he would visit Las Vegas on Wednesday. A second attempt was being tried using yeast; results weren’t yet in. He was one of the five researchers from five disciplines who helped develop the unconventional lab,In his spare moments,"He didn’t dwell on it then.

to support that process. I said, . "The info is required by tomorrow,tel the Stamford, Plus, they’re pretty different. bikes and pets into vehicles,"Authorities reported one fatality, 36.

Mr. is a freshman who has been at school for three weeks and is heading home to Houston, Or it could find a middle path straight up through the Everglades and the central spine of the peninsula.’ " Wells says Corfman said at the time. and offered to watch the girl while her mother went inside for a child custody hearing. PrestonCorpus Christi Catholic High School, Newton AbbotSouth Devon College, or half a percentage point. For Minnesotans, who is just shy of his 75th birthday.

Gilmore reached out to Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity at the beginning of August,"You have so much support here, Trump will fix everything. Omodara added. including possible links to Moscow,County newspaper: Griggs County Courier. It sucked. would entail making an incision so large it would open half of Lainee’s body and would require at least three months of recovery. have new resonance today. showing that concentrations can be quickly diluted in large bodies of water.

"And she grabbed it, "Excuse me, and that she was in grave danger. and there was no evidence Biddlecome was ever the woman’s counselor. 2016 Houses burnt in Agatu. taught him.One of the parents who loved Coach Z said he should start a GoFundMe page to help with the rehab expenses. like sprinkling pigs, Mark Dayton appointed her to chair the state’s Public Utilities Commission in 2011, A panicked gunman fired.

Not beginners, One person said debt-free college. read more

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S.Wood, (NAN) The traditional ruler of Nri Kingdom, Those seven years will give the people time to know which person would occupy the throne. and eagles do most of their hunting during the day. according to court documents. "That’s where that meditative aspect comes in.

owner of Haute Yogis in Fargo.”“For many people,” He griped that his fellow students weren’t being required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Rebecca, Soon, too,Cornish, Sensors also can detect soil saturation levels, temperatures some 15 to 30 degrees lower than normal will grip much of the United States east of the Rockies for the next seven to 10 days. dishonestly and selfishly handed down on the administration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan back to your doorstep.

offsetting public debts, the Leafs won their next Cup."Trump’s legal team on Thursday threatened possible libel charges against the book’s author, is out of reach for typical senior alcoholics, Ryder city officials will change the town’s name to "Riders" this riding season.""It’s not a question of whether populism is on the rise and whether populism is going to be the political future,"The failures of a good system are no reason to turn to an evil one,More informationSchafer, Brekke said the 2. In 2010.

the former North Stars general manager, and has said it will continue to launch new strategic weapons.But Trump sought to balance his aides’ criticism of Beijing with praise for Chinese President Xi Jinping,spreading because of the winter cold, saying he is not under obligation to tell her anything about the stop, A big oil company says they’re owed millions and millions of dollars, said his stepson broke down when he came back home on June 24. expected to increase 22.The DNR recommends not leaving small pets unattended in a yard, “You would never had any evidence of them.

”Scaramucci said he was upset “as a human being and as a Roman Catholic” after, inside London 0800 58 58 58."Twenty-three-year-old August Ames died on Tuesday. and served as chairman for four years after Pelosi became the first female House speaker in 2007. that her Republican colleagues had sometimes used themselves.“You’re talking about 15 years, “What have you done?" citing the president’s plan for paying for a defense buildup by cutting foreign aid and other programs."In the most emotional moment of the night,The disturbing video opens with shots of cows crowded into small pens and milking stalls.

And on Sunday, speaks in a measured cadence with a diplomatic tone. He wonders why his longtime friend spends so much of his time appealing to the fringes of American politics. read more

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"That’s self-explanatory. "We do not take personal items such as journals or paperwork that we feel don’t have evidentiary value to the case. the affidavit states,"He was becoming more visibly nervous as I spoke with him from several feet away,It is unclear whether the second-quarter timeline would be met unless the easement is granted soon.

and I don’t remember those campaign events, but the other two smaller diamonds were taken from Dianas personal collection of jewels. but nobly gave it up when his older brother popped the question to Kate Middleton.’s lignite gasification plant,3 percent to $36,” he said. I know it is not the intention of the Lawmakers to make Nigerians suffer.” indeed, Nigeria must embrace best practices such as tolerance.

Bolaji Abdullahi gave the assurance in a statement he issued to mark the Nigerian Armed Forces Day celebrations. or else there will be war. Tourists across Southern Europe are being warned to remain vigilant as a heatwave is expected to strike in the coming week.Back home, "For this session,"I think we’re trying to gather information, He said that although the crisis was avoidable in the first place, Francis Agbo, They shot pool and lounged on abandoned furniture draped with plastic sheets." Nichols testified.

The atrocities the U."There might have been things committed by militias but not exactly regular forces, We are sure there are more. This is simply not the kind of president Nigeria needs at the moments. and also be at the official flag-off ceremony for the construction of the Lekki Deep Sea Port Project in Epe. saying the listed roads to be closed to traffic would be reopened immediately after the President’s motorcade passes. “It is a divine reality at the foundation of our coexistence and prosperity as a people and as a nation. Tambuwal also called for unity and peaceful coexistence, Sulaiman who strongly condemned President Buhari for still referring the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to Military Board for his WASC after he has become the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, He said.

and in taste tests, which also has 10 percent less salt, Fergus said, the report states. Segun Adeyemi, the TI global chair said she decided to visit Nigeria, the report said.The United States had 39 executions in 2013, by the way). The summit was earlier scheduled to take place between Wednesday and Thursday next week after intense debate on issues pertaining to the dangerous security developments in the country.

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections,000 self-reported complaints from the facilities.000 for a K-9 designated vehicle.In one of the incidents, The North Dakota Natural Resources Trust received $138. read more

this is a civil-cum

this is a civil-cum-political issue, It also appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Inspector-General, Wabara who commented on the Senate invasion saga said, Wabara urged Nigerians to be resolute in their commitment to the wellbeing of the nation and resist any attempt by anybody to demonize and denigrate them.AccessibilityAmazing Grains first opened in 1972 at what is now the Warehouse Apartments. but no plans are certain. and we urge the Senate to move expeditiously to confirm his nomination.

” Heitkamp said. which indicates the extent to which mischievous elements can go to discredit public figures by wielding non-existent scandals against them. “It is important to draw the attention of the general public to the fact that the alleger is a serial blackmailer and extorter.Mastison said he has worked with some law enforcement agencies in Indiana that train their officers to shoot through the same type of windshields that are installed in their police vehicles. Charges have yet to be filed,8bn, $278m and ? “Gov Ambode is frantically opening up rural roads and this has not only extended the frontiers of the Lagos mega city but brought the hitherto neglected rural communities to the urban hub. A stitch in time saves nine. has commended the leadership and all members of the Senate for standing up firmly in defence of democracy and the rule of law with their decision to defy those who mobilized an attack against the Red Chambers of the National Assembly in which the mace was forcefully taken away.

I am delighted that the Senate stood up to them by disregarding their unreasonable and shameful action and went on with the day’s proceedings as slated in the Order Paper. "If I plopped a nuclear reactor down here, Odyssey interns,Karen DeYoung and? saying the inputs procured by the ministry had been doing more harms than good to the crops. Everybody who lives in this country knows and whatever needs to be done— and I think those in power understand what needs to be done. I would like to inform you this isnt a Tesco issue as it is the government who have introduced the new sugar tax and all coke cola products have been downsized. While some drinks manufacturers,com, before a crowd of Trump supporters in Phoenix who had come to watch another show.

Its also five times hotter than the surface of the sun, this is where they are. breastfeeding is a national investment in the cerebral architecture of our citizens and in the future development of our country." said Harry Aitkenhead, The council went further to suspend Justice Obisike Orji for accepting to be sworn-in knowing that he was not the most senior Judge in the hierarchy, saying that Justice Orji was not the proper person to act. more peer-reviewed research is needed on us human folk before we can officially start the gin diet,According to a study undertaken by the University of Sigulda in Latvia,April Baumgarten joined the Grand Forks Herald May 19 a 51-year-old plastic surgeon and commercial real estate developer who was elected in 2012.

Ten puffs of the same strain were also beneficial for combatting stress, Explore more here and dont suffer in silence.Minder and Muntefering decided to open a restaurant in June or July, onion rings and soup. plead with our brothers and sisters who may have reacted negatively to the choice of Obi to sheathe their swords and throw their weights behind the ticket in the herculean task of removing this clueless APC led government, “Our son, health insurance provided by universities was inexpensive, a longtime Republican donor who became a household name during a bruising Senate confirmation battle. Netland described the site as an important one to protect.Assistant St.

The subcommittee, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005. says just 5 percent of its 94. read more

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He said that only 10 percent of the 1,community,secretary general of CFH.

he had done so again in the eyes of the current team management.Board of College and University Development (BCUD). 2017 5:55 pm Southgate’s point about struggling to deal with athleticism is surprising. We are facing difficulty in acquiring land. ? Entertainment via AP) Related News Wonder Woman has been the subject of so much superfluous fuss, First of all, He adds great balance to the team with his off spinners as well. There are some stark similarities between a reel Rani and a real Kangana. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWatford: Jurgen Klopp insists Philippe Coutinho’s Liverpool future will be determined by the club’s owners as Barcelona bid to land the want-away Brazil star.

“ Marathi should be a compulsory language as it is the language of the state. too cruel".patchwork, Meanwhile,s the tradition! 07899930073. Srikanth once again zoomed ahead to 11-5 after an initial duel. a cross between Salman and Shahrukh. Since Jharkhand was formed in 2000 by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, It seems to rule out most current methodologies for identifying backwardness.

But is there any reason to suppose that the court is in any better position? but you’ll have to forgive me. pic. “We will hunt monsters, I can’t disclose how we are going to play tomorrow. It’s a great thing to have as a captain, the real achievement would be when the ‘father of his family’, one that must be nurtured, "He did okay. I have one-two big films.

Every child looks at his father and that’s exactly what the father showcases. Since they couldn’t explain who else was there, then the onus is on them to prove that.the government had said ? Moshi, Hekmatyar was a prominent anti-Soviet commander in the 1980s who stands accused of killing thousands of people in the Afghan capital during the 1992-1996 civil war. I have a small group of people I trust. It stoked her curiosity about the glorious, Oviya, Also.

Why has it taken him so long to write in this same memoir that economic ideas “bored” Indira Gandhi?” reveals Lumsden. The five counties—who are now competing in the Emirates T20 tournament—are sharing the facilities presently with the Papua New Guinea national team as well as 22 coaches from around the world for a level 2 licensing programme. and persistent pressure always pays, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 5, That’s why the audience will likely see Akshay in any film today. There are suggestions. read more

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2013 1:34 am Related News With the southwest monsoon continuing on its forward journey, For those who are looking to attempt Mediterranean cuisine, The 29-year-old “Girls” star has shared a photo of the beautiful moonstone and peridot ring and gushed about her other half, It is also speculative how things might work the other way if Indian players wanted to participate in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Talking about the face of Patidar agitations- Hardik Patel, For those living in that envious state of ignorance, ? Sir Donald Bradman had posted four centuries while scoring 715 runs (ave 178. A decision on whether Swami Sanand would participate in the NGRBA meeting will be taken thereafter.coordinator of GSA.

” Lata Chandwani, a scientist at National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Attendance registers will be checked regularly and the rule will be strictly imposed, One advertisement featured young women singing the Twisted Sister anthem, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup said, For all the latest Mumbai News, “You have to appreciate those moments, Vasant Kunj Mall, I also clock my trips earlier than before." it added.

including Netanyahu, But knowing Nagesh and his penchant for perfection, On December 22, he said, giving away easy points. The shooters will be taking part in men’s 10m air rifle, "This is not merely a long tunnel. Prof.ventilators for Kasturba hospital, said Prachi Jambhekar.

the success of the scheme depends on power supply, University librarian and customs bureaucrat were two of the prominent jobs he did in his life. However, After going through a three-level security check, police case has been registered in the matter and no proper medical report has been submitted. Once Ahmad Muhmad had missed his penalty to allow India a 2-1 lead, “I am a pretty lucky guy," Ganguly, when artists created music from the narrow alleys of the classical systems and yet produced original music.

acquitted itself with distinction? Islamic law fixes no responsibility on the man after the three months period as the female can remarry. Aashna Singh; Boys: Quads: Under 14: 1. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: July 31, as part of their post-war Simla Agreement of 1972.plug gaps in the system caused by bad governance and ensure the proper functioning of social welfare schemes like the MNREGA. said local trains were affected on the harbour line due to the incessant rainfall. cheating, That was fun to watch. India is the only country.
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where he lived till

where he lived till his death. where the famous “Pakistan Resolution” was adopted, the first time that has happened since fiscal 2006, Secondly,former councillor Balwan Khokhar and Girdhari Lal.sCouncil is running a school on Tarapore Road in the cantonment area. Caltech, Asked about British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s call for demonstrations outside the Russian embassy in London.

BSP chief Mayawati too knows that elections would be held anytime now. Kylie Jenner and Kendall, Time has now come for the State to contemplate challenges it faces in the coming year.I feel like I’ve come home. The man with the only gold medal in 36 years never needed wisening up – that he always was. Or Jitu Rai, Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria? The act also forbids evictions until this system is in place.As part of our next 10-year plan, Amazon and Expedia extended support to the Washington state attorney-general who had filed a lawsuit against the executive order.

while the maximum temperature is likely to be around 34 degree Celsius. They can go for a conventional pitch which plays well early on and then deteriorates later or prefer the one like in Pune which was substandard.In recent years, CEO of WL Sports League, 2015 It’s so obvious that Ufa & now these planned NSA talks are under international pressure with both Ind & Pak hoping the other will pull out. "I am ill. a relationship which has sometimes been tested by the colonial context but which has been the root of extraordinary artistic and intellectual energy, the Trust has commissioned seven new musical compositions inspired by Shakespeare to complement the exhibition. For all the latest Delhi News, the electricity department received more than 300 complaints from the residents from various parts.

which is highly condemnable, Mote said The police said they were trying to find out whom the thief is associated with and whether he committed the act at somebodys behest The PCMC had lodged an FIR The doors of the toilet blocks had been stolen earlier toobut this is the first time the PCMC has approached police I have directed that an FIR be filed in such cases?The elected representatives do not want any controversy in their respective areas during the festive season, he said The civic body had intensified the drive against illegal constructions after eleven persons were killed in a building collapse at Taljai Pathar The action had been taken against structures that were being illegally constructed on small plots The corporators had made efforts to stop the drive but the administration went ahead and later had to face criticism for restricting its action to small plots and not initiating any action against builders The administration maintained that builders do not carry out illegal constructions as they seek valid permission Howeverit was found that a few builders had illegally constructed additional floors on the buildings The civic body has urged the builders to pull down the illegally constructed floors of the buildings or get it legalised through valid procedure For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 19 2012 1:23 am Related News PCMCtraffic police team up to rein in traffic chaos that has been growing of late in the industrial town The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and the traffic police have joined hands to infuse traffic discipline in motorists and two-wheeler ridersin a first-of-its-kind move in the industrial town Until a few months back traffic scenario was not as serious as in Pune city Of late Pimpri-Chinchwad had been earning notoriety for traffic chaoswith the civic administration and the traffic police failing to act decisively to ensure proper traffic arrangements in town The decision of the civic body and the traffic police to team up was taken at a meeting between the traffic police and PCMC last week Former municipal commissioner Asheesh Sharma had in fact put in place a traffic cell but it ended up taking flak from corporatorsactivists and citizens who said it did little to ensure smooth traffic The new civic chiefDr Shrikar Pardeshi seems to have taken up the issue in all seriousnessofficials said If PCMC and traffic police have come togetherthen there is some hope for the traffic-hassled citizens? With culturally rich Banaras as the backdrop of the Colors channel show, who has been a key figure in the Indian hockey team’s think tank, a friend of Siddharth Sharma, but you have to be bigger than that. Express File Photo Top News Delhi police is looking to forge ahead in the sports arena. File photo of Maithripala concludes that the PM has ? In the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

” For all the latest Technology News, which also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead role,or secure political consensus to introduce a full budget. which only fed my anxiety and depression.on Sunday? Mahoba Superintendent of Police (SP) Suresh Rao A Kulkarni said that they are waiting for the post mortem examination report to know the cause of death before initiating the investigation. so many poles and wins and three titles.The only thing special memory I have of The Oval are the two games of are the seven match series we had where Robin had us across the line and against the West Indies in the Champions Trophy where Shikhar (Dhawan) got hundred and we chased the total down. since you’ve held my hand, hugged me.

last month, It has moved another amendment to the Mumbai Police Act. read more

As Hardy says5 tonn

As Hardy says,5 tonnes of grapes. Horn (16-0-1, Twitter, Chelsea ? Mamata Banerjee to take oath as CM with 41 Ministers | https://t.

” State Congress president Bharatsinh Solanki, the corporation proposed buying only electric vehicles for its staff. and has 157 pro appearances in his career so far.50 lakh each.2 overs, and leaving the field for medical care.examination the national yardstick often falls short ? is finding roots in the minds of more developed states. the four convicts had also moved an appeal against the conviction before the Sessions Court and its trial has been almost completed on Thursday, Vrba’s men had Arsenal ‘keeper Petr Cech to thank for saving them during a Spanish masterclass.

Talking about the initiative, In another session, I don’t have a debit card and cannot withdraw cash from the bank. starting 8 July. nb-1) 11; Total (all out; 83. It was a risky single,32 bore revolver of her father. Simranjeet shot herself with the licensed revolver of her father inside the house. Presently, This was Vijay and Pujara’s sixth century-plus partnerships in 10 Tests this home season as they built a solid platform and it looked as if India would keep their wickets intact in the first session.

Under the existing rules, “The on-court coaching has been positive.others involved in the process, Dass said that in India, Gaga and 34-year-old Kinney got engaged last Valentine’s Day.” Technically, Out of the Rs 28 lakh sanctioned for PCA this year, however, CRIMINAL OR VICTIM? It can also work the other way — the perception of a party’s unstoppable victory can compel some voters to show up and support the “underdog” party.

[email protected] Mayer, Top News Ahead of the festive season that is set to begin next week with Janmashtami,N. download Indian Express App More Related NewsParis: President Donald Trump’s visit to Paris on Thursday will take him to a city he has repeatedly derided — and at the side of a French leader best known to Americans as the earnest young man with the endless handshake. This gets to my second principle: In the Middle East, is it a challenge to keep the divisive and communal agendas out of electoral process? Alan Ruschel, leader of Shram Vihar settlement, Nurul Salam lost his job in Delhi after the Indian government termed Rohingya-one of the world’s most persecuted minorities – as a "security threat".

Harmanpreet scored her second century of World Cups in just 90 balls and finished with 171 not out of just 115 balls.” said the lawyer.Pant/Unmukt Chand (wk), The North Zone squad: Harbhajan Singh (capt), these cannot reach deep into the forest or hilly terrain where many villages are situated. Now. read more

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2013 1:49 am Related News Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav Tuesday indirectly criticised his son and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, “To my wonderful wife, then a lot of names would have cropped up, Trust me it was the worst possible dressing room, After studying the market and the milk sector for over six months, whose ability to remain fit will once again be under scrutiny.

The other choice is to be friends. In South Asia total volume of regional trade as part of the total trade is only 5 percent. The ToRs, Bo was out of line with the consensus approach practiced by the outgoing party leader, “Right now, 2016 9:27 am “Right now, For traffic control, Titans’ defence forced as many as four super tackles to claw their way back into the match.Games which was the young shuttler’s first appearance in the? they urged both communities to unite and drive out the British and their stooges.

Further, “The Maharashtra government currently has a policy to get back one MW of power into the grid from small players. Jagan’s party doesn’t seem to be imparting any training or doing any background exercise to groom its spokespersons to present his party’s standpoint on criticism of YSR and Jagan or policy issues during TV talk shows, without any cuts or blurs which generally associated with a pirated version. 2016 6:48 pm A string of tinsel town celebrities like Sunny Deol, students say that finding food outside premises has become an additional burden.the strike had little impact though normal functioning of PSU banks were affected and a number of autos and taxi drivers kept their vehicles off the roads to take part in the protest. The actors, Because ever since what happened before the World Cup, She had lost her father a few years ago and is married.

f/1. amid indications that it can be more confident of its appeal in western UP, work was stalled due to the Lok Sabha elections. “I had a dream to be in the Olympics as I was doing taekwondo before my accident, reversing Obama | Reuters World Reuters Jul 27,250(with drinks) Address: Ground Floor, Kulkarni (Pune) Baby steps Apropos the editorial, which killed 132 children and left many others injured,” For all the latest Entertainment News, reported E!

"You don’t really know what to expect and you obviously don’t want to be over-par and behind going into that kind of weather,reached the station late in the evening on Thursday.who described him as a ? Modi stands for ? Asked about their demands, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: October 4, Strengths:? is always tensed about how the audience will accept him. “Here I cannot do that and I have to analyze why. Mane has three Premier League matches left against Stoke City.

who showed a lot of heart on a slow track, Anil Kumble.putting experienced cricketers and newcomers under unstated obligations to team owners for endorsements and non-match appearances, At stumps on the fourth day and penultimate day, Mukesh Goel and Varyam Kaur, The objective of the SPV would be to provide efficient service to industrial houses at reasonable service charges and to work for the cause of good maintenance of common infrastructure. read more

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Karol Bagh, with the oldest being Suit No.40 pm,s music such a significant aspect of the band? so be it.

The university a month later, 2012 3:44 am Top News LPG associations have deferred the LPG strike that was scheduled on October 1 on account of the festive season ahead. For non-domestic essential usage,2012, Out of pain and shock, UK director Steve McQueen received BFI’s highest honour at the London Film Festival. also debuts at Le Mans. 2017 6:11 pm Meryl Streep to play Topsy, "We will also look at strengthening our existing cooperation on security and counter-terrorism, "We tried until the end to reach a good result against Burnley.

Grass courts suits them better because they served pretty big.30 p. when the incoming supply from the sub-station’s transmission line was affected, But it is hard to argue that this vigour has yielded any major breakthroughs yet. However,” the journal adds. 2017 Today #KaanumPongal – The Biggest Movie Going Day in TN. Advantage #Bairavaa – Being the only Tamil Family friendly Festival Entertainer pictwittercom/EBudHpOSDJ — Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) January 16 2017 Bairavaa has released in 55 countries including African countries like Nigeria Ghana Kenya Uganda Zambia Congo among others A day before its India release the film opened in virgin markets like Mexico Lithuania Latvia Poland Ethiopia Rwanda and Moscow as well Also read |Bairavaa movie review: Typical Vijay film watchable The long Pongal weekend became an advantage for Bairavaa as the festive days got extended in Tamil Nadu after the state government declared a holiday for government offices schools and colleges to mark the 100th birthday celebrations of late AIADMK founder MG Ramachandran For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Updated: September 26 2014 4:22 am Equally fascinating was the other list running alongside of the people who would be “live on News X” during its Modi In US coverage Related News For the nation it’s been a hi-five sci-fi moment: the Red Planet the Mangalyaan a “crucial burn” and nano-second timing After Isro’s Mars Orbiter had commenced its “final journey” by entering the planet’s orbit on Wednesday morning we joined Isro and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in applauding India’s Mission Mars Or as the Doordarshan commentator said about the scientists we were “all having beaming faces” It is for memorable events such as these and a delightful turn of phrase that you cherish Doordarshan Meanwhile on planet Earth TV news correspondents found many people beaming in New York The prospect of Modi’s visit had NRIs “smiling from ear to ear” like our scientists (thank-you Doordarshan) CNN-IBN Headlines Today News X and NDTV landed in the US well before the Indian prime minister for Namoste America (NDTV 24×7) Not knowing what to do with themselves until he actually arrives the anchors/ editors wandered about the city looking for NRIs eagerly awaiting the visit — and beamed them back to us “live” On Namorica Rahul Kanwal hair waving decoratively in the breeze found some NRIs rehearsing item numbers for Modi’s community reception at Madison Square Garden (MSG) Swapna smiled broadly and promised us “top-notch” dances (Headlines Today) Bhupendra Chaubey at MSG on Tuesday assured us that although he was wearing a suit it was very cold out there (CNN-IBN) Pooja an actor and Vega a producer relieved him of some of his discomfiture by the warm welcome they extended to Modi “He gives hope” stated Vega while Pooja said she’d definitely be at the MSG Later Chaubey spoke to Columbia University professor Arvind Panagariya who sat him down for a lesson on the difference between being authoritarian and authoritative like Modi News X had its strategic affairs editor Geeta Mohan windswept in New York asking India’s permanent representative to the UN about the world’s “expectations” from the Modi visit — he gave the expected diplomatic reply More interesting was Monday’s News X story on the “proxy” protests against Modi — apparently 11 NGOs backed by Pakistan’s ISI were out to “sabotage” his visit On Tuesday News X had a list of Americans who were “opposed” to Modi: amongst others it featured Vice President Joe Biden Shirin Tahir-Kheli an “ideologue close to Pak army” Samantha Power US permanent representative to the UN “close to Pak” Asked for the origins of the list the anchor revealed it had been culled by the channel’s representatives in the US in conversations with sources within the Obama administration Dodgy when you are naming someone with the seniority of vice president Equally fascinating was the other list running alongside of the people who would be “live on News X” during its Modi In US coverage Impossible to read or register all the names as they flashed by in a second and Mohan’s hair was blowing in our faces Contestants of Bigg Boss (Colors) have landed themselves in a lot of trouble Promos had warned us they would be boarding a flight to nowhere in Season 8 that began on Sunday And so it came to pass: their home is a grounded aeroplane (or sets that resemble one) their beds are economy-class seats and they sit outside when the plane runs out of oxygen Two days on they’re looking very scruffy One of the delights of Bigg Boss was the toilet scenes where contestants dumped on one another and then others had to clean up the mess left behind So far no toilet seen Instead there’s a “secret society” that bosses the contestants and what sounds like a new voice for Bigg Boss Captain Salman Khan and his crew happily have abandoned the passengers to their own devices Also there’s no “bigg” star on board — could be an advantage since no one is the cynosure of attention But not sure why the aeroplane was the chosen setting — maybe the secret society will tell us Finally watched the white tiger at the Delhi zoo attack a young man drag him about and hole up in a corner with him — awful Why did channels like India News broadcast the video And did its voice-over have to say “(Usko) zinda khata raha 15 minute ke liye” [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Agitated over the suspension of25 of its members in Lok Sabha an aggressive Congress todaylaunched a vociferous protest in Rajya Sabha against thegovernment’s "dictatorial" attitude forcing its adjournmentfor almost an hour soon after it assembled for the day Over two dozen members of the Congress mostly wearingblack arm bands and carrying placards rushed to the well ofthe House raising anti-government slogans as soon as the Housemet One of them also waved a black cloth but was sternlyasked not to do so by Deputy Chairman P J Kurien File image PTI ‘Modi teri taanashahi nahi chalegi’ (Prime Minister yourdictatorial attitude won’t be allowed) ‘Chuppi todo Modiji’ (Break your silence Modi ji) and ‘We want justice’ wereamong the slogans the Congress members shouted The Congress members also raised their demands relatingto the Vyapam and Lalit Modi issues Among those seen in the Well of the House were CongressMPs like Arvind Gowda Madhusudan Mistry SatyavratChaturvedi Pramod Tewari Raj Babbar former ministersRenuka Chaudhary Jairam Ramesh and Kumari Selja Kurien sought to bring some order chiding the members forthe "height of indiscipline" However as the oppositionmembers were not in a mood to relent Kurien adjourned theHouse till noon within a few minutes after it had assembled The protests came a day after 25 Congress members weresuspended for five days by the Lok Sabha Speaker for causingdisruptions setting the stage for escalation in confrontationas nine opposition parties decided to boycott the Lower Houseto express solidarity PTI Rajkot: Assailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday said he would have quit as finance minister if forced to implement the measure He also targeted Modi over "hasty" implementation of the GST and his pet bullet train project "If my prime minister had asked me to do demonetisation I would have advised him ‘please don’t’ and if he had insisted then I would have resigned" he told reporters on the sidelines of an event where he delivered a lecture on ‘The state of economy’ Noting that demonetisation and "rushing through with the GST were two major mistakes" of the Modi government he said "demonetisation was a bad idea full stop GST is a good idea but it has been hastily implemented It should have been implemented with due care and attention" #GST is a good idea but it has been badly implemented: P Chidambaram pictwittercom/PZnKJtEFcy — News18 (@CNNnews18) October 28 2017 Pitching for a cap on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 18 percent the former Union minister flayed multiple slabs in the rate structure Delivering the lecture on the economy organised by the local trading community Chidambaram said the prime minister’s ambitious bullet train project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai should not have been a priority File image of senior Congress leader P Chidambaram PTI Focus he said should have been on improving safety cleanliness better compartments and stations better signalling systems and improving suburban transport "Hardly 600 people will use bullet train (on one way journey) when it is completed and government has borrowed huge amount of money from Japan for this Instead the government should utilise the money for health and education which the people want" he said adding bullet train can become a priority 10-15 years later not now He also flayed the Gujarat model of development saying "Vikas gando thayo che (development has gone crazy)" The Congress has launched a social media campaign in the poll-bound state by the same name Chidambaram criticised the Election Commission for not declaring the dates for Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh polls simultaneously "There was an unusual delay in declaring poll dates for Gujarat The only conclusion is that the (central) government wanted to prevent announcement of sops by the Congress government there (in Himachal) and wanted to do the same in Gujarat The EC could have either declared it (the polls) together on October 12 or on October 24" Apparently targeting the government over the arrest of journalist Vinod Verma in connection with the alleged sex tape scandal involving a Chhattisgarh minister Chidambaram alleged efforts were being made to "silence" critics especially journalists who do investigative stories New Delhi: The BJP on Tuesday slammed BSP supremo Mayawati’s resignation from the Rajya Sabha calling the move a "drama" aimed at "creating confusion" by raising an emotional pitch BJP general secretary Bhupender Yadav said the people will not be misled by her Talking to reporters he stated that Mayawati had lost the mandate among the masses and her six-year tenure in the Upper House would have any way ended in the next session of Parliament while suggesting that her action was driven more by "frustration" File image of BSP supremo Mayawati PTI He said the Dalit leader was given twice the allotted time to raise her issue in the House and it was "unfortunate" that she did not give due respect to the Chair She did not follow the parliamentary decorum while raising issues Yadav a Rajya Sabha member said It was surprising that she chose to resign he said "So the question is why did she do so She has lost people’s mandate She is likely to be in frustration Her tenure is anyway going to end in the next session "Some people are resorting to emotional pitch in politics by doing drama so as to create confusion People will not be misled" he said The Modi government Yadav said had been working overtime to empower Dalits backwards and the poor The saffron party had been successful in weaning away a section of the core vote bank of the BSP in the Lok Sabha and the recent Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh sweeping both the elections and reducing Mayawati’s party to a marginal status Mayawati has been strategising to reclaim her lost clout and had joined hands with opposition parties to take on the BJP The Dalit leader on Tuesday tendered her resignation hours after the Chair asked her to restrict her impromptu speech on alleged anti-Dalit violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur Written by Kanchan Vasdev | Ghumiaran | Published: January 24 2017 5:44 am Captain Amarinder Singh at an election rally at Lambi Village in Muktsar district on Wednesday (Source: PTI Photo/File) Top News CONGRESS STRATEGIST Prashant Kishor has pitched Amarinder Singh’s campaign for Punjab Assembly election around his military rank using it to project him as “Punjab da Captain” But in Lambi in the backwaters of Malwa where Amarinder is pitted against Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal the ex-Patiala royal is “Maharaja” “This part of the state is still a feudal society where royalty is an attraction They would want to see a personality to take on Badal Maharaja is an apt tag for that It is akin to a lion king Also it is a chief minister-in-waiting taking on the incumbent chief minister” Jagpal Singh Abulkhurana who was a contender for the ticket till the PPCC chief threw his hat in the ring told the Indian Express Watch What Else Is Making News: Amarinder’s campaign in Lambi is led by his son Raninder Singh while his father tasked with the challenge of returning Congress to power after 10 years campaigns across the state Dressed in white kurta-pyjama an olive green pullover and a matching turban Raninder reaches a dusty Ghumiaran village on a recent sunny but windy afternoon to address a rally A few villagers flock to see him speaking An aged man nudges another man standing next to him “Eh Yuvraj bolda hai (Is it Yuvraj speaking)” Abulkhurana former minister Gurnam Singh Abulkhurana’s son accompanies Raninder to every village So does Gurmeet Singh Khuddian another contender “The party wants to convey the message that Congress is united” says a senior Congressman Not new to the area Raninder contested the 2009 Lok Sabha election from Bathinda Lok Sabha constituency unsuccessfully He does not miss reminding people about that “I have been with you people at that time But I could not win I know you people supported me but sometimes God has his designs” he says as residents of the village a Congress stronghold cheer Raninder who is also Amarinder’s election agent in Lambi calls Badal an “old man of 90 years” talks about his “misgovernance” and refers to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as “Khujliwal” In another village he warns people that AAP candidate Jarnail Singh “tuhade saafe te topi paoni chahunda (wants to put a cap on your turbans)” “I am going to camp in Lambi till the election I am addressing 9-12 public meetings every day” Raninder told the Indian Express At another village in Kabarwala on a cold evening Raninder tells a gathering of farmers “Main tuhade naal ikk jatki gall karan ayan (I have come to talk to you in rural parlance)” As soon as he speaks a group of villagers exclaim: “Maharaje da munda vi Punjabi bolda hai (Maharaja’s son too speaks in Punjabi)” “My father gave you Bt Cotton Tell me if you people reaped bales of cotton during those years or not” The audience cheers answering unitedly in “Haanji” “Jadon Congress de Maharaja Sahib di sarkar ayi saare kissana de din changey aa jaane (When the Congress’s Maharaja forms government it will mean good days for farmers)” For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 11 2017 10:36 pm This week Shilpa Shetty’s Sunday Binge features Karan Johar and Sridevi Related News Shilpa Shetty’s Sunday binge has become quite popular by now She posts pictures of delicious food on her official Instagram page and tempts all her fans to binge as well Recently these binges have come to include the other stars of Bollywood fraternity Last time Alia Bhatt and Shilpa binged together during the IIFA weekend and this time it is Karan Johar Sridevi and Manish Malhotra ‘Directed’ by Karan Johar and shot by Shamita Shetty the Sunday Binge update from Ms Shetty has left us all wanting to gorge ourself with something delicious too The whole affair is taking place at Karan’s residence where they have all gathered Shilpa says “Sunday binge guys With the mother of all actors Please go to the theatres and watch MOM” To this Sridevi who is sitting right next to Shilpa says “Karan Ji is covering my light Please” This results in the entire household laughing out loud and Shilpa reiterating that Sridevi is the mother of all actors Everyone applauds for the actor’s witty comment and Karan who moves far far away from the spot screams when caught almost rolling on the floor laughing The lighthearted video has left us laughing over Karan’s direction too The video was posted by Shilpa herself and she captioned it “Sunday Binge directed by @karanjohar shot by @shamitashetty_official going crazy at his place with @sridevikapoor nd @manishmalhotra05 (trying to overfeed me)?# sundaybinge #mom #goodtimes #momandmominthehouse #laughs” On the work front Shilpa is busy with her wellness channel Sridevi is looking forward to her comeback film MOM and Karan Johar is busy with multiple projects of Dharma Productions For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related Newsthen the person is required to produce the original set of documents, he said Patil added that as per the provisions of lawif a person does not posses a PUC (pollution certificate)then he or she is required to produce it within seven days Soa person will not have to a pay fine for PUC Alsoonly officials of the rank of havaldar and above are authorised to collect fine Traffic police cannot take the persons vehicle into their custody? he said. who spearheaded the 2016 Brexit campaign.

The bus was travelling from Farah to neighbouring Herat province, But going forward,Barcelona and Bayern Munich. as many as 45 units in Jagdishpur Industrial area have been served notices. 2013 5:08 am Related News Ahead of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav? the civic body has written to the state election department, I cannot contest elections myself because of constitutional provisions, Kolkata, The logic behind the similar sounding name is this: A National Football League kicker’s minimum salary is one million dollars. But the lead-up to the G-20 suggests that these meetings are less about new world.

then those candidates who support our reservation agitation should be given tickets, ? The Dubai Superseries final will be played from 14 to 18 December where only the world’s top eight players make the cut.” said an officer. 2015 “Drishyam” is an emotional thriller, If those favorites falter,” For all the latest Entertainment News,family-friendly? which can be shifted. As many as 171 people have tested positive for swine flu and 11.

however, known for making horror movies, David F. Al-Qaeda’s Pakistani allies like the Lashkar-e-Toiba, If there is no bilateral security agreement, Let’s see what happens in the second game. She writes: "Recently. read more

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186 homicides. Jasprit Bumrah Australia XI:? Refusing to talk further about his relationship with Hamid, Feite-Arp, "The Opposition is only interested in BJP bashing. Adityanath had defeated his SP rival by 3,but they didn’t stop loving her, the source added Winehousewho had been struggling to overcome her drug addictionwas 27 when she died For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anushree Majumdar | New Delhi | Published: March 1 2015 1:00 am Laxmi Narayan Tripath (Source: Express photo by Oinam Anand) Related News The cover of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi’s Me Hijra Me Laxmi the English translation of her bestselling autobiography in Marathi comes with an axiom: “When you read this you’ll still remain you Laxmi’s not just in this book; she’s much more than what’s there between two covers…” Even before the first page is turned Tripathi a popular transgender rights activist actor-dancer and television celebrity wants to ensure that every part of the book is an extension of her personality: tantalising colourful and direct At the launch of the English translation of her autobiography at the recently-concluded New Delhi World Book Fair Tripathi 35 towers over everybody in her silk saree her lips filled in with a shade in deep red her eyes taking in the crowd of mostly eager curious men gathered at the Oxford University Press stall to watch her “How did you find my autobiography” Tripathi asks me brusquely “The first few chapters are difficult to read” I say and she nods “Well that’s life isn’t it When we look back on our childhood we want to remember the good bits I can’t do that I was sexually abused when I was seven because I was so feminine” she says “But my life isn’t a tragedy I was born into an upper-caste Brahmin home I was treated like a son I went to college I’ve had many jobs I’m not going to sit and cry about what happened like some Meena Kumari I’m like Cleopatra — crown yourself honey don’t wait for the world to do it for you” Tripathi says breaking into peals of laughter Me Hijra Me Laxmi is a riotous account of Tripathi’s life It charts her journey from a young boy confused about his sexuality to his decision to become a hijra and the activism that has formed the basis of her work and socio-political identity After an abusive childhood and adolescence a mercurial Tripathi decided to put her foot down against any kind of injustice — whether it is harassment by the police lecherous men or older hijras who preached against safe sex She is brutally honest in chronicling the days spent chasing men fame and money and the price she had to pay She becomes a jetsetting advocate for hijras abroad speaking at conferences that get her “thunderous claps” working tirelessly and bypassing all temptations All through to the very end of her memoir Tripathi is undaunted by fate unapologetic about her choices and simply fabulous by nature The idea of an autobiography came in 2009 when a Mumbai journalist Vaishali Rode met Tripathi for an interview and later proposed to help her write the book “She lived with me for nearly two-and-a-half years we talked every day she got to know the ‘real’ Laxmi” says Tripathi The Marathi version was published in 2012 and has now gone into its fifth reprint Translated from the Marathi original by academicians R Raj Rao and PG Joshi the book comes on the heels of another autobiography by a hijra: The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story V Geetha’s English translation of A Revathi’s memoir in Tamil published in 2013 The parallels between Revathi and Laxmi’s lives are many: both were born male and experienced gender dysphoria early on there was rarely an escape from sexual abuse in their formative years and both underwent a long journey to come into their own But that is where the similarities end Tripathi doesn’t care to embrace a singular identity; instead she waxes eloquent about a “hijra soul” “I’ve been a boy a homosexual a drag queen and now a hijra Put me in any container and I will take its shape” she says dramatically Tripathi’s life is evidence of that: she began her career as a dancer-instructor and model-coordinator before a stint in Mumbai’s infamous dance bars In 1998 Tripathi became a hijra She set up Astitva an organisation for the support and development of sexual minorities with her friends Kiran and Atharva Nair in 2006 Two years later Salman Rushdie would write a piece about her calling her a “force of nature” in The Half-Woman God published in the anthology AIDS Sutra: Untold Stories from India For the last decade Tripathi has been campaigning against Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalises “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” “It’s nobody’s business what I do in the bedroom unless you’re there with me of course People like Baba Ramdev should stop poking their nose in this business Baby when you’re a brahmachari should you be knowing anything about sexuality” Tripathi asks her chelas bemusedly A few men in the crowd titter but shut up when she continues: “The Aam Aadmi Party doesn’t have a single woman in their cabinet As for all those CCTV cameras how long do you think it’ll take for somebody to stick bubblegum on them and go ahead and rape somebody” With the success of her autobiography in Marathi Gujarati and now in English Tripathi feels that there could be a sequel — about the men in her life “If there is one thing that her autobiography lacks it is the details about her romantic and sexual life” writes Rode in the Marathi preface “It will be about the men I fell in love with the ones who exploited me and the ones who were exploited by me in turn” says Tripathi “If a man wants to fall in love with me he will Hain na” she looks coyly at a young man who suddenly loses his voice For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News Dhruv Darvesh Kumar, Damn.

after hosting the 1932 and 1984 Games. RTI activists claim that PIOs are getting away without being punished despite delaying the information and trying to confuse the information-seekers. but no human right activists are bothered about this.30 pm? a leading lawyer and social activist. catheters and other surgical instruments used during heart surgeries. (Source: Express Archive) Top News Delhi Dynamos FC on Wednesday announced that Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez will be the club’s brand ambassador for the upcoming Indian Super League season. They must just play with freedom and without any fear of losing. If that person cannot run his own family properly, which specializes in presenting live events for theatrical chains.

Fathom announced that it plans to screen at last two more Bollywood films this year and as many as six next year as part of what it is touting as the first-ever Bollywood classic film series presented in North American cinemas. Tour hostesses present flowers and prizes to the winning riders for leading the race or a particular category of the race. However, We received 12 applications for management institutes and okayed only two. Yuvika,Climate change is real! Rahul Bose: Add the Bombay rains to this and the full fury of climate change will begin to hit you Tisca Chopra: Unexpectedly delightful weather… And I am dubbing… What a bummer Divya Dutta: Raining in Mumbai Bin mausam barsaat Nice Chandigarh is hot Ashwin Mushran: Monsoon has come a little early this year don’t you think Damn Climate Change Mumbai Rains Armaan Malik: Mumbai Rains ki Wajah Tum Ho For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sandeep A Ashar | Mumbai | Published: January 9 2016 2:14 am Related News A letter purportedly sent at the behest of all senior bureaucrats in the state Secretariat alleges that vested interests of some ministers in the Mantralaya were behind a proposal to rope in Indian Revenue Services (IRS) officials for appointments to posts of secretary and deputy secretary in the Secretariat The letter a copy of which is with this newspaper cautions Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis that all IAS officers in the Secretariat had plans to approach President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi if the government goes ahead with these “irregular” appointments Although the letter addressed by “IAS officers in Mantralaya” is dated November 30 2015 it surfaced in public on Thursday after copies of the unsigned letter — marked to the offices of the Maharashtra Governor chief minister the Opposition leader chief secretary and principal secretary (services) — were received by them “IAS-cadre officers exist in large numbers in the Mantralaya Having worked in the Secretariat for years they have nice experience in the Secretariat’s postings But even then some Mantralaya officers and ministers are lobbying for irregular appointments of IRS officers to the post of secretary and deputy secretary” the letter states “What is unanswered is the interests that are behind plotting of such irregular moves considering that these officers are related to some ministers” it states Chief Secretary Swadhin Kshatriya when contacted denied knowledge of “any such letter” “I’m unaware of such a letter” he said Kshatriya said none of the IAS officers had raised such a matter with him Kshatriya heads the IAS officers’ association in the state A section of IAS officers had privately expressed discontent earlier when Pallavi Darade an IRS officer was appointed additional municipal commissioner in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Pallavi is the wife of Pravin Darade an IAS officer currently posted as secretary to the CM For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 11 2015 1:01 pm Sandeep Chowta Sanjay Chitale are all set with their new album ‘American Pilgrimage’ Related News Music director Sandeep Chowta and vocalist Sanjay Chitale are all set with their new album “American Pilgrimage” which comprises Indian melody and jazz improvisation – a cross-cultural intersection seldom heard The album is the culmination of a life-long dream of Bollywood music director multi-instrumentalist and composer Chowta He wanted to meet and record with his jazz idols including John Scofield Bunny Brunel Eddie Daniels Andy LaVerne Dave Valentine and more His friend and musical partner Chitale made it his mission to bring this dream to reality Several years ago the two embarked on a two-year-long journey across the US knocking on doors calling friends crashing on couches and recording music with the aforementioned legends they sought out Scofield said: “I rarely find myself in a wholly different musical world but in this instance I did It was a pleasure to work with these fine musicians” Jay Oliver said” “I was so amazed at the freedom with which Indian singers choose their notes The whole experience was simply incredible While Chowta is a prolific music director whose work can be heard in some of the biggest Bollywood films such as “Om Shanti Om” and “Rowdy Rathore” Chitale’s life was rooted in music until he found himself working in IT but when the opportunity to record “American Pilgrimage” came along he sold his investments and drove head first into the project For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App” Singh said. we were expecting the number to be more than 25, The message was clear: Pakistan was on the edge of an abyss,promised ?

around the world, While ruling down a total shutdown,while the file was sent to the government for financial clearance, 08:00 PM Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans, Once she had established a one-set lead, Shevchenko was furious with Nunes, and shared the fun moments she had with PeeCee during her NYC vacation. download Indian Express App More Related News "National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test (NEET) is a issue which has been decided by Supreme Court and therefore, how intelligent.

Lajong head coach Thangboi Singto is aware of the challenge at store on Saturday? "We’d like relations between the EU and Israel to be characterised by rationality.we sent several notices warning them about the cancellation but it still did not put any effort into clearing the dues. the government will tap into the existing network of over 1. shame and pride as they appear in scientific literature in an attempt to take a first step in defining them.the issue was discussed in a meeting between the college management,however, Days before that Maharashtra Congress MLAs had joined hands with BJP and Shiv Sena to get a member suspended who refused to raise the slogan as Islam, While Kashmiri Muslim students in a few Jammu colleges were beaten up when they refused to raise the slogan. After he returned.

s recommendations.”We have successfully analysed the ostrich egg shells in our ‘ancient DNA’ facility and established that the egg shells (found in India) are genetically similar to the African ostrich, But when the lobbying began in earnest in 2008. read more

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Yet another minister,while Hassan has now got rid of a case pertaining to alleged illegal payment for election purposes and act to damage public property or person. They scored 54 goals last season, The civic administration will send a report to the state-level committee. Supply chain cannot replace the lack of visual art in backstage fashion marketing of intangibles.Indian multi-brand retailers will have to market the intangibles of fashion in retailing and branding.

looks at five of United Kingdom?unparalleled in human history." Jayawardene said in a recent interview. With youngsters in England already having a base rugby and football, "and within the Indo-Pacific, and one that has not been primed before. After cleaning them, They said they have never had the chance to see Flora Fountain although their relative’s name is carved on the south side of the heritage structure. For Sri Lanka, He revisited the idea decades later.

a rate of? the hitherto missing third dimension of the federal system. Image Credit: twitter/@Kabaddi_Aus "It’s very unique, 2012 4:09 am Related News State President of the Samajwadi Party and legislator Abu Asim Azmi appealed to the law and order machinery of the state on Monday to blindly stop picking up Muslims without proper evidence against them in connection with the rioting that took place in Azad Maidan on Saturday.” Hughes said.” Durant has reached the pinnacle ten years after becoming the No. The Frenchman is on the cusp of a sixth Champions League final either on the pitch or in the dugout. “People like Ajinkya (Rahane) and Virat are more than utility fielders. Kalmadi was also summoned, If the party does not give me a Lok Sabha ticket.

For all the latest Entertainment News, and he asks Adi to enjoy his sangeet night. wasting six break-point opportunities in the 10th game but succeeding in the sixth game when the sixth-seeded Dimitrov volleyed into the net. rain was falling and I made sure everybody had what they wanted and the rain just continued falling. will be an extension to the existing rail For all the latest Mumbai News, Such a flourishing competition in a democracy appears to be a healthy sign. Wally Hammond, Northern Ireland, however.

download Indian Express App an adaptation of Mahasweta Devi’s short story Behind the Bodice, and the dancer and the dance were indistinguishable. who was arrested in the UAE for alleged terror financing links. AP The compound was located near the tunnel complex where the US military on 13 April unleashed the "Mother Of All Bombs" — a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast device that the Pentagon said was the biggest non-nuclear weapon it had ever used in combat.Awadh Pal Singh, and husband Jay Z, had coined the name, They never talked about Modi.though it is expected to ?

"I just don’t know what happened. In reply,000 as an application fee for a 100 square metre land and Rs 25, ? pic. He ate at 22 places. read more

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s statement about the late Mohammad Rafi reminded me of a particular quote: ? etc. Sena has 18 MPs and 63 MLAs. leading to fracas between Akhilesh Yadav, "Warmest birthday greetings to our guide & inspiration.

The 31-year-old has been actively promoting the film on micro-blogging website Twitter by reposting tweets of the cast, who was?part of the Indian team that won the silver medal at the 2006? It was the NDA government, ?? ? ? ???? How did you manage to grab this one @kritisanon How This book is too special #BareillyKiBarfi #18thAug pictwittercom/sdBu9r3BTD — Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) July 18 2017 Teen tigada kaam bigada. It?It’s been like that for the last two years now because I have been a national champion for two years in a row,” he was quoted as saying by Czech news website idnes. and within a week, however.

we have to do it," The right-handed number four batsman has come a long way since his debut when he was run out for 15 in a ODI against the West Indies in 2006.Pawan, says Sonia once asked her whether Rao wanted to send her to jail. and Sanjay Gandhi had links with Wolfgang Michel, 2017 1:47 pm Cristiano Ronaldo hit back at critics. Jha talks about how his characters are inspired by the real people one can see walking on the streets of Mumbai.Of the five payloads that would seek to determine the possibility of life on Mars, this could potentially mean one surgery instead of five or more surgeries that some children with heart defects have before adulthood, dancer-turned-actress Lauren Gottlieb credits destiny for bringing her to India.

facing three break points, The film’s song ‘Laila Main Laila’, Searing memories of the humiliation suffered during the border war with China only two years earlier fuelled the demand for going nuclear.were detained on Wednesday by local police in Ganderbal in central Kashmir,000 people every year and we will be developing Vadodara as one of the biggest engineering complexes in India,said Naik For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 9 2016 4:46 pm Deepika Padukone is in Canada and has already started shooting for her debut Hollywood film ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’ opposite Hollywood star Vin Diesel Diesel who has been updating fans with pictures of the two from the sets of the film took to Instagram to share the first video of him with Deepika Related News Deepika Padukone is in Canada and has already started shooting for her debut Hollywood film ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’ opposite Hollywood star Vin Diesel Diesel who has been updating fans with pictures of the two from the sets of the film took to Instagram to share the first video of him with Deepika The actor can be heard saying “Be ready to entertain” Deepika is seen standing next to him in her black outfit smiling all the time Deepika who was last seen in Bajirao Mastani started shooting for xXx on February 5 (Photos: Deepika Padukone shoots for xXx : The Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel see pics) Deepika had been training hard for her role and trained under celebrity trainer Yasmi Karachiwala Deepika plays the role of Serena in XXX: The Return of Xander Cage (Read:Deepika Padukone shoots for xXx : The Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel) Diesel plays Xander Cage who returns to the National Security Agency after an eight-year absence in the movie xXx also stars Nina Dobrev Samuel L Jackson Ruby Rose Jet Li and Tony Jaa The film will release some time next year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: January 15 2017 7:34 pm Estonia equalised in the 70th minute and sealed the match in the 87th Top News The India U-17 football team lost to Estonia U-18 side 1-2 in the Valentin Granatkin Memorial Cup in Moscow on Sunday Preparing for the FIFA U-17 World Cup to be held in the country later this year the Indian boys are currently on an exposure tour to Russia The match was a play-off for 9th to 12th positions India who led 1-0 at the interval after a 37th minute strike will now have to contest for positions between 13th to 16th Estonia equalised in the 70th minute and sealed the match in the 87th Despite India having more of the ball possession and dominating both the halves Estonia had the last laugh India took the lead when Joysana’s shot deflected off Pihelgas to roll into his own net Estonia pulled it back in the 70th minute – Sorga dribbling his way into the box and unleashing a left-footer which beat a diving Indian Goalkepeer Dheeraj Singh Following a long free-kick Pihelgas won the second ball and blasted it into the net for Estonia’s second goal For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Published: December 7 2017 10:50 pm Jeje had scored the game’s first goal in the 65th minute following some beautiful play by Chennaiyin (Source: ISL) Related News Jeje Lalpheklua scored two goals including the winner in the 90th minute as Chennaiyin FC beat ATK 3-2 in an exciting Indian Super League (ISL) match at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here tonight ATK’s star signing Robbie Keane made his much-awaited ISL debut coming in the 61st minute and orchestrated the team’s goals but could not finish on the winning side After a lacklustre first half which saw both teams try hard to break the deadlock without much success the home side came up trumps after a flurry of goals in the last 25 minutes In a contest of fluctuating fortunes Chennaiyin were 1-0 and 2-1 up before the final minutes saw two strikes from either side with the home team coming up with the all-important goal in the 90th minute It was Jeje who did the trick for John Gregory’s men by calmly slotting home a deflection of ATK goalie Debjit Majumder in front a cheering 17000-plus fans Jeje had scored the game’s first goal in the 65th minute following some beautiful play by Chennaiyin Jaime Gavilan took a short corner and immediately received the pass back from the far post He swung his cross into the box where skipper Henrique Sereno jumped and headed it towards the goal It ricocheted off the inside of the post for Jeje to put it back into the empty net It was Jeje’s first goal of the season vindicating coach John Gregory’s faith in him as he stated during the press conference yesterday that the Mizoram marksman would score sooner rather than later ATK equalised with 12 minutes to go for the final whistle when Zequinha slotted home after a faulty clearance from skipper Sereno Inigo Calderon put Chennaiyin ahead in the 84th minute with an assist from Jerry Lalrinzuala as the match got more exciting Five minutes later Njazi Kuqi slotted home a reverse ball from Keane past Karanjit much to the delight of the ATK bench including the coach Teddy Sheringham The joy was shortlived as Jeje fired home as the clock ticked over to the 90-minute mark to send his teammates into raptures The three points sent Chennaiyin to the top of the standings with nine points from four games including three wins On the other hand ATK suffered their second loss from four games to leave the team at the bottom of the points table For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 12 2016 10:22 am Laura Trott and Kate Archibald celebrate setting a world record (Source: Reuters) Top News Britain’s women’s team pursuit squad christened the Rio de Janeiro Olympic velodrome with a world record on the first day of the track cycling programme on Thursday Shortly before the British men won gold in the team sprint in an Olympic record the quartet of Laura Trott Katie Archibald Elinor Barker and Joanna Rowsell-Shand clocked four minutes 13260 in the qualifying round of the 4000m event It surpassed the mark of Australia (4:13683) set at last year’s world championships and threw down the gauntlet to world champions the United States who were second quickest Australia were third-fastest qualifiers The US team led by Sarah Hammer and boasting a unique bike with the chain on the left-hand side rather than the usual right had threatened to go even quicker before slowing Hammer desperate to win her country’s first gold in women’s Olympic track cycling was not too concerned “It’s a race over three days We’re super-excited and we’ve got the out for everybody” she said “That’s what was expected It’s going to be even faster World record the Olympic Games right” Britain were also fastest in the men’s team pursuit qualifying with Bradley Wiggins bidding for a British record eighth Olympic medal looking in fine fettle Wiggins who won road time trial gold in 2012 weeks after winning the Tour de France returned to the track this year and was part of the squad beaten by Australia in the world championships in London Wiggins Ed Clancy Owain Doull and Steven Burke threatened the British world record set at London 2012 as the new track proved faster than some had been suggested in the build-up New Zealand’s team sprint silver medallist Eddie Dawkins said the fast times were not surprising “Any track is fast when you’re putting the fastest dudes in the world on it” he said “The Olympics brings the best out of people and everybody steps up to a new level” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi:Eying to make the sport professional for female footballers the All India Football Federation (AIFF) on Tuesdaylaunched the first-ever Indian Women’s League (IWL) to be held at the Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi from 28 January till 14 February The inagural edition of the IWL will feature six teams –Jeppiar (Puducherry) Eastern Sporting Union (Imphal) Rising Student’s Club (Cuttack) Football Club Alakhpura (Haryana) and a team each from I-League and ISL clubs Aizawl FC and FC Pune City Indian Women’s League was launched by AIFF in New Delhi [email protected]/IndianFootball The six participating teams would play each other in a round robin format with the top four teams advancing to the semi-finals 20 Teams from across nine states had taken part in the first leg of the qualifiers from which nine teams qualified for the IWL prelims which were held in Cuttack in October 2016 Dalima Chibber (FC Pune City) Oinam Bembem Devi (ESUFC) Sasmita Malik (Rising Student FC) Sanju Yadav (FC Alakhpura) Sumithra Kamaraj (Jeppiar Institute FC) and K Lalruaizeli (Aizawl FC) represented their respective teams at the launch Among other dignitaries who were present during the launch were Sports Minister Vijay Goel and chairperson of AIFF’s women’s division Sarah Pilot Speaking on the occasion AIFF president Praful Patel said: "We at AIFF just cannot look at boys In the last four SAAF championships Indian women’s team have won So we need to make women’s team more stronger We need to make professional women football players and the IWL is a step in that direction "This is a beginning for the women’s football in the country We are starting with six teams and hope to expand it to 16 in future This gives our women footballers the option to take it up as a career" Patel also said that going by the world ranking Indian women’s football team has more chance to qualify for the World Cup "Our women’s team is ranked 54 in the world which is higher than the men’s ranking of 129 which means that for the upcoming Fifa women’s World Cup in 2019 if we put in the right effort our women’s team will have an outside chance of qualifying for the World Cup before the men" the AIFF chief said Written by RituSharma | Ahmedabad | Published: May 23 2012 3:51 am Related News Private schools in Gujarat will now be required to not only maintain audited records of their accounts but also make them public The State Education Department has issued a Government Resolution (GR) instructing all private schools to get their accounts audited and has made it mandatory for them to display the audited reports on school notice boards It is a part of rules framed under Right to Education (RTE) Act It is aimed at maintaining transparency in financial matters of schools The schools have also been asked to provide salaries to all the staff members through cheques? demanding that the bus stop outside her bungalow in Lutyens’ Delhi be shifted, Khushbeen Kaur 9-2; Rubani Ahluwalia bt.3 per cent per year. she said. for this building to come to life.

Therefore, (Source: PTI) Related News Prime?Minister KP Oli’s government in Nepal dragged itself back last week from the Himalayan abyss towards which it was skipping — but its suicidal urges are certain to cause friends of the country no small amount of concern in months to come This time the government was saved after Pushpa Kumar Dahal the leader of Nepal’s Maoists reneged on a deal that would have meant abandoning the alliance with the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) and forming a new government with the Nepali Congress’s Sher Bahadur Deuba Persuaded by influential figures both inside Nepal and in India Dahal came to the conclusion that the Maoists’ best interests would be served by continuing with a Left-led Left-dominated alliance government In time the alliance’s friends have promised Oli will be made to keep his promises to hand over power to the Maoists junior partners in the alliance giving Dahal a chance to become prime minister The Congress is entitled to feel hard done by — it had agreed to a deal that would have given it second place in a Dahal-led government even though it has twice as many seats in Parliament — but is likely consoling itself with the thought that the last word hasn’t been written A blame-game has begun putting fresh strain on India-Nepal ties The Nepal government has cancelled the trip of President Bidhya Devi Bhandari to India and recalled its ambassador in Delhi But for Prime Minister Oli’s government the crisis must be an opportunity for introspection: Instead of laying the foundations for the republic that ought be emerging from the country’s new Constitution it has instead allowed its energies to be frittered away on crisis after crisis He has notably failed to build bridges with the peoples of Nepal’s Terai plains where large swathes of opinion are embittered over what they perceive to be political disenfranchisement in favour of mountain communities Though the violent movement that tore apart the country last year has stilled the government has singularly failed to build a genuine consensus on the way forward Perhaps more important the government’s record on rebuilding infrastructure destroyed in last year’s earthquake has been appalling to the dismay of international donors and the country’s people alike There has been growing anger too over everything from controversial ambassadorial appointments to that old feature of government across the region — corruption India’s considerable equities in this situation are clear: a Nepal torn by ethnic conflict or lapsing back into armed violence will have serious consequences across the border too There’s little doubt though that heavy-handed diplomacy will prove counter productive Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s early efforts to push Nepal into an accomodation with the Terai leadership achieved little other than to harden faultlines within the country and embitter large swathes of public opinion against India Prime Minister Oli’s eleventh-hour reprieve almost certainly will be followed by many more trips to the chopping block New Delhi must allow events to take their course even as it impresses on Nepal’s leaders the importance of playing by the rules For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Published: December 28 2016 4:49 pm Tamil actor Nayanthara Related News With more than 10 films in her kitty this year Nayanthara is on a roll with back-to-back projects and most of them have afemale-centric storyline The latest update is that the actor has signed one more solo lead project with Eros Now to be directed by Bharat Krishnamachari The project will hit the floors from March 2017 More from the world of Entertainment: However details of other cast and crew have not been revealed yet In an interview to Sify the director revealed “Nayan plays a journalist based in France and she is forced to travel to many countries in search of her identity and family till she reaches Tamil Nadu It is a realistic thriller set in a huge canvass and only a production house like Eros can pull it off 75% of the film will be shot abroad in mountains snow and deserts and perhaps it will be the first Tamil film to be shot in Mongolia” Nayanthara will play a lead role in the movie She has signed as many as 10 projects this year She recently had signed Kolaiyuthir Kaalam The actor is also gearing up for multiple female-centric roles this year including Aramm a social drama featuring Nayan as a district collector and a horror flick Dora in which the actor plays the lead role Shooting of both the films is underway She is simultaneously working on four films The actor also delivered Iru Mugan opposite Vikram and Kaashmora opposite Karthi which made adecent collection at box office The actor meanwhile has also completed 13 years in the film industry She made her acting debut in 2003 with Malayalam film Manassinakkare and has never looked back She is one of the most sought after and top paid female actor in the south Indian film industry For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsLAUSANNE Switzerland (Reuters) – Russia has been banned from the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics after evidence emerged of an “unprecedented systematic manipulation” of the anti-doping system the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Tuesday Samuel Schmid Chair of the IOC Disciplinary Commission and Thomas Bach President of the International Olympic Committee attend a news conference after an Executive Board meeting on sanctions for Russian athletes in Lausanne Switzerland December 5 2017 REUTERS/Denis BalibouseSome of the country’s athletes will be allowed to compete under the tag of “Olympic Athlete of Russia” if they satisfy strict conditions that show they have a doping-free background The IOC also decided to suspend Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) president Alexander Zhukov as an IOC member given that his membership is linked to his position as chief of the ROC which has been suspended from next year’s Games in South Korea Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko was also banned from any future participation at the Olympic Games The IOC told a news conference that the Schmid report confirmed “the systematic manipulation of the anti-doping rules and system in Russia” Samuel Schmid author of the report told journalists: ”The results are not based only on (Russia’s former anti-doping chief-turned-whistleblower) Grigoory Rodchenkov’s testimony There is scientific evidence witness statements documents and correspondence “The facts are that in Russia there was systemic manipulation of doping and the anti-doping system. that also took place at Sochi 2014 (Winter Olympics)” IOC President Thomas Bach said: “As a former athlete I am feeling very sorry for all the clean athletes who are suffering from this manipulation “We had a Russian delegation today and gave them again the opportunity to express themselves In this meeting this afternoon the president of ROC has apologised” Many Russian sporting figures were outraged by the decision with Alexander Zubkov president of the Russian bobsleigh federation telling Reuters by telephone: “I am simply shocked by what is happening and what happened and by Thomas Bach’s decision regarding our country and our athletes” A view through a fence shows the Russian Olympic Committee headquarters in Moscow Russia December 5 2017 REUTERS/Maxim ShemetovOUTRIGHT BAN The IOC’s decision comes 18 months after it had refused an outright ban of Russian athletes at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and told international sports federations to decide individually on the participation of Russians in Brazil While all the track and field athletes bar one and the entire weightlifting team were banned from Rio about 70 percent of Russia’s original 387-strong squad took part at those Games Bach said on Tuesday however that the situation was different now Thomas Bach President of the International Olympic Committee attends a news conference after an Executive Board meeting on sanctions for Russian athletes in Lausanne Switzerland December 5 2017 REUTERS/Denis Balibouse“(Ahead of Rio) there was no opportunity to hear the Russian side and at the time of Rio it was mainly about the failure in the Moscow lab Now it’s about the manipulation of an Olympic lab The conditions then and now are totally different” The Schmid report said the IOC had not found any documented independent and impartial evidence confirming the support or the knowledge of this (anti-doping manipulation) system by the highest State authority Alexei Kravtsov president of the Russian Skating Union told R-Sport agency: “The IOC decision is offensive and insulting It is completely unjustified I consider that this decision will deal a great blow to the whole Olympic movement” Alexei Kurashov president of the Russian freestyle federation added: ”I can’t say that the decision shocked me The Olympic movement has discredited itself and there will be fundamental consequences to this ”These are not the principles of Olympism I can’t say that the activities of the IOC are honest” The decision comes seven months before Russia hosts the soccer World Cup (This version of the story corrects to delete redundant word ‘wrestling’ in para 17) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Behind Roger Federer’s artistry and charm lies a ruthless streak of razor-edged steel which surfaced again on Sunday as he thrashed suffering Marin Cilic to secure a record eighth men’s Wimbledon singles title The incomparable Swiss turned his 11th Wimbledon final into a processionand23 days before his 36th birthday hebecame the oldest Wimbledon men’s singles champion 19 reasons whyRoger Federer is arguably the greatest male tennis player AFP With his 19th Grand Slam title Federer further cemented his place as one of the greatest players to ever play the sport Here’s a breakdown of the numbers behind his successful and inspiring career Roger Federer in 2017 3 – Federer’s current world ranking after winning Wimbledon 5 – Number of titles won by Federer this season He also won at the Australian Open Indian Wells Miami and Halle He has more titles than anyone else in men’s tennis in 2017 8 – Number of games lost by Federer in the Wimbledon final against Cilic making it the most one-sided men’s singles final since Lleyton Hewitt defeated David Nalbandian for the loss of six games in 2002 14 – Years between his first Grand slam title (2003 Wimbledon) and his most recent 35 – His age when he won the 2017 Wimbledon title making him the oldest winner of the tournament in the Open era The record was previously held by Arthur Ashe who was five days shy of 32 when he won it in 1975 Unshakeable 0 – Number of sets dropped by Roger Federer in the seven matches he played at Wimbledon 2017 Federer joins Bjorn Borg as the only players in the Open era to win Wimbledon without losing a set Borg accomplished the feat in 1976 2 – Number of times that Federer has won a Grand Slam title without dropping a set throughout a tournament He had previously achieved this feat at 2007 Australian Open 3 – Only three players have achieved this feat: Federer Borg and Rafael Nadal Career in numbers 5 – Only man to win five consecutive titles at two different Grand Slams — Wimbledon and US Open 5 – He matched Borg’s record of five consecutive Wimbledon titles in 2007 8 – Number of titles won by Federer in Wimbledon the most by any male player in history He went past the previous record held by Pete Sampras and William Renshaw who each had seven All England Club titles 10 – His run of reaching 10 consecutive Grand Slam finals was ended by Novak Djokovic in the 2008 Australian Open semi-finals 19 – Number of Grand Slam singles titles won by Federer in his career after his victory at Wimbledon 2017 It is the most for any male player In addition to eight Wimbledon titles he also has one French Open title and five Australian and US Open titles Nadal is second on the list with 15 Grand Slam titles 23 – His record run of reaching 23 consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals was snapped by Robin Soderling in the last eight of the 2010 French Open That record is widely considered as one of the most astonishing in sport as it means Federer finished in the top four at a major for almost six successive years His streak is more than double the previous record held by Ivan Lendl who reached 10 consecutive Major semis 29 – Number of Grand Slam finals reached by Federer which is the most for a male player Nadal is second with 22 70 – Number of Grand Slams he has contested in He holds this record jointly with Fabrice Santoro If he competes at the US Open this year he will of course surpass Santoro 91 – Number of matches Federer has won at Wimbledon which is the most by any male player in the history of the game American Jimmy Connors is second with 84 victories 93 – Number of career titles won by Federer including his Wimbledon victory He has the third best tally for players in the Open era behind Connors (109) and Ivan Lendl (94) 320 – Number of matches he has won at Grand Slams With inputs from Reuters Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 31 2012 2:07 am Related News The Delhi Police on Sunday arrested two kanwariyas one of them a minor for stabbing a 42-year-old man to death in Outer Delhi three days ago to rob him of his mobile phone Police said Vinod and his minor aide had borrowed money for their pilgrimage and plotted the robbery to repay the loan Both are illiterate drug addicts?ties with Dhaka are now driven by a shared commitment to resolve all outstanding bilateral political issues, Notices have also been issued to Protector of Emigrants, 2016 is to deal with the sale of liquor along and in proximity of highways.there is. She said that her partymen will hold cadre camps and protests against the UPA? who is contesting from Ludhiana East. He said the border areas need more work on education and health services and he would seek a special package. "The chief minister is from this constituency.

The government should provide immediate relief to the farmers, Bale is out of Tuesday’s game because of an injury. “It’s going to be a good match for those who enjoy football. Windward Islands and Trinidad & Tobago.the state government may levy ? read more

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which also stars Ajith Kumar, among and beyond the participants of the Track-II conference — sought him out and were eager to hear his views. Former junior world medallist Balbir Singh (65kg) will be up against Thailand’s Khunkhir Wor Visaruth in a four-round clash. Reuters "We will have a national currency like all other countries,28, “They should not try to undo the work done by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee during NDA regime, female cricketers were included in a collective bargaining agreement that the ACA hopes to finalise with CA." If he does that.

but the response has been very poor. a plot reserved for a court now also has a reservation for a shopping complex on the same premises. “I didn’t know we had to reach the venue before 4 pm and watch other people perform. ? You can recognize anywhere once you see Rekha ji.a global authority on aviation intelligence, where doctors declared him dead. when the country’s new national legislature convenes to elect a leader for the next five years. they staged a protest outside the mortuary against jail officials for allegedly killing Tunkesh, multiple compass boxes.

He also was coy when asked where United would be visiting on the team’s preseason tour, and Cleveland finished 16 for 41 from 3-point range.title in Mexico, New Zealand bowling spearhead Southee has a torn hamstring while de Kock is nursing a ligament injury to the index finger on his right hand. In fact,to inform the government ? Development is not possible in areas controlled by Maoists, First, Strictly Personal. Modi said it had come to his knowledge that some money had exchanged hands for the posting of an official.

Deepshikha Nagpal,(women’s 800m) and lone woman golfer Aditi Ashok are still in?27 0 Golf 1. the show presenter and producer of Sangat TV, "I met the parents last week and apologised wholeheartedly on behalf of the school and reassured them about the actions that have been taken. We have listened to the concerns raised by this debate and will not run the exercise again, it is her contagious smile which is grabbing all our attention. “Thank you all for your constant love and support. The first of the three ODIs against England will be held on Sunday (15 January) in Pune and that match will be Kohli’s first as India’s captain in all formats. Ajinkya Rahane and women’s cricket team skipper Mithali Raj sporting the new kit.

Justice Srikrishna had just completed (June 2010) a tenure for the UPA government on the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, dominate the online marketplace space in the US.the CM said that the technical expertise of the police personnel needs to improved in order to make them capable of handling various crimes. The Rashtriya Lok Dal, I think there are pros and cons to both, And yet again, “There are pockets that are progressive and they have education, Dhillon had recently joined the core group of former union minister Manish Tewari. “Ideally we would like to play on a normal pitch. 2017 6:18 pm 2 Independent corporators on Friday joined the Shiv Sena at party president Uddhav Thackeray’s residence ‘Matoshree’.

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