Phil Mickelson To Try 1 Million Shot on Monday

Phil Mickelson is taking his game from the golf course to the football stadium. And on Monday Night Football, no less.It will not be quite like having to make a six-foot putt during Ryder Cup competition. But there will be some pressure, for sure.On Oct. 15, Mickelson will be the halftime entertainment at the Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers game at Qualcomm Stadium. He will be hitting a shot from one end zone to the other at different targets. If Mickelson, one of he PGA Tour’s best short-game players, hits a bull’s-eye he will will win $1 million for what is being called the “KPMG Chip4Charity” contest that will donate the money to First Book.First Book is a non-profit organization that provides books for underprivileged children, and Mickelson will have a chance to donate nearly 400,000 books if he can nail the bull’s-eye.If Phil hits the outer ring it’ll be worth $50,000, the next will be $100,000 and the bull’s-eye is a cool million bucks.The Chip4Charity initiative goes hand-in-hand with the Blue for Books campaign that donates three books for every blue KPMG hat sold.Mickelson said on the company’s website: “My wife, Amy, and I feel strongly that literacy and education are critical to the future success of today’s youth. I am extremely proud to be part of the Blue for Books campaign and it’s just great to know that for every blue hat I see out in the gallery each week, three new books are in the hands of kids who need them most.”Mickelson is one of the most congenial players on tour and one of the most well-liked. He spends hours signing autographs and engaging the fans. This charity effort is another example of his commendable outreach. read more

Cam Newtons Advice to Johnny Manziel Apparently Did Not

Photo by zimbio.comCam Newton, the former Heisman Trophy winner, said he conversed with enigmatic Johnny Manziel “a few times” this summer. Apparently, whatever Newton had to offer did not stick, as the news gets worse each day for “Johnny Football.”The latest is that a Las Vegas broker said he paid Manziel $7,500 to sign helmets, a blatant violation of NCAA rules that could render the rising sophomore ineligible for the upcoming season. Not good.Newton survived an NCAA investigation into pay-for-play allegations. He was not found to have committed any wrongdoing and was not suspended from any games.Manziel “has to go through these types of situations to know how to handle them in the future,” Newton said. “When somebody comes up to you and asks for your autograph, you don’t know if they’re going to do it for good or bad” purposes.“For any college athlete you are vulnerable to so many things,” Newton said. “You think everybody loves you for who you are.“When I was there at college, so many people wanted from me and I wanted to give so much,” he added. “Like I would sign this and give my time and this, this and that. And nobody was looking at it through my [eyes]. If you say no to this particular person, you are going to be a [jerk]. You are going to be the person that people look at as, ‘What’s up? We came out here and supported you and cheered for you and you can’t sign an autograph?’ Never mind that you signed 300 other autographs before. But that’s the nature of the beast.”Despite whatever Newton shared with Manziel, the Texas A&M star has struggled to stay out of the news since leading Texas A&M to an 11-2 record and an upset win over No. 1 Alabama en route to becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman.The latest potential problem involves an ESPN report that the NCAA is investigating whether Manziel was paid for signing hundreds of autographs last January.Newton said he hopes “that everything works out in the best for him so he can get back to what he likes to do and that’s playing football.” read more

The Chiefs Are Collapsing At Record Speed

PHI88PHI89CHI 3, PHI 24-1.2– 1994Dallas17051731+26✓ OUR PREDICTION (ELO)READERS’ PREDICTION 2015New England17221740+17✓ YEARTEAMWEEK 5 ELOWEEK 12 ELODIFFERENCEMADE PLAYOFFS CIN84CIN79CLE 16, CIN 30-4.3– 1990San Francisco17271710-16✓ 2007New England17231806+84✓ DET53MIN56MIN 30, DET 23+6.6– Check out our latest NFL predictions. 2004New England17041742+38✓ The past month and a half has been rough for KC fans to say the least, but all is not lost. The Chiefs still have a 79 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to FiveThirtyEight’s NFL predictions, partly because the AFC West doesn’t have another team that’s above .500, and partly because just one of their remaining five opponents has an Elo rating that’s above average: the suddenly hot L.A. Chargers.But Chiefs fans have become all too familiar with Smith’s explosive starts and dismal finishes — Smith led KC to a 9-0 start in 2013, before ending the regular season 2-5 and losing the AFC Wild Card game to the Colts. The team’s fate could rest on whether Andy Reid decides to yank Smith as the starting QB in favor of rookie Patrick Mahomes II, who the team selected with the 10th pick in the 2017 draft. In his junior year at Texas Tech, Mahomes led all FBS schools in passing yards and tacked on a 4.1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. While the first-year gunslinger would be thrust into a high-pressure environment if he takes over for Smith, Mahomes might be the spark that the Chiefs so desperately need.FiveThirtyEight vs. the readersWeek 12 in our NFL predictions game — in which we invite you to outsmart our Elo algorithm — saw the readers beat Elo by an overall 5.5 points, just their second victorious week of the year. Their biggest individual victory came in the Chargers’ 28-6 drubbing of the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day — readers picked up 12.4 points on that game. L.A. sits at 5-6 after two straight wins, and our model now gives the team its highest chance to date of making the playoffs — though, granted, that chance is just 26 percent. The readers had more confidence in the surging Vikings than our Elo system did, and readers were rewarded with 6.6 points after Minnesota took care of Detroit 30-23.The biggest loss for the readers came when they put too much faith in Jacksonville (we’ve warned you before); the Jaguars fell to the Cardinals 24-27, which resulted in a 12.9 point loss for the readers. And they didn’t put enough faith in the Bengals, as Cincinnati thwarted Cleveland 30-16, yielding a 4.3 point loss for the readers.Make sure you get your Week 13 predictions in early, and thanks for playing. NE90NE90MIA 17, NE 35-1.1– WSH68WSH71NYG 10, WSH 20+0.0 1986Chicago17501706-44✓ NO55NO53NO 20, LAR 26-0.1– PIT78PIT84GB 28, PIT 31+0.6– No prizes will be awarded for working out where KC’s problems lie. While the team’s defense has actually improved as the season has progressed — the team allowed 22.2 points per game during the 5-0 start compared with 20.8 since — the Chiefs’ offense has been woeful. Former MVP favorite Smith has received the brunt of the criticism, and rightly so: During the 5-0 start, Smith had the best passer rating in the league, but he had just the the 17th-best rating in his next six games. As for Hunt, the running back who was the favorite for offensive Rookie of the Year just a few weeks ago, his yards per carry plummeted from 6.3 in his first five games to 3.2 in his next six. As a group, the Chiefs have made another piece of forgettable history: The team’s decline on offense since Week 5 is tied for fifth-worst in the NFL since 2001. 2011Green Bay17241772+48✓ 5Kansas City201752.833.3-19.5 3Denver201357.436.1-21.3 CAR57CAR67CAR 35, NYJ 27+5.4– 4Denver200850.930.2-20.7 2007Indianapolis17111736+25✓ TEN52TEN61TEN 20, IND 16+5.7– 5N.Y. Giants201441.121.6-19.5 1941Chicago17141766+52✓ 1973Miami17071771+64✓ OAK64OAK63DEN 14, OAK 21-2.7– 2017Kansas City17011584-116? 2Indianapolis200758.036.4-21.6 RANKTEAMSEASONFIRST 5 GAMESNEXT 6 GAMESDIFFERENCE PICKWIN PROB.PICKWIN PROB.RESULTREADERS’ NET PTS 1942Chicago17481775+27✓ SEA78SEA79SEA 24, SF 13-1.7– KC78KC74BUF 16, KC 10+3.5– Source: PRO-FOOTBALL-REFERENCE Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group DAL68%DAL56%LAC 28, DAL 6+12.4– Elo’s dumbest (and smartest) picks of Week 12Average difference between points won by readers and by Elo in Week 12 matchups in FiveThirtyEight’s NFL prediction game The worst midseason dips on offensePercentage of offensive drives that resulted in a score, since 2001 Great teams don’t have meltdownsDifference in Elo after Week 5 and after Week 12 among teams that had an Elo rating of at least 1700 after Week 5 1Chicago200650.0%28.0%-22.0 JAX55JAX64JAX 24, ARI 27-12.9– The scoring system is nonlinear, so readers’ average points don’t necessarily match the number of points that would be given to the average reader prediction. Through Week 5 of this NFL season, there was no team better than Kansas City. The Chiefs were 5-0 with a league-best offense in almost every major category, and they’d chalked up statement wins over New England and Philadelphia, who are now the best teams in their respective conferences. Alex Smith was the best quarterback in the game and on course for one of the greatest QB seasons in NFL history. Rookie Kareem Hunt was breaking the league as the best running back in the game, averaging more than 120 rushing yards per game and more than six yards per carry. And as we detailed, the last time the Chiefs were that good, they won Super Bowl IV. Life in the Midwest was bliss.Few could have predicted what has happened since, though. The Chiefs’ decline began in Week 6 with a 19-13 defeat at home against the Steelers; it took a further nosedive two weeks ago when they lost to the lowly New York Giants; and it reached a nadir in their Week 12 loss to Buffalo, the latest setback in what has become one of the most mystifying breakdowns in recent memory. The Chiefs have recorded just a single win (over the Broncos) in their past six games and now sport a 6-5 record, and they have undergone the league’s third-biggest drop in Elo ratings in that time — only the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers and quarterback-less Broncos have dropped further. Fans in KC will be wondering how far their team’s performance might fall, and for good reason: This kind of collapse is essentially unprecedented. Among teams that had an Elo rating of at least 17001Elo ratings measure the quality of teams. An Elo rating of roughly 1500 is considered average. after Week 5 of the season, Kansas City’s decline is the largest through Week 12 in NFL history. ATL78ATL78TB 20, ATL 34-1.9– 1998Denver17121773+61✓ BAL68BAL67HOU 16, BAL 23-2.8– read more

Meet The NCAAs 5Foot9 Scoring Machine

With Clemons on the court, the Fighting Camels score 1.12 points per possession, according to Hoop Lens — or at a rate that would be among the best in the country if maintained over an entire season. When he sits, the team scores 0.84 points per possession, or at a rate that would rank around 300th if maintained. Without Clemons, the team’s effective field goal percentage drops more than 10 percentage points, and the team’s turnover percentage spikes almost 7 percentage points. As a pick-and-roll ball handler, he has scored more points this season than everyone else on the team combined, according to data provided by Synergy Sports.This season, Clemons is scoring 30.1 points per game, tied for the second-highest mark by any player since 1992. Charles Jones in 1996-97 was the last player to average more than 30 points per game over a season, while Central Michigan’s Marcus Keene came close in 2016-17, hitting 29.97. Clemons has scored in double figures in 111 consecutive games.2He scored 9 points against Gardner-Webb on Jan. 1, 2016 — the only time in his 126-game college career that he scored fewer than 10 points.He can also take the roof off an arena. Behind a 44-inch vertical3The combine record belongs to D.J. Stephens, who cleared 46 inches in 2013. and sculpted physique, Clemons has made a habit of dunking on defenders. Hard. Of Campbell’s 22 dunks this season, he has eight. “It’s like, ‘You’re 5-9!?’” McGeehan said, bewildered.4Last week, the university uploaded a YouTube video appropriately titled, “Campbell Men’s Basketball – Chris Clemons – Dunks.” Clemons is leaned on heavilyThe NCAA men’s basketball players with the highest share of their team’s possessions that season, since 2016-17 Chris Clemons is the shortest of the scoring greatsThe top 25 NCAA men’s basketball scorers and their height Hersey HawkinsBradley1984-883,0086’3″ Alphonso FordMississippi Valley State1989-933,1656’1″ Larry BirdIndiana State1976-792,8506’9″ Freeman WilliamsPortland State1974-783,2496’4″ 2018-19Ja MorantMurray St.So36.26’3″175 Lionel SimmonsLa Salle1986-903,2176’7″ 2018-19Chris ClemonsCampbellSr37.55’9″180 Chris ClemonsCampbell2015-193,1065’9″ Tyler HawsBYU2010-152,7206’5″ Mike DaumSouth Dakota St.2015-193,0066’9″ 2018-19Justin JamesWyomingSr36.06’7″190 Danny ManningKansas1984-882,9516’10” J.J. RedickDuke2002-062,7696’4″ Alfredrick HughesLoyola Chicago1981-852,9146’5″ 2017-18Roddy PetersNicholls St.Sr36.86’4″195 2016-17Chris ClemonsCampbellSo37.05’9″180 Otis BirdsongHouston1973-772,8326’3″ Pete MaravichLSU1967-703,6676’5″ Harry KellyTexas Southern1979-833,0666’7″ Oscar RobertsonCincinnati1957-602,9736’5″ 2016-17Ronnie BoyceSan FranciscoSr37.96’3″158 Tyler HansbroughNorth Carolina2005-092,8726’9″ 2018-19Jordan DavisNorthern ColoradoSr36.26’2″185 Byron LarkinXavier1984-882,6966’3″ Elvin HayesHouston1965-682,8846’9″ McGeehan hasn’t wasted a second of his point guard’s eligibility. Clemons has played at least 80 percent of team minutes each season on campus. As a senior, he’s taking on 93.1 percent.Over the past three seasons, Clemons has finished no lower than seventh nationally in KenPom’s percentage of possessions used metric, which measures how many possessions a player used while on court, assigning credit or blame to the player when his actions resulted in an ended possession. He leads the country this season, absorbing 37.5 percent of the team’s possessions. “Obviously,” McGeehan noted, “he’s heavily relied upon.” SeasonPlayerTeamYr.PossessionHeightWeight Hank GathersLoyola Marymount*1985-902,7236’7″ Daren QueenanLehigh1984-882,7036’5″ 2017-18D’Marcus SimondsGeorgia St.So35.86’3″200 2016-17Tiwian KendleyMorgan St.Jr35.16’5″190 No state has a glossier tradition in men’s college basketball than North Carolina. It has produced 13 national championships.1This is second only to California’s 15. The state has accounted for six national titles since 2000. No other state has more than three over that span. It is home to the sport’s fiercest rivalry: Duke vs. North Carolina. It has seen more than a hundred All-Americans and dozens of Hall of Famers cut their teeth on its courts, including Tim Duncan, Vince Carter and Michael Jordan.You might think that the state’s all-time leading scorer is one of those all-time greats. But he’s actually a current player. He’s not a Tar Heel or a Blue Devil or even a Demon Deacon. He’s a Fighting Camel in Buies Creek, North Carolina. Far from the spotlight, Chris Clemons, a senior at Campbell University in the Big South Conference, is making college-basketball history in a state that’s long on it.As a high schooler, Clemons was an all-state athlete in Raleigh, smack dab in the backyard of the ACC. When the power conferences overlooked him, Campbell didn’t. In fact, it sometimes brought the entire coaching staff to watch him hoop. “I told him when I was sitting in his living room that I thought he’d be the all-time leading scorer in Campbell history,” Campbell head coach Kevin McGeehan told me.Only five players in NCAA history have scored more than Clemons has. And his 3,106 points have not come easy: Clemons is 5-foot-9, at least 4 inches shorter than each of his teammates. But that disadvantage wasn’t a problem for McGeehan. “I’ve never thought twice about his height,” he said. 2017-18Tiwian KendleyMorgan St.Sr37.86’5″190 2017-18Milik YarbroughIllinois St.Jr35.56’6″230 Should his average hold, Clemons will finish the season with a 38.9 percent usage rate, which would give him three of the top 25 marks produced by players since 2009, the first year for which data is available.5Among players qualified for the points per game leaderboard. His career usage rate (35.9 percent) figures to edge former BYU star Jimmer Fredette for the top spot by any player over the past decade.There have actually been plenty of undersized, high-usage players on college courts. Clemons is just relied upon much more than any of the rest — and has been since he arrived on campus. Since 2008, there have been 450 seasons that saw a player shorter than 5-foot-10 appear in 20 games and play at least 40 percent of team minutes, according to Of that sample, Clemons is in line to finish with the first, third, fourth and 23rd highest usage rates.Let’s remove the height restriction. Given those same qualifications, since 2008 there have been 522 seasons of a player producing a usage rate exceeding 30 percent. Of that pool, Clemons is on track to post two usage rates that rank in the top 15 and another one that ranks in the top 45. *Transferred from another schoolSource: 2018-19Lamine DianeCal St. NorthridgeFr37.16’7″205 Doug McDermottCreighton2010-143,1506’8″ 2016-17Michael WeathersMiami (Ohio)Fr37.56’2″161 Allan HoustonTennessee1989-932,8016’6″ Reggie LewisNortheastern1983-872,7096’7″ 2017-18Trae YoungOklahomaFr38.5%6’2″180 lb. This season, only one player6UTSA’s Jhivvan Jackson. has taken a higher share of team shots than Clemons’s 39.3 percent.7 He hasn’t finished lower than fifth since his freshman campaign, when he ranked 22nd. This would be the fourth consecutive season that Clemons has finished in the top 25 in percentage of team shots taken, a feat of production that has never been matched since KenPom began tracking such metrics.8Since 2004.The Fighting Camels made their only NCAA Tournament appearance in 1992, five years before Clemons was born. This season, Clemons has Campbell roaring into shape to make a run at a second, provided the team wins its conference tournament.Which is to say: Clemons has the perennial green light to do everything. “I always had one,” Clemons said. “But I don’t remember it being like this.”Have coaches ever told him not to shoot? “I haven’t heard that lately,” he said.Is there anything McGeehan wouldn’t trust Clemons to do? “Probably give me a haircut.”Clemons’s numbers are more impressive when you consider the system under which he plays. Watching him, you get the sense that he could get to the rim or drain a jump shot around 10 seconds before he actually does. McGeehan runs a hybrid version of Pete Carril’s Princeton Offense that relies on quick ball movement and constant motion. It also typically suffocates tempo, as the Princeton Offense is ostensibly designed to limit huge production by either team. Campbell has ranked outside the top 190 in average offensive possession length each season since 2013. This season, it ranks 265th in adjusted tempo. Campbell averages 68.4 possessions per 40 minutes, which is tied for 238th nationally. North Carolina, for instance, averages nearly eight more possessions per game.Despite all of his success, Clemons may not ever reach the next level. To be sure, there have been other players under 5-foot-10 to reach the NBA: Muggsy Bogues, Earl Boykins, Calvin Murphy, Spud Webb. There have even been a few who have done it since the turn of the century: Isaiah Thomas, Kay Felder, Nate Robinson. Clemons, who has declared for the NBA draft after each of the past two seasons only to return to campus, is unlikely to join them via that route.The irony is heavy: One of the greatest scorers of all time, in arguably the state with the richest college basketball tradition, plays just a short drive down the road from perhaps the most-talked-about college athlete of all time, for a team that packed in fewer than 2,000 fans per home game last season. The smallest guy on the court is dealt the largest offensive burden and has most of the team’s dunks. The pint-sized player with the larger-than-life impact.“When it’s all said and done,” McGeehan said, “I’m probably going to go back and say, ‘Wow, did that really all just happen?’” 2016-17Marcus KeeneCentral MichiganJr37.05’9″175 2018-19Markus HowardMarquetteJr35.35’11”175 PlayerSchoolYearsPointsHeight 2017-18Ethan HappWisconsinJr35.66’10”235 2018-19Ethan HappWisconsinSr35.26’10”237 2017-18Chris ClemonsCampbellJr34.95’9″185 2016-17Jordan WashingtonIonaSr37.66’8″235 Source: KenPom Kevin BradshawU.S. International*1984-912,8046’6″ Keydren ClarkSt. Peter’s2002-063,0585’9″ read more

Tennis Finally Crowns An American Woman Not Named Williams

Saturday marked the first time since 1998 that the women’s draw at the U.S. Open was won by an American not named Serena or Venus. Sloane Stephens, who was ranked 957th in the world in July and entered the tournament unseeded, beat fellow American (and good friend) Madison Keys handily, 6-3, 6-0. Stephens, Keys and CoCo Vandeweghe, all of whom made at least the semifinals at this year’s Open, are all 25 years old or younger and have tons more tennis to play in their primes. Could they be the players who finally take the torch carried so long by Serena and Venus Williams?Before Thursday, it had been 36 years since every player in the semifinals of the women’s draw at the U.S. Open was an American. And before Saturday, the last American not named Williams to lift the U.S. Open trophy was Lindsay Davenport, who dominated the game from 1998 to 2000, finishing the 1998 WTA season as the top-ranked player in the world and nearly collecting a career Grand Slam over the course of just three seasons.1Davenport now coaches Madison Keys. Not a bad influence to have in your box. The Williams sisters’ dominance notwithstanding, American women have had a rough go of it at the U.S. Open — and have seen less success at every other major as well — during the past two decades. But that wasn’t always the case. During the first 20 years of the “Open era,”2The Open era began in 1968 when the French Open decided to allow professionals to play alongside amateurs. the women’s draw at the U.S. Open saw 15 champions from the U.S. It took American women three years to capture their first U.S. Open title in the Open era (Virginia Wade of Great Britain was the first to lift the trophy, in 1968, and Australian legend Margaret Court, who along with Billie Jean King is the only woman to win the U.S. Open in both the pre-Open era and the Open era, won in 1969 and 1970). But after that slow start, American women won 15 of the next 17 titles. King won in 1971, 1972 and 1974 (her last time) before passing the torch to Chris Evert.Evert dominated the tournament from 1975 to 1982 — her six titles in that span are tied with Serena Williams’s for the most in the Open era.3Helen Wills Moody — also an American — still holds the all-time record, with seven titles. Tracy Austin picked up two titles, in 1979 and 1981, and Martina Navratilova, who became an American citizen in 1981, won four of her own from 1983 to 1987.4She lost in the 1985 U.S. Open final to Hana Mandlíková.This American pre-eminence carried over to the other majors as well. From 1971 to 1987, U.S. women won at least one major in each season.51988 and 1989 were busts for anyone in women’s tennis not named Steffi Graf. In 1988, Graf asserted herself as the best tennis player on the planet by winning all four majors — and Olympic gold. In 1989, she won three of the season’s four majors. And from the beginning of the Open era through 1984, 12 different Americans made it to at least one Grand Slam final (and five of those 12 won at least one Grand Slam).The parity that once existed in U.S. women’s tennis dwindled a bit in the years that followed Navratilova’s final title at Wimbledon, in 1990 — at least in terms of the number of players who made it to a Grand Slam final. In the subsequent 27 years, just nine Americans have made at least one Grand Slam final. But of those nine, six have gone on to win at least one Grand Slam.Before Stephens did it on Saturday, the last American not named Williams to lift a trophy at a major was Jennifer Capriati, who knocked off Martina Hingis at the 2002 Australian Open. Fifteen years is a huge gap in parity, but the work of the sisters alone in this period — particularly Serena Williams, who won 23 titles — still meant that this would go down as one of the most dominant eras of American women’s tennis. The pair have won 30 of the last 75 finals and have combined for eight U.S. Open trophies.In the end, it’s fitting that the final major of the 50th season of Open-era play would go to an American — of the 199 majors contested over that span, 85 have been won by an American, by far the most of any country. And if Stephens, Keys and Vandeweghe have anything to say about it, that number should only grow. And above all, parity in American women’s tennis appears to be on the upswing again. read more

LeBron Is Tired The Rockets May Soon Be Too

By Neil Paine, Chris Herring and Kyle Wagner Embed Code Welcome to The Lab, FiveThirtyEight’s basketball podcast. On Thursday’s show (May 24, 2018), Neil, Kyle and Chris discuss the conference finals yet again. Just how magical is Boston’s home-court advantage? Just how tired is LeBron James? Is the Rockets’ bench too thin for the starters to stay fresh? And what’s with Kevin Durant’s shot selection?The crew also talks about how the NFL’s new national anthem policy differs from the NBA’s in fewer ways than you might think.The Lab will be back with another episode next week. In the meantime, keep an eye on FiveThirtyEight’s NBA predictions, which are updated after every game. More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed read more

Ohio State mens hockey wins 8th consecutive game

The Ohio State men’s hockey team won its eight consecutive game Friday. The No. 7-ranked Buckeyes beat No. 11 Lake Superior State 5-2, increasing their winning streak to eight games and unbeaten streak to 10 games. With the win, OSU improved to 11-3-1 on the year, and moved into first place in the CCHA with a 8-2-1-1-conference record. LSSU falls to 10-5-2, 6-4-1-1 in the CCHA. Senior forward Danny Dries scored twice, and sophomore forwards Chris Crane, Alex Lippincott and Alex Szczechura added goals as OSU went on to win the first game in a two-game set against the Lakers. After almost two weeks off since their 6-5 win against then-No.7 Michigan on Nov. 19, the Buckeyes came out firing in the first period. Lippincott scored from the right circle to give OSU a 1-0 lead at the 12:28 mark in the opening period. Following a slashing penalty by LSSU, the Buckeyes went on the power play, and Crane took advantage, scoring with 1:04 remaining in the first period off a pass from freshman forward Ryan Dzingel. The Buckeyes outshot the Lakers 17-4 in the opening stanza and led 2-0 after twenty minutes of play. Both teams went scoreless in the second period, but LSSU had multiple scoring opportunities in front of OSU’s net. Senior goalie Cal Heeter made multiple stops and finished the game with 29 saves. Dries scored what turned out to be the game-winning goal at the 15:10 mark in the third period. Dries got the puck south of LSSU’s goal line, fired the puck off the Lakers’ goalie, and it bounced into the net, giving the Buckeyes a 3-0 lead five minutes into the final period. LSSU responded with a power-play goal with 10:17 remaining. Freshman defenseman Kevin Czuczman got the puck in the left circle and put it into the top shelf, cutting OSU’s lead to two. Szczechura scored at the 12:55 mark with an assist from sophomore defenseman Curtis Gedig increasing the lead to 4-1. LSSU would score again with 4:54 remaining, and pulled their goalie shortly after. Dries got the puck inside OSU’s blue line, and scored his second goal of the game on an empty net with 2:51 to play. The Buckeyes and Lakers will play again at 8:05 on Saturday night at the Schottenstein Center.. read more

Football Billy Price Denzel Ward and Nick Bosa named AFCA firstteam AllAmericans

Ohio State sophomore defensive lineman Nick Bosa (97) sacks Wisconsin quarterback Alex Hornibrook (12) in the third quarter of the B1G Championship game against Wisconsin on Dec. 2 in Lucas Oil Stadium. Ohio State won 27-21. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe awards continued to pile up for a trio of Ohio State players. Redshirt senior center Billy Price, junior cornerback Denzel Ward and sophomore defensive end Nick Bosa were named first-team All-Americans by the American Football Coaches Association on Wednesday.The announcement comes just two days after Price and Ward were named first-team All-Americans by the Associated Press. Bosa was on the second-team. All three were first-team All-Big Ten members.This is the second consecutive season Price has been named an AFCA first-team All-American as a right guard. The redshirt senior also took home the Rimington Trophy, given to the nation’s top center, and was named the Big Ten Rimington-Pace Offensive Lineman of the Year. During the 2017 season, Price set the Ohio State record for consecutive games started, having started every game of his career since his redshirt freshman season.Nick and Joey Bosa become only the second pair of Ohio State brothers to both be named first-team All-Americans, joining Ray and Archie Griffin. Nick has continued the legacy of the Bosa name, joining Joey as fellow Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year winners by taking home the hardware in 2017. Bosa has 32 tackles — 18 solo and 14 assisted — with 14.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks. He also forced a fumble.Ward has shined in his first year as a starter, picking up two interceptions, 15 passes defended, 30 solo tackles, seven assisted tackles and two for a loss. He was named a finalist for the Thorpe Award, given to the nation’s top defensive back, but lost to Alabama safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. read more

Woman tried to revive 13yearold son after hearing fatal crash in Ferrari

first_imgThe crash happened in Hook, near North Warnborough, HampshireMr Cobden was taken to North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke, where he is still in a stable condition.It is thought the luxury vehicle was due to go on sale at Sotheby’s for between £885,000 and £1.2 million. Mr Cobden owns Toy Stor-Age, a bespoke luxury car storage facility at the end of the access road where the fatal crash took place.It is said his mother heard the crash and was the first on scene and tried to resuscitate her son.Locals living in nearby North Warnborough, Hampshire, said they heard sirens, saw flashing lights and watched as a helicopter circled overhead. They got less than a minute away before the mother, still waiting at the garage, heard a crashfamily friend of Ferrari crash victim The Ferrari crashed on a quiet access road to his garage on Monday night. The cause of the crash has yet to be ascertained.The teenager, from the Winchester area, suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene in Hook, Hampshire, at around 8.30pm.Mr Cobden, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, is being treated at the North Hampshire Hospital where his condition is described as stable.Writing on a specialist car forum, web user MOTK said: “It was my friend’s son.”As far as I know at the moment, the mother and child were waiting at a car dealership where their friend was delivering some batteries.”The kid saw the F50 there there and asked the garage owner to sit in it. He replied that he could do one better and take him for a drive.”They got less than a minute away before the mother, still waiting at the garage, heard a crash. She was the first on the scene and tried to resuscitate her son to no avail.”They added: “An awful tragedy, and one that makes me think. RIP young man.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img The Ferrari F50s was expected to fetch up to £2million at auction. Library image Credit:Tom Wood/ALAMY   Ferrari A mother tried in vain to revive her 13-year-old son after the 200mph Ferrari he was being taken for a ride in ploughed through a fence, according to a friend.Driver Matt Cobden was hospitalised after a crash that killed a teenage boy as he “showed off” the £1.2million supercar to the youngster.Mr Cobden, who owns a car storage facility, took the 13-year-old boy out for a spin after the teenager asked if he could sit in the rare Ferrari F50, according to a friend of the youngster’s motherMr Cobden, 37, was looking after one of only 349 Ferrari F50s ever made ahead of an auction, where the red 200mph supercar was set to sell for up to £1.2million.last_img read more

Council slim bins caused rise in flytipping and arson fire chiefs say

first_imgThe fire service’s “Quarter Two Performance Review 2016-17” states: “The borough has now virtually completed the change over from large wheelie bins to the smaller versions.”This has already had a negative impact on the amount of fly-tipping which will subsequently impact on the volume of deliberate secondary fires over time.”The fire service claim in the last eight months of 2016 Bolton crews were called to 354 “loose refuse” fires, compared to 271 over the same period in 2015 – a 30 per cent rise.On Sunday furious council chiefs hit back at the fire service’s claims, questioning how they collated the data.Councillor Nick Peel, executive cabinet member for the environment said: “I don’t know how they can say that the number has increased.”They don’t have the data to back it up and I think the conclusion is false.”I don’t dispute that there may have been an increase in the number of call-outs to loose rubbish fires, but they don’t collect fly-tipping data.”The council has to weigh and measure the amounts that are picked up from fly-tipping in the town and those figures show that the amount of refuse picked up from fly tips has decreased.”Cllr Peel claims the authority has spent money on educating residents and youngsters not to start fires or fly-tip using “behaviour change teams”. In 2015, as Bolton announced plans for their future slim bin switch, pressure groups and residents spoke to the national media of their fears it will merely increase fly-tipping.Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Taxpayers will wonder what the council is thinking.”Shrinking the size of bins will just lead to rubbish piling up and potentially increase fly-tipping.”The least residents expect from their hefty council tax payments is that their rubbish is dealt with – and this bonkers decision makes that less likely. It’s time for a rethink.”The bins cost the council an initial £2 million but it is claimed they will save between £1.2 and £1.5 million each year in disposal and landfill costs. Shrinking the size of bins will just lead to rubbish piling up and potentially increase fly-tippingTaxPayers’ Alliance The first UK council to pioneer “slim bins” has been accused of causing a rise in fly-tipping and arsons by its own fire chiefs.Bolton Council brought in the 140-litre grey household waste receptacles last summer to replace the larger 240-litre variants – in a bid to increase recycling rates.The pioneering authority admitted their £2 million slim-bin switch was the “model” for other councils yet were blasted at the time by taxpayer pressure groups over last summer’s roll-out.Now the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority has blamed the slim bins for having a “negative impact” fly-tipping and a 30 per cent rise in arsons.center_img He added: “We have more manpower out dealing with fly-tipping and challenging people than ever before.”As a result the number of fixed penalty notices we have issued has increased on last year. We are not the only borough to adopt the slim bin policy.”But Bolton is actually being looked at as a model of how to do it. We are extremely satisfied with how the roll-out has gone.”Cllr Peel added that he was “disappointed” with what was said in the report and will look at raising the issue with the fire authority.Bolton has seen a spate of rubbish fires and refuse bin arson attacks in recent months.Only recently Farnworth Fire Station Manager Paul Sumner urged people not to add to the problem by dumping waste.He said: “Our data shows while there has been a small rise in the number of wheelie bin fires in Bolton we have generally seen an increase in deliberate fires, including loose refuse, rubbish and wheelie bins.”We urge people to take any additional waste to your nearest local authority refuse site so as to minimise the possibility of fly-tipping, as this increases the risk of a deliberate fire being started.”Starting fires deliberately is a criminal offence so we urge anyone with information about any suspicious behaviour to contact the police.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Donald Trump in Twitter row with Jeremy Hunt as he attacks broke

first_imgI may disagree with claims made on that march but not ONE of them wants to live in a system where 28m people have no cover. NHS may have challenges but I’m proud to be from the country that invented universal coverage – where all get care no matter the size of their bank balance— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) February 5, 2018 “Jeremy Hunt is the health secretary and of course he speaks for the government on these matters.”Jeremy Corbyn weighed in, tweeting: “Wrong. People were marching because we love our NHS and hate what the Tories are doing to it. Healthcare is a human right.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “The National Health Service has turned into the International Health Service and we’re providing a lot of healthcare for people coming into Britain from all over the world. We do need some absolutely fundamental reforms. This system we have was set up in 1948. Surprisingly for a state-run thing for most of the first fifty years the public had great faith in it. Right now it’s pretty much at breaking point.” Hey, Britain here. Literally nobody here would ever want to trade our National Health Service for what America has.— James O’Malley (@Psythor) February 5, 2018 Donald Trump has attacked the NHS, tweeting that it is “going broke and not working”, causing Jeremy Hunt and other UK politicians to angrily respond.He wrote: “The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working.”Dems want to greatly raise taxes for really bad and non-personal medical care. No thanks!”The tweet appears to refer to marches asking for more funding for the NHS which took place at the weekend, organised by anti-privatisation groups.Health secretary Jeremy Hunt responded: “I may disagree with claims made on that march but not ONE of them wants to live in a system where 28m people have no cover.”NHS may have challenges but I’m proud to be from the country that invented universal coverage – where all get care no matter the size of their bank balance.” We’re allowed to insult the NHS but you’re not.— Louise Adams (@Shladams) February 5, 2018 This should help smooth things out over that presidential visit— Tom Bateman (@tomb8man) February 5, 2018 Some have speculated that Mr Trump made the comments after perhaps watching Nigel Farage appear on Fox And Friends.On the show, which the President tweeted about after making his NHS comments, Mr Farage said: “We have a population of 65 million but it’s increasing by half a million people a year. We just haven’t got enough hospitals, we haven’t got enough doctors, we haven’t got enough facilities. Other MPs tweeted their derision, including Labour’s David Lammy who called the President an “absolute prat.” He said: “Oh do put your phone down you absolute prat. Healthcare in this country is a human right and millions of us will defend it until our dying breath.”Tory MP Sarah Wollaston added: “No, @realDonaldTrump, people are marching to demonstrate their support for the #NHS & argue for more funding.”Labour MP Stephen Doughty tweeted: “Now #Trump @realDonaldTrump exposing again his utter ignorance about #Britain – this time on our proud #NHS – exactly opposite to what he’s doing in US.”Luke Pollard MP pointed out: “No, people in the UK protested because they don’t want an American system like you have.” Theresa May backed her health minister’s comments, and a spokesperson said she is proud of the NHS.The spokesperson said: “The prime minister is proud of having an NHS that is free at the point of delivery.”NHS funding is at a record high and was prioritised in the Budget with an extra £2.8 billion. In the recent Commonwealth Fund international survey, the NHS was rated the best int he world for a second time. Donald Trump is now using @NHSEngland as an example of the failure of Universal Healthcare. Over to you @Jeremy_Hunt @theresa_may @jeremycorbyn— Jason Elsom (@JasonElsom) February 5, 2018 At the time he tweeted to the Prime Minister: “don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radial Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!” It was only a matter of time…’The Donald’ crashes into the NHS crisis debate— Alastair McLellan (@HSJEditor) February 5, 2018 The President has previously said he is ready to apologise to the UK for his actions on Twitter, after retweeting fake news shared by far-right group Britain First and criticising Theresa May.last_img read more

Robots interviewing graduates for jobs at top city firms as students practice

“What we are seeing now is the role out of a much more sophisticated set of tools, including interviews delivered by a computer,” he said. Thousands of videos are scanned by powerful algorithms that can pick up what kinds of words or phrases you are usingCredit: PeopleImages/E+ Thousands of videos are scanned by powerful algorithms that can pick up what kinds of words or phrases you are using Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. He said: “They ask very traditional interview questions, like  why do you want to work here, and what are your strengths and weaknesses. You’re just talking into a blank screen, it’s really unnerving.”A number of companies are using the AI interview technology developed by HireVue, a firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah.“We were set up 13 years ago by a university student who couldn’t get an interview and couldn’t get a job,” said Kevin Parke, HireVue’s chairman and CEO.“He wanted a job at Goldman Sachs, and he could see their offices from his campus room. But they didn’t come to his college to do interviews. He wanted to democratise interviews to make the process fairer and more consistent. Now Goldman Sachs are one of our biggest clients.”Unilever is another firm that uses HireVue’s AI interviews for their graduate scheme. “They believe many graduates are applying for the wrong jobs,” Mr Parke said. “They are now saying ‘don’t apply for a job, just do an interview and we will match you to the best job’.” As a nervous university student keen to make a good impression, you would be forgiven for wanting to comb your hair, polish your shoes and maybe even clean your teeth before a job interview.But this kind of preparation could soon become a thing of the past, as prestigious city graduate schemes – including Goldman Sachs and Unilever – are increasingly using robots to conduct interviews.Rather than sitting in front of an interviewer, students are asked to set up a webcam on their computer or phone. Questions pop up on the screen, and they are asked to make a video recording of their answers.Thousands of videos are then scanned by powerful algorithms that can pick up what kinds of words or phrases you are using, how concisely you present your arguments, and how confident you sound. Computer programmes using artificial intelligence (AI) can also detect “micro-expressions”, which could be how much you blink, smile or frown.The AI interviews are typically used at an early stage of the application process, in order to whittle down tens of thousands of applicants to a smaller pool that can move on to assessment days and finally, in-person interviews.Derek Walker, who used to run the graduate recruitment at Merrill Lynch and Barclays bank, said that most big firms have been using automated online tests for the past decade. “They might have an actor or a graphic asking questions, or a pre-recorded voice, but they are not there listening to you. You have no ability to build a rapport with a machine and this can really throw people.”Mr Walker, who now works at Finito, a company which gives career advice to students, went on: “Your answers are being analysed against a set of quality and criteria determined by the employer. It is more sophisticated than throwing in certain words. It can be the ability to articulate in a concise way, there can be an assessment of body language.“Some employers have taken characteristics from successful employees and used those characteristics to create a profile of what is desirable.”The technology is popular with firms as it allows them to see a wider pool of applicants than they would normally recruit from, Mr Walker said. “The reason most companies give as a reason for doing this is that it improves the diversity of applicants and removes unconscious bias,” he added. Joshua Pauk, a 21-year-old graduate from Bristol University, said that when he applied for graduate schemes in the banking sector, he was asked to record webcam interviews for around ten different companies. read more

Calls for urgent investigation to explain 20000 additional deaths

Show more Researchers have called for an urgent investigation to find an explanation for more than 20,000 ‘additional deaths’ so far this year, amid severe pressure on the NHS.Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that in the first sixteen weeks of the year, there were 20,215 more deaths in England and Wales compared to the previous five years.In March, academics raised concerns that Britain was facing a rise in mortality and argued that “health chiefs are failing to investigate a clear pattern of worsening health outcomes”, in an editorial for the British Medical Journal (BMJ).The piece centred on the finding that there were 10,000 ‘additional deaths’ in the first seven weeks of the year and concluded “that neither ‘flu, nor cold weather appeared to be the main cause.”Now the authors have now updated their findings to account for fresh statistics covering the first sixteen weeks of the year.Their response, published on the BMJ website this week, argues that the latest statistics “sadly provide little reassurance of this being a ‘blip’ as some have suggested.”There were 198,943 deaths in the first sixteen weeks of 2018, compared to an average of 178,778 deaths in the same period over the previous five years. The rise represents an 11.3 per cent increase on the five year average.The weekly average for the same period was 12,434 deaths, ahead of the five year average of 11,174. The 20,215 figure is equivalent to an ‘additional death’ every eight minutes throughout the first sixteen weeks of the year. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The editorial was authored by Professor Danny Dorling of the University of Oxford and Dr. Lucinda Hiam of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Prof Dorling advocated a government enquiry, tells The Daily Telegraph: “We would like is an urgent investigation by the House of Commons health select committee.”The Department of Health and Social Care is not taking the slowdown in improvements in mortality seriously. The figures for this year make the case for an investigation both stronger and more urgent with each passing day.”Following the publication of the initial study in March, the authors wrote to Sarah Wollaston MP, chair of the Health Select Committee in the House of Commons. She was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Daily Telegraph this week.A Department for Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “We keep all research in this area under review, but the ‘age standardised mortality rate’ – which had been broadly stable in recent years – is considered a much more reliable measure, as this type of research doesn’t take into account fluctuations in population numbers and the ageing population.”An ageing population is one of numerous factors placing increased pressure on NHS services. There are one million more people over the age of 65 than five years ago, leading to an increased demand for medical care.The number of doctors and nurses has increased over the last decade, but staff increases haven’t matched the pace of the growth in demand for health services.Earlier this month, it has emerged that 450,000 patients in England had missed breast cancer screenings due to a computer error and the number of operations cancelled at the last-minute is at the highest rate since 1994. read more

Abu Hamzas son questioned over doormans Mayfair murder as he is charged

Kamel, who lives in Ealing, west London, appeared in the dock at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged with possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear or danger, and possession of a firearm when prohibited for life. Scotland Yard said the offences were “not directly connected” to Mr Simionov’s death. No guns were fired during the attack. Tudor Simionov, left, pictured with his girlfriend Madalina travelling to Britain from Romania in OctoberCredit:Telegraph/Telegraph Tudor Simionov, 33, was found with stab injuries at Fountain House on Park Lane on New Year’s EveCredit:Metropolitan Police/Metropolitan Police Tudor Simionov, 33, was found with stab injuries at Fountain House on Park Lane on New Year's Eve Mr Simionov had only been living in Britain for a few weeks after arriving from Romania. It is understood that he was working at a VIP party organised by the self-styled aristocrat ‘Lord’ Eddie Davenport, a convicted fraudster.Footage of the incident shows the former boxer grappling with a number of men outside the luxury venue. One of the attackers is smashed over the head with a vase before staggering away.Colleagues told how Mr Simionov had been stationed inside the apartment when the fracas began and came outside to protect other staff, three of whom were also stabbed during the attack.It has also been reported that he was not due to work on New Year’s Eve, but had agreed to cover for someone else.Mr Simionov’s fiancee told friends she would take his body back to Romania, adding that her loss was “impossible to understand”.She said on her Facebook page: “My lover and the one who was going to be my husband, Tudor Simionov, was stabbed deep in the heart at work.“It’s hard for me to find the right words in these moments.“The news of unexpected death has pained us all. Thank you all for your support.” Tudor Simionov, left, pictured with his girlfriend Madalina travelling to Britain from Romania in October Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge said: “It appears the deceased and the two injured males were working as security staff for the party. The son of radical hate preacher Abu Hamza is being questioned over the murder of a doorman outside a New Year’s Eve party in Mayfair.Imran Mostafa Kamel, whose father is currently imprisoned in a high security US jail, appeared in court on Thursday after being arrested by detectives investigating the death of Tudor Simionov.The bouncer, 33, was stabbed in the chest while trying to prevent a group entering a VIP party on Park Lane, Mayfair. Shortly afterwards he died in the arms of a colleague.The Telegraph understands that 26-year-old Kamel is the sixth child of Abu Hamza, the hook-handed former imam who preached at Finsbury Park mosque in North London.In October 2015 Hamza was convicted of 11 charges of terrorism and kidnapping and sentenced to life imprisonment in the US. Since then he has been kept in solitary confinement without the possibility of parole. “They were attacked by a group of males who were outside trying to enter. The female was also attacked as she assisted the security staff in closing the front door.“This shocking incident happened just hours into a New Year, the area was particularly busy with people out celebrating and making their way home.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

London Marathon nurse denied world record for not wearing a dress

“I get that it’s supposed to be a fun thing but their definition is just so outdated.”Some of the nurses I work with do wear dresses but mostly we wear scrubs or a tunic and trousers.”I’m sure Guinness World Records don’t intend to cause offence but it would be nice if they decided to revise their criteria instead of reinforcing old gender stereotypes.” A nurse who ran the London Marathon wearing her NHS uniform claims she has been denied a world record because of her outfit.Jessica Anderson, who works at The Royal London Hospital’s Acute Admissions Unit, hoped to be recognised as the fastest woman to complete a marathon dressed as a nurse.But after beating the current record of 3:08:54 by 32 seconds last Sunday, she says her bid was refused because she was wearing her blue tunic and trousers instead of a more traditional dress.Ms Anderson accused Guinness World Records (GWR) of “reinforcing old gender stereotypes” after they insisted her choice of costume meant she was ineligible for the record.She told Runners World: “I was quite taken aback when I read that they’d rejected my application and I did email them to ask them to reconsider but they said no. Pictured raising her hands in joy as she finished the 26-mile race in a shower of confetti last week, Ms Anderson raised more than £2,200 for Barts Health NHS Trust.After clocking a time of 3:08:22, she said on Instagram: “Ps. @guinnessworldrecords this is what the fastest female marathon runner in a nurse’s uniform ACTUALLY looks like.”The official world record for the fastest female to run a marathon wearing a nurse’s uniform was set in 2015 by Sarah Dudgeon, who wore a light blue dress, a white apron and a white hat reminiscent of Florence Nightingale’s famous outfit.The London Marathon was criticised earlier this week after some of its stewards were accused of bullying and fat-shaming slower runners. Elizabeth Ayres was the 7½hr official pacer at the event last Sunday, meaning she could help the very slowest people finish their marathon on time.She told The Telegraph she was “bullied by clean-up crew” and forced to weave past sewage trucks – despite finishing “bang on time”. The runner claimed that at the 5km mark she was already being pursued by the cleaning crew, writing: “The sweeper car had overtaken us at Mile 1 and were claiming that I was moving at a slower pace than 17 min miles. I was so annoyed.”The cleaning crew crept up around us and started cleaning off the blue line right in front of me, I wasn’t impressed as made it known to one of the course cars who then asked them to hold back.” A spokesman for Guinness World Records said:  “Inclusiveness and respect are values that we hold extremely dear and while we always need to ensure we can differentiate between categories, it is quite clear that this record title is long over due a review which we will conduct as a priority in the coming days. ” Jessica Anderson, pictured centre in blue, is embraced after crossing the finish line Jessica Anderson, pictured centre in blue, is embraced after crossing the finish line Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Wild camping scheme criticised for being too cosy is dropped by Government

The wild camping initiative has been suspended following criticismCredit:Getty Images Contributor A wild camping scheme funded by the Government has been scrapped after critics said the facilities, including a bar and a yurt, were too cosy.UK Wild Camp was launched last month, promising to transform access to national parks by allowing avid campers the chance to pay £20 a night for a pre-planned spot in a rural idyll.Previously out-of-bounds sites included sheltered spots moments from the South Downs Way and tarn-side idylls in the Lake District.But the private initiative, partially funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), was ridiculed by critics, who branded it “nonsense” and said it went against the spirit of wild camping.Dave Mycroft, editor of outdoors guide My Outdoors, said: “Quite simply, to camp in a location of somebody else’s choosing for a duration of their choosing is not wild camping, it’s camping on a campsite with no facilities.“The ethos of wild camping is to camp somewhere where you’re out of sight of civilisation, including roads and buildings, in a location of your choosing, to camp late, get up early and leave no trace.” Chris Townsend, an outdoor writer and author of The Backpackers Handbook, said: “Camping on the move is about freedom, about stopping when you want, camping where you like. Once you have fixed sites it’s not wild camping.” UK Wild Camp on Monday announced a “rethink” of the scheme, admitting that it had “inadvertently kicked over a hornet’s nest”.“We thought that running a booking scheme for entry-level wild campers, one that would provide them with the security and legitimacy that currently causes them concerns about camping wild, would be understood and welcome by the wider group,” it said. “We now see this is not the case.“With this is mind, we are going to suspend our service and have a rethink about how we might revise it. We won’t describe any future version of our service as ‘wild camping’ because for many of you that specifically means free and unplanned camping.”Nor are we likely to stray into a debate around relaxing the laws on wild camping, because we now understand this is a highly charged area.” The wild camping initiative has been suspended following criticism Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Carers convicted of teenagers murder after she vanished 20 years ago

Edward Cairney, 77, from Inverkip, arrives at the High Court in Glasgow where he is on trial for the murder of Margaret Fleming Two carers have been convicted of murdering a 19-year-old woman whose death they covered up for 20 years and whose body vanished “from the face of the Earth”.Edward Cairney, 77, and Avril Jones, 59, killed Margaret Fleming in December 1999 or January of the following year.The authorities only became suspicious in October 2016 when concerns were raised about a benefits claim made by Jones on Ms Fleming’s behalf.Jurors found the couple murdered her by unknown means between December 18 1999 and January 5 2000 at their home in Inverkip, Inverclyde, or elsewhere in Scotland, and then tried to cover up the crime for almost 18 years.Jones was convicted unanimously of fraudulently claiming £182,000 in benefits by pretending Ms Fleming, who would now have been in her late 30s, was alive.After a seven-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow, the jury took around three hours over two days to reach their majority verdict on the murder charge. The pair will be sentenced on July 17. “For many years, Cairney and Jones kept up the pretence that Margaret was still alive, going as far as to write letters claiming to be from her.”Margaret was described as being a funny, caring young woman who, despite having some mild learning difficulties, just wanted to be liked and to have friends.”He added: “The treatment which she was subjected to can only be described as horrific and the conditions in which she lived in were utterly disgusting and uninhabitable.”For Cairney and Jones to continue the charade that she was still alive for all these years is abhorrent, with one of their reasons for doing so being for financial gain.”We will never know just how Margaret was killed. What we do know is that she lived her last days in what can only be described as a living hell. She must have felt that she was alone in the world with no one coming to help her which is just heartbreaking to think of.” On January 5 the following year Jones told her mother that Margaret had ran off with travellers. As the inquiry progressed, it appeared something “sinister” had happened and she may have come to harm.Specialist search teams combed the cottage where she lived and excavated its grounds for clues to help track her down and her carers were arrested in October 2017.During their trial, which began in April this year, Ms Fleming was described by prosecutors as a “friendless and lonely” young woman who had significant difficulties.She went to live at the Seacroft home of the accused following the death of her father when she was a teenager after those closest to her “didn’t want her”.Holding them jointly responsibility for the death, the Crown claimed the couple “literally got away with murder for 16 years”.Prosecutors argued their fabricated stories to explain Ms Fleming’s absence became increasingly “farcical” as they tried to reconcile claims she was both working as a gangmaster and capable of travelling overseas, and that she was someone with major difficulties requiring a number of benefits. Edward Cairney, 77, from Inverkip, arrives at the High Court in Glasgow where he is on trial for the murder of Margaret FlemingCredit:PA Margaret Fleming was murdered by her carers Margaret Fleming was murdered by her carersCredit:PA Police launched an investigation after it became apparent in October 2016 that Ms Fleming was missing. Routine social services inquiries were said to have sparked concerns over her whereabouts.It emerged the last independent sighting of Ms Fleming was when Jones’ brother Richard saw her on 17 December, 1999. She did not join the rest of the family for Christmas dinner the following week. Detective Superintendent Paul Livingstone, the senior investigating officer in the case, said: “Margaret was a very vulnerable young woman who was manipulated, abused, neglected and ultimately murdered by the two people who should have been looking after her. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

CARICOM heads to be briefed on CSME review

The CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME), crime and security and correspondent banking are among the issues to be discussed at CARICOM’s 28th Intercessional Heads of Government meeting.The two-day meeting will be hosted in Guyana at the CARICOM Secretariat, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara on February 16 and 17.Today at a press briefing hosted by the Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque at  the CARICOM Secretariat, the media was told that the 15-member Community will be updated on the progress of the review of the CSME.CARICOM Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque“There has been significant progress with respect to the Single Market while more needs to be done in respect to the Single Economy. There has also been some progress in the productive sector,” Ambassador LaRocque said.The review was ordered last July when the Heads of Government met for the 37th Heads of Government Conference. The CSME remains the Region’s best vehicle for economic growth and development, Ambassador LaRocque contended.The Heads of Government will also be briefed by the Committee of Central Bank Governors on how to further address the issue of correspondent banking. CARICOM has mounted an active advocacy initiative, and has raised awareness among the United States, European Union, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other parties in relation to the Region’s plight.Correspondent banking impacts the Region’s financial transactions, and by extension trade and remittance in the CARICOM countries affected by the pullout of banks. The Chairman of the Committee on Correspondent Banking, Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Brown, hosted a global stakeholder conference last October with relevant parties.Meanwhile, the Heads of Government will also seek to address trans-border crime at the two-day meeting. The drafts of the Arrest Warrant Treaty and Return and Sharing of Assets will be examined, Ambassador LaRocque noted.“Both of those instruments are being negotiated simultaneously and both of them are at an advance stage of deliberations,” the Secretary General said.Also, expected to be addressed at the meeting is how CARICOM will advance its critical issues with the new United States administration. “How we seek to sensitise and engage with the new administration going forward that will be the tenor of the discussions we will be having,” Ambassador LaRocque said.The Heads of Government will also look at how to enhance tourism in the region to assist in economic growth. The areas to be discussed include marketing, human resource development, strengthening linkages in other sectors and transportation.Another  aspect of the meeting will see the presentation of a road map on the way forward in developing a regional Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector.  ICT is an enabler of development and a key element in creating the regional economy, the Secretary General noted. (GINA) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPresidents of Cuba, Chile to join CARICOM Heads at 39th meetingJuly 2, 2018In “latest news”CARICOM SG calls for full CSME implementation at COTED meetingMay 16, 2018In “latest news”CSME implementation deficit not Secretariat’s fault – GoldingJune 11, 2018In “Regional” read more

NGSA 2017 results are out Nations Saskia Twahir tops with 524

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUpdate: Westfield Prep student tops NGSA with historic scoreJune 28, 2018In “latest news”HAPPENING NOW: NGSA results being announced by Minister of EducationJuly 3, 2019In “latest news”NGSA Results: Private Schools dominate Top 10June 12, 2014In “Business” …CEO says results are “much better” than last yearEducation Minister Nicolette HenryThe National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination results were disseminated today at the Ministry of Education on Brickdam.School of the Nations dominated in the 2017 (NGSA) according to the results read by Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry.The top student was identified as School of the Nations, Saskia Twahir, who acquired 524 marks to earn a placement at Queen’s College.Coming in second with 523 marks are Clifton Bacchus of Mae’s under 12, Gabriella Roberts of Success Elementary, Xiana Chablial of Graham’s Hall Primary, Amelia Sugrim, and Antonia Dey of Academy of Excellence.With 522 marks, also from Academy of Excellence, are Tristan Persaud, Brandon Gouveia, and Emily Lalchand, Raj Seeram of Swami Purnanda Primary, Jerod Roberts of Marian Academy, Tristan Richards of Dharmic Rama Krishna, Muhammad Bacchus of ISA Islamic, Tia Chung of Success Elementary and Kripa Thani of Mae’s Under 12.Chief Education Officer (CEO), Marcel Hutson told a gathering of government representatives, teachers, parents and the media that this year’s results are “much better” than 2016. He also accredited this outcome to the various teaching programs which have been implemented within the educational sector.Some 13, 329 students from across Guyana wrote the NGSA on April 12 and 13 this year, two weeks earlier than last year.NGSA is a placement examination offered at the end of the primary cycle to determine which secondary school students will be allotted.During the two-day examination period, the students were assessed in four subject areas: English Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies – two on each day.Each subject consisted of two papers – Paper Two was the first paper written and consisted of essay-type questions while Paper One consisted of multiple choice questions.In 2016, some 14,500 students wrote the NGSA examination.At that time, the top spot was taken by Dharmic Rama Krishna’s Aryan Singh and Mae’s Anthony Ferreira with a tie of 568 marks.Serena Razack of Graham’s Hall Primary School followed narrowly behind with 565 marks.A more detailed and analytical report will be published in a subsequent release. read more

UG launches School of Entrepreneurship Business Innovation

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPrivate sector engages SEBI to offer practical courses to improve their businessesJuly 17, 2017In “Business”UG to offer a minor in Mandarin Chinese StudiesJuly 13, 2017In “Business”UG partners with Jamaican publishing company to establish pressMarch 20, 2017In “Local News” The University of Guyana has launched its School of Entrepreneur and Business Innovation (SEBI) which seeks to educate and develop entrepreneurial, innovative leaders and managers with the needed skill.SEBI will contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial and innovative culture in Guyana, through its training, lecture series, research and outreach efforts.The school’s programmes will facilitate significant cross-discipline collaboration, allowing students in other areas to participate in studies and projects on agro-processing, healthcare management, creative arts management, and environmental management, just to name a few.SEBI’s student philosophy is built around developing students with high standards of professionalism, academics, character, engagement and services.Speaking at the launch, Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Ivelaw Griffith said the launch of SEBI is a historic event not only for the University but for the nation.The new programme sought to embrace a wider community by providing a place for students of the Caribbean to also study at the facility. read more

Cops hunting two over robbery attack on internet café

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCops hunting bandits who terrorised, robbed New Amsterdam familyJune 28, 2017In “Crime”Cops hunting men who launched daring robbery attack on Grove vendorOctober 9, 2018In “Crime”Cops hunting 5 over daring robbery attack on Republic Park familyMarch 7, 2018In “Crime” Law enforcement officials are hunting for two men believed to be involved in a robbery attack on a Durban Street, Lodge, Georgetown internet café on Tuesday evening.Based on information received, the incident occurred at around 19:30hrs. INews was informed that the two unmasked men entered the GuyAmerica Internet Café, pretending to be customers, and told the employee on duty that they wanted to make an international phone call.As such, the young woman reportedly handed one of the men a phone but as he was about to reach for it, the suspect allegedly pointed to the handle of a metal object- resembling a gun- which was buried in a bag.The duo then threatened the woman and ordered her to turn over all the valuables. As such, they were able to escape with one Samsung mobile phone, $59,000 in cash and a DVR among other items, including the woman’s handbag.This online publication was told that before fleeing the scene, the perpetrators brutally assaulted the female employee.They then left the scene on foot, heading in the eastern direction along Durban Street.The police were contacted shortly after and an investigation was launched into the matter.  read more

Repeat offender charged with attempted murder

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCampbellville woman gets 12 months jail for stabbing cousinJune 25, 2018In “Court”‘Poison’ to face Judge for attempted murderFebruary 18, 2014In “Crime”Acquitted murder accused remanded for attempted murderFebruary 16, 2017In “Court” Twenty five year old, Lisa Bobb charged multiple times before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts for a series of offences was on Friday before the Chief Magistrate, this time charged with attempted murder.Lisa BobbThe Lot 84 Campbellville Housing Scheme resident was heard screaming “If I had the chance to murder that b***h I would!” as she was being led out of the Courtroom of Magistrate Ann McLennan.The charge of attempted murder against her alleged that, she, on February 14 2018 at Royal Drive Campbellville, Georgetown wounded Christel Bobb with intent to commit murder.The Court heard that the Virtual Complainant (VC) and accused are cousins. They reportedly had several misunderstandings in the past.However on the day in question, the VC had just returned home from taking her child to school when she was pounced upon by the accused who dealt her a stab to her left upper arm.She was rushed to the hospital where she is presently hospitalised. The attack reportedly stemmed from another misunderstanding between the two from the night before.Bobb was remanded to prison to return on March 2 2018.The woman who was sent to be mentally evaluated on her last appearance at the Court has been a frequent offender since 2013. read more

Man killed in row with chef over frying of sausages Police

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEssequibo labourer stabbed to death in Old Year’s rowJanuary 1, 2019In “Crime”‘Home Alone’, ‘Gudgie’ being sought for murder, attempted murder in Agricola- PoliceDecember 21, 2018In “Crime”GDF Captain to be arraigned tomorrow for murder of girlfriendApril 3, 2018In “Crime” Police say they are investigating the murder of a male whose particulars are currently being ascertained but is known as “Terrible Dog”.The murder reportedly occurred about 18:00h on Friday at Chinese Creek Backdam, Puruni River, allegedly by a foreign national chef who goes by the alias “Suseh God” and who is being sought.According to the Police, their investigations revealed that the victim and the chef were engaged in a heated argument over the frying of sausages and the suspect allegedly stabbed the now deceased in his left side abdomen/rib area.The man’s body is presently at the Bartica mortuary as investigations are ongoing. read more

Youth crime violence demands a regional solution says CARICOM Secretary General

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCrime and Security, a regional problem affecting youths- CARICOM SGJanuary 16, 2019In “Crime”Much more work, urgency needed in Regional crime fight – LaRocqueNovember 22, 2016In “Regional”Crime, Zika among threats identified by CARICOM SG for urgent actionFebruary 16, 2016In “Crime” CARICOM Secretary General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque(CMC) — A two-day conference aimed at examining and redefining violence prevention solutions as it relates to youth violence and prevention in the Caribbean began here on Tuesday with the Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Irwin LaRocque, saying it is a regional problem that demands a regional solution.LaRocque told the conference that has brought together leaders from youth movements, governments, civil society, development organisations and academia that crime and security is an issue that is having an impact on all the 15-members of the regional integration grouping.“It is a regional problem that demands a regional solution.  It not only requires the full co-operation of all our countries but also all the stakeholders within the member states.  The multi-state, multi-sectoral response to this challenge is vital for us to succeed in defeating it,” LaRocque told the opening ceremony.He said a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 2012 Caribbean Human Development Report on Citizen Security, noted that crime and violence impose high social, economic and cultural costs.Crime and violence are development issues and the report recommended that a model of security for the region should be based on a human development approach with citizen security being paramount, he added.The two day conference, which is being hosted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, UNICEF, the Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the London-based Commonwealth Secretariat, the St Lucia-based Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Commission, and the Caribbean Learning for Youth Networking and Change Sessions (LYNCS) Network, is intended to design transformational youth-centred action to combat crime and violence and address constraints that youth activists face in improving safety outcomes in their communities.LaRocque told the conference that the youth are the demographic that is most affected by crime and violence and that some of the main findings of recent studies are that the majority of victims, as well as perpetrators of crimes recorded by the police, are young males 18 to 35 years old.He quoted the UNDP report as indicating that the Caribbean has some of the highest figures of youth convicted of crime with at least 80 per cent of prosecuted crimes being committed by young people between the ages 19 to 29 years old.“There are a number of socio-economic determinants of crime, not least of which is the high youth unemployment rate in the region of 25 per cent in 2017. That is three times the adult average and highest among young women ages 18 to 30 at 33 per cent,” he said, adding that to combat this scourge, Caribbean leaders approved the CARICOM Crime and Security Strategy in 2013, which incorporates the CARICOM Social Development and Crime Prevention Action Plan. read more

Dundee – Chelopech and growth

first_imgDundee Precious Metals is a Canadian based, international mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and mining of precious metals. It currently owns Chelopech, a producing gold/copper mine, and the Krumovgrad gold project, a mining development project, both located in Bulgaria, and is engaged in exploration in Serbia. The Operations Focus of IM’s October issue will be a detailed look at Chelopech, which John Chadwick visited last week.   Previously an underdeveloped and undercapitalized mine, Chelopech is located 65 km from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city. When DPM acquired the Chelopech mine in 2003, it was a gold/copper mine with recurring financial losses, a mill in reasonable shape but a mining fleet in poor condition and a low morale amongst the staff due to broken promises of badly needed cash for mine upgrades. In 2004, DPM put together a comprehensive plan to develop the project in two phases.  Phase I of the expansion involved ramping up annual production to 1.5 Mt by 2006 while Phase II included the installation of an autoclave for metal production at site by 2007.  The autoclave technology constitutes the best environmental alternative to treatment of the arsenic in the concentrate produced at Chelopech while at the same time optimized costs by virtually eliminating concentrate transportation expenses, third party treatment charges and penalties. In August 2005, the DPM decided to increase the scope of the autoclave and mine expansion to 2 Mt/y of ore. Chelopech is now Bulgaria’s flagship mine. The country has a long tradition of mining with little mechanisation, but this revitalized operation is replacing all its underground trackwork, fully embracing trackless mining (with a comprehensive Sandvik fleet of drills, LHDs and trucks), developing a ramp system from surface and introducing the advanced metallurgical techniques. Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) has completed the transaction with Kinross Gold to purchase a 100% interest in Kinross’ George Lake and Goose Lake properties (the ‘Back River Project’), located in Nunavut, Canada for $6 million.  “Our Back River team has been working hard in the previous months incorporating all historical exploration information into one database and, with this acquisition, they are now in a position to expedite the implementation of the exploration program for this year,” said Jonathan Goodman, President and CEO of DPM. “In addition, our Canadian exploration group is nearing completion of the updated resource estimate that will allow us to evaluate other exploration targets on the properties,” he added. They are located 520 km northeast of Yellowknife and comprise a total of 45 Crown leases and one mineral claim making up six distinct properties covering some 390 km2 of prospective terrain.  last_img read more

Kupol achieves firsts in ICMI environmental certification

first_imgKinross Gold’s Kupol mine in the Far East Region of the Russian Federation has been fully certified under the International Cyanide Management Code. Kupol is the first mine in Russia to obtain this certification, which was received based on a thorough independent third-party audit of the mine operations. In November 2009, Kupol’s transportation group was also certified as fully compliant with the Code, making it the first mine-operated transportation group in the world to be certified. That certification covers the storage and transportation of cyanide from Port of Pevek facilities to Kupol via a 430-km ice road. The ice road is built annually to transport supplies to the Kupol site.The Cyanide Management Code is a voluntary code that focuses on the safe manufacture, transportation, storage, use and decommissioning of cyanide and associated facilities used for the production of gold. It was developed by a multi-stakeholder group under the guidance of the United Nations Environment Program, with the goal of responsible management of cyanide used in gold mining to enhance the protection of human health and the environment. Consistent with Kinross’ commitment to world-class environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, it was one of the original signatory companies of the Code.“Kupol’s full certification is a testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment of our team at the mine,” said James Crossland, Kinross Gold Executive Vice-President External Relations and Corporate Responsibility. “We are fully committed to the goals of the Cyanide Management Code, and safe, environmentally responsible operating standards for all our Kinross operations.”Certification for Kinross’ La Coipa mine in Chile will commence in 2010. All other Kinross operations – including Maricunga in Chile; Paracatu and Crixás in Brazil; and Round Mountain, Fort Knox and Kettle River-Buckhorn in the US – are now certified under the Cyanide Management Code.last_img read more

Versatile handling equipment for underground mining use

first_imgManitou South Africa, a subsidiary of Manitou BF in France, is a local market leader in rough terrain handling and lifting equipment on that continent. At last month’s Electra Mining exhibition it showcased the quality, versatility and economy of its machines. One of the highlights was live demonstrations of two of its flagship machine models. The 21-t, 63-in MHT 10210 tyre handler boasts a lift height of 9.70 m and a maximum forward reach of 5.87 m. Manitou’s unique tyre handling attachment, which enables the machine to safely and efficiently change heavy duty tyres on most mining vehicles, was also be on display. Both the locally manufactured South African tyre handler and the cylinder handler were demonstrated with the MHT 10210.The MT732, a flameproof mining specific machine, demonstrated the Manitou four fork tyre handler with a 1.4 t tyre on a rim. The machine has been adapted to a lower height for mining purposes and has a lifting height of 6.9 m.Another product of interest was the Maniacaccess 160/180ATJ platform. With a height of 2.37 m and lifting height of 17.65 m, this access platform was demonstrated with a personnel cage.Other selected models from Manitou’s proven range of equipment on display included the MLT742 full underground mining specific machine fitted with a cage, forks or bucket, the Gehl articulated loader with its lifting height of 3,917 mm, the standard Gehl E-series Skid Steer Loader with bucket attachment, the M30-2 fitted with forks and the CD30, fitted with forks and side shift and with a lifting height of 3,365 mm.The range of machines on display highlighted the versatility of Manitou’s equipment. With its series of quick-fit attachments, Manitou machines are suited for drilling, boring, installing wire mesh for roof support, charging up for blasting, removing and replacing motors or engines underground, automated replacing of large tyres underground, loading and unloading, lifting, digging and cleaning. Its product range includes telescopic handlers, rough terrain and conventional forklift trucks, TLBs Gehl Skid steer and articulated loaders, attachments and truck mounted forklifts.last_img read more

High priority mining strategy introduced to diversify Malawis economy mining minister

first_imgMining has been given “high priority” status by the small, landlocked African country of Malawi, in an ambitious attempt to diversify the country’s economic base. Speaking last week at the 2012 Paydirt Africa Downunder conference, Malawi Minister for Energy and Mining, Right Hon Cassim Chilupha, said the new strategy was in recognition that the global mining sector has significant potential to contribute to the economic growth and development of the country.”The mining sector is currently still very small despite the country’s favourable geology, and already identified mineral endowment,” Minister Chilupha said.“The mineral resource base is very diverse with a high untapped resource potential. The sector is currently dominated by uranium and coal mining, as well as rock aggregate and limestone quarrying,” he said.“Until 2009, mining was contributing less than 3% to our GDP and its contribution to export earnings was equally low. Lately, the share of mining to GDP has risen to 10% following the opening of the Kayelekera uranium mine, and we expect that this will increase to at least 20% when other known mineral resources are developed.”Chilupha said as well as Malawi’s already known mineral resource base, the potential existed for the discovery of “high value” minerals such as rare earth metals, gold, diamond and platinum group metals in the country.He said various private companies were currently engaged in exploration in Malawi, ranging from basic exploration to detailed feasibility studies throughout the country.A number have initiated mining activities, he said.Chilupha said the Malawi Government continued to support initiatives to improve support infrastructure and essential services in the mineral sector, especially in the critical areas of energy supply, transport and communication. “We believe good infrastructure is essential to the development of our country’s mining sector.”“Our Government also recognises the need to establish a conducive environment in order to attract investment in the minerals sector,” he said.“Our strategy is to guide and direct mineral development while stressing private sector investment. Our focus is on playing a role of facilitating – rather than regulating – private or foreign direct investment.“This gives rise to the need for an appropriate comprehensive policy to guide the development of this sector and meet the challenges presented by the changes in the sector – both locally and globally.”Chilupha said the Malawi Government had just approved a new Mines and Mineral Policy. Following the approval of this new policy, the country’s mining laws in Malawi are being reviewed to make it competitive and attractive.“The Government will re-examine the institutional, regulatory and fiscal framework to ensure that investing in the mining sector in Malawi becomes simplified,” he said.“Institutions responsible for regulating the sector will be re-structured so that the lead times for grant of mineral rights are minimised and the process simplified.“The new mining law will put in place a clear, transparent and equitable regulatory framework for the mineral sector.”last_img read more

What will halt the worldwide decline in mine equipment performance

first_imgThis was the title of a paper from Richard Adsero and Dr Graeme Lumley of GBI Mining Intelligence, which was presented at the recent SME Annual Meeting in Denver. The paper, which coincides with a report by Dr Lumley on the analysis of equipment trends in the 2013 AusIMM Revision of Monograph 19 on Australasian Mining and Metallurgy Operating Practices (AMMOP), raises some disturbing trends in worldwide mine equipment productivity. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), productivity of the whole mining industry is down 34% since 2001.In terms of surface equipment median output, draglines are down 15% since 2003; electric rope shovels down 40% since 2003; hydraulic excavators down 30% since 2008; wheel loaders down 39% since 2007 and trucks down 41% since 2006. During this same period, best practice (average of the top 10%) has declined much less (eg shovels -8%, excavators -19% and wheel loaders -5%). The paper built on the analysis of AMMOP to understand the differences between median and best practice and identifies the factors contributing to the decline in performance. As the industry enters a period of potentially lower prices and reduced margins, pressure will increase to move more with existing equipment. An understanding of where efficiency has been lost is a key to improvement, and the authors believe that the analysis of AMMOP information in papers such as this will be crucial to reversing the decline in equipment performance.last_img read more

Joy 4FCT continuous haulage systems deliver significant safety and productivity advances

first_imgWith seven installations of the Joy Flexible Conveyor Train (Joy 4FCT) globally – all operating in room and pillar extraction and an upcoming installation in longwall entry development – more and more operations are reporting significant advances in safety and productivity through the use of continuous haulage technology. The Joy4FCT is a single-operator, continuous haulage system that conveys product from the face to the panel belt, while simultaneously tramming and following the continuous miner through multiple drive sequences. Joy says that “from this truly continuous mining method, operations are greatly enhancing zero harm initiatives while realizing a considerable increase in tonnage output when compared to their previous use of typical batch haulage methods.“The Joy4FCT improves safety by combining all haulage into a single system operating at a low tram speed and following a fixed path of travel, while requiring only one operator using remote control. This reduction in the total number of mobile machines in the section reduces visibility concerns as well as dust generation from multiple travelways.  Due to a chain traction system distributed along the entire length of the machine, the 4FCT offers greater traction and a lower ground bearing pressure over that of conventional haulage machinery. Also, the 4FCT’s integral continuous mining power cable management reduces trailing cable damage.The Joy4FCT delivers improved productivity through its ability to more than double tonnage output per miner personnel when compared to batch haulage applications – first by eliminating the bottlenecks and car wait times typically associated with batch haulage – and next through a number of design innovations. The Joy4FCT incorporates an integrated inbye-lumpbreaker which eliminates the need for a separate feeder-breaker in the section. The system also offers belt advance automation as well as automated retreat mining capabilities, made possible by the inclusion of a Dynamic Move-Up Unit (DMU).”Acting as an interface between the Joy4FCT and the mine’s panel belt, the DMU and Joy4FCT are available in two configurations – a side discharge for low seam heights and wide entries; or an over-the-top unit (OTT) suited to higher seams and restricted widths. Note that the OTT system is a self-advancing unit with remote controlled panel belt move-ups; and can also be designed for retreat mining. The side discharge design must be advanced using the continuous miner to pull up.The first Australian installation of the Joy4FCT began in 2010. This Australian installation is the first 4FCT system with retreat mining capability and dual-function radio remote control. Depending upon the panel layout and entry dimensions, mines such as the one in Australia may realize up to 75% additional utilisation of reserves when using the retreat mining method, Joy reports.A room and pillar installation in the US Illinois Basin operates in a seam height of 2.4 m and has reported a best month of 182,300 t.  Its best day, consisting of two nine-hour production shifts, is recorded at a 413 m advance totaling 10,250 t.  “Also significant is that the continuous miner in front of the Joy 4FCT was a Joy12CM27 that had already recorded 3.1 Mt,” Joy says Continuous haulage methods deliver an average of 30% more productivity over batch haulage methods. The Joy4FCT increases the safety and productivity of mining operations by eliminating car waiting times, decreasing the amount of section equipment and the number of section personnel required, easing the management of cable systems and equipment proximities, and boosting production through automated belt advancement and retreat mining capabilities.last_img read more

World energy use to rise by 56 driven by growth in the

first_imgOver the next three decades, world energy consumption is projected to increase by 56%, driven by growth in the developing world, according to International Energy Outlook 2013 (IEO2013), released recently by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). “Rising prosperity in China and India is a major factor in the outlook for global energy demand. These two countries combined account for half the world’s total increase in energy use through 2040,” said EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski. “This will have a profound effect on the development of world energy markets,” said Sieminski. Clean-fuel technology is also playing an important role in the outlook, with renewable energy and nuclear power expected to grow faster than fossil fuels over the forecast period.IEO2013 presents updated projections for world energy markets through 2040. The IEO2013 Reference case projection does not incorporate prospective legislation or policies that might affect energy markets.Some key findings:World energy consumption increases from 524 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) in 2010 to 820 quadrillion Btu in 2040. The increase in world energy use is largely in the developing world, where growth is driven by strong, long-term economic growth. Half of the total world increase in energy consumption is attributed to China and India.IEO2013 projects increased world consumption of energy from all fuel sources through 2040. Fossil fuels are expected to continue supplying much of the energy used worldwide. Although petroleum and other liquids remain the largest source of energy, the liquid fuels share of world marketed energy consumption falls from 34% in 2010 to 28% in 2040. Renewable energy and nuclear power are the world’s fastest-growing energy sources, each increasing by 2.5% per year; however, fossil fuels continue to supply almost 80% of world energy use through 2040.Natural gas is the fastest growing fossil fuel in the outlook. Global natural gas consumption grows by 1.7% per year. Increasing supplies of tight gas, shale gas, and coalbed methane support growth in projected worldwide gas use. Coal grows faster than liquid fuels consumption until after 2030, due to increases in China’s consumption of coal and tepid growth in liquid fuels demand attributed to (1) slow growth in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries, and (2) high sustained oil prices.Other IEO2013 highlights:•             The Brent crude oil spot price averaged $112 per barrel in 2012, and EIA’s July 2013 Short-Term Energy Outlook projects averages of $105 per barrel in 2013 and $100 per barrel in 2014. With prices expected to increase in the long term, however, the world oil price in real 2011 dollars reaches $106 per barrel in 2020 and $163 per barrel in 2040.•             Almost 80% of the projected increase in renewable electricity generation is fuelled by hydropower and wind power. The contribution of wind energy, in particular, has grown rapidly over the past decade and this trend continues into the future. Of the 5.4 trillion kWh of new renewable generation added over the projection period, 52% is attributed to hydroelectric power and 28% to wind. Most of the growth in hydroelectric generation (82%) occurs in the non-OECD countries, while more than half of the growth in wind generation (52%) occurs in the OECD countries.•             Electricity generation from nuclear power worldwide increases from 2.6 trillion kWh in 2010 to 5.5 trillion kWh in 2040, as concerns about energy security and greenhouse gas emissions support the development of new nuclear generating capacity. Factors underlying the IEO2013 nuclear power projections are mixed. They include the consequences of the March 2011 disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan; planned retirements of nuclear capacity in OECD Europe under current policies; and continued strong growth of nuclear power in non-OECD Asia.•             Given current policies and regulations limiting fossil fuel use, worldwide energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rise from about 31,000 Mt in 2010 to 36,000 Mt in 2020 and then to 45,000 Mt in 2040, a 46% increase over the 30-year span.IEO2013 is available at read more

Overturning of permission for English coal open pit draws fire

first_imgOn its website, Banks Mining says its Highthorn surface mine project in England “is a unique opportunity to bring substantial investment to the Druridge Bay area and improve the lives of its people and wildlife for many years to come.“In July 2016, Northumberland County Council Strategic Planning Committee were minded to approve the planning application pending a decision by the Secretary of State (SoS) for Communities and Local Government to decide whether to ‘call-in’ the application.” The SoS ‘called-in’ the decision and a Public Inquiry started in May 2017. Subsequently, the SoS Sajid Javid decided to overturn the approval from the government planning inspector and refuse permission for the mine in Northumberland. This has resulted in an angry response from Banks Mining.Gavin Styles, Managing Director at Banks Mining, says: “In the same week that the Government decided to support passport manufacturing jobs in France instead of those in northeast England, it has now demonstrated that it would prefer to source the coal that is essential for a variety of important industries across the UK, such as steel, house building and concrete production, from Russia or the US, rather than support substantial investment and job creation plans in our region.“This is an absolutely perverse decision which flies in the face of the recommendation for approval given by Mr Woolcock, the Planning Inspector – the expert appointed by the Government itself to assess this scheme – after his careful consideration of all the facts laid out at the Public Inquiry, as well as the unanimous support we had for the scheme from an experienced, cross-party Northumberland County Council planning committee.“It has been made for purely political reasons and is totally contrary to the principles of local decision-making that previously appeared so important to Javid. The Planning Inspector’s clear and carefully considered judgement was that “the national benefits of the proposal would clearly outweigh the likely adverse impacts…” yet Javid has chosen to flagrantly disregard this expert opinion from the comfort of his London office without ever having taken the time to even visit the area in question.“Furthermore, his decision to notify the world of his judgement via social media 90 minutes before we, as the applicant, had received official notification of it is deeply unprofessional, and shows an utter disregard for the jobs of the hundreds of people that we employ.“If the Prime Minister takes up the invitation of the De La Rue Chief Executive to come to the region and explain the passport contract decision to his employees, we would ask that she also brings Javid with her, so he can explain his thinking to our loyal northeast workforce and the many local suppliers and customers with which we work.“It also continues to highlight the difficulties businesses face creating investment opportunities and employment in the UK, as recently expressed by Steve Morgan, Chairman of Redrow plc.“The UK is still dependant on coal for a number of purposes, and at a time of great economic uncertainty, we firmly believe that the importance of securing investment in northeast England, creating dozens of high quality local jobs, and opening up opportunities for regional suppliers to win substantial contracts could not be any clearer.“The Government’s own projections state that coal will continue to be an important part of the UK’s energy mix for at least the proposed duration of operations at Highthorn, and substantial amounts are also essential for a wide variety of important UK foundation industries, such as the manufacturing of cement and steel.“Coal has been used to meet more than a quarter of the country’s energy requirements during the recent spell of cold weather, which clearly demonstrates the importance of its use to provide an essential and resilient part of a balanced mix of energy generation sources over the medium term.“Supporting skilled northeast jobs, delivering regional environmental and conservation enhancements, avoiding the carbon emissions caused by importing the coal supplies that the UK still needs and providing a secure domestic supply of energy by meeting our continuing need for coal through indigenous reserves makes far greater sense than relying on coal and gas imports from potentially unstable overseas markets that are thousands of miles away.“The Highthorn scheme would see us create at least 100 well paid, full time jobs on the site, invest £87 million into the Northumberland economy, keep a total of £200 million within the UK economy by not importing 3 Mt of coal that would otherwise come from overseas suppliers, and make supply chain contracts worth a total of £48 million available to locally based businesses.“We owe it to our highly skilled and loyal northeast workforce, our UK customers and the many local residents, community organisations and businesses that have expressed their support for our Highthorn proposals over the last four years to not just leave things here, and will now carefully review the precise reasons for the Secretary of State’s decision before deciding on the most appropriate next steps to take.”last_img read more

Exploration budgets rise 19 in 2018 EV interest spikes cobalt and lithium

first_imgS&P Global Market Intelligence report highlights global nonferrous exploration budgets increased for the second consecutive year, up 19% year-over-year. Key takeaways:•Global nonferrous exploration budget increased 19% to $10.1 billion•Junior exploration companies budgets increased by 35%•Number of active exploration companies increased for first time since 2012 — up 8% to 1,651•Cobalt & lithium budgets continue to rise, up 500% since 2015•Canada, Australia and the U.S. all record above-average increases.Mark Ferguson, Associate Director of Metals & Mining Research at S&P Global Market Intelligence, says: “Improved metals prices and margins since 2016 have encouraged producers to expand their organic efforts the past two years. Over the same period, equity market support for the junior explorers has improved, leading to an uptick in the number and size of completed financings. This allowed the group to increase exploration budgets by 35% in 2018.“Our data does show that, despite these improvements, the level of equity market support and industry-wide exploration efforts remain far below peak levels recorded from 2010 to 2012.”The improved investment environment has, for the first time since 2012, finally resulted in more dormant companies resuming exploration efforts and new entrants into the industry. The 1,651 companies actively exploring in 2018 is 8% more than the 1,535 companies with budgets in 2017. However, the 2018 total is still about 900 companies less than in 2012, representing a one-third culling of active explorers over the past five years.Global attention on raw material needs for the Electric Vehicle revolution has attracted significant interest from the exploration sector.  Exploration budgets for cobalt and lithium, key commodities for a variety of batteries, have collectively risen by more than 500% since 2015, including an 82% increase this year. However, these allocations remain relatively small when compared with planned exploration allocations for traditional base- and precious metals-focused efforts.Although gold prices have been fairly unremarkable since 2017, generally trading within a $100/oz band, gold continues to benefit the most from the industry recovery. Gold explorers have increased their aggregate budget to $4.86 billion in 2018, up from $4.05 billion in 2017. Although lagging behind the gold allocation total, base metals allocations have also made a significant move upwards this year, increasing by more than $600 million to $3.04 billion. Copper remains by far the most attractive of the base metals, although zinc allocations have increased the most, rising 37% in 2018. Budgets are up for all targets except uranium.With a budget of $1.44 billion, Canada remains the top destination for nonferrous exploration budgets in 2018; the 31% year-over-year increase in allocations for the country outpaces the 23% rise in budgets for second-place Australia, which has attracted $1.33 billion. In third-place, the US has recorded a 34% increase in allocations. In each of these countries, gold’s share of the total is more than 55%.Of the remaining 10 most popular exploration locations, four are found in Latin America, including Peru, Mexico and Chile, which hold the fourth through sixth positions globally.last_img read more

NEPEAN bulks up conveyor component reach with addition of Tefco Engineering assets

first_imgNEPEAN’s PROK Conveyor Components has extended its conveyor component capability with the addition of a fully-operational specialised original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pulley business based in New South Wales, Australia.NEPEAN Chief Executive Officer, Miles Fuller, said the new business, which comes from Tefco Engineering’s assets, is a perfect extension of its conveyor pulley capability in key mining regions and will strengthen PROK’s offering to customers on the east coast of Australia and internationally.With the integration of Tefco Engineering’s assets, PROK is positioned to provide customers in core mining regions with a dedicated and local option for OEM pulleys and pulley overhauls, the company said.Fuller said: “The new facility will be integrated with our existing PROK business with a focus on growing, improving and innovating to ensure that our customers are the winners.”The acquisition includes over 3,500 m² of manufacturing operations in New South Wales, bolstering PROK’s existing capability with six overhead cranes, plate rolling, computer numerical control machining, in-house stress relieving, shot-blasting, painting facilities and specialised pulley acceptance testing equipment, the company said.NEPEAN is already the largest manufacturer of pulleys and idlers in Australia, and one of the largest specialists in conveyor components globally, the company said. Through operations in six continents, NEPEAN produces thousands of large engineered pulleys and millions of rollers for distribution to over 66 countries.Fuller said: “Our service offering and the wider suite of products positions NEPEAN as the number one choice for quality conveyor components.“Our investment in the Tefco Engineering business, and more importantly Tefco Engineering’s customers and employees, is a further commitment to an industry we know well. It is a step in NEPEAN’s journey to be the global leader in innovative conveyor components.”NEPEAN’s conveyor expertise in Australia includes fully-integrated bulk materials handling solutions from the mine to the train or truck load station.last_img read more

Spain wants WC 2013

← Previous Story Petar Metlicic two seasons in Celje PL! Next Story → Krzystof Lijewski three months out! Spain wants to organise Men’s World Championships 2013. Spanish Handball Federation announced that they send candidature to IHF and for now, they are the most serious host name. Spain had more success in male handball, where they won World Championships in Tunisia 2005. Women are also not so bad, as they won silver medal at EURO 2008 in Macedonia.

Lada Togliatti defeats Zvezda Zvenigorod 3127 in the big derby

← Previous Story Anita Bulat from Podravka moves to Viborg Next Story → No winner in Serbian “Eternal derby” handball russiaLadalada togliattirussiaRussia handballRussian handballtogliattizvenigorodzvezdaZvezda Zvenigorod In the big derby in female Russian handball, Lada Togliatti took the early lead in the first half, playing nicely in the attack, but also conceding lots of goals in a fast-paced game. Zvezda Zvenigorod showed that they are major title contenders this season and lowered the lead to bearable 17:15 at halftime for Lada Togliatti. In the second half the small lead was being kept with constant goal-for-goal play, in the 55th minute the score stands at 29:26 with the home team making 2:0 run and a suspension for the visitors. Until the end the lead is only extended, 31:27 for Lada.Lada Togliatti now joins Rostov and HC Dinamo on the top of the league with 8 points, with Lada having played a game more. read more

Laszlo Nagy for HP about Veszprems success Barca and Kiel must be

← Previous Story SEHA: RK Zagreb beats Nexe, takes first place and on Friday meets Metalurg in Skopje Next Story → Serbian head coach, Veselin Vuković: “Croatia is the best” Laszlo NagyMKB VeszpremVelux EHF F4 He was the World’s Best player in 2011, but from Olympic Tournament in London until the „dream week“ of MKB Veszprem finished with two victories over existing EHF CL finalists, BM Atletico Madrid and THW Kiel, the form of Laszlo Nagy is still on the highest level. The biggest Hungarian handball star talked for, just after the big success against THW Kiel 31:30:– Of course, this was important match for us and it’s a big pleasure to beat the best players from the best team in Europe. We are very happy for this victory in one such a great match. As experienced players, we all know that season is very long and if we want to make something big, team has to rise through months and play even better than now. Our coaching staff and the players are working on that every single day.After you beat Atletico Madrid and THW Kiel in four days, handball people think that you are ready to play at F4 in Cologne. That isn’t just an opinion from Veszprem’s fans, but from all sides of Europe.– Yes, I know that some people think in that way, but I want to be realistic. This Veszprem is quite new team, with the new system, we are rising as a group every day, but it is still far away to speak about our goals. New players and new coach, everything is new here. We need time. For now, everything is going well, we catch the good line…How do you like this Hungarian-Spanish (Ortega, Ugalde, Chema Rodriguez, Oneto) mix in Veszprem?– It’s good, we have nice atmosphere in the team. Hungarians are happy with Spaniards and that is respect from both sides. We don’t want just to make a group, but whole team.Who are the biggest favourites to win the VELUX EHF CL 2012/2013?– THW Kiel and F.C Barcelona are the best teams in Europe right now. They must be in Cologne at F4. For other two places will fight six-seven teams, among them is Veszprem. I hope that we will keep a good form until March and April, when crucial matches will be played.You made a big success with the Hungarian NT at the Olympic Tournament in London, where you finished fourth. How do you see next chapter of your NT career, World Championship 2013 in Spain?– We have great time in London. Hungary showed to all that is among the best five,six teams. We have quality atmosphere, good team, but it is to early to speak about specific objectives in Spain – concluded Nagy an interview for read more

Melsungen beat Kiel – RNL smash Hannover

6.MT Melsungen30:18+31 2.Rhein-Neckar Löwen39:9+141 12.HSG Wetzlar17:29-31 Interesting handball weekend in DKB Bundesliga! THW Kiel are defeated in Kassel against MT Melsungen 30:29, who stopped “Zebras” and made the championship race more interesting…MT Melsungen: Appelgren (18 saves), Sandström (0 P. / 1 G.), Räbiger (n. e.); Stenbäcken (2), Mansson, Sellin (5), Kubes, Fahlgren (5), Schröder (1), Danner (2), P. Müller (5), Zufelde, Allendorf (8/3), Vuckovic (1), M. Müller (1).THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (šest odbrana), Palicka (tri odbrane.), Krieter (n. e.); Toft Hansen (1), Sigurdsson, Dahmke, Wiencek, Ekberg (4), Lauge, Zeitz (3), Jallouz, Palmarsson (3), Klein (5), Jicha (4), Vujin (9/3).In the same time Rhein Neckar Lowen showed classy performance and smashed TSV Hannover 37:19.Rhein-Neckar Löwen – TSV Hannover-Burgdorf 37:19 (18:7)Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Landin (1), Stojanovic (ab 40.) –  Schmid (4/1), Sesum (1), I. Guardiola (3), Manojlovic , Gorbok (2), Myrhol (4), Groetzki (2), G. Guardiola (5), Petersson (7), Ekdahl Du Rietz (3), Sigurmannsson (4), Prodanovic (1).TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Ziemer, Weber (ab 31.) – Hoffmann (2/2), Andreu, Patrail (3), Hykkerud (3), Lehnhoff (5), Rydergard, Semisch, Sevaljevic (2/1), Karason (2), Ferrer (1), Pollex, Kastening (1).DKB Bundesliga – Round 24:TBV Lemgo – SC Magdeburg 26:29Tus Lubbecke – Eisenach 24:21TV Emsdetten – Frisch Auf Goppingen 27:32Bergischer – GWD Minden 20:24STANDINGS: 8.TSV Hannover-Burgdorf24:24-36 16.HBW Balingen-Weilstetten13:33-64 5.Füchse Berlin34:12+85 11.TSV GWD Minden18:30-41 13.FRISCH AUF! Göppingen17:31-7 3.HSV Handball37:9+76 17.ThSV Eisenach11:37-121 14.VfL Gummersbach16:30-51 7.SC Magdeburg24:24+4 15.Bergischer HC15:33-46 germany handballHandball BundesligaHannoverMT MelsungenRNLTHW Kiel 9.TBV Lemgo23:25-4 4.SG Flensburg-Handewitt36:10+92 10.TuS N-Lübbecke23:25-21 18.TV Emsdetten7:41-147 1.THW Kiel42:6+140 ← Previous Story Gyor at EHF CL F4 – Buducnost beat Larvik in Norway! Next Story → SEHA: Tatran Presov beat Zagreb and join F4! read more

LNH Strong PSG Handball alone at the TOP

8.Aix5122150:1584 1.Paris SG5500170:13310 2.Montpellier5401165:1398 3.St. Raphael5401139:1278 4.Cesson Rennes5401138:1358 handballLNHPSG Handball 14.Chartres5005119:1510 5.Nimes5311160:1567 7.Dunkerque5203128:1284 10.Toulouse5113140:1403 ← Previous Story ROAD TO SWEDEN 2016: 14 matches, 14 routine home wins Next Story → EHF CL (Round 4): Lions in Skopje, Zagreb in Paris! 12.Chambery Savoie5113140:1563 13.Tremblay5104119:1282 In the last match of French LNH Round 5, PSG Handball beat Chambery Savoie 35:27. Mikkel Hansen netted 14 goals for his team, while his biggest rival on the match was Chambery playmaker Edin Bašić, who scored 13 goals. That wasn’t enough to push his team-mates to give stronger resistance…RESULTS – Round 5:Montpellier vs. Aix 37 : 30Nantes vs. St. Raphael 23 : 27Tremblay vs. Cesson 24 : 27Ivry vs. Chartres 34 : 29Nimes vs. Creteil 30 : 30Toulouse vs. Dunkerque 27 : 28STANDINGS: 9.Ivry5203143:1524 6.Creteil5221142:1496 11.Nantes5113155:1563 read more

Xavi Pascual to lead FC Barcelona Lassa until 2022

Xavi Pascual The coach who leads FC Barcelona Lassa since 2009 will continue his work until 2022. Xavi Pascual extended his deal with the most successful club in the history of our sport for the next four years.Pascual came on Barca’s bench in 2009 as replacement for Manolo Cadenas.Barca won two EHF Champions League titles and many more domestic. However, in the past few years, there is no serious contender for throne in Spanish handball.Pascual works as Romanian national team coach since 2016. ← Previous Story OMIS 2018: Let the games begin! Next Story → All-star team of the Women’s EHF Champions League revealed read more

Woman who died in hospital was unattended for 7 hours before her

first_imgA man received €68,000 backdated from the Department of Social Protection after he was not informed that he could apply for a survivor’s pension following the death of his wife. The Ombudsman found that the Department knew that his wife had died because he had changed the name of the child benefit claimant a year after he death, but had not informed him of his pension entitlement. The Department initially only backdated the money to 2006, despite the fact that his wife died in 1998, but this was overturned upon investigation.A woman who was incorrectly diagnosed with a serious heart condition called Long QT syndrome which can lead to sudden death was refused a second opinion over her diagnosis and ended up paying €1,000 for a private consultation. The HSE apologised for not allowing her a second opinion and refunded her the costs after an investigation. The second opinion confirmed that the woman did not have the condition.A man who was told that he would still receive social welfare payments if his family moved to Guernsey – where his wife had been offered a job – was given an ex-gratia payment of €1,000 by the Department of Social Protection and an apology after he discovered that he could not, in fact, receive social welfare payments as Guernsey is outside of the European Economic AreaO’Reilly also pointed to SUSI, the third-level grants body, which has been the source of a number of complaints to her office this year over long delays for students.“A lot of hardship has been caused to a lot of students” by SUSI,” said O’Reilly.Reflecting on her ten years as Ombudsman ahead of her final day tomorrow before she leaves for the EU Ombudsman position, O’Reilly said that one of the strengths of the office has been in challenging groupthink among public bodies.She said that financial constraints faced by public bodies due to the Government’s chosen path of austerity and cuts “is not an excuse for poor service, for inequitable treatment, for denial of rights”.She also singled out the Department of Health as being particularly difficult to deal with, noting that it remained particularly suspicious of the office of Ombudsman and often seeking legal advice instead of engaging with complaints.“In a properly functioning system, we’d be able to talk like grown-ups,” she said.Ombudsman: Our treatment of asylum seekers is unacceptable >Read: Boy who would have “been in a wheelchair until he’s dead” to have costs paid by HSE > Read: Want to be the next Ombudsman? Search to replace Emily O’Reilly begins > A WOMAN WHO died in a Limerick hospital was not seen by a nurse or a doctor for 7 hours on the day of her death, even though she rang her son to tell him that she was dying.Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly, who investigated the case, found that problems with the hospital’s record-keeping meant that the woman’s family were not with her when she died.The woman had phoned her son at noon on the day she died, asking him to come to the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Dooradoyle where she was being treated. He arrived at 1.30pm, but was not briefed by medical staff about the seriousness of her condition until around 5.45pm.His mother died at 11.30pm that night. The delay in telling the man how ill his mother was meant that no-one else from her family was able to travel to the hospital in time to be with her before she died.The Ombudsman began an investigation in response to a complaint from the man, who said that the hospital was unable to provide evidence that a doctor or nurse had seen his mother between 9am and 5.45pm on the day of her death, meaning that the family were not able to be informed about her condition.After an investigation, the Ombudsman found several deficiencies with how the hospital kept patient records – especially because medical notes had no time stamp on them – meaning the Mid-Western Regional Hospital could not confirm if the woman was seen by staff on the day in question.After reconciling the nursing notes with the medical staff notes from the date, the Ombudsman noted that “on the balance of probability, the patient was not seen by the medical team in the period 10am to 4.30pm on the day she died”.“You can imagine how distressing this was for the family,” O’Reilly said today.The hospital has since introduced a policy on contacting the next of kin when a patient’s condition deteriorates after the incident. The Ombudsman also asked the hospital to consider whether an apology was warranted to the family and, following the request, the Mid-Western Regional Hospital apologised for the hurt and distress caused to the family.The case was one of a number highlighted by the  Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly in her final annual report today on complaints made about public bodies.ComplaintsThe Ombudsman received 3,412 complaints in total from the public this year – a small drop from the record number of complaints received in 2010 (3,727) but still higher than the ten-year average of 2,774.The public bodies which received the most complaints were the Department of Social Protection and the HSE, although O’Reilly pointed out that both bodies deal with huge numbers of people on a daily basis.Some of the other significant cases which were resolved last year included:last_img read more

Putin hails Pussy Riot jail terms report

first_imgRUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR Putin hailed the two-year jail sentences against three members of feminist punk band Pussy Riot for staging a performance protesting his rule, according to a report today.“It was right to arrest them, and it was right that the court took the decision that it did,” Putin said in a television programme aired on NTV, Interfax news agency said.The programme was to air in Moscow at this afternoon but was broadcast to audiences in the Russian Far East earlier.“One cannot undermine the moral foundations, break up the country. What would we be left with?” Putin reportedly said of the Pussy Riot performance in a cathedral in Moscow in February that led to their sentence.He also said he had not exerted any pressure in the sentencing of the women. “I had nothing to do with it. They wanted it, and they got it,” Putin was quoted as saying.“My first reaction was to ask believers to forgive them, I thought it would end at that,” Putin reportedly said. But the case was “wheeled up to trial, and the trial slapped a little two years on them,” he said.“It’s important to say tender words on a person’s birthday,” Pussy Riot said in a sarcastic reaction on Twitter to the president’s words. “Putin told our members about the ‘little two years’.”“A little two years there, a little five years there,” opposition leader Alexei Navalny wrote. “Misha got a little eight,” he said, referring to jailed oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s sentence.Donning brightly coloured balaclavas, the group of women on February 21 belted out a “prayer” in the country’s main cathedral, Christ the Saviour, calling on the Virgin Mary to remove Putin.Three Pussy Riot members, Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Yekaterina Samutsevich, were convicted in August of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, and sentenced to two years in a prison camp.Moscow city court will hear their appeal on Wednesday.Putin celebrated his 60th birthday Sunday, receiving warm wishes from supporters and numerous mentions on state television, but the event aroused derision from critics who since late last year have held regular mass protests against his rule.- © AFP, 2012Read: Pussy Riot appeal delayed by court > Read: Here’s what Vladimir Putin thinks about group sex >last_img read more

Hogan on Dublin mayor plan I might be 6 5 but Im

first_imgENVIRONMENT MINISTER PHIL Hogan insisted yesterday that he is not leaning either way on whether or not Dublin should have a directly-elected mayor with the capital’s residents likely to be asked that question in a referendum next year.Speaking at the publication of the Local Government Bill yesterday, Hogan confirmed plans for a referendum to ask the people of Dublin if they want a directly-elected mayor next year but would not be drawn on whether or not he is in favour of the proposition.The capital’s four local authorities – Dublin City, Fingal, South Dublin, and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown – have opened a public consultation to gauge opinion on the kind of mayor Dubliners want and what powers they should have before it makes a recommendation to government.Speaking yesterday, Hogan said: “I might be 6′ 5” but I am not going to lean in any direction. It’s a matter for the Dublin people when we will be putting the case for and against, like any referendum commission.“We look forward to the proposals from the four local authorities about what type of question they would seek to put to the electorate, in an informed way, in Dublin to decide whether they wish to have a directly-elected mayor or not.” The bill published yesterday provides for the holding of a referendum if the four local authorities agree to such proposals. It also proposes that the authorities, and not central government, foot the bill for a referendum if and when it is held at the same time as the local elections next year.Hogan would not be drawn on how much having an elected mayor would cost or what savings could be made.He confirmed that Dublin City Council will have a chief executive under the local government reforms like every other local authority in the country and said any changes to that structure would be dependent on what the people of Dublin decide.The Minister has previously said that it would be pointless having a directly-elected mayor who did not have “meaningful and sufficient power”.Asked if similar proposals could be rolled out in the country’s other cities such as Galway, Cork, Limerick and Waterford, Hogan added: “We’ll try out the process of Dublin in this plebiscite and we’ll see how it goes from there.”Like politics? Then why not ‘Like’’s Politics page?Hogan: No point having elected mayor for Dublin unless position is meaningfullast_img read more

The 5 at 5 Christmas Eve

first_imgEACH WEEKDAY EVENING brings you five things you should know before you head out the door.1. #WEATHER: Thousands of homes have been without power after storm winds caused havoc in parts of the country overnight and today. If you’ve travel plans they may also be affected.2. #NORTHERN IRELAND: Talks between the five main parties over flags, parades and the past have broken for Christmas without any agreement. The parties could return to talks involving the US diplomat Richard Haass after St Stephen’s Day.3. #ST VINCENT’S: The decision by St Vincent’s Hospital to release information about what some of its top executives are paid just before the Christmas break has angered at least two members of the Public Accounts Committee.4. #TRAGIC: A man has died after trying to rescue his dog from a river in Devon in the UK today. The incident happened at around 11.15am this morning.5. #CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: Finally, Ryanair has come to the rescue of a mother of sick twins who was facing Christmas stranded at an airport in the UK after one of her two twins was too ill to make an earlier Aer Lingus flight home for the holidays.last_img read more

Limerick residents should assume flood water is contaminated

first_imgTHE HEALTH SERVICE Executive has told residents of Limerick that anything that came in contact with flood water will have to be disposed of.The HSE tonight released guidelines on how to deal with flooding in the area.The starkest warning is that residents should “always assume flood water is contaminated.”Residents are also advised to check for rodents, wear protective clothing and to avoid contact with water if possible.They recommend people not underestimate the depth of water as road surfaces or manhole covers may be damaged, destroy any food that has come in contact with water and consider throwing out children’s toys that have come in contact with water.Where possible, people are advised to avoid the water altogether and to cover cuts and grazes. The emergency numbers in the region are 061 417833 or 999. There is an information drop in centre at Bishops Palace, which is under daily review, from 11am to 4pm.There is are food centres at Saint Munchins and Saint Mary’s Community Centres which are open from 9am to 4pm.Financial assistance for people affected is being handled by the Department of Social Protection, Ballynanty Health Centre, which can be reached on 061 457100 and is open from 9am to 5pm.Read: Limerick floods were ‘like Dante’s Inferno’Read: Funding could be made available for floods clean-uplast_img read more

WATCH Broadcaster struggles to announce new Pope

first_img THE SELECTION of Pope Francis – formerly Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio – was announced last night, there was a bit of a media scramble to catch up on him.But some found it a little trickier than others.Here’s New York radio host Mike Francesca, relaying the news to his listeners. Sort of.WATCH: Your Thursday morning inspiration>Quiz: How to tell if you are human>last_img

FF accuses James Reilly of rigging question time in Dáil

first_imgBallooning number of questionsThe number of questions submitted by TDs for Reilly’s five-weekly session of oral questions has ballooned in recent months.170 questions have been tabled for today’s session, which begins at 2:30pm. 112 had been tabled for Reilly’s last batch, on February 14, while the previous sessions in September and November had 71 and 86 questions respectively.Around half of the 170 questions for today’s session relate to the removal of waiting lists or MRSA infection rates in various hospitals, and are tabled by Fine Gael backbenchers.In some cases, TDs have asked for updates on hospitals outside of their own constituencies, in cases where their own constituency hospital is covered by a colleague’s question.For example, Clare TD Joe Carey has asked about the reduction in the number of patients on trolleys at Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Ennis – leaving his constituency colleague Pat Breen to instead ask about inpatient waiting lists for children at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co Louth.Louth’s local backbencher, Peter Fitzpatrick, has asked separate questions about adult inpatient and day care waiting lists and trolley numbers in the same hospital, and about waiting lists at the separate Louth County Hospital in Dundalk.“A TD can only submit a maximum of two oral questions which means that Fine Gael, with more than 50 backbenchers, is in a position to submit such a volume of questions as they have done today,” Kelleher claimed.“While it is not without precedent for a small number of government backbenchers to be encouraged to submit a question, for more than 85 to be submitted is notable to say the least.”Read: Over half of public hospitals have people waiting 12 months for surgery FIANNA FÁIL has accused James Reilly of trying to ‘rig’ speaking time during today’s session of ministerial questions in the Dáil, in order to minimise the time he can spend answering opposition questions.The party’s health spokesman Billy Kelleher believes Fine Gael backbenchers have deliberately flooded the minister with written questions to be answered when Reilly takes to the Dáil today for his regular question-and-answer session.Kelleher says the move means the 75 minutes allotted for questions is skewed so that fewer opposition questions can be dealt with.Dáil rules mean that five questions put to each minister are nominated as ‘priority questions’, and are deliberately taken first so that the TD putting the question has a chance to ask a follow-up question or seek supplementary information.After that, however, the order of questions is chosen by a lottery – with today’s lottery meaning five of the next seven questions from Fine Gael backbenchers asking about the progress made in eliminating waiting lists or MRSA in their various local hospitals.In a typical session of oral questions, the minister will only have time to answer their five priority questions and between three to five others. Questions which do not get an oral answer in the time allotted are answered in writing, reducing the opportunity for a follow-up inquiry.last_img read more

Drug experts slam reports with misleading statistics on legal high deaths

first_imgRECENT REPORTS IN the UK has been criticised by drug experts for presenting “misleading statistics” on deaths linked to legal highs in 2012.The report from the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths highlighted a considerable increase in deaths in Britain connected to the synthetic drugs from ten in 2009 to 68 in 2012.In a letter written to scientific journal The Lancet from Dr Leslie King and Professor David Nutt from the Scientific Committee on Drugs, the experts said many of the deaths recorded in the report and widely attributed in the media to legal highs were in fact attributable to substances that were already illegal in the UK.This includes the drug p-methoxyamphetamine (PMA) which has been a controlled drug in the UK since 1977.Further examples include deaths attributed to khat or anabolic steroids, which are not new or classed as psychocative. The misuse of medicinal products such as phenazepam was also misrepresented as deaths from new psychoactive substances, they said.Similar ‘misleading’ definitions of new psychoactive substances were used in the Office for National Statistics’ 2012 report on deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales, say the authors, with misuse of gammahydroxybutrate (GHB) accounting for 13 deaths even though this has been a controlled drug since 2003.“There is…no simple answer to how many deaths were associated, let alone caused, by new psychoactive substances or even ‘legal highs’ in any given period,” write the authors. “If we are to develop a sensible drugs policy, such failings of data collection and presentation need to be rectified immediately.”Read: Britain’s drug policies are not working, say MPs>Read: ‘Designer drugs’ being sold as ‘bath salts’ and ‘spice’ causing concern>last_img read more

Chancer scoundrel handbagging and other words youre not allowed say in the

first_imgIN RECENT WEEKS, Dáil debates have got a bit x-rated with talk of “bullshit” and “orgy” by deputies prompting interventions from the chair to point out the unparliamentary nature of such language.It got us thinking as to just what can and cannot be said in the Dáil chamber as well as the Seanad and committee rooms.A little-known document, called the ‘Salient Rulings of the Chair’, offers a unique insight into the kind of things a TD can and cannot say in the Dáil and about other deputies.The document is intended to go hand-in-hand with the Dáil’s Standing Orders (essentially the rules of the house) to give a comprehensive picture of procedure and practice in the Dáil, or in other words what you are and what you aren’t allowed say and do.The lengthy document has lots of run-of-the-mills things and has been updated over time to reflect the latest rulings of the chair i.e. the Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett or his deputy Leas Ceann Comhairle Michael Kitt.Seán Fleming getting in trouble for saying the word ‘orgy’ in the Dáil earlier this month.Interesting snippets include how it is the long standing rule of the House that the government of the day is not officially responsible to the Dáil for advice sought or received from the Attorney General.There are other rulings which are frequently flouted such as it apparently being inappropriate to bring a mobile phone into the chamber “let alone use it”. In reality, TDs’ mobile phones regularly interfere with the microphones in the chamber and they are often seen browsing on their mobile devices and tablets (we reckon, anyway).‘Gurrier or guttersnipe’The document also details how a member of the Dáil must not allege that another member is guilty of a criminal or unlawful act or “reflect on his character or personal honour” by stating that the member is guilty of murder, blackmail, corruption, perjury, seditious libel, being deceitful or, curiously, “interfering in the distribution of land while a Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture”.TDs are also banned from alleging that a colleague is ‘a smuggler’, ‘a rogue’, or ‘a scoundrel’.The document also contains a comprehensive list of “insulting and abusive expressions” that have been ruled disorderly when applied to a member, a member’s statement, or their actions or conduct.These include:brat or acting the bratbuffoon or buffoonerychancercommunistcorner boy, corner boy tacticscowardfascist or fascist Minister (although the chair does tolerate the expression “fascist” used in a general way)gurrierguttersnipehypocrite, bloody hypocrites, hypocrisy etc.ratscumbagscurrilous, scurrilous speakeryahooThe document also states that a reference to ‘handbagging’, particularly when speaking about “a lady member of the House” has been deemed to be unparliamentary.All of this is not to say that deputies are completely protected, another point in the document states that “members must not be thin-skinned in relation to political remarks”.In addition, the document states that Dáil proceedings may not referred to as a “circus”, “a farce” or “a slander machine”.Though this does not preclude the general public from stating this to be the case.VIDEO: Dáil hears about ‘three-day festival and orgy organised by the government’‘What a load of bulls**t’: TD’s ‘wet dream’ remarks land him in hot waterlast_img read more

8 things we learned from TDs declarations of interests for 2012

first_imgOIREACHTAS AUTHORITIES have published the latest round of members’ interests disclosures for members of the Dáil.The document – which you can read in full (as a PDF) here – is lengthy, but here are some nuggets we thought were interesting and worth sharing.Barack Obama gave Enda Kenny a print last yearThe US president gave a print worth €1,500 to Enda Kenny when the Taoiseach travelled to Washington for the St Patrick’s Day festivities. The Taoiseach donated the painting to the state, and it now hangs in Government Buildings.An Aer Lingus takeover would be good news for Clare DalyThe Dublin North TD is a former Aer Lingus employee and built up a shareholding in the airline – but in last year’s disclosure we didn’t know how many.In this year’s one we learn that the former Socialist TD has 17,000 shares in the airline. That’s worth nearly €21,000 at their current value – and €23,800 if the Ryanair takeover bid, at €1.40 per share, was approved.Some care more than others about an economic recovery…A global economic recovery would be good news for Michael Noonan, but not simply because it helps him in his job as Minister for Finance: he has personal investments which rise when the FTSE and Dow Jones indices increase. He also has a similar investment in US banks.Shane Ross, meanwhile, has investments in US and German government bonds.…while others are feeling the property pinchTDs are not required to make any comment on their submissions, but Labour’s Arthur Spring opted to include a small additional statement in his annual disclosure.Under his ‘occupational income’, Spring lists rental income received from an apartment in Harold’s Cross – which he points out was “purchased as my PDH [primary dwelling house] in 2006 and remains my only property”.“It is now in negative equity and is currently let,” he adds. “The rental income falls short of the mortgage repayments. I therefore rent my home in Tralee.”Sure enough, he later mentions a cottage he rents – again asserting, “I am renting due to the predicament of negative equity.”Keeping it local…There are two TDs whose private interests – as the proprietors of private companies – mean they have a particularly keen interest in what goes on at their local county council.Michael Healy-Rae’s disclosure includes contracts between Kerry County Council and Healy-Rae’s filling station in Kilgarvan, which supplies fuel, and Roughty Plant Hire, which carries out maintenance work on behalf of both the council and the HSE.Mattie McGrath also has a family-run plant hire company, which provides machinery to the county councils of his native South Tipperary and Waterford.…and keeping it not-so-localThere are nine TDs (at least – we may have missed some) whose property interests includes land overseas.Justice minister Alan Shatter owns four properties in Florida and two in London; former junior planning minister Willie Penrose has three properties in London, one in the Netherlands and one in Estonia.Labour’s Dominic Hannigan has properties in London and Florence, while FG’s John Deasy has a place in Sardinia. Both FG minister Phil Hogan and backbencher Aine Collins have property in Portugal.Junior minister Ciaran Cannon has property in France, while backbencher James Bannon has an apartment in Spain.Independent TD Michael Lowry – whose British corporate property interests have come under the spotlight recently – lists properties in Mansfield and Wigan, the latter being of “negligible” value.A few TDs are still on private pensionsJunior minister Dinny McGinley is on a pension for his time as teacher, while his FG colleague Joe O’Reilly has a part-pension for similar reasons.Sinn Féin’s Michael Colreavy, in Sligo-North Leitrim, has a pension from his previous career working with the local arm of the HSE. Labour’s Brendan Ryan has a pension from his time working for Coca-Cola Bottlers, and FG’s Billy Timmins has a part-pension from his time in the army.Both Michael Noonan and the Leas Ceann Comhairle, Michael Kitt, are entitled to teachers’ pensions but have forfeited them to the Exchequer while they remain in public office.In addition, former FF junior minister Dara Calleary discloses his ministerial severance pay, which continued into 2012 – though neither Billy Kelleher nor Willie Penrose, who also received severance pay for former ministerial jobs, did likewise.Leo Varadkar mustn’t be much of a tennis enthusiastThe Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport was given an honorary membership of Castleknock Tennis Club after his appointment – which he says was “graciously accepted” but not used to date.Likewise, a membership of the Royal Irish Automobile Club, based close to Leinster House at Dawson Street, has also gone unused.Read: 11 things we learned from last year’s Registers of Members’ Interestslast_img read more

Two bloody days in Iraq 125 people killed and 270 wounded

first_imgWarning: Graphic imagesTWO DAYS OF violence in Iraq have killed 125 people, 99 of them in clashes and attacks involving security forces, protesters and their supporters, officials said today.At least 268 people have been wounded, 194 of them in protest-related unrest, which prompted two Sunni ministers to quit and has sent tensions in the country soaring.The violence, which began with clashes at a protest site in northern Iraq after security forces moved in, is the deadliest so far linked to demonstrations that erupted in Sunni Muslim areas of the Shiite-majority country more than four months ago.The protesters have called for the resignation of Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and railed against the alleged targeting of their community by the authorities.On Wednesday, five soldiers and seven gunmen were killed and 63 people, including 20 soldiers, wounded in fighting in the Sulaiman Bek area north of Baghdad, security officers and an official said.MP Ashwaq al-Jaf said dozens were wounded in military air attacks in the area, and a high-ranking army officer confirmed helicopters were used in the fighting.In other violence that officers said was also apparently in revenge for Tuesday’s clashes, gunmen attacked a Sahwa anti-Al-Qaeda militia checkpoint in Khales northeast of Baghdad. They killed four militiamen and wounded a fifth, a police lieutenant colonel and a doctor said.Gunmen also wounded a policeman in the northern city of Mosul, while a soldier was hurt in another shooting to its south, police and a doctor said. Three gunmen were also killed in the Mosul attack.Apparently unrelated violence, including a car bomb in Baghdad and attacks in three other areas, killed at least 11 people and wounded 33, officials said. The body of a gunman killed during clashes with Iraqi security forces lies on the ground in Hawija, 150 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq. (AP Photo)The trouble began early on Tuesday when clashes broke out after security forces moved into an area near Hawijah in northern Iraq, where protests have been held since January.The initial fighting killed 53 people, while a series of revenge attacks left another 27 dead on Tuesday, and 15 more were killed in apparently unrelated unrest the same day.Two Sunni ministers quit in the wake of the initial violence, bringing to four the number of Sunni cabinet members who have resigned since 1 March.Abdulghafur al-Samarraie and Saleh al-Haidari, top clerics who respectively head the Sunni and Shiite religious endowments, held a joint news conference warning against sectarian strife and calling for politicians to meet on Friday.Samarraie warned of “malicious plans… with the goal of taking the country towards sectarian conflict,” and said he and Haidari agreed “to move quickly to extinguish the strife and stop the conspiracy.”In mourningOn Wednesday, mourners buried dozens of people killed the day before.Hundreds of them walked on the main road past the provincial council building in Kirkuk city alongside vehicles carrying 34 coffins.They chanted “We sacrifice for you, Iraq” and “We will take revenge for the martyrs of Hawijah,” continuing on to Hawijah, to the west of the city, where the dead were buried.“What happened was a massacre, and the situation is catastrophic and dangerous, and we should work on easing the tension,” said Kirkuk Deputy Governor Rakan Said.A protest organiser and a doctor said on Wednesday that two soldiers who were kidnapped by demonstrators the day before near Ramadi, west of Baghdad, had been released.Abdulrazzaq al-Shammari also said demonstrators were demanding that soldiers withdraw from all cities in Anbar province, where Ramadi is located, and stay in their main bases.Iraq holds first polls since US pullout as attacks spikelast_img read more

Meet the 14yearold boy trying to build a nuclear reactor in his

first_imgI had to tell them that I wasn’t going to blow up the town.After that, he got help from his uncle, who is a professor of biochemistry in UCC, who helped him put together a proposal and put him in touch with other people who could help him out.The next thing was the money. “I thought maybe I’d be able to do it for about €3,000 and I could possibly ask my parents to help and fundraise the rest myself, but then I realised the less money I have, the longer it’s going to take,” he explains.Instead, he has turned to crowdfunding, asking people to donate to his research. “If I can raise €10,000, I can just go to companies and on eBay and get the pieces that I need and not scrounge around for pieces to do it”.That’s the how – now the whyIf you’re imaging a mini nuclear plant running in a Mayo shed, think slightly smaller.Tom’s plan is two-fold. Firstly he wants to do research into a topic called bremsstrahlung, which hasn’t been the subject of much study yet. This, he thinks, could end up as an entry in the BT Young Scientist Competition next year.The other idea is bigger though: while the fusor shows nuclear fusion taking place, he wants to look at whether it could eventually be used to generate power. In other words, it would be nuclear power but without all the current risks.“People aren’t too crazy about nuclear power currently, especially after events like Fukushima and Chernobyl,” he explains.But the method that I want to develop would mean nuclear power with no waste and no risk of explosion or radiation fall-out.Tom wants to see if the fusor can be expanded into a power generating system called a sub-critical generator. He stresses that this isn’t some kind of hypothetical scenario – it hasn’t been constructed before, but the designs are considered safer than current fission designs.What next? Tom has already raised €2,500 in his own money, and has more than €1,000 pledged in donations on his crowdfunding page.  He plans to work on the fusor over the summer – he has just finished 2nd year in St Gerald’s in Castlebar – but it depends on how much money he raises.“I can do it for less than €10,000, it’ll just take a long time. If I get to €6,000, I’ll just drive ahead and do as much as possible”.So where do you go after building your own nuclear reactor? Tom hopes to study pure maths at third-level when he finishes school, or possibly theoretical physics.If he makes the fusor, he will put it up on his website and he hopes to get some colleges allow him to come in for presentations about his work.“I’d say they could be interested,” he says. “You don’t get many people building nuclear fusion reactors in their shed”.If you want to help Tom out, you can donate on his crowdfunding page. Opinion: Nuclear energy is the cleanest, safest and cheapest – why do we continue to reject it? > Read: These shots reveal just how desolate Fukushima is now > TOM MCCARTHY, A 14-year-old from Mayo, is describing the reaction he typically gets when he tells people how he’s trying to build a nuclear fusion reactor in his parents’ shed.“People kind of look at me for a few seconds,” he says.  ”Some people will just say ‘ah yeah’ and will take it seriously. Actually, most people do, they just sometimes need a bit of convincing”.“But then some people just look at me and think they should be ringing the local psychiatrist or whatever”.Perhaps one of the best things about being a teenager is being able to spend as much as much time as you want doing the things that you love. For Tom, this has been science – and particularly physics – for as long as he can remember.Building the reactor isn’t some kind of far-fetched never-going-to-happen dream, however. The type of reactor Tom wants to build has already been done by other people (although as he notes, “building one on my own is somewhat like someone climbing Mount Everest – it has been done before but not by many people”).For him, the goal is straightforward: he wants to develop a new way of generating power without all the risks associated with nuclear. Source: Tom McCarthy/VimeoHe first had the idea to build the mini reactor just over one year ago when he came across a video of a US teenager called Taylor Wilson who built what’s known as a fusor – a kind of small nuclear reactor which shows that fusion is happening and which would fit comfortably inside a room.“Seeing this other 14-year-old who was able to build it, I thought ‘why can’t I do this?’,” Tom tells He started kicking around idea on how he was going to get started with the fusor, spending hours researching the equipment, the mechanics and the key concepts. With several months of free time looming, he figured he was ready to start actually constructing it.The most important things? Money – and getting his parents on board.“Getting my mam and dad involved was the most important thing at the start,” he says.last_img read more

Jewish extremists arrested over murder of Palestinian teen

first_imgISRAELI POLICE HAVE arrested a group of Jewish extremists in connection with the kidnap and murder of a Palestinian teenager in east Jerusalem.An Israeli official said:“Apparently the people arrested in relation to the case belong to an extremist Jewish group.”The official was speaking on condition of anonymity – shortly after the website of the Haaretz newspaper reported six arrests in connection with the case.The kidnap and murder on Wednesday sparked four straight days of riots which began in annexed Arab east Jerusalem but on Saturday spread to more than half a dozen Arab towns in Israel.Details of the case have been subjected to a strict gag order.Earlier, police acknowledged for the first time there were “indications that the background to the killing was nationalistic”.It followed days of growing suspicion that Wednesday’s murder was carried out by extremist Jews in revenge for last month’s abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank.It’s also reported that an American teenager – who’s believed to be a cousin of the murdered Palestinian – was detained in Israel and “severely beaten” while in police custody. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesA video circulating on social media shows what appears to be Israeli border police beating and kicking a handcuffed semi-conscious figure — believed to be Tariq Abu Khder — before dragging him away.The parents, who saw their son in an Israeli hospital, said they were told Tariq had been arrested for being masked.- © AFP, 2014Read: Cousin of murdered Palestinian youth ‘severely beaten’ in police custody>Read: US: Sickening that Palestinian teen’s life has been stolen>last_img read more

Daily Gift EyeFi Pro X2

first_imgHave an amateur photographer in your life? The good news is that there’s an endless line of cool accessories on the market–the bad news is that lens, cases, etc. tend to be really, really expensive. With an asking price of $149.99 (though you’ll no doubt be able to find better deal online by searching around for a few minutes), it’s not the cheapest gift out there, but it’s bound to become an essential accessory for any photog on your list.The Eye-Fi is the size and shape of a standard SD card and works with any camera that can handle SDHC. It features 8GB of on-board storage. What really sets the Eye-Fi apart from other cards, however, its in built-in Wi-Fi chip, which lets you upload photos anywhere with an accessible wireless network. The X2 is faster than its predecessors, offering read and write speeds of up to 6Mbps. The card is also the first Eye-Fi to support 802.11n, and the new Endless memory Mode automatically deletes the files you’ve uploaded, so you won’t run out of space on the thing. There’s also a built-in geotagging feature, so you can keep track of where you shot your photos.last_img read more

Mac App store is live OS X 1066 available now

first_imgApple’s Mac App store, the computer equivalent of the iOS App Store, is available right now. The store comes bundled with a new version of OS X, 10.6.6.To get the App Store running, OS X users need to update their Mac (Apple icon in the top right corner > Software Update). The OS X update is a 151.2MB update. Here is the release text:AdChoices广告The Mac OS X 10.6.6 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. It also includes the Mac App Store, the best way to discover and buy new apps for your Mac. The Mac App Store, a new application you’ll find in the Dock, includes the following features:Discover Mac apps: Browse featured apps, top charts, and categories, or search for something specific. Read detailed app descriptions and user reviews, and flip through screen shots.Buy and install: Easily purchase apps with your iTunes account.  Apps install in one step and are quickly available from the Dock.App updates: The Mac App Store keeps track of all your purchased apps and notifies you when free updates are available.To learn more about the Mac App Store, visit: detailed information on this update, please visit this website: information on the security content of this update, please visit: Images:last_img read more

Windows 8 DVD posted for sale on eBay

first_imgIt’s more or less a given that when Microsoft is working on a new piece of software that someone, somewhere is going to let it leak beyond the NDA-protected borders and put that software in the hands of underground enthusiasts. Typically those files spread via private FTP servers and then later leak a second time to public bittorrent trackers like The Pirate Bay. That’s precisely what happened earlier this year with several pre-release Windows 8 DVD images, which lead to loads of interesting discoveries about its features and functionality prior to Microsoft’s official video footage of the tiled, Metro start page at the D9 conference.Not everyone who has access to unreleased Windows 8 downloads is in it purely for the excitement of shouting “first!” it seems. No, someone has decided to try turning a quick profit using the Windows 8 Milestone 3 .ISO and posted an auction on eBay. While the auction has since been taken down — either as the result of Microsoft picking up the phone or someone with eBay finally coming to his or her senses — the selling price was a cool $1,500.Tom Warren of WinRumors states that the seller was purportedly based in Canada, though I assure the faithful that 1) it wasn’t me and 2) Canadians are far too polite and friendly to pull something so underhanded. Unscrupulous eBay sellers claim to be from wherever suits their nefarious purposes best, after all.While the temptation to get your paws on early builds might be strong, keep in mind that Microsoft is likely to release an official Windows 8 beta at its BUILD conference later this year. It’s best to play it safe and wait for the genuine article — there’s always the possibility that cybercriminals may have planted something nasty in leaked builds.More at WinRumorslast_img read more

Starbucks to offer free iOS apps

first_imgStarbucks and Apple have been in a relationship for a number of years now. Apple provides Starbucks with free songs for customers and a section in iTunes when customers log in to Starbucks’ Wi-Fi network. Starbucks in return developed an iOS app that customers can use to track rewards and pay for drinks with. Now, this partnership will bring paid iOS apps to customers for free.Each app will come in the form of the familiar Pick of the Week cards. Those cards currently have a song per week that customers can download from the iTunes store.Shazam will be the first app to be offered as a part of the new program. It’s a great deal when you consider the regular price of the app is $5.99. Given the Apple-Starbucks bond, it seems fitting that the first app offered is a music-identifying one.It isn’t clear whether or not free songs will still be offered alongside the free apps. While a great many people have iPhones, the free app offering targets a limited audience. The free song a week is more encompassing as you don’t necessarily need an iOS device to enjoy the track.Of course, Android users like me are still left out of this offering. Starbucks finally provided an official app for Android users just two months ago. Perhaps the coffee company will integrate itself with Android more fully sometime in the near future.via CNetlast_img read more

When a Fake AV Scammer takes control of your machine

first_imgIn the last couple of years there has been one form of fake antivirus scam that has become a very organized business enterprise. It consists of cold-calling individuals and informing them their Windows computer is infected with malware.Usually the person on the other end of the phone presents themselves as some kind of Microsoft partner. All they want to do is help fix your machine, which of course involves them taking control of it remotely and squeezing some money out of you.I have been called on several occasions by these companies attempting to take control of my machine. In some instances I keep them on the phone for a while to waste their time, but I have never allowed them access to my PC.Noah Magram, principal software engineer at security vendor Sourcefire, also got called while at home by a fake antivirus company. He decided to see exactly what they do when a person grants access, only he gave them access to a virtual machine so as to keep his PC secure.As you can see from watching the video above, this is a complete scam. They try and get you to purchase a year of protection for some fake security software on a website they load on your machine. At the same time the person logged into your machine is busy disabling Windows services to leave your PC in a broken state. This is just a panic measure to get you to pay.The best thing you can do when one of these companies calls is try and get their company name and log the phone number. They are clearly breaking the law and with such information it is at least possible to complain about the company to the authorities in your country.last_img read more

40hour gaming session kills 21yearold

first_imgPlaying a game for 40 hours isn’t going to do anyone’s health much good, but it seems for some people it can be fatal.In July last year a teenager died after playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight at an Internet cafe in Taiwan. He didn’t eat anything, was found slumped over the desk, but managed to get up and walk a few steps before collapsing and dying. Now the same thing has happened again.A 21-year-old man by the name of Xiao Jun from Guangxi, China, died over the holiday period after playing an unnamed MMO for 40 hours at an Internet cafe. In this case he did take short breaks in order to eat some food and visit the bathroom, but it clearly wasn’t enough of a rest for his body. It also didn’t help that he arrived at the cafe at 2am on Christmas day after completing a shift at a karaoke bar. So he’d already been awake for most of the day before working.There definitely seems to be a pattern forming for these deaths. They all occur in cafes, involve gaming sessions well over a day in length, and include little or no nourishment for the body of the person who dies. Surely such things could be stopped with a few rules put in place?In 2011, Vietnam took the extreme measure of banning online gaming between 10pm and 8am each day. China also lets parents monitor and control their children’s gaming habits, but that clearly doesn’t work for young adults. It seems as though the Internet and gaming cafes need to implement rules, for example, why not limit sessions to 12 hours and only allow access to a PC again by a customer after an hour break? Combine that with no more than two 12 hour sessions in a row, and you stop someone getting anywhere near the 40-hour mark.via Ubergizmolast_img read more

Microsoft stops offering Xbox Live Gold Family Packs without warning

first_imgHaving an Xbox 360 under your TV allows entertainment to be accessible by all the family. But that usually means you want an Xbox Live account for each person rather than trying to share one. It also inevitably means paying for multiple Gold accounts every year.Microsoft eased that burden back in 2010 by introducing the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack. For $100 you got four Gold accounts that could be shared on a single console or split across multiple machines if you so wished. It offered a significant saving over the typical $40 per Gold account annual subscription. Other benefits included being able to monitor activity, restrict access for kids, and allocate Microsoft Points to each account. All invaluable features for parents.Unfortunately, the option of a Family Pack has now disappeared all of a sudden. For some reason Microsoft has decided to stop offering it, literally overnight, and without warning. Anyone trying to sign up for a new account or renew an existing Family Pack is being denied the option, and Microsoft is so far offering no explanation as to why this decision has been taken.Were the Family Pack accounts not popular enough? Or does this point to a big change coming to the Xbox Live system when the Xbox 720 is launched? Maybe these family controls will be built into the new Xbox Live, and maybe Microsoft has a new way it wants to handle family accounts that the old way of doing things didn’t support?It’s unlikely we’ll find out until the Xbox 720 is unveiled, which could be as early as April, or we might be left waiting until E3.last_img read more

Google CEO Larry Page suffering from vocal cord paralysis

first_imgIf you’ve ever listened to Google CEO Larry Page speak, you can’t help but notice his voice sounds a little unusual. There is a very good reason for that, and it’s one Page has decided to come out and explain due to a recent illness that has made it worse.Larry Page is suffering from vocal cord paralysis. It first started when he was just 14 years old and suffered from a bad cold. Everyone’s voice can sound different when they are ill, but once fully recovered Page’s voice didn’t recover as expected and remained what he describes as “weaker.” Tests carried out by a doctor confirmed he had left vocal cord paralysis. That means the cord still moves, but not as you’d expect.It was unclear at the time if there was some relationship between the bad cold and the paralysis occurring. It could have just been coincidence and there was no confirmation of the cause from Page’s doctors.This all happened 25 years ago, but last year Page’s voice got worse again, and for exactly the same reason. He got a bad cold again, his voice was affected, and it never recovered. But this time it was his right vocal cord that had been paralyzed. This has resulted in his voice becoming much softer, and accounts for why we haven’t seen him doing much work in front of a camera or involving lots of talking lately.It turns out vocal cord paralysis or paresis is very rare and there isn’t much in the way of information or treatments to improve the condition. So Larry Page has decided to take action and is funding a research program headed up by Dr. Steven Zeitels from the Harvard Medical School. It is hoped this research will not only increase our understanding of paresis, but also lead to new treatments for those who suffer with it.last_img read more

Tencent offers a cloud storage account with 10TB free space

first_imgCompetition in the cloud storage market is growing. Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive are probably the most well know names and they all offer some amount of free storage, all in the multiple gigabytes. But such levels of free space have just been well and truly blown out of the water by an offer from Tencent Cloud.The Chinese company is offering 10TB of free space for its cloud storage customers. Tempted? Sure you are. However, you don’t get all the storage at once. Instead, Tencent will increase your limit as you use it. To begin with that means you’ll get 1TB of space. Once you go past 500GB of data stored that limit automatically increases to 2TB. The same happens at 1.5TB of data stored where the account limit increases to 3TB. And so on until you reach the real limit of 10TB.That is a lot of free space and I don’t know anyone who could actually use it all right now. In fact, I think a lot of users would struggle to fill the initial 1TB let alone the other 9. But as a marketing tool it works, and Tencent would have to honor the free storage promise if someone did upload that much data.The promotion looks to be ongoing with no end date in site. So the real question is should you trust your data to this Chinese company? The promotion website is only available in Chinese, which makes things more difficult. And even if you manage to register an account, if you have an issue it’s likely customer support will be in Chinese, too. Then there’s the question of security. Your data would most likely be sitting on servers in China and may not be protected from prying eyes. Although you can’t guarantee that in the US either now.It seems unlikely services like Dropbox will respond by upping their free storage limits, but Tencent isn’t without competition in its home territory. Both Baidu and Qihoo 360 are offering free 1TB accounts, and that’s going to be more than enough for most users.last_img read more

Social welfare increases to be rolled out in March

first_img Share373 Tweet Email Wednesday 2 Nov 2016, 8:50 AM By Garreth MacNamee Image: 20,547 Views Image: Nov 2nd 2016, 8:50 AM SOCIAL PROTECTION MINISTER Leo Varadkar has confirmed that welfare measures announced in the Budget will come into effect in mid-March.All weekly benefits will increase by €5 in the spring of 2017 and Varadkar said that the old age pension will be the first payment to experience the increase.He said: “Budget 2017 and the social welfare measures in particular aim to ensure that everyone benefits from the recovery. The ESRI has already shown that Budget 2017 contains the greatest benefits for the least well off.“The Government will implement the increases as early as resources allow. The Social Welfare bill therefore provides for the increases to come into effect from the second week of March.“This will commence with the payment of the €5 increase for pensions on 10 March, with the remaining increases being applied to other benefits over the following six days as the payments for individual benefits fall due in accordance with the payment calendar.” Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar. Source: Paul WalshSome of the payments to see an increase include:The State PensionWidow’s, Widower’s, Surviving Civil Partner’s Pension and Disablement PensionCarer’s BenefitDisability Allowance,Invalidity Pension,One Parent Family PaymentJobseeker’s BenefitJobseeker’s AllowanceVaradkar said the increase would benefit just under 1.5 million people in the country and said that March is the earliest possible time of year at which they can be commenced.He also warned that an earlier date would mean the exclusion of certain groups of people.Varadkar added: “I am now calling on all parties in the Dáil who support these measures to vote for the Social Welfare Bill and allow the increases to be implemented.”Read: 42-year-old man in serious condition after Dublin shooting >Read: Man arrested after large fire in Dublin apartment complex > Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Social welfare increases to be rolled out in March The State pension, Jobseeker’s Allowance and One Parent Family Payment among payments to benefit from increase. Short URL 53 Comments last_img read more

Suspected mastermind on trial over Frances heist of the century more than

first_img Monday 12 Feb 2018, 8:18 PM Feb 12th 2018, 8:18 PM Image: Fourmy Mario via PA Images Share30 Tweet Email1 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article File photo Image: Fourmy Mario via PA Images Short URLcenter_img By AFP Suspected mastermind on trial over France’s ‘heist of the century’ more than 40 years later In 2010, a career criminal wrote a book in which he portrayed himself as the heist’s mastermind. Now, he’s standing trial. File photo THE SUSPECTED MASTERMIND of France’s “heist of the century” went on trial today nearly half a century after robbers tunnelled through sewers to snatch the equivalent of €29 million from a bank vault.The 1976 robbery at a Societe Generale branch in the southern city of Nice confounded the police for decades.Only one person was ever charged with the crime, with most of the gang disappearing, and the loot – 46 million francs, about €29 million in today’s money – was never found.But in 2010, the case took an unexpected twist when a career criminal wrote a book in which he portrayed himself as the heist’s mastermind.He used a pen name but investigators quickly concluded the writer was Jacques Cassandri, a key mafia figure in Marseille, where he is now standing trial.He had assumed he was safe because the crime was too old to be prosecuted, but Cassandri is being charged with laundering the millions from the heist – a crime for which France has no statute of limitations.Police found the manuscript on Cassandri’s computer, and his children later confessed that their father had often bragged about the robbery.He eventually admitted to orchestrating the intricately planned job that involved at least six people and 30 tanks of acetylene to fuel the welding torches used to cut into safes and safety deposit boxes.Appearing in court today along with his wife and children, who have also been charged, the 73-year-old presented himself as a simple “pensioner”.If convicted he could face up to 10 years in prison.Rafts and racy picturesHe said he got only the equivalent of about €2 million, which he quickly spent.An investigating magistrate was not convinced, saying Cassandri was broke in 1976 but now sits atop an empire that includes several businesses and real estate.An inquiry found he had also bought furs worth tens of thousands of euros, and had once provided a financial guarantee with seven bars of gold.“He has always said it was a novel, and I don’t think a court can convict someone on the basis of a novel,” a lawyer for Cassandri, Frederic Monneret, said.But Cassandri and his family members are facing a series of questions on his business dealings, with prosecutors also alleging social security fraud and a real estate scam in Corsica.It is not his first time in court, having been arrested in the early 1970s when police broke up the “French Connection” heroin trade centred in Marseille.He has also faced charges of extortion, and in 1994 he and his wife were sentenced to four years in prison for pimping.Until his book appeared in 2010, police had assumed the Nice heist was the work of Albert Spaggiari, who was arrested a few months afterwards.The team spent weeks preparing the robbery, using rubber rafts in the sewers to access the spot where they dug their 26-foot tunnel, installing hundreds of metres of electrical cables to provide lights.Racy pictures of women were hung along the walls of the tunnel, which were reinforced with concrete, and police later found remains of meals, wine bottles and packs of cigarettes.‘Without violence, without hate’Breaking in on a weekend, they took their time going through nearly 200 safe-deposit boxes in the vault as well as the bank’s five-ton safe.Cash, jewellery and gold bars were discovered missing when employees finally realised what had happened the following morning – the robbers had welded the door to the vault shut.Inside they left a message: “Ni coup de feu, ni violence, ni haine” – Without a shot, without violence and without hate.An AFP report at the time told of hundreds of panicky clients mobbing the bank, desperate to know if their wealth was safe.One woman had to be brought around with a glass of brandy after she fainted upon hearing her jewels were missing.Spaggiari escaped a few months after his arrest by jumping out of a window at the Marseille courthouse where an accomplice was waiting on a motorcycle.He was never caught again, dying of throat cancer in 1989.© – AFP 2018Read: Man followed foreign student home on bus and raped her in her hallway, court hearsMore: Simon Harris confirms HSE review of foetal monitors in 11 hospitals 14,974 Views 14 Comments last_img read more

Pictures The best images from todays London Marathon

first_img A flurry of runners at the beginning of the marathon Source: Steven Paston PA Wire/PA Images Runners making their way over the iconic Tower Bridge Source: Andrew Matthews PA Wire/PA Images Crowds on Tower Bridge Source: Steven Paston PA Wire/PA Images The Tower of London and the Shard in the background Source: Steven Paston PA Wire/PA Images Runners circling the Cutty Sark ship in Greenwich Source: Chris Radburn PA Wire/PA ImagesFancy Dress Rule one of running a marathon? Wear comfortable shoes Source: Steven_Paston Is this a receipt? We think it is… Source: Steven Paston PA Wire/PA Images Source: Adam Davy PA Wire/PA Images Sources say Mrs Potato Head streaked away and finished far earlier than her husband did. Source: Adam Davy PA Wire/PA ImagesWheelchair Race Source: Adam Davy PA Wire/PA Images David Weir winning the men’s wheelchair race Source: Yui Mok PA Wire/PA Images David Weir taking the lead in a close men’s race Source: Yui Mok PA Wire/PA Images Manuela Schar coming home in first place in the women’s wheelchair race Source: Yui Mok PA Wire/PA ImagesMen’s race Daniel Wanjiru winning the men’s race Source: Tim Ireland AP/PA Images The top three men to finish the race. Daniel Wanjiru came home in 2:05:56 Source: Tim Ireland/PA ImagesRead: Police stop 12-year-old boy who was trying to drive across AustraliaRead: Jeremy Corbyn vows to introduce four new public holidays in UK 4 Comments Short URL TODAY, THE 37TH London Marathon took place.Over 40,000 runners signed up for the gruelling 26.2 mile run.Mary Keitany of Kenya was the first woman to cross the line, and managed to break a world record for the women’s-only marathon in the process.Her time of 2:17:01 was 41 seconds quicker than the time that UK Olympian Paula Radcliffe achieved in the same race in 2005.In the men’s race, Kenyan Daniel Wanjiru won in a time of 2:05:56.There were a few familiar faces among the crowds of runners and supporters, as well as a few more colourfully-dressed competitors.Here are some of the best images captured at today’s London Marathon:Royal Seal Princes Harry and William cheering (?) on runners in Blackheath Source: Chris Radburn PA Wire/PA Images Cheeky Source: Adam Davy PA Wire/PA Images Source: Luke McGregor AP/PA ImagesWomen’s race Buckingham Palace the backdrop as Keitany runs to the finish Source: Yui Mok/PA Wire/PA Images Keitany after crossing the finish line Source: Yui MokThe rest of the pack Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Apr 23rd 2017, 1:55 PM center_img 30,984 Views By Sean Murray Sunday 23 Apr 2017, 1:55 PM Pictures: The best images from today’s London Marathon More than 40,000 registered to run the 26.2 mile trek through the UK capital. Share Tweet Email last_img read more

66 unemployment thats my performance Mary Mitchell OConnor hits back at critics

first_img Take me to Fora By Fora Staff JOBS MINISTER MARY Mitchell O’Connor says the falling unemployment rate is evidence that she is on top of her brief amid criticism of her performance.In October, the Irish Times quoted a number of anonymous sources who had concerns about the Fine Gael TD’s ability to handle the jobs portfolio.Since then, two of her advisers have quit, while the Irish Independent recently reported she had emailed her advisers at 5.39am with two paragraphs of a Tipperary newspaper’s story that had criticised her record on rural jobs.However speaking to Fora yesterday at a jobs announcement for Dublin fintech company Fenergo, Mitchell O’Connor said that the continuing fall in the unemployment rate is evidence that she is performing well. ‘6.6% unemployment – that’s my performance’: Mary Mitchell O’Connor hits back at critics The Jobs Minister has come under fire with signs of discontent among her staff. “My own performance is (a) 6.6% unemployment rate. That’s my performance. When I started, it was much higher,” she said.“It’s getting the job done, that’s what’s important. When you see the 200 extra staff that will now be employed (at Fenergo), that’s my job, that’s what I’m the minister of … Jobs, enterprise and innovation.”The Sunday Business Post this weekend also detailed the contents of more than 250 emails between the minister and her former adviser, Jim McGrath.Some of the communications showed Mitchell O’Connor’s concerns about media coverage and requests that documents be presented to her in “plain English”. Jobs Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor Source: RollingNews.ieSpeaking to Fora, Mitchell O’Connor said: “After talking to other ministers, I think (the media reporting) is part and parcel of what happens. It happens, and that’s the reality.”The minister has also come under fire for her handling of various issues, most recently the planned axing of the Connect Ireland scheme.Unemployment rateMitchell O’Connor was appointed jobs minister in May 2016 after the general election in February.The unemployment rate had fallen steadily from the worst of the recession as the Irish economy – and the economies of its key trading partners – has bounced back.The rate went from 10.1% at the start of 2015 to 8.9% by the end of the year under her predecessor, Richard Bruton.However, from the start of 2016 to May it was largely flat. It was 8.4% in May compared to 8.5% at the start of the year.Since Mitchell O’Connor’s appointment, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has fallen to 6.6% in February of this year, down from 6.7% in January and from 8.4% in February 2016. This marked the lowest rate of unemployment since July 2008.Click here for a larger imageMitchell O’Connor has previously said that she is aiming to achieve ‘full employment’, generally understood to be when the unemployment rate falls below 6%, within the “lifetime of the government”.Written by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on 91 Comments 21,673 Views Share137 Tweet Email2 Image: Leah Farrell/ Short URL Read: The head of RTÉ said the licence fee should be doubled – then changed her mindRead: Dublin is now almost as expensive for workers to live in as London Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: Thursday 23 Mar 2017, 9:30 AM Image: Leah Farrell/ Mar 23rd 2017, 9:30 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Schoolboy who took upskirt pictures of teachers found guilty of outraging public

first_img Share3 Tweet Email4 Schoolboy who took upskirt pictures of teachers found guilty of ‘outraging public decency’ The teenager apologised for the “distress, worry and pain” he had caused. Image: Shutterstock/Natalie Board A TEENAGER WHO took upskirt pictures of two teachers at a school in Fermanagh has been found guilty of committing acts of outraging public decency.Timothy Boomer, now 18 and no longer a pupil at the school in question, was charged with five counts of committing an act of a lewd, obscene and disgusting nature and outraging public decency.BBC News reports that Enniskillen Youth Court heard that Boomer took five pictures of two female teachers at Enniskillen Royal Grammar School in 2015 and 2016, when he was 14 and 15 years old.In a statement, Boomer apologised for the “distress, worry and pain” he had caused. “It was a wrong, horrible thing to do and at that age I stupidly and wrongly thought it was a daredevil prank, which I genuinely meant no harm by,” he said.The images in question were found on a memory stick in an ICT room at the school, the BBC reports.Criminal offence The fact that the photos were taken by Boomer was not in dispute, but the case centred on the legal definitions of the offence.‘Upskirting’ is a criminal offence in England and Wales but not in Northern Ireland – although proposals to change this are currently being examined. A panel of magistrates at Enniskillen Youth Court rejected a defence argument that Boomer’s actions amounted to a prank rather than a criminal offence.The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers welcomed the guilty verdict, saying it would hopefully allow the two teachers to move on from “these distressing events”.Boomer will be sentenced next month.Comments are closed due to ongoing legal proceedings. Feb 27th 2019, 7:24 PM Wednesday 27 Feb 2019, 7:24 PM 44,367 Views No Comments center_img By Órla Ryan Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article File photo File photo Image: Shutterstock/Natalie Board Short URL last_img read more

Notre Dame main structure saved after blaze engulfs Paris cathedral

first_img Notre-Dame de Paris en proie aux flammes. Émotion de toute une nation. Pensée pour tous les catholiques et pour tous les Français. Comme tous nos compatriotes, je suis triste ce soir de voir brûler cette part de nous.— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) April 15, 2019 Source: Préfecture de police/Twitter Short URL Apr 15th 2019, 6:21 PM 160,935 Views French police warned members of the public to avoid the area. US President Donald Trump suggested earlier via Twitter that “flying water tankers” could be used to put out the blaze – an idea dismissed shortly after by the French Civil Defence. which said such a move could lead to the collapse of the entire structure. #Intervention en cours à #NotreDameUn dispositif important est déployé. Merci de ne pas encombrer la ligne 18/112, laissez libre accès aux sapeurs-pompiers de Paris, pour leur permettre d’intervenir dans les meilleures conditions.— Pompiers de Paris (@PompiersParis) April 15, 2019 Monday 15 Apr 2019, 10:48 PM 151 Comments By Conor McCrave As a popular tourist attraction, millions of tourists visit the medieval building every year.With reporting from Cónal Thomas and © AFP, 2019 #NotreDame on fire 🔥— Liam Taylor (@LiamMTaylor) April 15, 2019 Source: Emmanuel Macron/Twitter Source: Liam Taylor/Twitter Share1839 Tweet Email9 Notre Dame main structure ‘saved’ after blaze engulfs Paris cathedral Video footage from the scene shows the iconic spire collapsing. Updated Apr 15th 2019, 10:48 PM Source: Thibault CamusFRENCH FIRE SERVICES tackling a major blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris have said the main structure of the building has been “saved and preserved”. Speaking this evening, Paris fire brigade chief Jean-Claude Gallet told reporters outside the cathedral that “we can consider that the main structure of Notre-Dame has been saved and preserved”, adding it appeared that the two main towers of the building had now been saved.Gallet said that the main task now was to cool the temperature inside the cathedral, a procedure that would take several hours. One firefighter has been injured while tackling the blaze. French president Emmanuel Macron, who was at the scene this evening, said the iconic gothic structure will be rebuilt and that the “worst has been avoided”.Images from the scene began to emerge shortly after 7pm local time showing smoke and flames billowing from the top of the building.French media earlier reported that part of the roof towards the back of the building had collapsed, with video footage also showing the spire collapsing in.400 firefighters were battling the blaze in Paris this evening. Deputy Interior Minister Laurent Nunez has said at the scene earlier that saving the gothic monument was “not certain”.Police cordoned off streets surrounding the cathedral while emergency services tackled the blaze.  Before the fire broke out, scaffolding could be seen around parts of the building as it was undergoing renovations.The peak of the church had been undergoing a €6 million renovation project. UN cultural agency UNESCO said it is “at France’s side to save and restore” the famous cathedral.  Source: Patrick Galey/TwitterThe cause of the fire is unknown, although French media quoted the Paris fire brigade saying the fire is “potentially linked” to the renovation work.Work started on Notre Dame – translated literally as ‘Our Lady of Paris’ – in 1163 with the original structure finally completed nearly 200 years later in 1345. The cathedral has become famous through artistic works like Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame and is known for its iconic stained glass ‘rose’ windows made between 1225 and 1250. Spokesman for the cathedral, Andre Finot, has said that the wooden structure supporting the roof was gutted by the blaze. “Everything is burning,” he said earlier this evening.  Notre-Dame de #Paris I Incendie en cours. Évitez le secteur et facilitez le passage des véhicules de secours et d’intervention de la @prefpolice.— Préfecture de police (@prefpolice) April 15, 2019 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

An unnecessary distraction Murphy criticises Sinn Féin over potentially reckless behaviour

first_img Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy speaking ahead of his address to the ICSH AGM today. Image: Leah Farrell/ Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy speaking ahead of his address to the ICSH AGM today. Jun 18th 2018, 2:58 PM 59 Comments Short URL By Cormac Fitzgerald Share113 Tweet Email And we need to do that with the Oireachtas working with us to make sure that any legislation that comes forward our focus can be actually on measures that will help build homes and not on unnecessary distractions.Murphy said that the issue wasn’t about him, and that it was important instead to “focus on the work”.“I’m getting houses built and everything that we see in terms of supply indicators show that there are dramatic increases in housing supply happening,” he said.All of the data points to that. My job as minister is to drive that work and make sure that we get those houses completed and get people into those new homes.“This isn’t about me, this was never about me. This is about getting houses built.”CSO housing building Last week, Murphy and the government came in for more criticism after the CSO revealed that the number of new houses built in 2017 was lower than was previously reported.The ICSH is the representative body for a large number of approved housing bodies (AHBs). It’s annual report for last year showed that one third (2,330 homes) of all social housing was provided by social housing charities last year.Meanwhile, over 28,000 tenancies from over 300 housing associations were registered with the RTB.The group took the opportunity of its AGM to call for a new national support scheme to assist older people moving to supported housing and not just nursing homes. Monday 18 Jun 2018, 2:58 PM 16,046 Views ‘An unnecessary distraction’: Murphy criticises Sinn Féin over ‘potentially reckless behaviour’ Sinn Féin had been floating the possibility of tabling the motion of no confidence in Murphy over the past few weeks. HOUSING MINISTER EOGHAN Murphy has criticised Sinn Féin after the party backed out of tabling a motion of no confidence in him.Murphy described Sinn Féin threatening the motion as an “unnecessary distraction” and “potentially reckless behaviour”, while speaking to reporters today.Sinn Féin had been floating the possibility of tabling the motion of no confidence in Murphy over the past few weeks.Last week, the party unveiled a new billboard which took aim at Murphy specifically for what it deemed his failure to get a handle on the housing and homelessness crisis in the year he’s been in office.“If you look at the billboard it was a list of things the minister hasn’t delivered on. It was the list of the increasing rates of child homelessness, pensioner homelessness, zero affordable homes, glacial delivery of social homes and increasing rents and house prices,” Sinn Féin housing spokesperson Eoin Ó Broin said last week.However, the party announced at their Ard Fheis over the weekend that they would not be presenting the motion before the summer recess.Aengus Ó Snodaigh said the party would use its one opportunity of Private Members’ Business before the summer to put down a motion on hospital waiting lists next week instead.Murphy’s response Speaking to reporters today at the AGM of the Irish Council for Social Housing, Murphy said that Fine Gael’s focus was on “fixing the housing sector” and “getting thousands of homes built”.“[It’s] an unnecessary distraction when you look at it. After what’s happened towards the end of the week. And potentially reckless behaviour,” he said.“Our focus as a government is on fixing the housing sector and getting thousands of homes built and that’s exactly what is happening. Image: Leah Farrell/ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Marriage is literally good for the heart new study finds

first_img Image: Mihail Pustovit via Shutterstock Marriage is (literally) good for the heart, new study finds The study examined ethnically varied populations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Jun 19th 2018, 1:32 PM 26 Comments By AFP Tuesday 19 Jun 2018, 1:32 PM Share87 Tweet Email12 Short URL Image: Mihail Pustovit via Shutterstock 13,250 Views LIVING INTO OLD age with a partner may help ward off heart disease and stroke, researchers have said.A sweeping survey of research conducted over the last two decades covering more than two million people aged 42 to 77 found that being hitched significantly reduced the risk of both maladies, they reported in the medical journal Heart.The study examined ethnically varied populations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, adding weight to the results.Compared to people living in spousal union, the divorced, widowed or never married were 42% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and 16% more likely to have coronary heart disease, the study found.The risk of dying was likewise elevated for the non-married, by 42% from coronary heart disease and by 55% from stroke.The results were nearly the same for men and women, except for stroke, to which men were more susceptible.“These findings may suggest that marital status should be considered in the risk assessment for cardiovascular disease,” concluded a team led by Chun Wai Wong, a researcher at Royal Stoke Hospital’s department of cardiology, in Stoke-on-Trent in Britain.Four-fifths of all cardiovascular disease can be attributed to a proven set of risk factors: advanced age, being a man, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes.Marriage, in other words, could be an important share of the missing 20%.More precisely, living together – with or without a wedding band – is probably the operative factor, if indeed conjugal status has any impact at all.But most of the 34 studies reviewed by Wong and colleagues did not identify couples out of wedlock or same-sex unions, so it was not possible to know whether, statistically, such arrangements were the equivalent of being wed.Because the study was observational rather than based on a controlled experiment – something scientists can do with mice but not humans – no clear conclusions could be drawn as to cause-and-effect.That leaves open the question of why marriages may be “protective”.“There are various theories,” the researchers said in a statement.Having someone around to take care of one’s health problems and keep track of one’s meds is probably a plus, as are two incomes or pensions instead of one.More intangibly, not living alone is thought to be good for morale, and for neural stimulation. People living in couples, earlier research has shown, also have lower rates of dementia.© – AFP 2018 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Athens climate change conference leads to declaration

first_imgThe international conference on climate change concluded on Wednesday with adoption of the Athens Declaration on Vulnerable Children and Climate Change, which placed emphasis on the urgent need to take actions to bring about major changes. The Declaration raised the issue of common opportunities and restrictions and highlighted the challenges for future generations, taking into consideration the limited resilience displayed by the most vulnerable and poor populations, while calling for stronger international cooperation in this direction. Delegates from all over the world discussed the topics focusing on the repercussions of climate change on more vulnerable social groups, as well as investment issues and funding aimed at limiting the emissions of greenhouse gases and the adjustment to climate change. Speaking at the opening session, Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis called for international effort, political intervention and coordinated action forward in order to save the planet’s environment. Karamanlis warned that if we do not act immediately, environmental degradation could become irreversible. Investment in a new economy, with respect for the environment, he stressed, was necessary. UN Intergovernmental Committee on Climatic Change (IPCC) President, Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rajendra Pachauri – one of the keynote speakers at the conference – said that “climate change is a challenge for the present and future generations,” and referred to the decrease in water reserves, big droughts, heat waves, the risk of wildfires and the reduction of farm crops as its repercussions in the Mediterranean region. Other keynote speakers include UN Secretary General Envoy on Climatic Change and former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, and cardiac surgery professor at the Imperial College in London, Sir Maghdi Yacoub. The international conference titled Climate Change and Challenges for the Future Generations, was held at the Athens Concert Hall and was organised under the patronage of UNESCO and in collaboration with the World Sustainable Development Forum. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Pallaconian 50th celebrations

first_imgVictorian Premier Ted Baillieu marked the 50 year milestone of the Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria, Leonidas Inc., last Saturday night. The Premier unveiled a commemorative plaque which honoured past and present members of the brotherhood for their contribution in showcasing Greek culture to the Victorian and Australian public. The brotherhood’s work highlights an ongoing commitment in the promotion of multiculturalism in Australia. In his speech made at the event, Baillieu congratulated the brotherhood for ensuring their culture, heritage and knowledge gets passed down to future generations and used them as an example of a multicultural success story in Victoria bringing up the sister relationship the brotherhood has formed between the City of Moreland and Laconia, Sparta. Even the naming of Sparta Place in Brunswick, which plays host to a bust of King Leonidas, recognises the immense contribution made by this community group. He commended the Greek community’s contribution to Melbourne and Victoria and congratulated all Greeks on their “deep sense of pride” and their “passionate commitment to Australia” and to their customs and traditions and said that Australia will flourish and be stronger because of this. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Mokbels accomplice jailed for four years

first_img60-year-old Foula Pantazis has been jailed for four years for helping underworld figure Tony Mokbel flee to Greece. The Melbourne cleaner and mother of six, pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice. The court was told during her sentencing that her guilty plea was made not out of remorse but because the evidence against her was substantial. Pantazis, who acted along with her husband, sister and daughter, helped Mokbel sail to Greece fleeing serious drug charges against him in Australia. She bought Mokbel two mobile phones, and put the apartment he stayed in in Greece in her name and delivered a suitcase to him in 2007. Outside the court, her family said the four year sentence was unfair. Pantazis’ sentence has a non-parole period of two years and three months. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Govt seeks to tackle property tax confusion

first_imgThe government is seeking ways to temper the uproar provoked by a new single property ownership tax (ENFIA), which is being revised after erroneous data initially used to calculate it resulted in disproportionately large levies for thousands of homeowners, and is considering allowing taxpayers to pay the levy in several installments and over a longer period of time.The Finance Ministry has asked the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) whether it can extend the collection of the property tax for this year beyond December, potentially through February. The ministry would only want to proceed with such a move though, Kathimerini understands, if the revenue collected can still be recorded on the budget for 2014 so that Greece’s efforts to meet fiscal targets are not jeopardized.The ministry is keen to allow homeowners to repay the tax, which has fuelled public anger and vehement criticism by the political opposition, in six to eight installments. The first installment of the tax, which had been due for payment at the end of July, has already been postponed until the end of September.The junior coalition partner PASOK has also expressed opposition to the proposed tax – not to technical issues that the ministry has pledged to correct, but to its overall philosophy. A group of PASOK MPs are planning to submit to Parliament a series of proposals for the revision of the tax by early next week. Meanwhile a significant number of deputies from conservative New Democracy, the dominant party in the coalition, are pressing for drastic changes to the law with some even insisting that it be revoked in order to ease public anger.The main leftist opposition SYRIZA yesterday continued its assault on the government over the tax, with party secretary Dimitris Vitsas describing it as “completely unfair and damaging to society” and insisting that the leftists would scrap it.Next week, the ministry’s general secretariat for revenues is due to set out the terms for exemptions from the tax for low-income Greeks.Source: Ekathimerini. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Christa speaks in federal parliament

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Nine-year-old Christa Dracopoulos was one of 12 children from Australia and New Zealand who took part in the Power of Speech Awards, held at federal parliament in Canberra last Tuesday.Christa addressed and impressed more than 150 guests, including the Governor General of Australia Sir Peter Cosgrove and the Prime Minister Tony Abbott.The public speaking event, staged by the philanthropic organisation the Shepherd’s Centre, is a celebration of the remarkable outcomes possible for children who are deaf or hearing impaired, thanks to the life changing technologies available to them, and the early intervention programs.Nine year old Christa Dracopoulos, who also speaks Greek, is one of the children who have benefited from the technologies available to them in Australia, thanks to a cochlear implant.The Power of Speech Event, where six to 12 year old kids participate, aims to prove that hearing loss is no barrier to education, social inclusion and community participation. It also aims to celebrate the outcomes possible thanks to the technology of the cochlear implant, and the world renowned Early Intervention programs at First Voice, a national alliance of member organisations providing listening and spoken language for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.last_img read more

SMEs take the blow

first_imgSmall and medium-sized enterprises have proved much more vulnerable in the face of political uncertainty and the capital controls than bigger companies, as in 2015 they saw their sales and exports shrink faster than their larger peers, according to a National Bank of Greece report.Even when the capital controls are finally lifted, smaller enterprises are expected to recover at a slower pace than bigger firms. The difference in companies’ resistance to pressure is not only related to their size but also their sector, as the construction and retail commerce sectors appear to be the weakest links.The NBG survey showed that SMEs recorded a 15 percent decline in sales during the third quarter of 2015, just after the government introduced the capital controls, compared with the same period in 2014. In the second quarter the annual decline had amounted to 4 percent on the prevailing political and economic uncertainty.At the same time, larger companies suffered a much smaller drop in sales volume in the July-September period, amounting to 7.8 percent year-on-year. Now, over 50 percent of them say they will be able to return to normal volumes once the capital controls are lifted.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Des décodeurs TNT bientôt obsolètes

first_imgDes décodeurs TNT bientôt obsolètes ?France – Certains décodeurs TNT pourraient cesser de fonctionner au mois de mai prochain suite à une actualisation de chaînes. Entre 300.000 et 500.000 appareils seraient concernés.Le 5 mai prochain sera-t-il une journée noire pour les décodeurs TNT ? C’est en tout cas à ce moment précis que le Network Information Table (tableau contenant les données techniques nécessaires à la reconnaissance par les récepteurs des programmes transmis, ndlr) sera équipé d’une page d’index supplémentaire afin de recevoir de futures chaînes en 2012. Mais ce second paquet d’informations ne sera pas accueilli de la même manière par les décodeurs, conçus par des fabriquants différents. Si bien que si certains récepteurs accepteront sans problème la mise à jour, d’autres ne la verront pas du tout tandis que certains cesseront simplement de fonctionner. Ce problème se manifestera lorsque l’utilisateur opèrera une actualisation automatique ou manuelle qui devra être faite au plus tard le 30 novembre 2011, au moment de l’extinction du signal hertzien. Les éditeurs souhaitent réaliser une table ronde au plus vite avec les pouvoirs publics et les constructeurs afin de mettre en place une certification permettant de minimiser les dégâts.Le 24 février 2010 à 10:46 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Jeux vidéo néfastes pour lapprentissage des jeunes garçons

first_imgJeux vidéo : néfastes pour l’apprentissage des jeunes garçons ?Une étude, citée par LiveScience et publiée dans la revue Psychological Science, a officialisé un des effets néfastes des jeux vidéo : ils ralentiraient l’apprentissage, du moins chez les garçons.Selon cette étude, les jeunes garçons qui possèdent une Playstation II ont plus de difficultés à apprendre à lire, écrire ainsi qu’à apprendre leurs leçons que leur camarades qui s’occupent grâce à d’autres activités. Ces problèmes ont été rapportés par les professeurs d’un groupe d’enfants : parmi ces derniers, certains s’étaient vu offrir une console, d’autres non. À lire aussiAmygdalite : chronique, caséeuse, cryptique, de quoi s’agit-il ?L’étude a porté sur soixante-quatre garçons, âgés de 6 à 9 ans, qui ne possédaient pas de jeux vidéo à la base et n’avaient pas de problèmes scolaires. Les responsables de l’étude ont proposé une console aux parents, qui souhaitaient de toute façon en acheter une, en l’échange de leur participation. La moitié des enfants a reçu la Playstation tout de suite, l’autre moitié quatre mois plus tard, c’est-à-dire à la fin de l’étude. Aucune fillette n’a été sollicitée pour cette étude.Les garçons ayant reçu la console ont tout de suite passé une plus ou moins grande partie de leur temps à jouer à des jeux vidéo et en parallèle, moins de temps sur leur travail scolaire. Les autres continuaient à se contenter de jouer de temps à autre chez des amis ou de la famille.Bien qu’aucun trouble du comportement n’ait été recensé, les enfants ayant bénéficié de la PSII tout de suite ont avancé moins vite au niveau de leur apprentissage, ils ont été plus lents à savoir écrire et lire. De plus, ils passaient moins de temps sur des activités ludiques, à discuter avec leurs parents… d’où un retard encore plus prononcé. Il n’est pas conseillé aux parents de confisquer la (ou les) console(s) de leur enfants mais plutôt d’être vigilants concernant le temps passé à jouer. Il est également bénéfique de favoriser les jeux éducatifs. Le 18 mars 2010 à 18:17 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Greffe du visage apparition publique du deuxième patient espagnol à en bénéficier

first_imgGreffe du visage : apparition publique du deuxième patient espagnol à en bénéficier, en imagesEspagne – Rafael est le deuxième patient espagnol à avoir subi une greffe partielle du visage. Il s’est exprimé hier devant les médias, afin de faire part de sa gratitude envers la famille du donneur et envers le chirurgien qui l’a opéré.Trois mois après l’opération qui consistait à réparer les deux tiers inférieurs de son visage, Rafael a souhaité s’exprimer devant les caméras afin de sensibiliser la population à la question du don. Il a expliqué, lors de ce point presse, avoir ressenti de la “joie” lorsqu’il s’est regardé dans le miroir et a tenu, lors de sa sortie de l’hôpital Virgen del Rocio de Séville, à remercier la famille du donneur sans qui cette opération n’aurait pu être possible. L’homme, dont le visage était déformé à cause d’une neurofibromatose de type I (une maladie génétique) avait été greffé le 26 janvier dernier par une équipe de vingt-trois professionnels coordonnée par son chirurgien plastique. L’opération avait duré plus de 24 heures. Il devra encore subir de longues heures de rééducation afin de parfaire son élocution. L’Espagnol pourrait dès à présent distinguer le chaud du froid et ses lèvres seraient même capables de ressentir la douleur. En mars dernier, c’est une greffe totale du visage qui a été réalisée pour la première fois au monde en Espagne, sur un homme défiguré après s’être accidentellement tiré dessus avec une arme. Découvrir les images : 5 mai 2010 à 13:15 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

10 millions de Kinect écoulés en 4 mois

first_img10 millions de Kinect écoulés en 4 moisEn quatre mois à peine, le système de jeu vidéo sans manette s’est écoulé à 10 millions d’unités. Un véritable record. Microsoft peut se réjouir. Le numéro un mondial des logiciels a vendu 10 millions de Kinect depuis sa commercialisation le 4 novembre dernier. Cela fait de ce système de jeu vidéo sans manette l’appareil électronique qui se vend le plus rapidement au monde. Microsoft estime avoir écoulé en moyenne 133.333 Kinect par jour entre son lancement et le 3 janvier dernier. Son produit passe ainsi devant la tablette d’Apple, l’iPad, qui a dû attendre six mois pour atteindre les dix millions de ventes dans le monde.Kinect utilise une caméra 3D et un logiciel de reconnaissance pour permettre à ses utilisateurs de jouer à des jeux vidéo sur Xbox 360 en utilisant les mouvements naturels du corps et des commandes vocales. Exit les manettes, donc.L’appareil a été la star des cadeaux de Noël 2010. Le 10 mars 2011 à 10:56 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Et lOscar du Meilleur Court Métrage revient à… une application iPad

first_imgEt l’Oscar du Meilleur Court Métrage revient à… une application iPad ! Les catégories Court Métrage sont toujours très riches. Cette année, c’est The Fantastic Flying Book of M. Morris Lessmore qui a reçu l’Oscar du Meilleur Court Métrage. Ce court-métrage d’animation n’aurait pas suscité tant de surprise s’il n’avait pas été… une application iPad.Réalisé par William Joyce et Brandon Oldenburg, The Fantastic Flying Book of M. Morris Lessmore raconte l’histoire d’un jeune homme, passionné de littérature, qui découvre une maison remplie de livres volants après avoir été enlevé par une tornade. Hommage au Magicien d’Oz, musique “à l’ancienne”, le court-métrage joue sur la nostalgie.The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore est un croisement entre un conte très bien écrit et un film d’animation enjoué et somptueux, créé par les Studios Moonbot. William Joyce, le créateur, et ses acolytes des Moonbot Studios ont ainsi créé une application iPad l’été dernier, dérivée de l’histoire pour promouvoir la lecture pour les enfants. L’application joue sur la subtilité. Fini les pages d’explication à n’en plus finir. Elle plonge les enfants directement au cœur de l’histoire. Chaque page possède une petite particularité que chacun doit découvrir par lui-même. Tous ces “petits trucs” dispose, bien sûr, d’un bouton on/off. Vous avez donc la possibilité de désactiver la voix off ou bien la musique.L’application invite à la curiosité et à l’exploration, une sauce qui prend plutôt bien, au vu de l’Oscar que le court-métrage a reçu ! Retrouvez la bande-annonce en vidéo sur Maxisciences. Le 28 février 2012 à 17:27 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Une technologie du MIT permet de voir autour des obstacles

first_imgUne technologie du MIT permet de voir autour des obstaclesGrâce à l’observation des échos d’un laser, des chercheurs ont pu développer une caméra capable de former une image d’un objet hors de vue !Une caméra classique capte la lumière qui lui arrive en ligne droite de l’objet fixé. Au Massachusetts Institute of Technology, les chercheurs ont expérimenté  une lentille capable de capter également la lumière réfléchie, formant des “échos lumineux”. A la clé, la possibilité de reconstituer une image 3D de ce qui est caché derrière un obstacle. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?La méthode: un laser fixé sur la caméra inonde l’obstacle de courtes impulsions de 50 femtosecondes, qui vont s’écraser sur le décor et s’éparpiller dans toutes les directions. Les impulsions qui touchent des objets situés plus loin que l’obstacle vont finir par revenir vers la caméra.Mais cette caméra est particulière. Tout d’abord elle est très sensible au moindre grain de lumière. Sa finesse est aussi temporelle: elle est capable de dire à quel moment chaque écho de lumière lui est parvenu. Cela permet aux algorithmes de l’équipe d’Andreas Velten d’en déduire la longueur du trajet de la lumière. Patiemment, en multipliant les tirs de laser, ils peuvent alors reconstruire la forme de la scène. Cela prend pour l’instant plusieurs minutes de calculs, mais les chercheurs espèrent pouvoir réduire ce temps à moins de 10 secondes.”Nous avons tous l’habitude des échos sonores, mais les échos lumineux peuvent également être exploités”, explique Ramesh Raskar, chef du Camera Culture Research Group du MIT Media Lab.Le 26 mars 2012 à 09:06 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Trois tablettes ASUS testées la qualité est au rendezvous

first_imgTrois tablettes ASUS testées, la qualité est au rendez-vousDes testeurs de PcINpact ont pu prendre en main les nouvelles tablettes Asus dont on avait déjà entendu parler, la Transformer Pad 300, la Infinity et le fameux PadFone. Chacun a ses points forts. La première, à 399 euros, est la Transformer Pad 300 (TF300T), qui remplacera l’actuelle Eee Pad Transformer (TF101). Des versions blanches et bleue sombre ont été vues, et une rouge devrait s’y ajouter un peu plus tard. Il s’avère que le plastique est de très bonne qualité, et que les doigts n’y laissent pas de traces. Sortie prévue le 15 mai !La deuxième est la Tranformer Infinity (TF700T), le haut de gamme, remplaçante de la Transformer Prime (TF201). Cela se voit à la très bonne finition aluminium, avec un motif circulaire émanant du logo. Un cache plastique est toutefois utilisé en haut, pour cacher les antennes WiFi, Bluetooth et GPS.Son écran est constitué de 1920 × 1200 pixels (full HD) avec une technologie Super IPS+ qui offre la luminosité effarante de 400 cd / m². Gros défaut : elle rendra ternes et apparemment sans vie tous les autres écrans de la maison !Elle sera disponible dans les semaines à venir, seule ou avec sa station d’accueil, dans des coloris champagne ou améthyste.Le PadFone, enfin, est le fameux combiné tant attendu. Il consiste à pouvoir insérer son smartphone dans la tablette (lui fournissant sa connectivité 3G et bien plus ), tablette qui peut elle-même s’accrocher à un clavier et devenir un netbook !Malgré les rumeurs, le constructeur réaffirme que la bête est toujours prévue en France. Mais il n’a encore rien décidé en ce qui concerne le prix ou le packaging. Le problème serait surtout le manque de soutien de la part des opérateurs téléphoniques.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Les testeurs de PCINpact trouvent le smartphone réactif, et en le branchant sur la tablette, quoi que l’on soit en train de faire, l’image bascule en une « toute petite poignée de secondes ». L’écran de cette tablette est un Super IPS+, très lumineuse donc, exactement comme la Transformer Infinity décrite ci-dessus. Mais sa résolution n’est que de 1280 x 800 pixels. Il vibre lors de la frappe tactile, et la batterie interne recharge celle du smartphone si besoin. Des haut-parleurs plus puissants sont aussi ajoutés.La tablette est, sans surprise, plus épaisse que les autres. Mais pour autant le concept devrait en séduire plus d’un par son ingéniosité.Le 4 mai 2012 à 20:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Le bon cholestérol ne réduirait pas les risques dinfarctus

first_imgLe bon cholestérol ne réduirait pas les risques d’infarctusUne nouvelle étude américaine tend à prouver que contrairement à ce qu’on croyait jusqu’ici, un niveau élevé de “bon” cholestérol dans le sang ne réduit pas les risques d’infarctus du myocarde.Le mauvais cholestérol qui tapisse nos artères est accusé d’être à l’origine de plusieurs pathologies telles que l’athérosclérose ou des affections cardiaques. A l’inverse, on avait jusqu’ici tendance à penser que le bon cholestérol, lui, était non seulement inoffensif mais en plus susceptible de réduire le risque de faire un infarctus du myocarde. L’étude publiée la semaine passée dans The Lancet ne va pourtant pas dans ce sens.À lire aussiInfarctus : définition, signes et symptômes, causes, comment réagir face à un infarctus ?Si la théorie selon laquelle un faible taux de “mauvais” cholestérol réduit le risque d’infarctus n’est pas remise en question, “nos résultats montrent que l’augmentation de bon cholestérol n’entraîne pas forcément la réduction du risque cardio-vasculaire”, constate le Dr Sekar Kathiresan, le principal auteur de l’étude relayée par le L’étude menée a porté sur le patrimoine génétique de plus de 100.000 personnes. Plus précisément, les chercheurs ont concentré leur attention sur un gène spécifique, censé augmenter de 10% la production de “bon” cholestérol et parallèlement réduire de 13% le risque d’infarctus. Or, les résultats ont montré que les sujets génétiquement programmés pour avoir un taux plus élevé de “bon” cholestérol avaient le même risque de faire un infarctus que les autres. Cette découverte s’est d’ailleurs vue confirmée par une nouvelle étude portant cette fois sur une série de 14 gènes responsables du niveau de “bon” cholestérol. Durant celle-ci, deux groupes ont été examinés : un premier composé de 41.000 personnes et un second constitué de 12 500 personnes ayant des antécédents cardio-vasculaires. Encore une fois, ceux qui portaient les gènes en question n’avaient pas moins de risque de faire un infarctus que ceux qui en étaient dépourvus.Des conclusions à confirmer Ces résultats remettent donc en cause la pertinence de certains traitements qui visent à augmenter le taux de “bon” cholestérol dans le sang. Toutefois, les chercheurs restent prudents et rappellent qu'”une enquête plus approfondie sur les mécanismes de production de bon cholestérol et sa part de responsabilité dans les maladies coronariennes doit être menée”. En effet, ils n’excluent pas qu’un facteur encore inconnu réduise le risque de crise cardiaque tout en augmentant le niveau de “bon” cholestérol.Le 23 mai 2012 à 16:52 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

2012 a été la pire année jamais connue par les papillons britanniques

first_img2012 a été la pire année jamais connue par les papillons britanniquesLe programme de surveillance des papillons du Centre de recherche britannique sur l’Ecologie et l’Hydrologie (CEH) indique qu’en raison des pluies record de 2012, les papillons ont connu une année “horrible” et que certaines espèces ont enregistré un très fort déclin.”2012 a été la pire année que nous ayons enregistrée pour les papillons”. C’est la triste nouvelle qu’a annoncée dans un communiqué le Centre de recherche britannique sur l’Ecologie et l’Hydrologie (CEH) qui mène depuis plusieurs années un programme de surveillance des lépidoptères. Les spécialistes ont expliqué que 2012 a été une année “horrible” notamment en raison des pluies record qui ont entraîné un très fort déclin de certaines espèces. En effet, lorsqu’il pleut, les papillons ont du mal à trouver de la nourriture ou un abri et les intempéries perturbent aussi leur accouplement. Ainsi, sur les 56 variétés étudiées dans le cadre du programme de surveillance des papillons, 52 ont vu le nombre de leurs représentants baisser l’an dernier. Pour 13 d’entre elles, 2012 a même été la pire année depuis que ce programme d’observation a commencé en 1976. Le Moyen Nacré par exemple, un papillon aux ailes orangées à pois noirs, a vu sa population baisser de 46% par rapport à 2011. L’Argus bleu a diminué de 60%, le Thècle de la ronce de 68%, le Collier de corail de 73%, l’Hespérie sylvaine de 55% et le Thècle du prunier, très rare au Royaume-Uni, est même en recul de 98%. Parmi les 56 espèces, seules quatre ont vu leur population augmenter : le Myrtil a connu une croissance de 21% et le Moiré sylvicole qui prospère dans des conditions humides, a vu sa population croitre de 55%.Une récupération plus difficile que jamais  À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?A ces chiffres préoccupants, s’ajoute le fait que certaines variétés étaient déjà en déclin avant cette période. “Les papillons ont prouvé auparavant que leur donner des conditions favorables et un habitat approprié pouvaient leur permettre de récupérer”, a indiqué le Dr Tom Brereton qui s’occupe de la sauvegarde des papillons. “Mais avec des chiffres au plus bas pour les trois-quart des espèces britannique, la récupération sera plus difficile que jamais”, a t-il estimé cité par le Telegraph. “Nous craignons désormais que ces espèces menacées ne puissent disparaître dans certaines parties du Royaume-Uni”, a ainsi conclu le CEH qui tire ses informations de 1.500 volontaires passionnés de papillons.Le 30 mars 2013 à 10:38 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Le bras dOrion de la Voie Lactée serait plus étendu quon ne

first_imgLe bras d’Orion de la Voie Lactée serait plus étendu qu’on ne penseSelon l’étude d’astronomes allemands, le bras d’Orion de la Voie lactée, dans lequel se situent le Soleil et la Terre, serait bien plus large que ce que les scientifiques pensaient jusqu’ici.La Voie lactée qui abrite notre Système solaire est une galaxie spirale dont la forme exacte est encore sujette à débat. D’après les estimations, elle serait formée d’un disque s’étendant sur quelque 80.000 années-lumière et comportant un bulbe central. Autour de cette structure, s’étendent de longues et minces régions de formations d’étoiles, appelées bras spiraux. Au total, la Voie lactée en compte quatre principales : le bras Sagittaire-Carène, le bras de Persée, le bras de la Règle et le bras Ecu-Croix. Mais elle en possède également d’autres plus petits parmi lesquels le bras d’Orion (ou bras local), situé entre les deux premiers précédemment situés. C’est dans cette région que se situe le Soleil et la Terre. Néanmoins, celle-ci pourrait être bien plus étendue que ce que les scientifiques croyaient jusqu’ici. C’est en tout cas ce qu’assure une étude présentée à la 222e réunion de l’American Astronomical Society. Menés grâce au réseau de télescope Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) de la National Science Foundation, ces travaux indiquent que le bras d’Orion ne devrait plus être considéré comme une petite région de la Voie lactée mais comme un bras adjacent aux autres. Un motif important de la Voie lactée ? “Notre nouvelle preuve suggère que le bras d’Orion devrait apparaitre comme un motif important de la Voie lactée”, explique Albert Sanna du Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy en Allemagne. C’est en cherchant à déterminer la forme exacte de la galaxie que les astronomes ont fait leur découverte. Pour cela, ils ont utilisé des données collectées entre 2008 et 2012 et évaluant les distances existant entre la Terre et certains objets de la Voie lactée. “En observant les objets lorsque la Terre est sur des côtés opposés de son orbite autour du Soleil, les astronomes peuvent mesurer le changement subtile de position apparente d’un objet dans le ciel, comparé à l’arrière-plan d’objets plus distants”, écrivent les responsables du National Radio Astronomy Observatory dans un communiqué. “Cet effet est appelé parallaxe et peut être démontré en plaçant votre doigt devant votre nez  et en fermant alternativement chaque oeil”, ajoutent-ils. Les astronomes ont ainsi utilisé cette méthode pour mesurer les distances jusqu’à des régions de formations d’étoiles bien précises de la Voie lactée. Ils ont également suivi leur mouvement dans l’espace. Or, au vu “des distances et des mouvements spatiaux que nous avons mesurés, notre bras d’Orion n’est pas une pointe. C’est une structure majeure, peut-être une branche du bras de Persée, ou un segment de bras indépendant”, détaille Sanna.  Un premier pas vers une meilleure connaissancePour aller plus loin, les astronomes devront évidemment poursuivre les recherches mais ces résultats ont déjà permis d’en apprendre un peu plus sur la structure de notre galaxie. De quoi affecter les futures modèles de notre système. À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreEn réalité, ces nouvelles observations font partie d’un plus vaste projet actuellement en cours et appelé “the Bar and Spiral Structure Legacy survey”. Celui-ci vise à cartographier la Voie lactée et pourrait ainsi fournir de nouveaux éclairages sur notre galaxie et sur les autres.(crédits photo : Robert Hurt, IPAC; Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF) Le 8 juin 2013 à 11:18 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Riverdale Reunites Friends but Its Big Reveal Only Raises More Questions

first_imgStay on target ‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Trailer Toasts to a Mysterious Senior YearSDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4 The news of Jason Blossom’s body being found is giving Archie nightmares. He sneaks out of the house and runs to Miss Grundy’s, trying to convince her to tell the police what they heard the night of Jason’s death. She convinces him not to. She could get fired (absolutely), Archie could get expelled (doubtful), and they both could to jail. Sorry, but no. Grundy is the criminal here. Victims don’t go to jail.Riverdale spent it’s second episode fixing the relationships that were broken in the pilot. After Betty’s mother forbids her to see Cheryl, Veronica and especially Archie, Betty knocks on Archie’s door. After a walk to school where Betty tries hard to pretend she’s OK with everything, she’s called to the office. Someone has left her flowers. That someone turns out to be Veronica, who is also trying hard to patch things up. In addition to the flowers, she ordered Betty a cupcake from New York’s Magnolia Bakery.Betty accepts the offers of friendship, but she clearly isn’t OK. As she explains to Kevin, once Veronica feels better about herself, they’ll barely say “hi” to each other in the hallway. Man, remember when these were the biggest problems you had to deal with? At lunch, she and Veronica sit with Archie and ask him to play a song he’s been working on. Hearing Archie sing brings all the emotions back up, and Betty runs off. She never even gets to eat her cupcake. (No big loss, really. Magnolia cupcakes are dry, expensive and not as good as they’re made out to be.)Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge (Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)That afternoon during cheerleading practice, Veronica tries to make amends by gossiping over what a monster Cheryl is being. Betty isn’t having it. She snubs Veronica by offering to hang out with Cheryl after practice. That turns out to be a terrible idea. Cheryl starts asking inappropriate questions about Betty’s sister, specifically her relationship with Jason. When Cheryl outright accuses Betty’s sister of killing Jason, Betty finally stands up for herself. She tells Cheryl to get out of her house, or she’ll kill her. Maybe not a great thing to say to someone who’s brother has just been murdered, but who cares? Cheryl had it coming.Meanwhile, Archie is dealing with his own problems. We learn exactly why he and Jughead aren’t on friendly terms anymore. They planned a road trip over Fourth of July weekend, and Archie canceled at the last minute. Dick move, Archie. Especially because, much like he is in the comics, Jughead is the smartest guy in town. It’s just that nobody listens to him. When he sees Miss Grundy cuddling up to Archie, he sees that relationship for what it is. She’s a predator, and she’s manipulating Archie. Of course, telling Archie, this only causes another fight between the two.Honestly, the most heartening thing about the second episode of Riverdale was how they treated the Archie/Grundy plot. The show doesn’t see it as a sexy, forbidden relationship. Grundy knows exactly what she’s doing. When Archie tries to convince her to talk to the police, he asks her if what they have is real. If it’s not, he says, he doesn’t know what he’s protecting. That sends Grundy into self-preservation mode, and she says, of course, it’s real. That is abusive behavior. This plot may be the most by-the-book teen drama cliche of the entire show, but at least they’re taking it seriously. That’s more than most teenage soap operas have done.Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle, Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)The Archie-Jughead friendship slowly gets put back together, which is a relief. Their beef with each other was the weirdest, most out-of-place element from the pilot. It starts when Archie defends Jughead from Reggie Butler, Riverdale’s resident a-hole jock. Reggie accuses Jughead of murdering Jason because he’s a weird outcast. Archie defends his former buddy and gets a black eye for his trouble. After a talk with his dad, Archie decides he’s going to do the right thing and tell Principal Weatherbee what he heard on the Fourth of July. He then apologizes to Jughead for being an ass, and the two agree to become friends again. After many burgers, of course.The pep rally begins, and we get to see Josie and the Pussycats put on a real show. They perform an updated version of “Sugar, Sugar,” which was originally written for The Archies in 1969. Riverdale may not be like any version of Archie we’ve seen before, but it’s has a wonderfully nerdy appreciation for the universe it’s based on. The pep rally is cut short when Cheryl, seeing Archie wearing her brother’s uniform, breaks down in tears and runs to the locker room. Proving to everyone that she truly isn’t the spoiled rich girl, Veronica runs after Cheryl. Betty sees Veronica give Cheryl a shoulder to cry on and says not many people would have done that. Veronica, she realizes, might actually be a good person.With all the friendships back where they should be, Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead meet up at Pop’s Chock’lit Shop. Everything seems like it’s going to be OK. But this is a neo-noir show, so we know that’s not the case. The next morning, Archie goes to the principal’s office to tell all, but before he can, the principal and Sheriff run to Cheryl Blossom. She confesses in front of her class that she’s guilty. Jughead’s narration teases us, saying the autopsy revealed some strange things about Jason Blossom’s death. The one thing he does reveal is that Jason Blossom died a week after he fell into the river.Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)Cheryl’s confession definitely makes things interesting. We all suspected that she killed her brother from the beginning, but now it doesn’t look so certain. After all, she told Veronica that Jason was supposed to come back. What were they doing on the river, anyway? Also, all she said was “I’m guilty.” She didn’t say what of. Clearly, this isn’t as cut and dry as it looks.Riverdale had a rare second episode that kept the plot moving, rather than further establishing the world. The pilot did all that work already, so this week, the show was free to focus on the characters, their relationships and the mystery at hand. Riverdale appears to be navigating teen drama storylines in a smart, interesting way. It definitely helps that you can identify with most of the characters or at least see where they’re coming from. Everyone is dealing with or hiding, something. That’s what makes the show so interesting, and will definitely keep me coming back week after week.last_img read more

Capcom Promises to Fix ChunLis Face in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

first_imgStay on target For unknown reasons, Chun-Li and a number of other characters look very different in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Since these are some of gaming’s most beloved characters, their new looks haven’t gone over well with a large segment of fans. As is the thing nowadays, folks took to social media to point out just how different the characters look now.This is a tweet from Ryan “FChamp” Ramirez, who is a professional fighting game player. As you can see from the pictures he posted, Chun-Li doesn’t even look like the same person. While I personally don’t think she looks as horrible as some say, it’s clear that Capcom drastically changed her appearance.2016 Chunli vs 2017 Chunli— FChamp Ryan Ramirez (@fchampryan) June 13, 2017Chun-Li isn’t the only character who looks off. Below is a comparison of what Dante looks like in MvCI and what he looked like in Devil May Cry 4. Twitter user Charles Lai points out how the Dante model from the PS3 era looks better than the one on PS4.Dante on late-PS4 in Marvel VS Capcom compared to early-PS3 Devil May Cry 4.What happened?— Charles Lai (@comtar) June 13, 2017Thankfully, Capcom has heard fans’ displeasure and is promising to update the characters’ looks before the game is released. In a statement to EuroGamer, Capcom says: “The development team is hard at work finishing the game for the September 19 release date, and based on the feedback we heard, we are currently making improvements to Chun-Li as well as other Capcom characters. Since the work is still in progress, we don’t have anything final to show you just yet, but stay tuned.”Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has been getting a lot of flack since it was revealed. From changed characters looks to the omission of the X-Men, fans do not seem happy about where this game is headed. Will making characters’ faces more palatable help things? Maybe. Hopefully, folks will like the actual game itself and perhaps forgive some of its alleged shortcomings.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. ‘Project Resistance’ Trailer Shows New Multiplayer ‘Resident Evil’11 Things We’re Looking Forward to at PAX West last_img read more

Visa Goes for Gold With OlympicThemed Payment Wearables

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The Artificial Nose Knows: Device Warns of Spoiled FoodTap Into The Game With New Nike Connected NBA Jersey Planning to attend the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang? You may want to consider one of Visa’s new wearable payment devices.The financial services corporation this week introduced three NFC-enabled products—gloves, stickers, and pins—for seamless, secure transactions during February’s two-week event.Inspired by the long-standing tradition of collecting commemorative badges at the biennial Olympic Games, Visa designed four themed lapel pins, on sale for KRW5,000 (about $4.50) a pop.“Olympic pins are always the most coveted collectibles,” Mikaela Shiffrin, US gold medal slalom champion, said in a statement. “These Visa pins really up the ante.”Visa designed four themed lapel pins, on sale for about $4.50 a pop (via Visa)Customers can add a prepaid budget of KRW30,000 ($27) or KRW50,000 ($45), and presumably top up later at Visa terminals (of which there will be more than 1,000 throughout all Olympic venues).Equally small and unobtrusive (and prone to getting lost), a set of eight “thin and flexible” stickers attach to almost any surface “to make seamless payments in a moment’s notice,” according to the company.The wearables comes in denominations of KRW30,000 ($27), KRW50,000 ($45), KRW100,000 ($90), and KRW200,000 ($179); choose from eight distinct designs, including the official PyeongChang 2018 mascot Soohorang, the Korean flag, and more.Stickers and pins are on sale now via Lotte Card’s website and customer centers in Korea.With an embedded dual interface NFC-chip and antenna, these micro-tags can be attached to almost anything (via Visa)Perhaps most practical are the payment-enabled gloves—particularly useful in South Korea, where the average temperature in February is expected to hover around 40℉.The gloves contain a dual-interface chip, housed with a contactless antenna for completing purchases through official Olympic venues and compatible readers worldwide. (So you can keep your hands warm and buy groceries even when you’re back home.)“Growing up in South Korea, I am proud that my home country is hosting the Games, and is using this opportunity to introduce Visa payment innovations to the rest of the world,” Olympic short track speed skater Park Seung-Hi said. “These payment gloves provide a hassle-free way to pay, even when it’s cold.”During the Games, all three wearables will be available from Visa vending machines in Olympic Superstores.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Echo Dot Fire TV Stick Top Amazons Record Holiday Shopping Season

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target It turns out I wasn’t the only one chipping in to buy someone an Amazon Echo this Christmas.Including the speaker we gifted my boyfriend’s dad, millions of Echo products were reportedly shipped worldwide over the holiday season.Fan favorite Echo Dot became the No. 1 selling Amazon device and best-selling product “from any manufacturer in any category across all of  Amazon,” the company boasted on Tuesday.Along with its touch-screen Echo Spot and playful Echo Buttons counterparts, the Dot proved an extremely popular gift this year: All three sold out by Christmas. Customers are encouraged to reserve a place in the order queue by pre-ordering online.Dot even outsold the Kindle Paperwhite—the company’s most prominent e-reader—across Amazon Books’ 13 brick-and-mortar stores.More than just a hockey puck with a glowing blue halo, the palm-sized Dot connects to devices via a cable or Bluetooth, allowing users to stream audio from various sources to various products. It is also equipped with a microphone and speaker so you can chat with Alexa.Runner-up for most sales in one holiday season is the Amazon Fire TV stick, which counted “more than twice as many” purchases in 2017, compared to the same time last year.How many of those new toys were delivered with same-day shipping? The world may never know.But, Amazon proudly announced that more than four million people now benefit from free two-day, one-day, or same-day distribution via new free trials or paid memberships.“We’re excited that people continued to join Prime this holiday,” Jeff Wilke, CEO of Worldwide Consumer, said in a statement, advertising perks like early access to lightning deals and unlimited TV and movie streaming.“Thank you to the millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of Amazon employees around the world who made this holiday better than ever before,” he continued. “We look forward to another great year ahead.”center_img Amazon Employees Join Sept. 20 Global Climate WalkoutGeek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls last_img read more

Dragon Ball Super Movie Shows Off New Looks For Goku Vegeta And

first_imgStay on target The Dragon Ball Super movie keeps getting more and more interesting as more details are released about the upcoming film. We’re particularly intrigued, however, by the fact that Frieza has indeed been confirmed for the film. Everyone’s favorite villain they love to hate is rearing his ugly, creepy head once more, and looks just as cocky (for no reason) as ever.  You can see him in the below can, looking a hot mess, as usual.I was actually expecting them to have some bulky outfit— Ken Xyro | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (@KenXyro) June 19, 2018Honestly, though? Frieza is kind of small potatoes when you look at Goku and Vegeta’s new looks. They’re all clad in some seriously sweet winter wear. Vegeta’s got that lime green coat, and Goku looks like he’s about to start coaching a basketball game. Where did they get style like that, anyway, and where was it during the rest of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super?AdChoices广告Dragon Ball Super: The Movie New Designs for Goku, Vegeta, Chirai and Remo— YonkouProductions AX (@YonkouProd) June 19, 2018This set of new artwork for the Dragon Ball Super movie basically confirms that it’s going to have some intriguing lewks for our heroes, as well as plenty of new characters to speculate about. You can see the Randall-looking character in the bottom row, as well as some light green female.Their names are Chirai and Remo according to the scan, but we don’t know a whole lot about them right now. Hopefully that changes as we inch ever closer to the movie’s release date. It’s been a long time coming, especially since Dragon Ball Super went and ended on us, so it’s just about time for us to be blessed with a new film with plenty of delicious action.In the meantime, let us know how excited you are to see the new movie! We know you can’t wait. Who are you looking forward to seeing again most? Vegeta, right? Right.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. ‘One Punch Man’ Get A Video Game, Probably Has More Punches‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting… last_img read more

Facebook Wants To Connect You With Your Secret Crush

first_img Facebook has been connecting friends and family for 15 years. But can it provide a love connection?Kicking off its annual F8 conference, the social network on Tuesday introduced a new dating feature that lets people confidentially expose their “Secret Crush.”Taking on apps like Tinder and Bumble, Facebook initially unveiled its online dating service at last year’s F8—rolling it out first in Colombia, then to folks in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and Thailand.Users must opt in to create a separate profile and receive recommended matches based on preferences, interests, and, if desired, mutual mates or groups and events.Facebook in November released new actions that allow you take a second look at previously passed-over candidates and pause your profile. Additional functions include the ability to review a blocked list, support for non-metric units, and more interactive profile content.“People have told us that they believe there is an opportunity to explore potential romantic relationships within their extended circle of friends,” the company wrote in a blog post.Enter Secret Crush, which lets you select up to nine Facebook friends in whom you want to “express interest” (i.e. hook up with).Any of your picks who have opted into Dating will receive a notification saying someone has a crush on them. And, fingers crossed, if someone adds you to their list, it’s a match!“If your crush isn’t on Dating, doesn’t create a Secret Crush list, or doesn’t put you on their list, no one will know that you’ve entered a friend’s name,” Facebook ensured.Part one of the two-day conference was chock-a-block with software updates and security features:MessengerA completely re-engineered service will roll out “later this year,” featuring video sharing and a desktop app.FacebookA simpler, faster, more immersive desktop site is expected in the “next few months.” The redesign makes it easier to access and use Groups, meet new friends, see upcoming events, and ship Marketplace items.InstagramLook for donation stickers in Stories, an improved camera design, and the ability to shop for looks without leaving the app.AR/VRPre-orders for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S are now open. WhatsApp and end-to-end encryption are coming to Portal, which will expand internationally this fall.“With each feature and product announced today,” Tuesday’s blog post said, “we want to help people discover their communities, deepen their connections, find new opportunities, and simply have fun.“We’re excited to see all the ways developers, creators, and entrepreneurs use these tools as we continue to build more private ways for people to communicate,” the company added.Watch all F8 keynotes on the Facebook for Developers Page.More on’s Virtual Assistant to Challenge Alexa, Siri7 Icebreakers for Facebook’s New Dating ServiceGeek’s Guide to Online Dating Stay on target Podcasts Are TV Shows Now With ‘Limetown’ Trailer7 Icebreakers for Facebook’s New Dating Service last_img read more

Alabaster, the Albino Alligator at South Carolina Aquarium, Is Sick

first_img Watch: Here’s How Florida’s Gatorland Is Preparing for Hurri…Alligators Spotted ‘Swimming’ in Road, Climbing Fences in Florida Staff at the South Carolina Aquarium is asking for “positive vibes” for Alabaster, its rare albino alligator, after vets confirmed he is fighting an infection, which is causing a red discoloration on his skin.Vets have previously announced that the 22-year-old Alabaster was experiencing health issues, including disinterest in food and a skin rash. Alabaster is usually on view in the aquarium’s black swamp exhibit, but due to his condition, aquarium staff closed his exhibit and he is no longer in public view.Albino alligators are rare because they usually don’t survive long in the wild. Last month, an alligator couple living in a Florida wildlife park produced the world’s first batch of albino alligator eggs.Albino alligators’ pigment-free skin makes them extremely vulnerable to predators and if they do survive for any period of time, the sun will cause irreparable damage to their skin. Alabaster lives in a tank specially built to be completely darkened.Alabaster is 22 years old and came to the South Carolina Aquarium in 2010. (Photo Credit: South Carolina Aquarium / Facebook)Aquarium officials have thanked its Facebook followers for the support that has poured in for their “favorite gator guy.”“Alabaster’s prognosis is uncertain, so continue to send out all the love and good vibes for Alabaster,” they said.More on’s First Batch of Albino Alligator Eggs Laid in FloridaWatch: Alligator Rescued After Soccer Balls Gets Lodged in MouthRare Albino Orangutan Released Back Into the Wild Staff at the aquarium, which has been home to Alabaster since 2010, said in a Facebook post on Friday that they have sent out the rare alligator’s blood samples for analysis and colleagues across the country are evaluating and discussing his ongoing treatment.“[Alabaster] received a round of antibiotics and has been resting in his tank,” the South Carolina Aquarium said in its Facebook update. “We’ve been adding water to his tank to ease his ability to move and provide support for his body weight. Though he’s clearly fatigued, he’s been active. We’ve been doing everything we can to create a supportive environment that will help him fight off this infection.”Albino alligators are “extremely, extremely rare,” aquarium spokeswoman Caroline Morris told the Post and Courier, adding that Alabaster is thought to be one of only 50 albino alligators in the world. Stay on targetlast_img read more

NASA Tests Mars 2020 Rover Prototype at Icelandic Lava Field

first_imgStay on target As NASA prepares for its Mars rover to launch July 2020 and land at the Red Planet to explore Martian geology and collect samples for return to Earth, the space agency has taken to the lava fields of Iceland to get the unmanned vehicle ready for the job.Fifteen NASA scientists and engineers descended on the Lambahraun lava field at the foot of Iceland’s second biggest glacier, Langjokull, in July, to test a rover prototype.Experts say the terrain of the volcanic island Experts say that Iceland is in many ways reminiscent of the surface of Mars. (Photo Credit: Halldor Kolbeins / AFP / Getty Images)The terrain of Lambahraun lava field, located about 60 miles from Reykjavik, features black basalt sand, dunes, and craggy peaks, which experts say is reminiscent of the surface of the Mars.“It’s a very good analogue for Mars exploration and learning how to drive Mars rovers,” Adam Deslauriers, manager of space and education, at Canada’s Mission Control Space Services, told AFP.Before Mars became an inhospitable frozen desert with an average temperature of minus 81.4 degrees F, scientists believe that the planet shared many of the characteristics of Iceland. “The mineralogy in Iceland is very similar to what we would find on Mars,” said Ryan Ewing, associate professor of geology at Texas A&M University, who referred to minerals such as olivine and pyroxenes, both dark so-called mafic rocks, which have also been found on Mars.“In addition to that, we don’t have much vegetation, it’s cold and we have some of the environments like sand dunes and rivers and glaciers that Mars has evidence of in the past,” Ewing added.The prototype rover being used on the Icelandic lava field was “basically indestructible,” according to Adam Deslauriers, of Canada’s Mission Control Space Services. (Photo Credit: Halldor Kolbeins / AFP / Getty Images)Deslauriers described the rover prototype, which has a four-wheel drive propelled by two motors and is powered by 12 small car batteries stacked inside, as “indestructible.”“The rovers that we have on Mars and the Moon would be a lot more sensitive to the environment and conditions of Iceland,” Deslauriers told AFP.While the prototype tested on the Icelandic lava field is equipped with sensors, a computer, a dual-lens camera and controlled remotely, it’s not exactly identical to the actual Mars 2020 rover.The Mars 2020 rover, which has yet to be named, will be able to collect rock and soil samples from the surface of the Red Planet and store those samples in tubes for future missions to retrieve.The 2020 rover will land at Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021, equipped with a system to cache science samples in tubes that will be delivered to a safe drop-off site. Two subsequent missions, currently in the concept stage, would be needed to bring the Mars 2020 samples home.The Mars 2020 rover is based on the Mars Science Laboratory‘s Curiosity rover configuration. It is car-sized, about 10 feet long (not including the arm), 9 feet wide, and 7 feet tall. At 2,314 pounds, it weighs less than a compact car. The public can watch live (see video below) as the Mars 2020 rover is built and tested in the Spacecraft Assembly Facility at JPL.Earlier this month, engineers working on the Mars 2020 rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, completed the machine-vision calibration of the forward-facing cameras on the robotic explorer.Last month, JPL engineers tested the rover’s 7-foot-long robotic arm, which maneuvered an 88-pound sensor-laden turret.More on Your Name to Mars Aboard NASA’s Mars 2020 RoverWatch: Scientists Simulate What a Marsquake Might Look Like40 Incredible Images of the Surface of Mars NASA Attaches Helicopter to Mars 2020 RoverNASA Now Accepting Names for Mars 2020 Rover last_img read more

‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form

first_img Two years ago Pinball FX 3 brought all sorts of multiball goodness to Nintendo Switch. If anything, the digital cabinets felt even more accurate on the console/handheld hybrid since you can rotate the tablet to a vertical orientation. And Zen Studios offered all sorts of online leaderboard options in single-player and multiplayer to keep you chasing high scores. Part of the game’s charm was the variety of extra tables you could purchase based on properties like Portal or Family Guy for some reason.But one #brand is more than big enough to earn its own game. Star Wars Pinball takes the Pinball FX 3 formula and just stuffs it full of nearly 20 Star Wars pinball tables. You’ll play intergalactic tables representing basically every movie and TV show in the Skywalker Saga outside of the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or The Mandalorian. We did notice there’s not a whole lot of prequel content though.A new global online multiplayer function has players earning points for either the Light Side or Dark Side of the Force. And while the gameplay will feel familiar to any Pinball FX 3 veteran, just seeing it slathered in Star Wars visuals and music and bad sound-alike voice actors can’t help but make you emotional. There are Porgs in this!So if that sounds cool to you, check out Star Wars Pinball now available on Nintendo Switch. As far as gambling-adjacent Star Wars video games go, it’s definitely the most legal.As far as game criticism goes, pinball is something of a white whale to me (along with bingo). I just can’t seem to wrap my head around what makes a particular pinball table good or bad. I understand that one can be skilled at pinball. The hypothetical skill needed is a crucial legal separation between pinball and its straight-up Chicago gangster gambling roots. But I can’t articulate what being good at pinball means. Pinball theory, as it were, is lost on me.But that just makes pinball all the more fascinating to me. It makes me determined to figure it out. Working pristine physical pinball tables are tougher to find these days. Maintaining them is an art that’s dying faster than arcades. Fortunately, video games are doing their best to pick up the slack. Pinball FX 3 is the latest pinball simulator collection from Zen Studios, and it has all of your favorite brands in ball form, now on Nintendo Switch.Pinball FX 3 is more a pinball service than pinball game. The initial download is actually free. This way, you can see for yourself how solid the virtual pinball mechanics are after years of refinement. Flippers feel responsive. Shots always went basically where I attempted to aim them. Trying to use as much as tilt as you can get away with is a tricky but satisfying balancing act. And this is one of the most tactile uses of HD Rumble we’ve felt yet on Switch, which makes sense since 1-2 Switch proved how good the tech is at replicating the feeling of rolling balls.But you’ll only get so much mileage out of the complementary generic table Sorcerer’s Lair. Where Pinball FX 3 makes its money is by selling you new tables based on all your favorite #brands. And that’s totally in line with the pinball tradition. Some of the best pinball tables are based on properties as random as The Twilight Zone, Playboy, and The Addams Family.On other platforms, Pinball FX 3 lets you import many tables you may have purchased for previous Zen Studios games Zen Pinball and older Pinball FX games. But even on Nintendo Switch players can purchase some intriguing new tables based on Greek myth, Alien vs. Predator, Archer, and more.The uses of these licenses don’t feel lazy, either. Tables are loving homages to the property both in visuals and design. The Bob’s Burgers table features a hairy Belcher arm slamming on a bottle of mustard to launch the ball into the cartoon playfield. Meanwhile, the Portal table (another almost new Valve game) is a sterile laboratory full of portals for the ball to hop between, something you can only do in fake video game pinball. A table about kids on a spooky adventure features a tiny side area where you try to bat away spiders. And however you feel about Family Guy, the Family Guy pinball table looks, sounds, and feels like Family Guy.When playing on a TV you can swap between several different views to see the action as best you can. The camera can stay fixed at the bottom of the table or follow the ball as it ricochets off walls and rolls up ramps. It’s playable but always feels a compromise. Pinball is just too vertical for widescreen TVs.However, at the last minute the developers also added an option for rotating the Switch tablet for a full vertical view like Namco Museum. And it’s great! You can easily see everything just like a real pinball cabinet. With touch controls, you can even comfortably hold the Switch with both hands to tap and play. But my preferred method was still setting the tablet down and playing with detached Joy-Con.Along with the variety of tables to purchase, Pinball FX 3 wants to keep you in its ecosystem with a progression system. As you keep playing various modes you can level up your presence on each table as well as across tables. Unlock power-ups to improve your combo scores and connect to your Nintendo account for sharing accomplishments online, even across non-PlayStation platforms. Chasing high scores has never been my thing, which perhaps contributes to my pinball ignorance, but just knowing one more quick round could reward me with something new was motivation enough to keep going.I still don’t think I get pinball. It still just feels like so many colorful casino lights and bumping sounds and rolling balls I’m barely in control of. But it is fun, especially with a charming enough #brand. And as both game and platform Pinball FX 3, especially on Nintendo Switch, faithfully translates that fun.Buy it now!Super Mario OdysseyThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesView as: One Page Slides1/51. Pinball FX 3 is a virtual pinball platform.2. After the free download, you can purchase a variety of new tables.3. The virtual pinball mechanics feel accurate and the table designs are inventive.4. Different brands like Archer, Jaws, and Portal are lovingly used.5. On Nintendo Switch, you can even position the tablet vertically for a better view of the whole cabinet. SNES Games Officially Come to Nintendo SwitchPlay These Nintendo Switch Games Before ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield&… Stay on targetlast_img read more

Vancouver receives upgraded bond credit rating

first_imgThe city of Vancouver received a high credit rating from Moody’s, according to a news release from the city.The city’s Limited Tax General Obligations bonds were upgraded from Aa3 to Aa2.“The city is proud that it has once again received an upgraded high quality credit rating. These ratings affirm the work our city council and city staff have done to develop and implement financial policies and practices as part of a long-term financial strategy that positions the city for ongoing success,” Carrie Lewellen, treasurer for the city, said in a statement. “These ratings continue to affirm that our financial operations are stable and well-managed.”The city’s strong credit rating reflects the credit agency’s view of the city’s growth in assessed market value, according to the city.last_img read more

Singer Alanis Morissette to perform at ilani

first_imgAlanis Morissette, who vaulted to singer-songwriter stardom in the mid-1990s with a frank, angry, truth-telling album called “Jagged Little Pill,” will play an acoustic show at ilani on Sept. 16.Tickets go on sale 10 a.m. Friday. Tickets are $69, according to ilani’s website.“Jagged Little Pill” won five Grammy awards, including Album of the Year in 1996, and became one of the biggest-selling albums of all time.It stopped many listeners and critics cold with raw expressions of female sexuality and rage that had never climbed the charts before; it predicted the current #MeToo movement in songs like “Right Through You,” a bitter complaint about sleazy music executives who are interested in something other than female artistic talent, and “You Oughta Know,” in which Morissette lets fly very explicit fury at a lover who “replaced” her.Morissette has released nine more albums since then, along with soundtracks for films and even monthly podcasts focused on women and spiritual wellness.Her “Jagged Little Pill” album was translated into a rock musical that did well in pre-Broadway previews this summer, and now she’s heading out on an acoustic tour.last_img read more

Vancouver Public Schools announces personnel changes

first_imgVancouver Public Schools on Monday announced personnel changes for the 2019-2020 school year, including the restoration of dozens of staff who had received preliminary layoff notices due to since scaled-back budget cuts.The west Clark County school district faces an $8 million deficit, the result of declining enrollment, increased labor costs and changes to the state’s funding formula. But that’s less than half of the $16.8 million deficit the district announced earlier this year, which would have left teachers, counselors, clerks and other school staff out of work. The district received $6.5 million in one-time state money and will use $3.8 million out of its district reserves to alleviate the deficit.On Monday, the district announced it was restoring the following positions:• 21 teachers.• 11.8 full-time counseling positions.• 19 media clerks.• Seven counseling clerks.• Four wing clerks at Skyview High School.• Two deans of students.• Four teachers on special assignment who work with instructional technology and one teacher on special assignment who works in curriculum and instruction.• Three maintenance grounds crew.• 15 custodial positions.The district also announced several associate principal moves. All changes must be approved by the school board before they are final. They are:• Tony Liberatore, associate principal at Columbia River High School, will move to Fort Vancouver High School. Liberatore will replace Associate Principal John Schultz, who is leaving the district.• Nick Davies, a teacher at Jesuit High School in Portland, will fill the associate principal position at Columbia River left by Liberatore.• Luis Castro, currently associate principal at Gaiser Middle School, will move to Fort Vancouver High School as an associate principal.• Alison Watson, associate principal at Fort Vancouver High School, will fill an associate principal role at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Watson will replace Andrea Sperry, who is leaving the district.• Mandie Arai-Green, currently a teacher and administrative intern at Ogden Elementary School, will become an associate principal at Gaiser.• Scott Sartorius, current associate principal at Discovery Middle School, will be associate principal at Eisenhower and Lincoln elementary schools.• Katie Ronning, current associate principal at Felida Elementary School, will be associate principal at Discovery Middle School.• Mike Meskel, associate principal at Hudson’s Bay High School, will fill the associate position at Felida Elementary School.• Greg Roberts, currently associate principal at Eisenhower and Lincoln elementary schools, will be associate principal at Hudson’s Bay High School. Roberts will replace Patrice Woods, who is leaving the district.• Amber Beardmore, a teacher and administrative intern at Liberty Middle School in the Camas School District, will be associate principal at Hudson’s Bay High School.last_img read more

Will the debate on Coalition Building by political leaders at West…

first_imgQUESTION OF THE DAY Will the debate on Coalition Building by political leaders at West Coast Radio proceed? The presenter of the Programme by the Youth Parliament at West Coast Radio 2 did inform the public last Thursday, 7 April, that all the opposition parties are invited to a debate on coalition building on Thursday, 14 April, 2016 between 7 and 8 pm.Hence, all Gambians should listen and record the debate so that all will be informed of the position of each party on the subject.This is the time for the sovereign Gambian people to not behave like branded cattle with an owner. Human beings should not be a bull, donkey, horse or sheep to be owned and put in a rope by their fellow citizens.Each Gambian should have a critical mind and should gather information independently and make informed choice without any prejudices.last_img read more


first_imgGFF News-The West Africa Football Union ( WAFU ) has appointed Gambia’s Ba S JABBIE and Ebrima Jallow as Match Officials in the forth coming WAFU tournament schedule to take place in Ghana.Baa Jabbie is been nominated by the Gambia Football Federation and thus his appointment to the position of Disciplinary Committee Member of WAFU tournament Ghana 2017 came into being while Jallow is selected by the Confederation of African Football ( CAF ) as Assistant Referee in the tournament.Both Baa and Jallow are scheduled to leave Banjul on Monday September 4th for Ghana and are expected to be in active duties until the 24th when the final would be staged.last_img read more

FFF Stakeholders Meet To Assess Progress

first_imgAbdoulai G. DibbaForest and Farm Facility initiative (FFF) together with stakeholders, have recently met at Tendaba Camp in the Lower River Region, to assess progress in programme implementation in 2017 and to brain storm on how the country will benefit from the second phase of the initiative next year.The FFF is an initiative from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), to support countries to improve their Governance structures at different levels (local, national and regional), to achieve sustainable forest landscape management.The initiative was launched in March 2013 and the Gambia has been a beneficiary of the initiative, through the National Farmers Platform of the Gambia, for the organization of forest and farm producers at the national and subnational levels, to engage in policy dialogue, review, monitoring and implementation of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy, and to engage with Government institutions in A cross-sectoral, multi stakeholder platform with nine small grants to primarily women groups.In addition, a total of 24 community forestry committees were trained in MA and D in 2015 which led to the identification of six “main products” (ecotourism, handicraft making, beekeeping, nursery management, timber and firewood production), described in 50 community forestry management plans.The outcomes of the two-day National Stakeholders Meeting on Forest and Farm Facility Monitoring and Learning Framework, will enable stakeholders to assess whether the expected results were met or not, and prepare for further interventions.In his welcome statement, the Chief of Kiang Central District, Alhagie Demba Sanyang, thanked FAO, IIED and IUCN for supporting the country through the FFF initiative; that their communities have gained ownership of their community forests and that the recent nationwide tour of the Ministry of Environment, handed over 39 community forests to the 77 communities’ forest that were handed over in 2015. He thanked the FFF and their partners for facilitating the process and called on the communities to be mindful of bushfires as it could set the whole project backward.The President of National Farmers Platform Alagie Basse Mboge indicated that head Chiefs of Kiang Central are members of their regional taskforce making the handing over of the community forest to the local communities successful; that they are gathered for the monitoring and learning of their previous activities. The NFP President stated that the last tour of the Minister of Environment indicates that all the projects in the Gambia should emulate the FFF activities which the Minister highly commended; that the FFF has been supporting farmers to increase food production within farming communities which has linked them to regional networks. According to Mr. Mboge, they have structured many farmer base organizations through the support of the FFF.He concluded by calling on the farmer based organisations to take their work seriously in the interest of their members and the country.The FAO Regional Country Coordinator for the Gambia, Ms Sophie Gronwell, applauded Gambians for the New Democracy and indicated that they are gathered to learn of the impact and the results of the first phase that is just ending.“There are so many initiatives starting in the new Gambia and you have something very valuable that you can sell to international donors and partners which is your success stories, achievements and the gaps in the implementation of the FFF’s programmes” she said.She concluded that they will launch the next phase in early January next year; that with the ten countries where they have done a lot of work, many of them like to have a second phase.Ansumana Tamba, a Forestry Officer asserted that the Department of Forestry has collaborated with FFF since the beginning and are happy with the outcome of the successful implementation of the programme.last_img read more

Timo Werner reminds me of a young Fernando Torres – Thiago

first_imgPrior to Spain and Germany’s eventual draw in the friendly game on Friday, Bayern Munich and Spain midfielder Thiago shared that he thinks Timo Werner bears an uncanny resemblance with Fernando Torres in his youth.“He’s unbelievably quick,” Thiago, said of Werner, who helped Leipzig to get their first win over Bayern last weekend.“He reminds me a bit of a young Fernando Torres. He has incredible acceleration and is always looking for gaps in the opposition defences,” he added, according to the official site of the Bundesliga.rb leipzig, bayern munichReport: Bayern are held by Leipzig George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Bayern Munich was held to another draw, this time by RB Leipzig.Bayern Munich finds themselves in the unfamiliar position of sitting third in the…Thiago also went on to discuss the possible winners of the Bundesliga and how will the Champions Leauge wind up.“The Bundesliga’s won,” Thiago boasted. “We’re already champions, but we have to win. The next game’s against Dortmund and we have to go out there with the idea of winning and that match should serve us well for the upcoming Champions League games.”last_img read more

Leicester City boss will not change the clubs system

Claude Puel will remain with his 3-4-3 formation, even after it has been proven there is not enough personnel available to fulfill itLeicester City is 11th in the English Premier League standings.The team has won twice and lost three times to have six points already. With eight goals scored and nine received, fans are asking for a change.But The Foxes boss Claude Puel is not considering changing his 3-4-3 system yet.Cristiano Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Manchester UnitedVidic: “Ronaldo is the most professional footballer I’ve seen” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Nemanja Vidic opened up on how a 21-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo’s professionalism left him stunned at Manchester United.“I am not in the habit to change something. For example, about our last game, if I change the system defensively just to find the good solidity after we can lose all the good aspect from the offensive play,” he was quoted by Foxes Of Leicester.“With four at the back, we can drive the play. I want to keep our quality and possibility to attack and then to correct in our game the defensive aspect: win duels, more aggressiveness, these good things. They are good ingredients.”“Changing the system sometimes, why not? But it is not my concern or my thought at this moment because we made mistakes and we know why we made them. I think it is important to be responsible and correct them,” he concluded. read more

Major accident sends two teen boys to hospital

first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:accident, ANd construction, maranatha high school, millenium highway, pastor dor Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 09 Apr 2015 – A terrible smash up on Millennium Highway, just in front of Pastor Dor’s complex late yesterday not only caused a major traffic detour in the Blue Hills area of Provo, but sent at least three people, including two teen boys to hospital. It is unclear what caused the violent collision of an AND Construction Truck and an SUV; but bystanders told Magnetic Media they could hear the impact from beyond Maranatha High School. The driver of the truck was pinned in the vehicle, the entire front end smashed and crushing his legs. The Fire crew had to brace the man in a standing position as the jaws of life were used to cut him free. The injury to his knees and lower legs were visible; deep gashes. The boys, who were being driven by their father, were said to be hurt; the one in the back seat of the vehicle more severely with head wounds and heavy bleeding, this according to an eye witness. It was a commendable job by first responders which included the Fire Department, Ambulance Unit and Police Force. There is no official police report as yet on the accident, but speed seemed to be a factor. Another snorkel trip deadly in Provo; Guest dies Police update on Friday 13 snorkel death in Provo Tourist man gone missing on dive, body found Saturdaylast_img read more

HAPPENING NOW Oseta Jolly Primary hosts Boys Day

first_img Related Items:#magneticmedianews The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provo Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, March 7, 2017 – Providenciales – Over 50 boys are gathered at the Gustavas Lightbourne Sports Complex, listening enthusiastically to the topical discussions intended to keep our boys on the right path and to present them with the tools to do just that.The event is being co moderated by Mr Darron Hilaire, Flow Marketing Exec, & Governors Appt Member, Hon. Temard Butterfield.  Among the speakers for today’s session, Pastor Pedro Williams, Mr Kenrick Walters, Mr Darius Coakley, Mr K B Ellington, and Mr Kem Gardiner.#MagneticMediaNewslast_img read more

Klopp sweating on the fitness of Mane and Salah

first_imgJurgen Klopp confirmed Liverpool are sweating on the fitness of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane ahead of their trip to Huddersfield.The speedy duo were rumoured to be doubts for the trip to West Yorkshire but resumed first-team training this week.“We had yesterday’s session and a few of the boys trained, we’ll have to see how they react,” Klopp revealed to Sky Sports.“The only thing we are pretty sure is that Naby [Keita] will not be available with all the rest, we have to see how it develops, that’s it pretty much.”Another player who looks set to resume domestic action for the Reds is Virgil van Dijk, who Klopp confirmed is in good condition.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…Klopp acknowledged his star defender had “major problems”.“You saw when he went off, everybody saw when he went off [against Southampton] that Virgil would not leave pitch without any major problems.“It’s settled pretty quickly but that’s how it is. Football players have to play very often with some kind of pain. But it’s not too important.“It’s all good, he has no problems with that anymore.”last_img read more

Carles Puyol believes Real will miss Ronaldo in El Clasico

first_imgOn the eve of the Spanish El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid, the former Blaugrana captain has slammed Los Blancos’ decision to renounce Cristiano RonaldoAs the Catalans prepare to host arch-rivals at Camp Nou this weekend, Ernesto Valverde has a great chance to extend the gap between the sides, considering Los Merengues are struggling under Julen Lopetegui this season.The reigning European champions are going through a severe crisis in La Liga, having lost three out of the previous four encounters, as they already trail Barca by 4 points.Maybe Lopetegui isn’t the man to blame, but Florentino Perez, who opted not to replace the Portuguese superstar during the summer transfer session.Instead of splashing amount a substantial figure trying to replace his best player, Perez has brought Mariano Diaz back, leaving Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema the only reliable options in the final third.According to the Express Sport, Barcelona legend Carles Puyol thinks Ronaldo’s absence will influence Real’s performance in the weekend’s showdown.Fati and Suarez shine against Valencia at Camp Nou Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 15, 2019 With a mesmerizing first half from Ansu Fati and a brace from Luis Suarez in the second half, Barcelona demolished Valencia at Camp Nou.Valencia…“When the best player leaves, it’s logical that the team gets worse,” Puyol said.”They have to look for solutions, another way of playing, they relied heavily on Cristiano’s goals. “Now they have to replace those goals with other players scoring, other styles of play.“They [Barcelona] have to play their football, keep the ball and try to take advantage of the chances they have to score.“Their style is very clear.”The Spanish derby is scheduled to take place at Camp Nou on Sunday afternoon.last_img read more

ExItalian FA commissioner Mancini wasnt my choice

first_imgFormer Italian FA commissioner Roberto Fabbricini revealed that while he likes Roberto Mancini, he wouldn’t have picked him to become the new Italy coachMancini agreed on a two-year deal to replace Gian Piero Ventura as the new Italy coach following their failure to reach the World Cup.However, the former Inter Milan boss has overseen just two wins in his opening seven games in charge of Italy and appears to have done little to convince Fabbricini of his credentials.“Mancini was a good choice, which I shared, but not mine,” Fabbricini told Foglio Sportivo.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“Alessandro Costacurta was given full responsibility for the matter by CONI. He went ahead at 1,000km/h with only three candidates: Carlo Ancelotti, his preference, Roberto Mancini, and Gigi Di Biagio.“I’d have considered some Serie A Coaches, maybe Marco Giampaolo or Gian Piero Gasperini. Also [Claudio] Ranieri.“Costacurta didn’t listen to us though, he said: ‘don’t make me laugh’.”The Azzurri will be back in action on November 17 at home to Portugal in the UEFA Nations League before hosting the United States three days later.last_img read more

Gracia talks about Watfords good relationships

first_imgThe current success the Spanish manager is having at the English Premier League club is thanks to the good connections he has inside the teamSpanish coach Javi Gracia has just extended his contract with Watford in the English Premier League.But he’s positive it’s all thanks to the good relationships he has at the club.“We [Gracia, Gino Pozzo, and Scott Duxbury] have a good relationship,” he told the team’s official website.“I have found people with good values, with ambition, with the desire to grow and in that moment it was important to me to feel that impression because it was a difficult moment but all of them were trying to improve the club, and me too.”What to expect from Watford V Arsenal? Taimoor Khan – September 8, 2019 Arsenal are set to take on Watford this weekend and the game is definitely going to be quite a peculiar contest between two sides…“All of us were thinking in the same way and it was important to have a good relationship. For all of us the most important thing is the club and the team, and then it is easy to have a good relationship,” he added.“I think in pre-season it’s important to put together the important rules, the important lines you want to keep during the season.”“It’s important, it’s the beginning and you have to take care of all the details, because after you can’t do it,” he explained.“It was the moment when we spent more time together when we had time to train a lot. To get to know each other better, and to grow a team from a group of players.”“When you talk about a team, it’s not about 11 players. I think we are a good squad, but all of them are part of the team that we built up in the pre-season,” Gracia concluded.last_img read more