Corporates, Rajasthan govt paid Lalit Modi’s charter bills

first_imgThe investigation of Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has revealed that charter bills of Bombardier Challeger 300 aircraft – used mostly by Lalit Modi with his family and friends, were paid by corporate companies from its pocket.Even the Government of Rajasthan was not spared. Out of three charter bills – used by Vasundhara Raje and others – one was paid by the Rajasthan Government and two remained outstanding.Exclusive copy of DRI’s showcause notice with, expose how on the instruction of Lalit Modi, the corporates/individuals and the government were paying the charter bills for the usage of Lalit Modi and his aircraft.Based on the passenger manifest and bills raised by GWPL, it appears that out of its total flying of 792 hours 50 minutes -a) 125 hours 45 minutes (16 pc) have been utilised for self use of Modi, his family members and friends and billed to Lalit Modi,b) 553 hours 10 minutes (70 pc) have been utilised for self use of Lalit Modi, his family members and friends, but billed to others,andc) 113 hours and 55 minutes (14 pc) have been shown as utilised for chartering to others.Investigation revealed that 86 per cent of the aircraft has been used mostly by Lalit Modi, and in these cases the Charter bills have been billed to different companies as per the instructions of Modi.According to Pradeep Thampi’s statement to DRI, there was no system or procedure as such for getting written requisition or email for charter in M/s GWPL. “Most of the chartering were done as per the oral directions of Lalit Modi, since GWPL was basically working under the direction of Modi. There was no written requisitions received for chartering”, Thampi stated.advertisementSome of these parties against whom the charter bills were raised as per the directions of Lalit Modi, are: Ansal Properties, Net Link Blue (Dubai based), Ananda Heritage, Renuka Calil, Percept Pictures, Aditya Chellaram, Pawan Goel, Ashok Kumar Goel, Zoom Communication, Global Sports Broadcast Services (Singapore based, linked to Zoom Communication), DNA Entertainment Network, Go Airlines Pvt Ltd, Gherzi Eastern Ltd and the Govt of Rajasthan.N Srinivasan in his statement to ED had given the name of Netlinkblue for paying Rs 3.5 crore to Golden Wings. Even Pradeep Thampi revealed all these corporate names before the ED officials while giving his statement last week.Harinder Singh, managing director, Percept Pictures denied paying the bill. He said, “I had been invited by Modi for Formula 1 event to Singapore. I had travelled with few other gentlemen in Modi’s aircraft, but why I was billed for it, I dont know. In fact, I returned back in Jet Airways flight, paying from my pocket. Therefore, we did not pay Rs 24 lakhs bill raised in the name of Percept Pictures.”In case of Government of Rajasthan, as per DRI’s showcause notice, between 11/9/2008 to 11/11/2008 – Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje and her team had travelled thrice – across the country in Lalit Modi’s aircraft. Specific details are:1) Travel Number 1Dates of flight:– 11/09/08 – Mumbai to Jaipur — 12/9/08 – Jaipur to Bangalore– 13/09/08 – Bangalore to Mumbai– 15/09/08 — Mumbai to Jaipur– 15/09/08 – Jaipur to MumbaiNumbers of Hours of Flight: 9.40 hrsTravellers– Vasundhara Raje– Omprakash Mathur– Prakash Chand– Venkatesh Sharma– Phoolsingh– Usha,– Arja Shridhar (related to KKR)All these dates – the invoice number was: GWPL/08-09/015Name of the party to whom billed: Govt of Rajasthan, Dept of Civil Aviation, RajasthanBill Amount: Rs 38,01,513 (Rs 38 lakh)Bill paid/outstanding: PAIDCategory of Usage (as per DRI analysis): Private use of Mr Modi, but billed to others.2) Travel number 2Dates of flights– 15/10/2008 – Mumbai to Jaipur– 16/10/08 – Jaipur to Guwahati– 16/10/08 – Guwahati to Kolkata– 18/10/08 – Kolkata to JaipurNumber of hours of flight; 9.45 hrsTravellers– Vasundhara Raje– Phool Singh– Harinder Singh– Dushywant Singh– Gopinath Munde– Dhana– Usha– Arja ShridharInvoice No: GWPL / 08-09/024Name of Party to whom billed: Govt of Rajasthan, Dept of Civil Aviation, RajasthanBill Amount : Rs 38,34,285 (Rs 38 lakhs)Bill Paid/Outstanding: OUTSTANDINGCategory of Usage (DRI analysis): Private Use of Mr Modi, but billed to others.3) Travel Number 3Date of flights– 9/11/08 Mumbai to Delhi– 9/11/08 Delhi to Jaipur– 10/11/08 – Jaipur to Cochin– 10/11/08 – Cochin to Tirupati– 11/11/08 – Tirupati to Delhi– 11/11/08 – Delhi to Jaipur– 11/11/08 – Jaipur to MumbaiNumber of hours of flight: 11.45 hrsTravellers:– Vasundhara Raje– Dushyant Singh– Niharika Raje– Hari Singh– Phool Singh– Usha– Uma– Arja ShridharInvoice Number: GWPL/08-09/029Bill Amount: Rs 46,20,805 (Rs 46 lakh)Name of Party to whom billed: Govt of Rajasthan, Dept of Civil Aviation, RajasthanadvertisementBill paid/Outstanding: OUTSTANDINGCategory of Usage (DRI analysis): Private use of Mr Modi, but billed to others.Every month, a statement showing the bills raised and position of payments, were handed over to Rohit Salian, manager (accounts) working at the office of K K Modi group companies, Mumbai. “GWPL never followed up with any of the parties for collection of outstanding amount as it was either Modi himself, or through Rohit Salian, that the outstanding payments were monitored for collection. As the entire affairs of GWPL were as per the directions of Modi, neither he or nor any other person from GWPL had taken any steps for collection of outstanding payments from the parties to whom the bills for charters were raised,” Thampi stated to DRI. Scrutiny of the lease agreement between GWPL and Peel Aviation revealed that the aircraft was leased to GWPL without any security deposit. Further probe of ledger, balance sheet and annual report of GWPL exposed that GWPL has only made payment of Rs 1,10,92,782 (out of Rs 10.78 crore) to Peel Aviation towards the lease amount. The remaining lease amount of Rs 9,75,00,000 is still outstanding. “Although this amount has been outstanding for a period of over three years and more now, still Peel Aviation never took any legal action against GWPL for recovery. It is indeed queer that the aircraft worth Rs 81.21 crore has been leased by a company based in Ireland to a company based India having no past relationship and continue to lease the aircraft even though there is no regular payment of lease amount, ” the DRI’ SCN stated.The lease agreement was terminated on 30/09/2010, apparently only after DRI initiated an enquiry on the import of the aircraft. The SCN concludes, “therefore, it appears that the so called lease was just a cover – part of overall, “management overview”, created by professionals/persons hired by Lalit Modi to import the impugned aircraft into India for his private use, but under cover of NSOP not to pay due customs duty.” Lalit Modi has not replied back to DRI’s showcause notice till now, whereas, the enforcement directorate is likely to issue summons to all corporate parties to know the reasons of making these payment in lakhs/crores to Golden Wings – on the directions of Lalit Modi.The aircraft is at present parked at Beggin Hills airport after it made its last trip to the United Kingdom on January 20, 2010.last_img

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