Creating A Lifestyle Platform: Planning For Best & Worst Career Scenarios

first_imgIn order to create a lifestyle platform take the time to prepare for the best and the worst case career scenarios.Like most of you I grew up working my way through high school.  I lived in cattle country so I worked in feed yards which inspired me to read Upton Sinclair’s ‘Back of the Yards’. Like the feed yards in early Chicago this was not easy or clean work.It was however a wonderful environment for life lessons and maybe the most important lesson came from Cowboy Pete. Yep, I worked with real cowboys on real horses working cattle all day long. Cowboy Pete, an old and wizened cowboy who could barely walk but was as graceful as a ballerina on a horse, used to ask, “What’s life to a jack rabbit?” He always answered himself with a smile, “one hill after another…son, if it wasn’t for down you wouldn’t know up, if not for bad you wouldn’t know good.” Cowboy Pete gave everyone something to think about. I’ve pondered and used this wisdom effectively all my life.Life is a series of ups and downs, of good and bad. Accepting that ‘life happens’ and preparing for any instance opens a number of opportunities for a lifestyle platform.  If I get this job and increase my income…if I lose my job and we have to move…if I make the sale…if I get the interview…And, when things are up, take a moment to realize where you are in your career and be thankful while recognizing the hurdles you have overcome. When in a valley, remember what it took to get to your last career high and identify steps you can take now to reach the next plateau.Perspective and balance requires planning – if it wasn’t for down, you wouldn’t know up. Think about it.last_img

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