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FFF Stakeholders Meet To Assess Progress

first_imgAbdoulai G. DibbaForest and Farm Facility initiative (FFF) together with stakeholders, have recently met at Tendaba Camp in the Lower River Region, to assess progress in programme implementation in 2017 and to brain storm on how the country will benefit from the second phase of the initiative next year.The FFF is an initiative from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), to support countries to improve their Governance structures at different levels (local, national and regional), to achieve sustainable forest landscape management.The initiative was launched in March 2013 and the Gambia has been a beneficiary of the initiative, through the National Farmers Platform of the Gambia, for the organization of forest and farm producers at the national and subnational levels, to engage in policy dialogue, review, monitoring and implementation of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy, and to engage with Government institutions in A cross-sectoral, multi stakeholder platform with nine small grants to primarily women groups.In addition, a total of 24 community forestry committees were trained in MA and D in 2015 which led to the identification of six “main products” (ecotourism, handicraft making, beekeeping, nursery management, timber and firewood production), described in 50 community forestry management plans.The outcomes of the two-day National Stakeholders Meeting on Forest and Farm Facility Monitoring and Learning Framework, will enable stakeholders to assess whether the expected results were met or not, and prepare for further interventions.In his welcome statement, the Chief of Kiang Central District, Alhagie Demba Sanyang, thanked FAO, IIED and IUCN for supporting the country through the FFF initiative; that their communities have gained ownership of their community forests and that the recent nationwide tour of the Ministry of Environment, handed over 39 community forests to the 77 communities’ forest that were handed over in 2015. He thanked the FFF and their partners for facilitating the process and called on the communities to be mindful of bushfires as it could set the whole project backward.The President of National Farmers Platform Alagie Basse Mboge indicated that head Chiefs of Kiang Central are members of their regional taskforce making the handing over of the community forest to the local communities successful; that they are gathered for the monitoring and learning of their previous activities. The NFP President stated that the last tour of the Minister of Environment indicates that all the projects in the Gambia should emulate the FFF activities which the Minister highly commended; that the FFF has been supporting farmers to increase food production within farming communities which has linked them to regional networks. According to Mr. Mboge, they have structured many farmer base organizations through the support of the FFF.He concluded by calling on the farmer based organisations to take their work seriously in the interest of their members and the country.The FAO Regional Country Coordinator for the Gambia, Ms Sophie Gronwell, applauded Gambians for the New Democracy and indicated that they are gathered to learn of the impact and the results of the first phase that is just ending.“There are so many initiatives starting in the new Gambia and you have something very valuable that you can sell to international donors and partners which is your success stories, achievements and the gaps in the implementation of the FFF’s programmes” she said.She concluded that they will launch the next phase in early January next year; that with the ten countries where they have done a lot of work, many of them like to have a second phase.Ansumana Tamba, a Forestry Officer asserted that the Department of Forestry has collaborated with FFF since the beginning and are happy with the outcome of the successful implementation of the programme.last_img read more

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Fireplace industry veteran inventor gives advice on turning a vision into a

first_imgDouglas Greene, the founder of Skytech Inc. in Vancouver, spent most of his 40-year career building and running businesses in the fireplace industry before he hit on his big idea. At a time when most fireplaces still burned wood, Greene developed a remote control that helped propel natural gas fireplaces into the mainstream. Greene sold Skytech in 2000 and is now an angel investor who volunteers for SCORE small-business counselors in Vancouver. He’s also a guest lecturer on innovation and entrepreneurship at Southeast Missouri State University’s Innovation Center in Springfield, Mo. Here he talks to The Columbian about his experience as an inventor and his advice for turning an idea into a business.How do you define the term “entrepreneur”?It’s getting that idea and then doing something with it. What makes a good idea?Ideas are like raisins; when you sneeze they’re all over the place. You have to choose one that’s marketable.What was your moment of inspiration?I was on a sales trip to Taiwan. They were experimenting with gas fireplaces. At the time, all of the stores (in the U.S.) were selling wood-burning only. (The Asian manufacturers) wanted a way to control their fireplaces remotely, and I saw an opportunity. How did you get started?I went to a trade show for garage door manufacturers and talked to a vendor who was selling remote controls. He said he couldn’t help me — their minimum order was 100,000 units — but he knew a guy in California. (The Californian) designed two prototypes for $8,000. Then, I met with manufacturers, figured out the base cost and pitched it to the fireplace companies.How did the business do?The market for gas fireplaces took off, and I was the only one making remote controls. That changed, of course, as the manufacturers started making their own. But by then I had an advantage: I was there first. I never patented anything. I would just improve it each year and they could never keep up with me. I reached $5 million in annual revenue by the time the business closed in 2000. The margins were obscene. There’s a tremendous opportunity in niche markets.last_img read more

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Demonetisation effect Banks to take a Rs1000 crore hit on fee income

first_imgFee income of banks is likely to be hit by around Rs 1,000 crore as charges on card transactions have been waived off by lenders owing to demonetization drive.After ban of high value currencies, government had given direction to banks for waiving off fees on card transactions till December 31, 2016 in order to push digital payments.According to a report in Economic Times, banks would incur a loss of around Rs 1,000 crore due to this move and their losses would rise if the waiver would be extended further. Merchants have to pay merchant discount rate (MDR) to banks to cover bank’s costs to facilitate the transaction.”We have not received any formal instructions from the government in that matter, but we have been assured that if there is revenue loss to banks because of waiving of these charges, they might compensate us from a technology fund that they have set aside,” the report quoted a senior bank official as saying.Bankers were of the opinion that as the cost associated with the maintenance of card acceptance and payments infrastructure was recovered through the MDR fees, it shouldn’t be extended.The Reserve Bank of India has put a cap on fees collected by banks for debit card transactions. Fees for debit card transactions beyond Rs 2,000 were charged at 1 per cent, while it stands at 0.75 per cent for anything below Rs 2,000. However, fees for credit card transactions are not capped and vary depending on the arrangement between bank and the merchant.last_img read more

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Beth Moores ministry reignites debate over whether women can preach

first_img Instagram apostasy stirs controversy over Christian ‘influencers’ August 30, 2019 Adelle M. Banks News Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,(RNS) — In the world of Bible teachers, Beth Moore is a rock star.She packs sporting arenas and big-name churches. She has written dozens of best-selling books. She has an outsize social media following.But among some of the male leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, where she is a member, she has also become a liability.After suggesting on Twitter that she was spending Mother’s Day preaching at a church — though she did not use the word “preaching” — a crowd of prominent Southern Baptist men charged after her.“For a woman to teach and preach to adult men is to defy God’s Word and God’s design,” wrote Owen Strachan, professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Mo.“There’s just something about the order of creation that means that God intends for the preaching voice to be a male voice,” piped in R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., in a podcast.Josh Buice, pastor of a Southern Baptist church in Georgia, was even more explicit.The title of his recent blog post: “Why the SBC Should Say ‘No More’ to Beth Moore.”RELATED: Amid a #MeToo culture, Southern Baptists mull ways to increase women’s rolesThe uproar is part of a decades-old theological battle over the role of women that appears to be reigniting on the eve of the denomination’s annual meeting, which begins Tuesday (June 11) in Birmingham, Ala.Beth Moore speaks at Transformation Church,  near Charlotte, N.C., on June 2, 2019. Photo courtesy of Transformation ChurchThe Baptist Faith & Message, the SBC’s official statement of doctrinal beliefs, asserts that although men and women are created equal, they have different roles in marriage, family and the church, a position called “complementarianism.”According to the document, which was amended in 1998 to include a section on the family, a wife “must submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband.” Only men can serve as pastors of a church, a distinction added to the statement in 2000.Religion News Service could not confirm whether Moore spoke at a church on Mother’s Day, and Moore declined an interview.She did, however, preach, or she might say “teach,” at Transformation Church, a nondenominational megachurch outside Charlotte, N.C., this past Sunday (June 2).“We had no idea that there was some kind of controversy brewing,” said Pastor Derwin Gray. “I’d been trying to get Beth to speak for years and her schedule finally opened up.”Regardless, no one would deny Moore has preached before mixed audiences of men and women. And that has become a mounting concern among some — notably male — SBC leaders, who say it’s OK for women to preach to women, but not to men.Moore, who is 61 and lives in Houston, has for years toed the line with Southern Baptist orthodoxy, carefully balancing her teaching role with the demands of Christian femininity as defined by evangelicals.But the election of Donald Trump in 2016, and the pre-election debate over the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump boasted about groping women’s genitals, appeared to break something in her, especially after numerous Christian leaders appeared to condone the behavior as “locker-room talk.”Moore, a survivor of sex abuse, tweeted recently that 2016 was a turning point. She also said she felt “compelled to my bones by the Holy Spirit – I don’t want to be but I am – to  draw attention to the sexism & misogyny that is rampant in segments of the SBC, cloaked by piety & bearing the stench of hypocrisy.”Beth Moore addresses attendees at the summit on sexual abuse and misconduct at Wheaton College on Dec. 13, 2018. RNS photo by Emily McFarlan MillerThat reproachful tone was new to Moore, who prior to the #MeToo movement had struck a more cheerful note.“My hunch is that it’s precipitated a lot of soul-searching for her and for a lot of women like her, who have been willing to continue within a more traditional, gendered role,” said Nancy Ammerman, a professor of sociology at Boston University School of Theology. “Seeing the way that has been harmful to so many women has caused this kind of soul-searching.”That more critical tone has been amplified by social media, especially Twitter.Over the past decade, social media has given women a platform they never had. Moore, though she is not ordained, can speak as forcefully on Twitter as any of the ordained male leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention.Indeed, she has the larger megaphone.With a Twitter following five times or more the size of her critics’ (Moore has 900,000 followers to Strachan’s 21,000, Mohler’s 166,000 and Buice’s 25,000), she has shown she can hold her own.In recent posts, she has skillfully diverted attention away from the raging debate in an attempt to refocus on the gospel.After the uproar over her Mother’s Day church appearance, she tweeted: “Troubled brothers, try to relax. I do not see a female takeover on the horizon. Have some herbal tea.”Being asked by pastors & their elders on occasion to address their congregations does not mean that the woman -coming by their invitation, mind you -wants to pastor their church. Troubled brothers, try to relax. I do not see a female takeover on the horizon. Have some herbal tea.— Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) May 31, 2019“She’s trying to keep these debates secondary and just say, ‘Relax. Jesus is at the heart,’” said Kristin Kobes Du Mez, a professor of history at Calvin College who studies gender roles.But while Moore’s detractors accuse her of “doctrinal drift,” it’s also clear that Southern Baptist views on complementarianism span a wide spectrum.While most self-described complementarians agree that women may not pastor a church, many are more flexible when it comes to women teaching men, even preaching.Moore has called herself a “soft complementarian.” She has pointed out that the Baptist Faith & Message says “the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture,” a view she said she agrees with. That doctrinal statement is silent on the question of women preaching.R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. RNS photo by Adelle M. BanksMohler argues the clear teaching of the Bible is that women may not preach and he points to passages from the Apostle Paul, who wrote in 1 Timothy, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”“I think that the best reading of the biblical passages, including in 1 Timothy 2, is that if it’s understood to be the authoritative teaching of the church then it should be done by men,” he said. “And not by any man, but men especially commissioned and recognized by the church for that task.”Mohler said it was important to re-engage the issue of women’s roles because “there’s also the reality that you have a younger generation, especially of pastors and of young men and young women asking these questions anew, and so we’re going to have to deal with them.”Meanwhile, Moore is scheduled to speak on a panel with SBC President J.D. Greear on the denomination’s sexual abuse in the hours ahead of its annual meeting next week in Birmingham. Baptists will consider an amendment that would allow the Southern Baptist Convention to remove from its ranks a church that covers up abuse, among other items on the agenda.READ: Southern Baptist leaders plan to remedy ‘insufficient’ approach to abuse claimsGreear said he hoped discussions about women’s roles would not overtake other issues the convention is facing.“We should also not let these discussions distract us from what we must be talking about this Convention — responding to abuse and rising to the challenge of making our churches safe spaces for the vulnerable,” he told RNS in an email.Author and speaker Beth Moore encourages women during the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors Wives Conference on June 11, 2018, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. Photo by Kathleen Murray via Baptist PressBut at a Founders Ministries event on Monday just a few blocks from the SBC meeting site in Birmingham, another panel discussion is scheduled, titled, “Should Women Preach in Our Lord’s Day Worship?”The panel is part of a daylong conference on “Mature Manhood in an Immature Age.” And for some Southern Baptists, that conference itself is intended to do just what the president of the SBC has tried to steer clear of.“Why in the world are they holding another conference” the same week, asked the Rev. Wade Burleson, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Okla., and a frequent SBC critic. “It’s almost like they’re driving a wedge in the SBC over the issue of women.”One thing appears certain: Beth Moore won’t be at the Founders Ministries conference.But she just might tweet about it.(National Reporter Emily McFarlan Miller contributed to this report.) TagsAl Mohler annual meeting Baptist Faith and Message Beth Moore complementarian complementarianism Derwin Gray homepage featured Nancy Ammerman Owen Strachan Southern Baptist Convention Top Story Twitter,You may also like Adelle M. Banks,Load Comments,Forced conversions, marriages spike in Pakistan By: Adelle M. Banks By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron Yonat Shimron Yonat Shimron is an RNS National Reporter and Senior Editor. Share This! Share This! Catholicism Columns • Opinion • Simran Jeet Singh: Articles of Faith Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,About the authorView All Posts Share This! By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron By: Adelle M. Banks About the authorView All Posts As Amazon burns, Vatican prepares for summit on region’s faith and sustainabilit … August 30, 2019 By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron We are not all the same, and in our difference we are divine August 30, 2019 Share This! Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Yonat Shimron YonatShimron By: Adelle M. Banks Latest Catholic scandal spotlights questions of consent in priest-parishioner relation … Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Emaillast_img read more

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Mayor Pugh Adds 20 to Her Office

first_imgBaltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is growing her office with 20 new positions, to improve and expand city services to various communities Pugh says.“I need people to understand how our city operates,” Pugh said during a press conference March 1. “Our city is 24 hours. So, that means you need people out there 24 hours, dealing with some of the problems the city is facing.”Former mayoral candidate and high school principal, Dr. Andrey Bundley has been tapped by Mayor Catherine Pugh to lead the Office of African American Male Engagement. (Courtesy photo)The Baltimore Sun reports that Pugh has augmented the budget for her office to $8.6 million, an increase of $1.6 million over last year.The mayor said the positions would be distributed throughout various divisions of her administration including, media and communications, neighborhood liaisons and employment development. The Board of Estimates unanimously approved the addition of the 20 positions Feb. 28.According to Pugh, several of the positions will be utilized to serve the city’s burgeoning homeless population. “Homelessness is a major issue,” she said. “We don’t just move people off of the street, we have conversations, we do surveys, we try to locate places where they can go, we try to accommodate them. And so, it requires more than one person.”One of the more high-profile positions will be filled by Dr. Andrey Bundley, a man intimately familiar with the inner workings of city government and politics, who has mentored young Black males for many years.Pugh has tapped Bundley to lead the newly created Office of African American Male Engagement, a position that could pay him as much as $155,000. A respected leader among many in the Black community for several years, Bundley first gained public attention in the 1990’s as the principal of what was then the troubled Walbrook High School Uniform Services Academy, in West Baltimore.Bundley left his position as a safety director for Baltimore City Public Schools last month, to take the new position. According to the Mayor’s office, the new effort, which will expand mentoring services for Black boys vulnerable to crime and violence, is modeled after the Philadelphia Office of Black Male Engagement. It also echoes President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.Bundley, has worked for several years specifically mentoring and engaging young Black males, drawing upon his own challenging Baltimore childhood, which included foster care. Bundley also has experience confronting a political power structure that has sometimes seemed hostile to young Black men. In 2003, when he ran for mayor of Baltimore against then Mayor Martin O’Malley, Bundley was arrested, handcuffed and detained by a Baltimore police officer (allegedly for failing to obey a lawful order), when he was distributing campaign flyers near a Baltimore nightclub.Bundley was not formally charged, but the incident was cited as an example of the problems with zero tolerance policing policy, which unconstitutionally targeted communities of color, according to the Department of Justice.last_img read more

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Smithsonian Honors Black Womens Bravery in HiddenHerstory

first_imgWashingtonians have a few more reasons to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) as it launches a new social media campaign, #hiddenhistory, and offers four public programs to celebrate the role of women in the struggle for civil rights. Events will explore the journeys of inspiring women like Harriet Tubman and Recy Taylor and feature a combination of film, theatre, and panel presentations.NMAAHC honor Black heroes during Nationan Women’s Month (Courtesy photo)The screening of “The Rape of Recy Taylor” on Friday, March 16 appears timely as the growing national “Me Too” movement continues a conversation about about sexual assault and discrimination. The film tells the story of Taylor, a rape survivor, in 1944 Alabama, according to a Smithsonian press release. After identifying her six White assailants, her struggle is joined by the NAACP’s chief rape investigator: Rosa Parks.The museum’s Women’s History Month commemoration concludes on Thursday, March 29 with “Harriet’s Daughters: An Evening of Conversation and Celebration,” a panel presentation and keynote exploring Harriet Tubman’s legacy and impact on American life. Panelists will include Barbara Arnwine, president and founder of Transformative Justice Coalition and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, artist and activist. The keynote speech will be given by legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, one of the academic leaders in intersectionality theory.Museum staff will use the hashtag #HiddenHerstory to honor women artists, women activists and women educators who have shaped American history through a commitment to ending discrimination, the release said.All events will take place in the Oprah Winfrey theater. Events “strongly encourage” registration, but are free and open to the public.last_img read more

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Shattering the unbroken view of society

first_imgCelebrating the talent of fresh and new makes a compelling case for contemporary art in the city. Such is the case of exhibition ‘Panorama-9’. Curated by Priyanka Banerjee, this exhibition will host over 30 artists who will bring to the viewers a varying range of interpretation of ranging contemporary issues.The exposition delves into the contemporary issue of social relevance, such as feminism, ethical treatment of animals, spiritual harmony, global warming and so on. Nature, for instance, is explored through the mutually symbiotic relationship of flora and fauna. Urbanisation and industrialisation have exploited the natural layers of our ecosystem, and its awareness becomes paramount to awaken our collective consciousness. As each artist touches upon subject the subjects that have been paralysed by the society, their canvas becomes a window for us all to explore the possibilities. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfIn a one of its kind initiative, this five-day exhibition is wholly funded by the participating artists. The participating artists are Meghna Agarwal, Shalini Varshney, Shyam Porwal, Mahua Sinha, Jolly Sharma, Meena Wason, Babun Ghosh, Mahesh Kumar, S.K Chouhan, Vatsala Ranjan, Jasmeet Khurana, Gaurav Dahiya, Kritika Mitra, Aman Anand, Rama Sharma, Ram Kumar, Amit Kumar, Tapan Das, Abid Zaidi, Sheikh Abdullah, Uma Bardhan, Alpana Kataria, Mridul Chakraborty, Nilay Sarkar, Pulakesh Mondal, Ravi Verma, Veena Singh, Punam Rai, Darshan Sharma, PurnenduMondal, and Archana Das.Dabbling in a diverse range of mediums, from watercolour, oil and pen and pencils to mixed media, the artists bring to their canvas emotions that reverberate with social significance. The colours, shapes and emotion have emerged from the very soul of the Capital, and together they will converge at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre this autumn from September 11-15.last_img read more

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Putin Netanyahu meet to discuss Syria

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Putin wrapped up the meeting by saying that Russia and Israel share concern about the situation in Syria. He said that he and Netanyahu believe that the conflict in Syria is fraught with negative consequences for the entire region, adding that they agreed to follow the situation through personal contacts and links between Russian and Israeli special services.“Only a quick cessation of hostilities and a political settlement can prevent a negative scenario,” Putin said. “At this sensitive moment, it’s particularly important to avoid any action that could destabilize the situation.”Putin hailed what he described as close ties between the two countries, and Netanyahu responded in kind and invited Putin to make another trip to Israel.Netanyahu added that the volatile situation in the Middle East requires action to improve security. “The region around us is very unstable and explosive, and therefore I am glad for the opportunity to examine together new ways to stabilize the area and bring security and stability to the area,” he said at the start of the talks.The warm statements and assurances of mutual friendship contrasted with sharp criticism by Israeli Tourism Minister Uzi Landau, who on Monday accused Russia destabilizing the Middle East by selling weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. “Anyone who provides weaponry to terror organizations is siding with terror,” Landau said. MOSCOW (AP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday for talks that focused on the situation in Syria, amid concerns that Moscow could soon provide Damascus with advanced missiles.Israeli officials have asked Russia to stop what they say is an imminent delivery of Russian S-300 air defense systems to Syria.However, neither leader mentioned the missiles in their brief opening remarks and concluding statements after the talks. They took no questions from reporters. Their refusal to mention the missile issue in public and their friendly tone may reflect an understanding reached in talks that lasted several hours. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Russia has continued to ship weapons to Syria despite the civil war there, but so far has refrained from providing Damascus with the S-300s, a powerful weapon that has a range of up to 200 kilometers (125 miles) and the capability to track down and strike multiple targets simultaneously with lethal efficiency.The weapon would mean a quantum leap in Syria’s air defense capability, including against neighboring countries that oppose Assad’s regime.Israel attacked suspected shipments of advanced Iranian missiles in Syria with back-to-back airstrikes this month. Israeli officials signaled there would be more attacks unless Syria refrains from trying to deliver such “game-changing” missiles to ally Hezbollah, an anti-Israel militia in Lebanon and key Syrian ally. Hezbollah said weapons shipments won’t cease.Netanyahu in his concluding statement emphasized the need for Israel to protect its people, adding that “deep and thorough discussions” with Russia would help find ways to improve regional stability.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Top Stories Comments   Share   Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

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Doltone House Awarded At Night of Nights For the NSW Event Indu

first_imgRenowned Sydney venue and catering collection, Doltone House takes out the NSW 2011 Meetings & Events Industry Award (Specialty Meeting Venue) category as well as NSW 2011 Cause Related Event of The Year for the Biaggio Signorelli Foundation event.Doltone House has been announced as winner of the 2011 NSW Meetings and Events Industry Award for the Specialty Meeting Venue category. The prestigious night of nights was hosted by the Sofitel Wentworth yesterday evening with some 300 of the who’s who of the NSWs events industry in attendance. One of the final awards of the evening was Cause Related Event of The Year, where the partnership between Doltone House and the Biaggio Signorelli Foundation found success. The Biaggio Signorelli Foundation was set up by Doltone House Directors/Owners, honouring their late father who passed away of Mesothelioma, a terminal asbestos related cancer. They have committed to almost $1million dollars in just under 4 years; funded three medical scholarships; funded the national guidelines for treatment and cure of Mesothelioma, received two NSW Government grants as well as most recently funding an International Registry Scholarship.Both awards were accepted by Anna Cesarano, Director of Doltone House. Anna comments: “The dedication and commitment that goes into the submission process itself is really a reflection of the passion we apply day to day…she later too expressed her heartfelt thanks, “When the founder of Doltone House venue and catering collection passed away in 2008, we set up a Foundation honouring his name. This founder happens to be my father…a great migrant success story indeed.”Last night’s wins came off another significant achievement being the 2012 (Reader’s Choice Award) for Best Unique Venue for the last three consecutive years. During October, November, December 2011 they asked their readership base to vote (from their experience) for the best venue they have used over the last 12 months.Doltone House is renowned in Sydney for providing multi award-winning, iconic venues for conferences and events. The Doltone property portfolio, which includes the iconic flagship property Jones Bay Wharf, Sylvania Waters, and the latest addition, the 6-star green-star Darling Island Wharf – has seen Doltone House establish a reputation as one of Australia’s premier event providers. NSW Winners now qualify for the 2011 MEA National Awards to be announced in late April 2012. Source = Doltone Houselast_img read more

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Qantas savagely clips its financial wings

first_imgQantas is likely to be given a debt guarantee by the Abbott Government until its foreign ownership restrictions can be lifted.   “The Australian domestic market has been distorted by the current Australian aviation policy which allows Virgin to be majority owned by three foreign airlines,” Joyce said. The job cuts include a reduction of 1,500 management and non-operational positions and will be carried out over a three period until the 2017 financial year. The Qantas Group will cut 5,000 jobs, sell assets and reduce capital expenditure in order to try to return to profit by financial year 2015, Qantas chief executive officer, Alan Joyce said at a press conference today. Joyce said that the need for restructuring was promoted by the uneven playing field in the Australian aviation sector. Qantas has bought 132 aircraft, with an average age of 7.6 years. Source = ETB News: T.N. Going forward, Joyce said that Qantas will rely on its partnership with Emirates to expand its international reach by cutting routes and invest in passenger capacity by rapidly changing its fleet. The savings will be AUD $2 billion which will be used to invest in capacity growth internationally as well as in Asia in its Jetstar Group. In addition, there will be a wage freeze across the Qantas Group and a suspension of wage increases and bonuses for executives, the sale of aircraft and the shutting down of its heavy maintenance and catering facilities. Qantas announced a Statutory Tax Loss of AUD $235 million for the six months from 2013. last_img read more

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Dbacks president Derrick Hall Franchise still f

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Comments   Share   As the Arizona Cardinals head into their final preseason game, they do so with a few position battles still yet unresolved. We are looking at what is left to be determined, including the third quarterback position.Think about it: while most are focused on the battle for the top job — and rightfully so — there is an equally intense competition for the third spot between rookie Ryan Lindley and veteran Richard Bartel, because chances are the loser will be looking for a job come cut day. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinkecenter_img Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is not likely to keep four quarterbacks on the roster. Remember, when he took over as head coach in 2007 he began the season with just two.Ryan LindleyA sixth-round pick out of San Diego State, it’s obvious the Cardinals are high on the rookie. He has a good arm, can move in the pocket and is big enough to see over the defense. However, accuracy was known to be his issue, and that has held true so far in the preseason.Lindley has thrown for 362 yards in the preseason but has tallied zero touchdowns, two interceptions and has completed just 51.5 percent of his passes. The rookie is set to get the start against Denver in the team’s final exhibition game, which could be a sign that a roster spot is his to lose. Coach Whisenhunt says he wants to see how Lindley responds to playing with and playing against quality NFL players, and he’ll do just that. Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

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The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Adrian Wilson was a gatekeeper for the Arizona Cardinals, a man revered among his peers. He was a physical specimen, one of a kind, who played the game with a chip on his shoulder, desperately trying to win the respect of players, fans and coaches across the league. This man’s career will be defined by his willingness and aptitude of playing in the box while still making plays in the secondary. His 5 Pro Bowls stand as testament to how productive he was as a player. He was a vicious tackler, and his 25.5 sacks and 27 interceptions make him one of six people in the history of the league to have 25 sacks and 25 interceptions. One of six human beings… Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories center_img 0 Comments   Share   The Cardinals are saying goodbye to an era. Kurt Warner is gone, Anquan Boldin is gone, Ken Whisenhunt is gone and now Adrian Wilson is gone. The stuff of Super Bowls has become a motivating memory and a point of pride within the organization, but they recognize they’re a long way from Super Bowl XLIII. This was a move the Cardinals had to make, unfortunately. Steve Keim is putting his stamp on this team and has already saved over $10 million on the salary cap. The team needs to be rebuilt around its youth, a core group is being reestablished, and all good things must come to an end.Adrian wasn’t surprised by this and he won’t be surprised when the Cardinals lift his 24 jersey into the rafters above the Red Sea at University of Phoenix Stadium.Well done, Gasman…well done, indeed. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Wife of former Turkish Cypriot leader dies after illness

first_imgThe wife of former Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash, Aydin, aged 86, has died in hospital in the north of Nicosia, reports said on Saturday.She had been hospitalised in critical condition in the north suffering from pneumonia. Her condition was critical and she had been placed on a ventilator. Doctors said she was being treated for various other health issues.Her death was announced, according to CNA, by one of her daughters through social media. Aydin and Rauf Denktash’s son Serdar, spoke with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci Saturday morning. The latter expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased, the reports said.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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may show off a new

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if he performs better next year. world leaders agreed upon a landmark system to share the responsibility of protecting those forced to flee their homes. says Sin-Yi Chao Lambertson, Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. plus tips. This is why Drosophila has played a key role in unravelling biological processes for the last century. "Canada is a diverse country; I think it is okay to have people of different ethnicities represented on our currency. officials and dignitaries. engendering hatred for America among people who may then turn to radicalism themselves. they would get to know me better.

(which) has greatly affected the regular sitting of the court “My lord this also has unpleasant effects on the legal practitioners who have some cases pending before the courts We therefore humbly and passionately appeal to your lordship to use your exalted office to rescue the situation “We wish to use this avenue to draw your lordship’s attention to the issue of cases pending before each of the Upper Area Courts within the jurisdiction For instance at Upper Area Court 1 Anyigba there are about 235 cases pending of which ten (10) to fourteen (14) cases may appear on the cause list daily “My lord at Upper Area Court 1 Idah there are about 250 cases excluding appeals Upper Area Court Ankpa has about 89 cases same thing with the Upper Area Courts Dekina Oguma Onyedega and Okpo”000 for people 50-64. ECOWAS and National Assembly to prevail on President Buhari to overhaul INEC by removing the Chairman of INEC because he is compromised. "Speaker Ryans lack of moral clarity is on full display as he refuses to drop his strong support of Greg Gianforte after his violent assault charge, Interment: Greenwood Cemetery,The defense filed court papers Tuesday — a day before the scheduled trial — on Northrup’s status of membership into the Fond du Lac tribe. In the statement, Conversation over! who have not yet made any arrests but are investigating what happened. interests in the region, Credit: PA But even though his is pretty much the only voice you need to listen to on the matter.

More Americans have jobs,Zhou and from then on we become less and less receptive to the music. really,贵族宝贝Dayna, Giuliani Stephens identified tax reform as a means going forward to strengthen the state’s business vitality going forward—a pitch to attract businesses to Minnesota and spur economic growth, On the issue of his comments over heating the Nigerian polity. read more

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